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Richie Hardcore

On Some Of My Favorite People, Muay Thai coach, public speaker and educator Richie Hardcore talks with guests from around the world on everything from masculinty to martial arts and mental health.

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Jess Hill is an award-winning Australian based investigative journalist, author, and campaigner against domestic and family violence. In addition to winning the Stella Prize, her book See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Abuse was a finalist for both the 2019 Walkley Book Award and 2019 Australian Human Rights Commission Media Award, and shortlisted for the 2020 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Non-fiction book. It also happens to be the best book I've ever read on the topic. I had a brilliant conversation with Jess, about her work, what motivates it, the complexities and difficulties of working in activists spaces, how we bring men into the work of ending gendered violence, we explored ideas around the patriarchy. It was brilliant and I'm a better person for having the conversation. Thanks so much for your time Jess! You can follow Jess and her work at: Twitter: @jessradio Insta: @thetrappod See What You Made Me Do Documentary


Nov 24

1 hr 27 min

Aaron is a youth worker, writer and advocate, working with homeless youth in Tāmaki Makaurau/ Auckland. He works as the youth housing for Lifewise, a charitable organisation that does the difficult work of trying to help some of the country's most marginalized and hard to reach people into housing. Aaron is also a writer and social change advocate. We had a wonderful conversation looking at what underpins his work, how we can be better activists and constructive in our desire for social change. You can follow Aaron at: Twitter:@AeJayHendry Insta: @a.j.hendry Thanks AJ!


Nov 13

43 min 9 sec

Kenzie does a lot of work talking about diet culture, body image, self-esteem and self-acceptance. This conversation was super fun, insightful and educational. We learned how to have constructive discussions about Kenzie's own story, shame, coping mechanisms, and drivers of our behaviours. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you do too. You can follow Kenzie ⤵️ Insta: @kenziebrenna @conversationswithkenzie TikTok @kenziebrenna TThanks so much, Kenzie!


Oct 30

1 hr 17 min

Kate Parker is based in Melbourne and is a volunteer at the global environmental organisation Sea Shepherd. She is a divemaster, and is also is the co-founder of the not for profit Daughters of The Deep, which helps underprivileged women gain access to education and marine conservation work. I reached out to Kate, who I had met briefly in Australia, to know more about what Sea Sheppard was doing. I had read an article on the Chinese Fishing Fleet horrific squid fishery practices off the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos are a UNESCO world heritage site that inspired 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin and is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, from giant tortoises to hammerhead sharks. Kate explained her work, what Sea Shepherd does, how we can help; we talked about some of the complications of activism; it was an entertaining talk. Thanks so much, Kate! Insta: @ladyparker1984 @daughtersofthedeepofficial @seashpherd  


Oct 23

54 min 49 sec

I met Sam in maybe 2012 when Architects were supporting The Amity Affliction on the Chasing Ghosts Tour in Australia, and we've been friends ever since. Here we had a great conversation, where we really got into it. Sam opened up very candidly about his mental health journey. We talked about grief and depression, and getting well again, how we can support one another, all the things. It was a really nice time. Thanks so much for your time Sam! You can follow Sam and Architects ⤵️ Insta: @samarchitects @architectsuk Twitter: @samarchitects @architectsuk


Oct 16

53 min 43 sec

Meghan is a writer, podcaster and founder and editor of the Canadian based website Feminist Current. We had a fun conversation about the culture wars, politics, our respective journeys moving away from identifying strongly with a political tribe, the nature of activism, and getting pneumonia from partying too much. Thanks so much for your time Meghan, it was great to talk! You can follow Meghan and her work: Insta: @meghanemilymurphy @the_samedrugs Twitter: @feministcurrent @the_samedrugs


Oct 9

1 hr 20 min

With her husband Mataio, they work with men in prisons, have recently published a best selling book, have created viral social media content to spread their message, that change is possible and lives full of love and free from violence are possible. This was a powerful interview and Sarah had so much trauma-informed knowledge and wisdom to share. Thank you so much Sarah! You can find Sarah and her work at Insta: @SarahClareBrown // @sheisnotyourrehab


Oct 2

54 min 41 sec

Lydia and I talked through her long history of competitive running, from primary school to finishing 20th in the New York Marathon and beyond. We explored the image pressures on female athletes and runners, in particular, body dysmorphia, mental health.  Lydia explained just how understudied the differences between male and female athletes have been and how female-specific understanding of physiology plays an essential role in performance.   It was super fun and exciting conversation; thank you, Lydia!  

Sep 26

51 min 59 sec

I was 17 when I first Jason. He was already a bona fide champion, with a huge reputation. He was always super cool, and approachable and helpful to me as an eager kid, and would go on to become a good friend. I had a great time hearing his stories from his years fighting, the changes parenting have made in him and the move from being a fighter, to a healer. Thanks for your time Jase! You can follow Jason: Insta: @psycho-suttie // @ etkhq


Sep 18

54 min 3 sec

Dr. Christine Marie is a survivor, who has used her experiences to become a media psychologist, author, speaker, educator, activist and life story coach. In addition to her PhD, she has an MBA, an MA in psychology, a specialization certificate in Positive Psychology and Media, and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist. In 2021, she won the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the American Psychological Association, Division of Media Psychology and Technology. I met Christine on Instagram, and I was stoked to have an in-depth conversation with her about her life and work. Thank you so much for your openness and your compassion, you give me hope. Insta: @dr.christinemarie Twitter: @christinamarie.


Sep 12

57 min 24 sec

To share what he's learned, he's become an excellent public speaker, author and podcaster. We had an enjoyable conversation about how far we've come as a culture talking about mental health issues, the rise of mental health influencers, and we got into the politics around mental health.Thanks for your time Jimi!You can find Jimi atwww.jimihunt.cominsta: @thejimihunt


Sep 5

1 hr 7 min

Thomas Sainsbury is a New Zealand based actor, comedian, playwright, author and director. He is well known for his political satire, and caricatures of middle New Zealand. We had a really fun conversation about insecurity, empathy and mellowing with age. Thank you so much for your time Tom! Facebook: Instagram: @thomassainsbury


Aug 29

55 min 27 sec

Dr Paul Wood has an amazing story. Convicted for murder as a teenager, Paul transformed his life, became a Doctor of Psychology, top-selling author and motivational speaker. We had a super candid conversation about his life, work, and thoughts on creating a culture of safety. We talk about Paul's new book 'Mental Fitness', his second, after his best selling 'How To Escape From Prison', and taking radical responsibility for our lives. Thanks so much for your time, Paul! FB: Twitter: Insta:


Aug 21

58 min 23 sec