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This podcast shares deep insights that lead to real change by reframing a new reality.

Our primary audience are Christian leaders, whether in the workplace or in ministry.

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Breakthrough: What is Your Dead End Driver? (Part 3) Getting stuck is often due to something within us. Yes, there will be certain types of circumstances which we need to face, but deep within us, something keeps spinning us around and around, turning the wheels, and never experiencing change. Find out what those could be in this episode.

Jan 4

8 min 9 sec

Breakthrough: Naming Your Stuck (Part 2) will help you to actually “name” the kind of stuck you have. That sounds strange, to name that kind of stuck you are in, right? But, actually, too many people go through life without really understanding how they are stuck, the “flavor” of “stuck” they are in, so to speak, so never really begin to invite God’s power to breakthrough. In this episode, you’ll find out how.

Jan 3

10 min 34 sec

Breakthrough: Get Unstuck Through God’s Power This 5-part series is about experiencing breakthrough and get unstuck. Being stuck is no fun, and it inhibits growth. But it’s also one of the hardest struggle to get through because there never seems to be a way out. This series starts with how King David encountered God and praised him as “God of the Breakthrough.”

Jan 1

8 min 27 sec