So There Was This Guy: Where the Bedroom Is the Classroom

Jordana Weiland-del Feld

Human stories of healing, growth, and learning, all sparked by the phrase,

"so there was this guy" (or girl).

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Embrace the simplicity of healthy presence.  Psychotherapist Jordana del Feld interviews people about relationships that promote healing and growth.   Today's guest, bodyworker and massage therapist, Kelly Grabianowski in San Francisco.  Work with Jordana at:

May 2019

16 min 4 sec

Open communication and vulnerability create healthy relationships.  Psychotherapist Jordana del Feld interviews musician and mother, the English Rose, in Wales. Work with Jordana at 

May 2019

12 min 54 sec

The dark heart of a wound is where the light emerges.  Psychotherapist Jordana del Feld interviews Polish artist and improv artist Smo Sienkiewicsz. Work with Jordana at

May 2019

1 hr 6 min

Psychotherapist Jordana del Feld interviews Iranian-American writer and spoken-word poet Allia Sadeghipour about how love helped her learn how to be who she is today.   Work with Jordana at: Find Allia at:

May 2019

54 min 56 sec

Learn what you need. Level up as you grow.  Psychotherapist Jordana del Feld interviews Austrian writer and performer S. M. Gruber about love.    Work with Jordana at

May 2019

18 min 59 sec