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The World of UX podcast, hosted by UX and experience design veteran, educator, and conference speaker, Darren Hood, is dedicated to presenting topics covering and addressing all things UX. We'll cover every UX-related method, discipline trend, career advancement and challenges, education recommendations, UX maturity levels, and maturity level management, and much much more. If you'd like to stay informed about UX, The World of UX is for you!

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This week, Darren resumes the Emotional Intelligence and UX series, focusing on what he calls EQ Red Flags — common traits and behaviors that indicate the presence of an EQ deficiency — and explains the key mindset required to overcome them in self and others. #ux#eq#podcasts#emotionalintelligence#emotionalintelligenceandux#eqredflags#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Nov 30

41 min 40 sec

This week's episode is a special extended edition of Talkin' Shop, with Darren engaging in conversation with Amy Santee, a career strategist and coach for user experience professionals. In this session, Darren and Amy discuss her transition into UX and break down several key qualities required for people to thrive in the discipline. Check out this highly energetic and enlightening episode today!#ux#uxcareercoach#amysantee#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux#uxpodcasts

Nov 23

1 hr 15 min

As part of a brief intermission from "Emotional Intelligence and UX," this week's episode provides another Talkin' Shop session, as Darren spends time talking about the world of user experience with Clinical UX specialist and pioneer Dr. Gyles Morrison. Tune in to this week's discussion as Darren and Dr. Gyles highlight different aspects of UX that impact the quality of life at the highest levels.#ux#clinicalux#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux#uxpodcasts

Nov 16

38 min 4 sec

This week, Darren goes beyond the 5 core EQ elements, presented by his favorite EQ author (Adele Lynn), and presents 9 facets of emotional intelligence that many don't recognize as such AND how they impact the work and optimal operation as UX professionals.#ux#eq#podcasts#emotionalintelligence#emotionalintelligenceandux#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux"

Nov 9

32 min 20 sec

In this week's segment on emotional intelligence, Darren lists a baker's dozen of benefits we can gain by embracing, developing, and maturing in the area of emotional intelligence. Ready to hear about the benefits and what we can gain through EQ? Listen in for the deets!#ux#eq#podcasts#emotionalintelligence#emotionalintelligenceandux#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Nov 2

29 min 13 sec

In this second installment of Emotional Intelligence and UX, Darren revisits the definition of empathy, explains its importance, and demonstrates its breadth of application among stakeholders, teams, and the UX community-at-large. Tune in today to sharpen your perspectives on EQ.#ux#eq#podcasts#emotionalintelligence#emotionalintelligenceandux#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Oct 26

26 min 38 sec

Darren often says "UX is about more than just the work". To help bring more clarity to this oft-mentioned statement, he launches into a new series about the importance of and the connection between emotional intelligence and UX. This week's segment focuses on the basic understanding of emotional intelligence and the benefits it yields to those who embrace it.#ux#eq#podcasts#emotionalintelligence#emotionalintelligenceandux#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Oct 19

25 min 11 sec

In this segment of "Talkin' Shop," Darren interviews Stéphanie Walter, Lead UX Design Consultant for Maltem Consulting Group. Check out this enlightening session to learn about Stéphanie's career and UX journey and to partake of an all-around invigorating and enriching discussion about all things UX.#ux#uxinterviews#podcasts#talkinshop#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Oct 12

1 hr 3 min

In the segment of "Talkin' Shop," Darren interviews Justin Ranton, Senior Manager and Head of UX Design and Research at AliveCor Inc. Check out this highly energetic session to learn about Justin's career and to partake of an all-around enlightening and enriching discussion about all things UX.#ux#uxinterviews#podcasts#talkinshop#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Oct 5

1 hr 6 min

In the first official segment of "Talkin' Shop," Darren interviews Jon DeHeus, a product designer for Ford Credit. Darren presents questions to discuss Jon's journey as a UX professional, how he got into the discipline, biggest challenges, greatest memories, and much more. Tune in today to learn about Jon's life in UX and to get inspiration for your own trek.#ux#uxr#uxinterviews#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Sep 28

42 min 51 sec

The factors covered during last week's nuances of UX research were a bit unique in that they were not closely related to the actual research that we do. For this week's segment, Darren limits his coverage to various nuances that are very closely related to the work done by UX researchers. Examples covered include, but are not limited to research design, screening, patitence, moderation, strategy, and several more. It's one thing to want to be a UX researcher, but it's another to be prepared mentally for what lies ahead. Tune in to this episode for the deets!#ux#uxr#uxresearch#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Sep 21

33 min 40 sec

The hottest segment of today's UX job market is that of UX research (UXR). While many are eager to get into the field, as with UX as a whole, many are over-focused on the work and are unaware of the associated nuances, putting them and their organizations at a disadvantage. In this episode, Darren provides a brief overview of UXR and shares info about several nuances that, if embraced, can help practitioners to navigate their presence in this arena.#ux#uxr#uxresearch#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Sep 14

34 min 6 sec

In an inaugural segment of "Talkin' Shop," Darren welcomes Eric Shumake and Michelle Pakron as the group spends time talking about eye-openers, challenges, their biggest surprises, and general tips associated with job seeking in the world of UX. Tune in today for this special extended episode.#ux#uxhiring#uxjobseekers#uxhiringdysfunction#experiencedesign#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Sep 7

1 hr 2 min

This week, Darren continues the presentation on overlooked factors associated with the UX hiring process, specifically focusing on issues associated with job candidates. The topics covered range from poorly constructed resumes to failing to prepare properly for interviews and from neglecting to interview the company to the danger of false hopes (derived from faux UX resources). Darren also provides a book recommendation list for job seekers. #ux#uxhiring#uxjobseekers#uxhiringdysfunction#experiencedesign#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Aug 31

37 min 37 sec

In another extended episode of The World of UX, Darren takes time to address several critical problems at-large in today's world of UX hiring. Topic examples include realistic expectations for ROI, impact of UX maturity levels, candidate competencies, critical thinking, academic thinking, overemphasis of UX design tools and design processes, misapplication of agile experience, and much more. Tune in today and prep yourself to evaluate the various challenges for your organization.#ux#uxhiring#uxhiringdysfunction#experiencedesign#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realuxtalk#worldofux

Aug 24

36 min 27 sec

In this special edition of The World of UX, Darren holds a conversation with his special guest Chantel Botha, Managing Director at Brand Love world class CX practitioner, and a new member of the CX of M Radio Network. Chantel discusses such things as the goals for her new podcast, defines CX, talks about the challenges in CX today, strategies for achieving stakeholder buy for CX initiatives, and shares her favorite CX-related stories. Tune in today to share in this enlightening and inspiring discussion.#ux#cx#brandlove#experiencedesign#uxcx#podcasts#cxofmradio#cxofm#realcxtalk#realuxtalk#worldofux

Aug 17

45 min 36 sec

This week, Darren concludes this round of "UX potpourri" focusing on such topics as the importance of hearing viable voices in UX, distinguishing between valid and invalid resources, his recent resignation from the UXPA Board of Directors, human-computer interaction (HCI), the dangers of rampant misinformation and non-authoritative sources, ethics in education, the dangers of neutrality, a sneak peek at upcoming coverage of problems with UX hiring, brand impact from poor interviewing practices, UX job seeking tips, and much more. As usual, tune in for the deets!#ux#uxuncensored#neutrality#emotionalintelligence#uxvolatility#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Aug 10

28 min 46 sec

This week, Darren continues sharing "UX potpourri," discussing a concept referred to as "baby bird syndrome" and elaborating on the infighting and hostile behavior that's becoming all too common in UX circles. Tune in today for downloads on these topics and how they can impact you.#ux#uxuncensored#babybirdsyndrome#uxvolatility#uxhostility#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Aug 3

40 min 51 sec

In this week's episode, serving as a segue between series, Darren spends time discussing a very busy week on social media, addressing three specific topics: 1) The paradox of UX job opportunities; 2) The importance of learning to optimize reviewing of UX job postings and 3) The volatile nature of many social media interactions in the world of UX. Tune in to this extended episode for the deets.#ux#uxuncensored#uxjobpostingevaluation#uxvolatility#uxhostility#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Jul 27

35 min 4 sec

In the finale of this 3-part series, Darren shares a recap of the 7 key contributing factors to today's dysfunction in the world of UX, along with methods that can be used to overcome their operation and impact. He also issues a milestone personal challenge for all listeners and the UX community-at-large. Listen today to hear and accept the challenge!#ux#uxuncensored#uxdysfunction#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#righttheship#uxpodcasts

Jul 20

28 min 34 sec

In Part 2 of this 3-part series, Darren spends time identifying 7 key contributing factors for dysfunction in the world of UX today, providing a means of examining the UX operation of our organizations, our teams, and our personal states. Tune in for more details.#ux#uxuncensored#uxdysfunction#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#righttheship

Jul 13

27 min 36 sec

UX is a beautiful and valuable thing, but the current world of UX is operating in a cycle of dysfunction. Overcoming it requires knowledge of its traits and contributing factors. In the first segment of a 3-part series, Darren will provide insights about UX's storied history, laying the foundation to explain what went wrong and what we'll need to do in order to right the ship. Tune in for the deets!#ux#uxuncensored#uxdysfunction#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#righttheship#uxpodcasts

Jul 6

26 min 6 sec

This week, Darren completes his exposé of UX bootcamps, examining their operation from critical angles and addressing different topics one should consider when selecting an educational resource. Specific topics covered in this finale include bias infusion, pedagogy, value propositions, ethics, and impact upon the discipline. As always, tune in for the deets!#ux#uxuncensored#uxbootcamps#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Jun 29

31 min 24 sec

UX bootcamps are all the rage for many today. Is the hype real? Can they really help a person to get a start in the discipline? Are they worth the money? Do they offer a delightful learner experience? Can they really help a person get a job? Are there job-related guarantees? In this episode, Darren bears all by providing a high-level review and exposé, challenging people to engage in critical thinking regarding this topic.#ux#uxuncensored#uxbootcamps#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Jun 22

27 min 28 sec

This episode highlights questions presented from attendees at a talk Darren delivered for the folks at UserWizard, an organization that specializes in mentoring services for people transitioning into UX from other disciplines. Tune in to hear coverage about such topics as UX education, apprenticeships, and specific UX learning resources. You can learn more about UserWizard at can join Engage, the new, private UX social media resource discussed on the episode at #ux#uxuncensored#user-wizard#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts#engagesocialmedia

Jun 15

37 min 34 sec

Are you familiar with the challenge and frustration of constantly being brought into projects at the last minute? Do you wonder how you're going to achieve an optimal design without the time to conduct research? Do you know how it feels to scratch and claw about ways to bring value in the face of such challenges? This week, Darren talks about earning trust from stakeholders along with the challenges and the mindsets and strategies we should embrace, referred to as UX train-hopping. Check out this week's episode to hear Darren's take on how to thrive when subjected to seemingly impossible circumstances.#ux#uxuncensored#uxtrainhopping#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Jun 8

25 min 36 sec

Have you ever seen or completed a design that you felt good about just because of how it looked? Of course, you have. Considering the fact that UX's focus on aesthetics is minimal, we must make sure to evaluate the work based on an entirely different plane. This week, Darren talks about a little-used method to help optimize our design efforts and their associated value. Tune in for the deets!#ux#uxuncensored#scenariobaseddesign#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

Jun 1

25 min 10 sec

In this episode, Darren presents a metaphor comparing the assembly of vehicles and the associated commonalities with the personal development and maturity of a UX professional. Just as each vehicle may have a particular target audience, sets of vehicles still have common denominators that drive their productivity, consistency, and value. Tune in to hear this week's presentation.#ux#uxuncensored#uxassemblyline#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

May 25

26 min 23 sec

This week, Darren spends time addressing the wealth of UX design tools on the market with the express purpose of diffusing their supposed and perceived importance. He lists several tools, as well as provides the means of how to evaluate them to select the best one for your organization's needs. As always, tune in for the deets.#ux#uxuncensored#uxdesigntools#evaluation#theworldofuserexperience#uxpodcasts

May 18

29 min 26 sec

In the finale of the series covering UX and the Age of Misinformation, Darren takes time to focus on how to overcome the associated challenges and thrive in light of the aforementioned stumbling blocks. Tune in to learn (or be reminded) about critical steps for the advancement and maintenance of one's personal UX maturity and how to develop a healthy, reliable, and needful filter.#ux#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#dangersofmisinformation#darrenhood#uxuncensored

May 11

26 min 41 sec

This installment of the current series focuses on one of the most overlooked sources of UX misinformation — the employment process. It's one thing for job descriptions to be written poorly, but there are lots of unintended consequences. When people can't get interviews and don't get hired, they assume something is wrong with them and they fix things that aren't broken. The experience normally goes under the radar, but it's time for it to be brought to light. Tune in to hear coverage of this sub-topic.#ux#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#dangersofmisinformation#darrenhood#uxuncensored

May 5

31 min 59 sec

This week, Darren continues to cover dangers and examples associated with rampant misinformation in today's UX landscape, as well as a base remedy for protecting one's self against the associated threat. Tune it today to hear the deets, as well as a frightening example of misinformation and how it spreads among those who might truly want to excel in the discipline.#ux#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#dangersofmisinformation#darrenhood#uxuncensored

Apr 27

30 min 12 sec

In Part Two of the series on UX and The Age of Misinformation, Darren continues providing obvious and not so obvious examples of misinformation, highlighted by the results of a faux poll used to illustrate the pulse of misinformation in today's UX spaces and addressing the dangers and risks associated with the indifference that plagues the discipline. Tune in to hear about the faux poll and the surprising results.#ux#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#dangersofmisinformation#darrenhood#uxuncensored

Apr 20

27 min

The landscape of UX today is quite active. With information serving as a key to helping people grow and develop, one would think all of the resources being provided would be helpful, but it's anything but. Many of the resources presented today are chock full or obstacles in the form of misinformation that are adding to the seemingly ambiguous space we know as UX. This week, Darren begins a brief series addressing issues and examples associated with misinformation and the need to develop and filter to overcome these stumblingblocks.#ux#realuxtalk#theworldofuserexperience#misinformation#darrenhood#uxuncensored

Apr 13

25 min 55 sec

In this extended episode, Darren and Julia (co-founder of Students of UXD) complete the special UX Q and A session. This week, we address such topics as transitioning into UX, options for learning as one transitions into the discipline, UX education paths, why or why not one might pursue a degree in user experience, learning how to communicate with stakeholders, risks associated with UX bootcamp education, the importance of sharing your journey, and much more — lots packed into this episode. Listen today to get the deets!You can learn about Julia's organization at

Apr 6

41 min 40 sec

In this episode, Darren presents Part 1 of a special UX Q and A session featuring Julia Fernandez, a co-founder of the Students of UXD ( We start by addressing the advent of a popular and successful company into the world of UX education (and its associated risks and problems) and continue by delving into questions submitted by the organization's community. Check out the podcast today!You can learn about Julia's organization at

Mar 30

29 min 31 sec

During this continuation of UX Q & A, Darren takes on such topics as being a UXer for a startup company, the reasons for imbalanced knowledge in today's UX landscape, and realistic expectations associated with free and no-cost UX learning resources. Tune in to this special episode to hear all the deets.#ux#uxeducation#startups#uxlearningresources#imbalancedknowledge#freeeducation#uxuncensored#realuxtalk#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Mar 23

28 min 14 sec

As we continue the UX Q and A series, Darren tackles the following query: "If you could implement one single thing to combat some of the dilution we've had within the UX market over the years, what would it be?" Tune in to this extended session which includes coverage of what one might consider to be THE silver bullet of UX operation. #ux#uxuncensored#realuxtalk#uxqanda#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Mar 16

35 min 21 sec

In this episode of the UX Q & A series, Darren responds to a question about managing measurement effect during observation-based research methods, identifying the methods and sharing strategies for how to optimize engagement during the initiatives. Tune in for more details#ux#measurementeffect#uxresearch#uxstrategy#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Mar 9

27 min 16 sec

This episode includes another first, as Darren fields questions solicited from the worldwide user experience community. For this week's topic, Darren answers questions about formative research and how to best communicate return on investment (ROI) to clients, stakeholders, and the C-suite. Tune in to hear the details!#ux#formativeresearch#returnoninvestment#uxcommunication#uxstrategy#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Mar 3

25 min 2 sec

For this special and extended episode, Darren interviews Dr. Casey McArdle, the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. This department is responsible for the Experience Architecture program at the institution. Check out this episode to learn about the wonderful things Dr. Casey and his team at MSU are doing to help prepare the Experience Design professionals of tomorrow.#ux#experiendedesign#uxeducation#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Feb 23

42 min 21 sec

Have you ever labored feverishly to provide data and resources to support design efforts, only to be disregarded on a whim? If you've been practicing UX for any length of time, this resonates with you. We know and understand what we do and want others to ascribe the same value, but this doesn't always happen. Piggybacking on last week's topic, Darren presents a critical philosophy needed to gain trust, respect, and inclusion with leaders and stakeholders. Tune in as Darren presents an all too common business scenario and his prescription for turning the tables.#ux#emotionalintelligence#strategicmindset#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Feb 16

26 min 2 sec

In all disciplines, it's important to know and understand the associated methods, methodologies, and tenets. UX has the same requirements. What's different about UX, however, is its age and maturity (or lack thereof) across the entire professional landscape, along with the related challenges, threats, and pitfalls. For this reason, Darren spends time this week issuing a call to embrace what he refers to as A Holistic View of UX. Listen in for more details.#ux#uxuncensored#pureux#uxmaturity#darrenhood#theworldofuserexperience

Feb 9

26 min 10 sec

Continuing last week's address about continued development for UX professionals, Darren shares a 7-step process for achieving excellence in the discipline. The steps range from properly defining UX through a surprise elements that, though simple, will make or break each and every individual. Tune in today to hear the details about The UX Cycle of Excellence.#ux#darrenhood#uxmaturity#uxcareers#uxadvancement#uxcycleofexcellence

Feb 2

24 min 42 sec

Darren is often asked what a person should do in order to learn more about UX. First, a UXer needs to be committed to continued education. In addition, every UXer should build what's known as a PLN (personalized learning network). In this episode, Darren talks about the importance of a PLN in the life of every UX professional and describes the components and categories one should have in their PLN. Tune in for more details.#ux#uxeducation#learning#continuededucation#darrenhood#pureux#personaluxmaturity

Jan 27

24 min 41 sec

During this segue from the last series, Darren pulls no punches and elaborates on specific mindsets required to transition into the UX profession from such positions as instructional designer, business analyst, developer, graphic/visual designer, and creative director. Are you looking to transition into UX? Check out this episode for some key info.#ux #transitioningintoux#uxcareers#businessanalystoux#instructionaldesignertoux#developertoux#visualdesignertoux#graphicdesignertoux#creativedesigneroux#pureux

Jan 19

26 min 47 sec

Are you interested in user experience, but coming from another discipline? In the series conclusion, Darren tells his personal story of transition into UX from another discipline and provides insights and encouragement on how to best make such a move.#ux#darrenhood#transitionintoux#uxcareers #podcasts #theworldofuserexperience #uxcareers #uxcriticaltruths

Jan 12

25 min 27 sec

This week, continuing the efforts to provide a reality check on the types of work involved in the daily activities of a UX professional, Darren resumes coverage by address such topics as data synthesis and analysis, error and risk mitigation, and others. Tune in for more details and to examine yourself to see whether or not you're up to the task-at-hand.#ux #darrenhood #uxcareers #podcasts #theworldofuserexperience #uxcareers #uxcriticaltruths

Jan 5

24 min 45 sec

In this week's episode, Darren takes pause from the current UX research methods review and engages in another interlude, addressing some stark realities about UX associated with such things as the importance of identifying erroneous UX operation, educational paths, false and misleading UX positions, and the truth about UX gatekeeping (i.e., what it really is). Those who really want to be UXers are challenged to accept these and other facts and mindsets. Tune in today to hear this important series segue.#ux#darrenhood#uxcareers#podcasts#theworldofuserexperience#uxcareers#uxcriticaltruths

Dec 2020

24 min 2 sec

Today, many express a desire to be a UX researcher, but don't really know what it entails. In this episode, in an effort to help provide proper understanding of this subject, Darren presents and describes many types of UX research. Tune in to learn more and evaluate your own perspectives.#ux#darrenhood#uxcareers#podcasts#uxresearch#theworldofuserexperience #uxcareers

Dec 2020

23 min 55 sec