Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke and Kevin D. Williamson talk about whatever they feel like talking about this week.

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Kevin and Charlie discuss inconsistencies concerning age-restricted activities, COP26, and more.

Nov 17

41 min 16 sec

Kevin and Charlie disagree over the 'Let’s go Brandon’ chant and discuss Joe Manchin. 

Nov 2

43 min 22 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss some interesting aspects of the U.K., VA politics, and more.

Oct 29

30 min 50 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss Kevin’s upcoming magazine piece on San Fransisco’s shoplifting epidemic, drinking on the street, the future of fusionism, and much more.

Oct 27

47 min 37 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss driving fancy cars, literature, the imperial presidency, and much more.

Oct 15

43 min 26 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss why we shouldn’t be ok with student-loan forgiveness. 

Oct 6

46 min 4 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss Kevin’s upcoming print magazine piece. 

Sep 29

39 min 27 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss the ACLU’s ridiculous rewrite of a famous RBG quote.

Sep 24

41 min 23 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss AOC’s Met Gala dress, the Biden administration’s bad marketing on COVID vaccines, and more.  To subscribe to Charlie’s new newsletter, click here:

Sep 15

42 min 32 sec

Kevin and Charlie discuss the 20th anniversary of 9/11. 

Sep 9

41 min 58 sec

The Veterans Administration scandal and government-run healthcare.

May 2014

33 min 28 sec

What’s wrong with education?

May 2014

37 min 18 sec

The Democrats’ plan to amend the First Amendment.

May 2014

28 min 8 sec

Sixty years after Brown v Board of Education, where are we?

May 2014

32 min 50 sec

Rollercoasters, and what they tell us about America.

May 2014

28 min 6 sec

New York’s awful transport monopolies, the death penalty, the virtue of the stocks.

May 2014

24 min 8 sec

What were George Orwell’s politics and how should conservatives regard him?

May 2014

27 min 26 sec

Donald Sterling, privacy, and the myth that America’s two parties “switched.”

May 2014

40 min 33 sec

Part two of a special from the NRA Convention. Discussion of the NRA’s new challenge and the nature of its opposition. Kindly sponsored by Remington.

Apr 2014

31 min 32 sec

An NRA Convention special, with Jim Geraghty, Governor Mike Pence, and Senator Marco Rubio. Kindly sponsored by Remington.

Apr 2014

29 min 16 sec

*Poor sound quality — apologies. Georgia’s new gun laws, hello from the NRA convention.

Apr 2014

14 min 40 sec

Chris Hayes’s brilliant plan to avert the end of the world, today’s Supreme Court decisions, the nature of the Roberts court.

Apr 2014

30 min 3 sec

Charlie’s trip to New Orleans, the diversity of the country, and how a free country should treat the mentally ill.

Apr 2014

33 min 22 sec

Atheism, culture, and religion; whether America can survive without Christianity; and the many virtues of federalism.

Apr 2014

37 min 7 sec

Charlie’s trip to Smith & Wesson, a continuing argument about the Bundy case, a quick foray into Edward Snowden.

Apr 2014

35 min 40 sec

Tax reform, the best arrangement for American government, what should happen to Lois Lerner, how good Charlie and Kevin are with their taxes . . .

Apr 2014

28 min 26 sec

Whether the rule of law is a real thing, to what extent it should be followed, and what Bonnie and Clyde tell us about the federal government.

Apr 2014

34 min 30 sec

How does a nation’s culture affect its politics?

Apr 2014

31 min 26 sec

France’s new labor laws, Brandeis’s decision to disinvite Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and the insecurity at the heart of the anti-free speech brigade.

Apr 2014

27 min

What we can learn from today’s knife attack in Pennsylvania, and the silliness that is Vox’s mission statement.

Apr 2014

20 min 44 sec

Eric Holder’s research into ‘smart’ guns, the “gender pay gap,” the Brendan Eich firing, why Kevin loathes Yoko Ono.

Apr 2014

30 min 58 sec

The Left’s take on the Brendan Eich case, the libertarian position on employment legislation, and the importance of protecting unpopular speech.

Apr 2014

19 min 42 sec

The McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court decision.

Apr 2014

12 min 42 sec

The folly of conflating ideology and class, the trouble with political language, and whether or not it’s worth fighting people who hate you.

Mar 2014

21 min 28 sec

Kevin’s ongoing debate with Nick Gillespie, whether libertarianism will be popular in 2016, the #CancelColbert campaign.

Mar 2014

21 min 58 sec

Leland Yee, Democratic scandals, the different way in which progressives and conservatives see human nature, Charlie’s new Sig Sauer P229.

Mar 2014

24 min 18 sec

The Hobby Lobby case, the differing ways in which people conceptualize civil society.

Mar 2014

18 min 36 sec

Charlie rants about America’s exceptional free speech laws and against the Obama administration’s decision to relinquish oversight of ICANN.

Mar 2014

11 min 16 sec

Charlie and Kevin discuss mid-term election predictions, President Obama’s use of the word ‘clobbered,’ and pro-life libertarians.

Mar 2014

18 min 19 sec

The problem with the “socially liberal but economically conservative” claim.

Mar 2014

12 min 32 sec

Charlie and Kevin discuss how America’s future might look similar to Puerto Rico’s present.

Mar 2014

9 min 46 sec

The weird way in which the NRA is covered by the media, the Democrats’ new obsession with the Koch Brothers, communicating difficult ideas during elections.

Mar 2014

15 min 4 sec

Charlie and Kevin discuss climate change, Zach Galifianakis’s interview of President Obama, and if there is hope for Hollywood.

Mar 2014

15 min 44 sec

Unions against Obamacare, the death of the Adebgile nomination, the political consequences of the nuclear option, Charlie’s CCW.

Mar 2014

17 min 20 sec

Lois Lerner, Moms Demand Action’s case again Facebook, Charlie’s endless wait for a Connecticut gun permit.

Mar 2014

15 min 47 sec

The Obama administration’s plan to delay Obamacare yet again.

Mar 2014

16 min 19 sec

*Poor sound quality — apologies. The situation in Ukraine, the 9th Circuit’s upholding a California’s school’s decision to ban American flags from the school grounds.

Mar 2014

11 min 4 sec

Can an atheist like Charlie be a conservative?

Feb 2014

10 min 41 sec

Alec Baldwin’s threat to leave New York, Piers Morgan being fired from CNN.

Feb 2014

9 min 20 sec

Why are some American progressives so defensive of Chavez and Maduro? Why does socialism lend itself inevitably to violence and dysfunction?

Feb 2014

8 min 52 sec