The Authentic Self-Leadership Journey

Mounira Latrache

Welcome to the Authentic SelfLeadership Journey podcast, where we look into transforming ourselves into the best version of ourselves, how we can find and follow our purpose and still be successful and how we can express ourselves authentically. What are a parts that stand between us still not stepping into the power we truly have? What relationship issues, shadows or emotional blockages keep us from fully showing up or from living the life that is truly of service for the next gernations to come.

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Es gibt so viele Dinge, die momentan auf der Welt passieren, die uns hilflos, traurig und ängstlich fühlen oder komplett dicht machen lassen, weil es es nicht mehr hören können. All diese Reaktionen in Bezug auf Schmerz und Leid anderer führen dazu, dass wir uns noch mehr zurückziehen. Aber was wenn es eine andere Art gibt, darauf zu reagieren? Was wenn wir all diese Emotionen erlauben könnten und uns danach sogar noch liebender und bestärkter fühlen würden? In dieser Episode schauen wir uns unsere Reaktion auf den Schmerz anderer an und wie diese in Zusammenhang mit unserer persönlichen Lebensgeschichte steht und wie wir Mitleid zu wahrem Mitgefühl, Liebe und Offenheit transformieren.  Im ersten Teil erkläre ich ein bisschen dazu, wie wir auf das Leid anderer reagieren und was diese Reaktion wandeln kann. Im zweiten Teil machen wir zusammen eine geführte Meditation, um es in die Praxis zu bringen und unsere Reaktion umzutrainieren, so dass sie zu einer bewussteren Wahl wird.

Aug 23

40 min 33 sec

There are so many things happening in this world right now that make us feel helpless, sad, anxious or completely shut down because we just can't hear it anymore. All those reactions to the pain and suffering of others make us contract even more, make us shut down even more. But what if there was a different way to react, what if we could allow all those emotions and even feel more loving and empowered after that. In this episode we explore how our reaction to pain of others relates to our personal life story and how we can transform it from empathetic distress to compassion, love and openness. In the first part I will explain a bit about the how we deal with the suffering of others and what can change that reaction. In the second part we will go into a guided meditation to bring it into practice and retrain our reaction to a more conscious choice.

Aug 22

40 min 13 sec

We urgently need you and I know you are out there questioning if what you feel is right - I say, "yes" it is and we are waiting for you - you are not alone.

Aug 18

35 min 30 sec

In this episode we explore the question what lies behind feeling empty, anxious tired, exhausted or even bored after a work day.

May 7

16 min 40 sec

There is a new paradigm - in this episode we are speaking about the new paradigm that lies ahead of us as individuals and as society. There are a few steps that help us to use the challenges of this time and head towards a different paradigm.

Apr 5

38 min 38 sec

We all face loneliness at times but these days it's even more intense. Bring in social distancing has isolated us more than ever. In this episode I am sharing a bit about my own feeling of loneliness in the hope that it might resonate and to to say - you are not alone...

Mar 3

18 min 43 sec

It is not surprising that we live in a time when things are shifting in unpredictable ways. Keeping integrity to ourselves and how we want act and show up beomces more demanding then ever.

Jul 2020

29 min 17 sec

In times that become more and more unpredictable, in times when things change and we have this huge amount of possilities and social issues to fix it is hard to stay focused to what is true to us. Self-leadership is one of the most important skills we can develop in order to stay in line with what is deeply meaningful for us. This episode looks deeper into what self-leadership means and what it has to do with leading others. It dives into how we can deal with all circumstances that challenge us and stay inspired and committed to the resolutions that we make. Self-leadership is not controlling it is a way of deeply allowing what wants to be seen and at the same time living with intention.

Jun 2020

31 min 9 sec

What can we do when we feel pain about what happens in the world? What breaks your heart? What if instead of not wanting to feel all of this we start to feel it all, go into this pain and notice that there are things for us as individuals as couples, as organizations & as society that are just not okay, things that cry out because they want to be healed and looked at. This episode adresses equality, diversity, how we can deal with the pain of injustice and how we can deal with these things as individuals? What does our own pain have to do with the pain we feel from this world? How would a vision of a world look like where we would shift towards a different way of being together?

May 2020

35 min 3 sec

I am so astonished about all the findings now-a-days that suggest that Mental health is so much more connected with our physical health than we think. On my journey to figuring this out for myself, I have discovered that seemingly physical symptoms like unexplained aces or feeling tired have a lot to do with our mental state and also a direct connection to our gut. Some think that mental health just affects a few but what if we all have mental health problems in our lives as well as we have physical health issues?

May 2020

52 min 4 sec

We all know this situation when we feel that we experience the same situation in a relationship that we have experienced multiple times already. These situations even if they are sometimes difficult give us an opportunity to grow into a more authentic version of our selves. Relationships are the biggest challenge but that's why if we can transform their pain this will lead us to a growth and deep love that is beyond anything we ever experienced before.

May 2020

37 min 15 sec

When it comes to dealing with our emotions some feel more difficult than others. When we work with our emotions there are different layers to understanding them, to hold them, to understand what they want to tell us and also to transform them. In this episode, we will go deeper into the understanding of what we can do with "difficult emotions". * I am sharing learnings and an exercise to start the quest to integrate all kinds of emotions and to understand the value and information every emotion brings. I also address how the capability to be with our own difficult emotions is the foundation to compassion towards others in pain and ultimately to be our authentic self.

May 2020

51 min 36 sec

When the times are getting crazy it is hard to lead ourselves but Corona was not the first thing to make our times crazy - we were already in it for a long time. And because of that we need to keep running instead of pausing and taking back our power or connecting deeper to what is actually meaningful for us. In this episode I will talk about how to deal with anxiety, fear, stress and all those external things and how to lead ourselves in a way that brings us back to who we are and how we want to show up in life even in difficult times - reclaiming our power.

Mar 2020

39 min 25 sec

In this episode we dive deeper into the question what is really true to you and how you can find your own authentic path which is ultimatively what finding your passion and purpose means. We will dive into what it means to be authentic, shadow work and how to connect with the voice of your intuition. These were all things that helped me so much to be more me - imperfect and raw.

May 2019

49 min 59 sec

What is the story you tell yourself that is maybe keeping you to fully life the life you want to live? How can understanding your stories better help you to connect more to your passion and purpose? What is your archetype?

Sep 2018

47 min 2 sec

Your strengths are your super powers - the things that make you so unique. Very often they are hidden underneath a huge pile of judgment since we and people around us might even see them as weakness. In this episode we explore how you can connect with your real super powers and find out more about them.

Aug 2018

37 min 44 sec

What does the Authentic Self-Leadership Journey have to do with passion and purpose? Why is that a question worth perusing, what areas can we look at in our lives to explore our own path more profoundly? How can we live a life full of meaning? How can we overcome difficult emotions and times without losing track of our path? How can we be of service for this planet?

Aug 2018

37 min 16 sec