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Parasitic birds, inky self-digesting mushrooms, fuzzy bee mustaches, and good old-fashioned hunks of scat are just a few things that make the Great Plains Nature Center crew giddy with excitement. It's impossible to pick one favorite thing about nature, so this podcast celebrates all of them. Discover new favorites. Clutch your heart over old ones. Geek out with us.

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Our wonderful colleague Ashley Locke discusses her first and greatest love: America's National Parks. In this episode, we'll pick Ashley's brain, which is chock full of National Parks history, trivia, and tips. She can tell you how to not get lost, how to avoid being eaten by a cougar, and which park to skip entirely (spoiler: it has an apocalyptic mosquito problem) Show notes: Website: Email:

Sep 2020

50 min 21 sec

Cassie and Allan talk to Spider Scientist Dustin Wilgers as he delves into the elaborate world of spider communication, as well as spider senses, arachnophobia, and what it’s like to get chomped on all of the time in the name of research. Show notes: Our Website: Dr. Wilgers' website: Email:

Aug 2020

47 min 53 sec

Kestrels may be small, but they have plenty of attitude to survive and thrive in most of North America. Naturalist Deb Williams joins host Nicole Brown to dive into some fun stories and facts about the smallest falcon in North America.Show notes:

May 2020

26 min 38 sec

Join Naturalists Nicole Brown and Alicia Oberg as they delve into the world of dangerous insects. They talk wasps, sure, but also butterflies and aphids. The now infamous "murder hornet" even gets a short appearance.Show notes:

May 2020

58 min 50 sec

Fuzzy flowers, tree popsicles, bumblebee shivers, nocturnal cacti, jackrabbit ears, and vulture poop. This episode has everything! Join Alicia and Allan as they discuss the odd adaptations of plants and animals to the constant stress of harsh weather and extreme climates.Editor’s Note: Alicia wanted to correct herself- she said pasque flowers have five petals when they, in fact, have six!Show notes: Website: Email:

May 2020

58 min

Naturalist Nicole Brown is joined by Brad Guhr of Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston Kansas for a nerd session on why native plants are awesome. Tune in for information on prairie restoration from large scale projects to your own native garden in your backyard.Show notes:

Apr 2020

1 hr 9 min

This ridiculously wholesome episode features our friend and colleague from the Central Arkansas Nature Center, Hollie Sanders, who finds fishing absolutely alluring. Rachel and Hollie talk fishing stories, super-secret bait recipes, how you can gameify fishing skills in your own backyard, and why your best teacher may already be on youtube. Get outside often, and go catch some memories. Show notes: Buy your Kansas Fishing License online: GPNC Website: Email us: Central Arkansas Nature Center:

Apr 2020

50 min 38 sec

Naturalist Allan talks about shorebirds and seabirds, their amazingly dangerous migration, and his adventures in getting pooped at. Allan's notes: Website: Email:

Apr 2020

38 min 27 sec

It's morel season! Lyndzee talks about where you can find them and how to identify them along with other edible species and fun mushroom facts. Website: Email:

Apr 2020

51 min 26 sec

In the spirit of April Fool's Day, we got (almost) all of our naturalists to share about their LEAST favorite things. We've got cockleburs, snake poop, spiders, leeches, and more. These are the things we really can't stand, even if we can appreciate them (a bit). Website: Email:

Apr 2020

1 hr 13 min