“Read and never escape, for you will not wantto escape. Who would want to escape fromthe bliss of creative passion and the anticipationof that which lies beyond the light.”

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“I was inspired to write ‘La Gloria’ ten years ago, while living through the flu epidemic in Argentina. Like today, I was quarantined with my family in our apartment. The streets were empty, the cinemas abandoned. There was a run on surgical masks and alcohol gel. These things are familiar to most of us by now. But, in my story, I imagined something different. I imagined a new sort of flu, to which the excluded people of the world, those who were most discriminated against and abandoned, were immune.” – Eric Stener Carlson about “La Gloria”

Feb 2

21 min 34 sec

In “Dungeness Blues”, the wonderful Jeremy Reed pays homage to Derek Jarman (1942-1994), one of the most influential filmmakers, authors and artists of post-war Europe. Itchy Ear composed wonderful music to accompany Reed’s moving poems.

Dec 2019

29 min 58 sec

“L.A. Lewis never doubted the existence of demonic creatures and elements on the other side of the ‚web‘ which divides the astral from the physical. Some of these monstrous gremlins and evilly alluring entities, which continually strive to break through into our world are graphically described in this book – almost as if the author genuinely thought he had witnessed these sights, rather than their merely stemming from an active imagination. (…)” — Richard Dalby

Jul 2019

39 min 25 sec

“Bandit Poet” by Jeremy Reed is an outrageously controversial memoir, about his life in London from the early eighties, which celebrates the brilliant losers and a life lived on the edge of the edge. Called by the Independent ‘British poetry’s glam spangly shape-shifting answer to David Bowie’ Jeremy Reed is a unique phenomenon in poetry – a romantic bandit fuelled with Rimbaud’s visionary impulse.”

Jul 2019

1 hr 10 min