Igniting Change

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Igniting Change is a podcast focused on the sustainability intention action gap and how we can change behaviours to combat it.

We look to discover how we, as humans, can reduce our impact on the planet, with insights from psychologists, brands, sustainability experts, climate scientists, government, and charitable organisations.

Welcome to the Igniting Change podcast
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Kate Sandle, Director of Engagement at B Corp UK, talks about the need for long-termism, working with businesses to create change, and using the word 'responsibility' instead of 'sustainability'.

Dec 1

40 min 8 sec

Paul Tyrer, founder of Eumelia, discusses the power of information, visualisation, and starting small.

Nov 24

33 min 7 sec

Marc Violo, head of marketing at Loop, talks about reuse, consumer demand and applying the milkman model.

Nov 17

43 min 53 sec

Molly Webb, founder of YoYu, talks about having the option to make more sustainable decisions - and how to make that single change - and introduces us to 'dirty hour'.

Nov 10

41 min 58 sec

Climate activist and artist, Tolly Gregory, on being an active citizen, the differing forms of action one can take, and trolling for good.

Nov 2

41 min 2 sec

Mark Maslin, Climate Scientist at UCL and author of 'How to Save Our Planet: The Facts', on global perspective, why people aren't sustainable and the climate change communication style.

Nov 2

45 min 31 sec

Hello and welcome to Igniting Change, a podcast series focused on the sustainability intention gap and how we can change behaviours to combat it. The hosts of Igniting Change are Richard Strachan, Managing Director at 3 Sided Cube, and Charlotte Mill, Head of Marketing at 3 Sided Cube and Ignite champion.

Nov 1

1 min 31 sec