The Midweek Chat

Bethel Church Owatonna

This podcast is designed to dive deeper into a wide variety of topics and issues that are covered in our weekly Sunday sermons.

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Host: Micheal Simmerman Guest: John Anderson In this episode we discuss a few takeaways from John Anderson's sermon on Sunday, which was on the topic of love. Also, we address a question that was sent in.

Nov 24

38 min 32 sec

Host: Micheal Simmerman Guests: John Anderson and Ann Vandezande In this episode we dive deeper into the difficult topic of Social Justice and how to Biblically address it.

Nov 3

41 min 36 sec

Host: Micheal Simmerman Guest: Philip Rhodes In this episode we go a bit deeper into Dwight Eckhome's sermon from last Sunday and share a few takeaways that stood out to us.

Oct 27

18 min 27 sec

Host: Micheal Simmerman This episode goes deeper into the issue of online church and answers a few questions that were sent in during the sermon on Sunday.

Oct 21

25 min 11 sec

Host: Micheal Simmerman Guest: Ann Vandezande In this first episode we cover some of the main topics from the previous sermon which are credibility of sources, what is a major and minor, and how to address these issues from a Biblical standpoint.

Oct 21

28 min