Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories

Tamika Bickham

Without our health, we have nothing. Our mental, physical, and emotional well-being is a need for happy lives and prosperous businesses. Lift U Up is the podcast where we share inspiring health stories from business owners who are fulfilling their purpose to live their healthiest lives, and helping you do the same.

Tamika Bickham is a former TV reporter turned marketing entrepreneur and content creator. She’s covered stories that include the death of superstar Michael Jackson, ESPN Monday Night Football, Alabama state politics, and wild, breaking news stories across South Florida. She’s getting back in front of the mic (and camera) to share stories that matter, uplifting and inspiring us all on our journey to healthier living.

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Note: Beginning at 16:34 sensitive topics like sexual abuse and addiction are discussed. In just a few short years, Chris Rackliffe went from a corporate career in the New York City entertainment industry to becoming an (author), (anxious attachment style coach), mental health advocate, and his true authentic self. It took an unexpected layoff from People Magazine to force Chris into months of self-reflection, but with those months came realizations that have not only helped Chris’ emotional healing, but thousands of others on and offline. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we are touched with an example of Chris’ incredible storytelling as he walks us through his journey to where he is today, and the importance of change.  

Dec 6

39 min 47 sec

What did you learn during the pandemic? For Sophie Schillaci, she learned just how important it was to keep her two young kids occupied when the world was locked down, for their sanity -- and hers. In this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Sophie joins us to share her story of being an entertainment journalist turned entrepreneur, founding (Mom Needs a Minute), and selling sensory-based busy boxes to busy moms across the country. 

Nov 29

36 min 42 sec

When it comes to positivity and perseverance, Ashley Lyn Olson is a clear example of finding the best in a difficult situation. At the age of 14, today’s Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest became paralyzed in a car wreck. The same wreck took her father’s life, disabled her mother, injured her younger sister, and changed Ashley’s life forever. Not letting her accident slow her down, Ashley found passion in empowering people with limited mobility. Through her (writing), educational speaking, and website ( – she’s spreading the message that no one should miss out on adventure, travel, and leisure. 

Nov 22

37 min 7 sec

Kristen DeAndrade is using her story to change lives. The (author), (speaker), and advocate joins us as this week’s guest on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, telling her journey through health challenges, mental health struggles, and the highs and lows of living with little legs and a big heart. From being born with dwarfism and undergoing surgery at a young age, to a health scare that turned her perspective on life around – Kristen is making the most of the hand she was dealt with and educating and inspiring those around her. 

Nov 15

36 min 14 sec

Have you ever wondered what life looks like after the Olympics for some of the top athletes in the country? In this episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories we are joined by (Lauryn Williams), Olympic athlete turned financial planner, (author), (podcaster), motivational speaker, and volunteer. While her journey through sports was an incredible experience, Lauryn shares her story of the challenges she faced post-Olympics and the drive she needed to be prepared for life off the field.   

Nov 8

40 min 16 sec

There’s a lot to celebrate in today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories! Host Tamika Bickham sits down for another solo episode, to celebrate 3 years full-time in her business and her birthday! Over the last 3 years of building the TB Media brand, Tamika reflects on the good, the bad, and the lessons learned. Looking back, would she do it all again? 

Nov 1

29 min 13 sec

If you're a fan of Dancing with the Stars or Entertainment Tonight, chances are you’ll recognize today’s Emmy Award-winning Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest. You might know Samantha Harris for her career as journalist and national television host, but what she’s working on today is even more impactful. Today, Samantha joins us to share her story of journalist and TV personality -- turned Holistic Health Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer, all because of a major health challenge that changed her perspective for good. 

Oct 25

36 min 31 sec

Sometimes the best ideas come as a result of creative problem solving. For Michael Malkin, he turned busy Apple Store shifts and an excess of restless energy into his business Calm Strips – and the rest is history. What may seem like a simple product proved to be a stand-out option for anyone looking for a discrete fidget tool. In this episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, the entrepreneur is joined by team member Luce Fuller as they share the story of how Calm Strips grew from an idea, to a product, to a growing business all in the span of just over a year. 

Oct 18

33 min 16 sec

What if we told you your water may not be hydrating you? Some say it’s no wonder up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Jovē) is doing things differently, clinically proven to provide proper hydration for cellular health, all with joy and love. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories we sit down with two of the Jovē team members, Tammy Hobbs and Elizabeth Lucey, to dive into why Jovē is so groundbreaking, and the years of work that went into building this brand. 

Oct 11

34 min 53 sec

Entertainment reporter turned mindfulness, meditation, and metaphysical teacher Laura Saltman joins us for this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. When two sudden losses in her family caused her to reflect on the life she had created for herself, she realized it was time for a new path. Through trial and error, Laura found her new calling. She now works in a space where she’s not only able to heal herself, but shows up daily to help others heal and grow as well. Today she is a (four-time author), (meditation host), and (healer )encouraging people to pursue their dreams. 

Oct 4

36 min 29 sec

Entrepreneurship is in Maghan Morin’s DNA. From being raised by an entrepreneur to starting her first company in college, Maghan is no stranger to working hard to make her dreams come true. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Maghan tells her story that led her to her latest business endeavor: (Melanated Beauty Spa). After over a decade of struggling with her own skin and experiencing first-hand how traditional spas were not able to always provide her the customer service she deserved, Maghan knew what she needed to do. 

Sep 27

33 min 3 sec

Three-time world dance champion and emmy-nominated choreographer Louis van Amstel joins Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories to share his life story – from starting dance at 10 years old, through the highs and lows of working on Dancing with the Stars, to (building an online business) that undeniably adds the value of dance and health & fitness into his client’s lives.  

Sep 20

39 min 2 sec

Almost 400 medical professionals die by suicide per year, and that was before the pandemic. Medical professionals, like today’s Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest Dr. Naomi Jean-Baptiste, are experiencing something many haven’t before -- and as a result are under unimaginable stress. Dr. JB has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since day one, and she identified needs that weren’t being met -- mental wellness support for her peers, access to medical information for the public, and a need to reduce burnout rates in the medical profession. In today’s episode, Dr. JB tells her story of becoming an Emergency Medicine Physician, how the pandemic has impacted her, and why she founded (Hope4Med).

Sep 13

37 min 51 sec

“The biggest difference we can make comes down to the sum of the small things we do for others each day.” - Megan Snedden This quote by today’s podcast guest, Megan, captures her philosophy about creating a life filled with purpose through random acts of kindness. What started as a (viral video on Facebook) led Megan to creating (The Kind Effect), a movement where Megan travels the world performing good deeds for strangers. In this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Megan shares the origin of her random acts of kindness, the science behind a kind act, and how her kind acts changed over the pandemic (there may have been a dinosaur involved!). 

Sep 6

33 min 24 sec

Trauma can impact anyone, and at some point in our lives, it likely affects all of us. The Surfside building collapse. A second large earthquake in Haiti. The 20th anniversary of 9/11. A global pandemic. These are just a few examples that have taken place in 2021 alone. Let’s face it, traumatic events are all around us. Luckily professionals like Jennifer Tomko, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in treating trauma, are here to help clients find growth through their trauma. In episode 64 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Jennifer shares her journey of how a mid-life crisis and cross-country move led her to finding her bigger purpose: ( helping trauma survivors find their own meaning). 

Aug 30

35 min 13 sec

The Bold Beauty Project has been shattering beauty standards since 2016. In the latest episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Shelly Baer shares her journey of breaking the stigma that comes with disability. After a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis at the age of three, Shelly never let it slow her down -- but she did struggle to fully accept her identity as a disabled woman. Decades later, Shelly founded and co-directed a photography exhibit, (Bold Beauty Project), that changed her life and also the perception others had about people with disabilities.

Aug 23

36 min 58 sec

Jaimie Hilfiger is a model, actress, beauty mogul, and self-made entrepreneur -- yes, with a famous last name too. BUT that is only one small fraction of her story. She’s opening up about her skincare struggles with type 2 rosacea -- and how it led her to launch a (skincare line), break into the beauty industry, and help others cultivate confidence through self-care.  “Never be afraid to be yourself” is her mantra. In this episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Jaimie tells her story of early success, letting go of insecurities, and embracing inner and outer beauty. 

Aug 16

33 min 56 sec

This week on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories we are celebrating Miami Spa Month with Marizza Contreras, founder of (K’Alma Spa). Marizza became a self-made entrepreneur in 2004, but she brought a new wellness retreat to life with the start of K’Alma Spa in 2018, combining her background in the wellness industry with her passion for changing the lives of her clients. The shift in her approach to wellness took place after her own life-changing event. “I never thought this was my path until I had a stroke,” Marizza said. Today, she’s created K’Alma’s services to be truly unique. They incorporate Marizza’s Peruvian culture with elements of crystal healing, guided meditation, and shamans. It is a spiritual space to work not only on your body, but on your soul. 

Aug 9

36 min 52 sec

I’m baaaaaack for a solo episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. As the host of a podcast all about sharing entrepreneurship stories, and the owner of a business that does the same… something I’ve heard too often from business owners is “I just don’t like talking about myself.” If you want to market your small business, you MUST tell YOUR small business stories. Today, I sit down to discuss the four stories your small business needs to be telling, and how that leads to building authentic connections.

Aug 2

30 min 47 sec

Seven years ago, Meg Daly had a crazy idea. With two broken arms from a recent bike accident and a new lens for how she looked at the world, Meg walked below Miami’s Metrorail and saw nothing but potential. Space that to anyone else would be considered dirty, dangerous, and not worth a second look, but Meg saw an opportunity for a chance to bring more green into Miami - specifically in an underutilized space. Her vision slowly started to come to life in 2014, and today (The Underline) is open to the public.

Jul 26

29 min 35 sec

Does everyone need healing? According to Shameka and Isaac Collins, the answer is a big yes. Together, the married mental health counselors have worked with people from all walks of life who want to better themselves. Their love for people and motto of “Do it Together” led them towards opening (Collins & Collins Clinical Services) in 2019 where they restore families and relationships as a team. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, the couple shares more about their practice today and how their personal growth contributes to their success with clients. 

Jul 19

35 min 31 sec

From fighting for her life, to serving the greater good, Jaclyn Strauss’ entrepreneurial journey started with an experience she never would have imagined. She almost died during the birth of her second child. Death during childbirth is something we don’t frequently talk about, but is very much a reality. It was Jaclyn’s wakeup call. Not only would her family have the grief of losing her, but they would have had the burden of untangling household matters that only lived inside her own head.  This sparked something in Jaclyn, and she created (My Macro Memoir) so that she, and other users, never needed to worry about this again.  

Jul 12

36 min 3 sec

Lifelong fighter Diego De Vera is living his entrepreneurial dream. Shortly after his move to Miami, the Argentina-native founded his very own gym, (KO Zone), and fulfilled his life-long goal. Over the last 15 years KO Zone has grown to be the number one Martial Arts Gym in South Florida, according to Diego. It’s not just the expert training that brings people back to the gym each week, but the community you experience right as you walk through the doors.


Jul 5

25 min 8 sec

Almost 40% of all food produced in the US is wasted. In addition, 10% of people in the US are food insecure - which means the food wasted could feed those who are in need and there would still be food left over. These stats, while shocking, are not hard to believe when you consider the potential for waste at restaurants, grocery stores, and even in our own homes. This is what shocked Rafael Garrido and his wife Monica into action, together creating a digital marketplace dedicated to helping food retailers earn revenue and new clients by selling their food before it is wasted. Their app (LOVVETT) is taking South Florida by storm.

Jun 28

30 min 29 sec

Jennifer Jones has over a decade of experience in health and wellness. Specifically she’s found success in holistic nutrition, and so have her clients. She doesn’t focus on the calories, diet trends, food, or exercise alone – but looks at the whole individual.  After implementing a holistic approach to nutrition in her own life, Jennifer saw dramatic results that included relief from debilitating menstrual cycles. Now, as the CEO of (JENuine nutrition), she teaches her clients (with a 100% success rate) how to eat for life, to help naturally reduce stress, balance hormones, and lose weight.  

Jun 21

27 min 41 sec

One day at a time, nonprofit (Be Strong International), is making South Florida a better place for individuals and families. At the helm is CEO Michelle Shirley, who began her career with the organization out of college, thinking it was a “stepping stone” to other opportunities. Little did she know, she would grow dramatically personally and professionally through her work with Be Strong International.  Passion. Purpose. Happiness. These are all things she found in her own life through her work at the nonprofit and witnesses the healing nature of their programs, in the lives of those they serve.

Jun 14

35 min 6 sec

We’ve all got goals, but there is nothing worse than feeling stuck in pursuit of them. Even harder? Avoiding burnout in today’s society, where “success” becomes the synonym to busy. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, our guest Keshawn Hughes talks about it all: how you can recognize the signs of burnout, how you can avoid it, and the resources available to beat it. (The Neurocoach) also shares how burnout has impacted her life, and how it eventually led to finding her passion of helping others help themselves.

Jun 7

32 min 40 sec

From anger-management problems to co-founding a (nonprofit grounded in kindness), Kemy Joseph changed his life with positivity. Today, he is on a mission to help millions of others see how positivity can change theirs too. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we have the pleasure of hearing his journey through entrepreneurship, finding positivity during hard times, and making the impossible, possible.

Apr 12

35 min 12 sec

We made it! Today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories is a special one. To celebrate episode 50 (and nearly a year of podcasting!), Tamika sits down for another solo episode to reflect on the past 49 stories we’ve heard from guests and share some of her favorites. 

Apr 5

20 min 45 sec

The year 2020 was a difficult one for many, but for Iliana Perez-Ruiz, each month brought a new life-changing challenge. On top of a global pandemic, Iliana underwent a sudden divorce, lost her job, and was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Even with so much thrown at her, Iliana showed her strength. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Iliana tells her story of how she overcame each and every curveball 2020 threw her way, and how just a year later, she’s cancer-free, (a successful business owner), and happier than ever.

Mar 29

37 min 15 sec

Somy Ali spends 7 days a week saving the lives of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking victims. As the founder of (No More Tears), she has helped over 30,000 men, women, and children find freedom from lives of abuse. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Somy tells her story, from what her present day looks like as a not-for-profit founder all the way back to where the passion for this cause came from. 

Mar 22

35 min 13 sec

Food justice is social justice, and Asha Walker is doing her part to bring healthy food options to Miami communities. With a mission that was inspired by the direct need surrounding her, Asha Founded (Health in the Hood) to bring vibrant vegetable gardens ( (and other wellness programs)) to underserved communities. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Asha shares the story of Health in the Hood from day one, the impact they make today, and her goals for growth in the coming years. 

Mar 8

30 min 36 sec

Every body is beautiful to Cynthia Fleischmann, who has captured this in her art since 2009. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Cynthia tells her story of being a body paint artist, the special connection between people and place, and how a life-changing accident (causing her to lose her leg) hasn’t stopped her from living a life she loves. 

Mar 1

26 min 56 sec

Nine months ago, the visceral images of George Floyd’s murder spread like wildfire around the world, sparking an international movement. Floyd’s cousin, Thomas McLaurin, his family, and millions of others’ lives changed as a result. They were forced to see something they now couldn’t unsee. As we round out Black History Month (although we’ll keep sharing Black stories all year long on this podcast), we welcome Thomas McLaurin to Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories to share his story, as the cousin of George Floyd and the CEO and President of the (George Floyd Memorial Center), a registered 501(c)3. This candid conversation looks back at our country’s history and how it led us here. Tamika and Thomas also discuss where the movement stands today, and how the Floyd family plans to reclaim the narrative, leaving a positive legacy in George Floyd’s name while also giving back. 

Feb 22

36 min 20 sec

Fail fast, fix it, and move on. Those are the wise words of Nate Wilkins, co-creator of Ageless Workout and today’s guest of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. It took an unexpected health scare and weeks in the hospital for Nate to find his calling -- aiding aging adults in taking their lives back one healthy habit at a time, just as he had to learn to do for himself. 

Feb 15

32 min 38 sec

Thanks to Mindy Scheier, the world is becoming more accessible to people with disabilities. During her 20 years in the fashion industry, it never occurred to Mindy (or her peers) that there was a huge demographic of people missing out on having clothes made with their needs in mind. Like many Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guests, it took a life-changing event for (Mindy to find her new passion). Mindy had her “ah-ha” moment when her 8-year-old son (who was born with Muscular Dystrophy) wanted to dress like everyone else, despite his disability. 

Feb 8

27 min 17 sec

Is it okay to have more than one dream in life? If you were to ask Kaleb Thornhill, the answer would be an astounding yes. The NFL Professional (and guest on this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories) challenges individuals daily to keep raising the bar. Everyone’s purpose can be ever-evolving, just like his. 

Feb 1

32 min 50 sec

After a 30-year bodybuilding career, Yaxeni Oriquen is no stranger to discipline. The Venezuelan former model has earned herself titles as prestigious as (Ms. Olympia), and knows how to capture a stage. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories we learn Yaxeni’s story, from her first moments at a gym to (founding her own). 

Jan 25

33 min 26 sec

Are you living your 10? Chances are, you are not. Cory Chadwick believes that as individuals we have so much more potential than we know. The proud father and husband founded (The Mental Gym) – a new type of personal training, teaching people to think differently, shift thinking patterns, and show up living their best self. You’re already working out your body each week, why not work out your mind? 

Jan 18

36 min 9 sec

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month – and today on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Betty Lara of (Glory House) is sharing the nonprofit’s mission of supporting human tracking survivors. On Episode 39, Betty shares path towards bringing Glory House to life, the incredible work they do, the things you may not even know about human trafficking in America, and most importantly, the ways you can help. On January 11, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, you can (join Glory House in the nationwide Darkness into Light event), bringing light to horrific crimes happening all across the country and world. 

Jan 11

35 min 54 sec (Torre Washington) is changing the perception of bodybuilders as we know them. As a vegan for the last 22 years (and vegetarian since birth), Torre has mastered what it means to build muscle on a plant-based diet. On today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Torre walks us through his journey to plant-based eating, bodybuilding, and educating people around the globe on the importance of a vegan lifestyle. 

Jan 4

34 min 25 sec

This year, 2020, has left us all with one thing in common – the shared trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic. This trauma, among so many other hardships, have led to a decline in the mental health of thousands. Luckily, doctors like Dr. Delvena Thomas are pushing forward on breaking the stigma of mental health, providing treatment, and even spreading awareness of preventative measures. The mother, physician, scientist, and soldier added entrepreneur to her resume when she opened her (private practice and business DRT Wellness Spa), where she uses her mental health expertise to impact lives daily. 

Dec 2020

33 min 22 sec

What if we told you there was a way to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing some of your favorite treats? Thanks to Cristie Besu, that has become a reality. Helping people end the choice between health and delicious, Cristie founded (Eat Me Guilt Free). What started as a passion project grew significantly, and she continues to grow today as the demand for her protein-packed, low-carb (brownies) spreads across the nation.   


Dec 2020

31 min 48 sec

I’m back for a solo episode to celebrate my 5th anniversary in business -- as the Founder & Chief Storyteller of (TB Media Group). This special occasion calls for something, well, special….A GIVEAWAY! For the first time ever, I decided to do a giveaway of not one, but two things that my audience has been asking for! In this episode, you’ll find out what they are and how to sign up for them. I’m also taking a moment to reflect on this 5th year in business, a wild 2020 to say the least, and share the 5 highs and the 5 lows that have come with it.

Dec 2020

24 min 12 sec

Heather Geronemus has turned her most devastating life experience into an opportunity to spread awareness of the impact of impaired driving. By day, Heather works as the Director of Corporate Affairs at UKG, Ultimate Kronos Group, and spends her free-time volunteering with many charitable organizations. One closest to her heart is (Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)), where she is currently the Chair on the National Board of Directors. This month, National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, we welcome Heather to Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories to share her personal experience as a victim of drunk driving and the work she does today to spread awareness. She’s also breaking down how Covid-19 and “staying at home guidelines” are impacting impaired driving. Don’t miss her message this holiday season. 

Dec 2020

33 min 44 sec

Every now and again, you just have to have a dance party in your living room. That’s just some of the happiness advice Matt Howard shares in today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. For Matt, music is always essential. Currently working as the Principal Percussionist with the (LA Philharmonic), Matt shares his story on how his path led him to his (dream job) so quickly. Even during a pandemic when he can’t perform live, Matt still finds a way to bring music into his life – and the lives of others.   Matt still pinches himself when he is reminded that he is living his dream playing music for a living. Growing up, Matt recalls that there was always music playing around the house. From oldies to modern rock, he found himself drawn to the artists his parents would play. When they saw he caught the music bug, they helped him pursue his passion. Matt learned how to play the drums and other percussion instruments and attended a high school music program.    As a senior in high school, Matt didn’t think that he wanted to have music as his life-long profession. But when an accident left him temporarily unable to play - he knew he had to do something after graduation. Time attending community college, led Matt back to becoming obsessed with percussion.  “If you want to get good at something, you have to obsess over it,” says Matt.    Today, Matt lives out his days continuing to find happiness in music. While Matt isn’t performing any live shows in the near future, he still is (bringing his passion and his music world-wide), through his (social media presence) and master classes.    What else can you expect in this episode? A behind the scenes look inside the percussion room in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  The many types of percussion instruments Matt has played. How Matt has tried to make the most of 2020 and the curveball the year has thrown.  Matt’s feeling on the digital era, and the impact sharing online has brought to his industry. Why Matt misses live performances. Stories of some of the most notable shows he has played in the past. 

Nov 2020

33 min 30 sec

John Lewis has been vegan for 15 years. It’s his passion for uplifting others and a healthy lifestyle that catapulted him into his role as an international public speaker, (serial entrepreneur), author, (film producer). When asked, “What Do You Do?”. His answer is, “What Don’t I Do?”.  In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, John shares his story. From being an overweight teen to watching the health struggles of his mother due to meat and processed foods, all signs guided John towards his life passion of health and fitness. John, also known as Bad Ass Vegan, spends his days educating others on the positive benefits that a plant-based lifestyle has on your body, your community, and on the world. 


Nov 2020

33 min 53 sec

When was the last time you were vulnerable? According to today’s Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest, that vulnerability is going to be your key to success. Coach Hector Peñate, or Coach HP, is an expert at finding happiness, being vulnerable, and getting outside of your comfort zone. After spending years figuring out his own identity, Coach HP learned just how important it was for him to see the silver lining in everything and manifest his happiness. Today, he speaks to professionals, parents, kids, and everyone in between on the importance of a positive mindset. 

Nov 2020

33 min 22 sec

If Jean Paul Laurent’s smile looks familiar, that might be because you’ve seen him at your local grocery store. His smile is one of the handful featured on (Lay’s Smiles for Miles of Aisles) campaign. The reason – his years of impact on keeping smiles healthy for people around the world.  As an award-winning social entrepreneur, Jean Paul makes his difference as the founder and CEO of (Unspoken Smiles). They are dedicated to solving the oral health crisis globally, a hardship impacting over 3.5 billion people worldwide. 

Nov 2020

26 min 21 sec

Your host, Tamika Bickham, is back for a solo episode to celebrate, not one but two things to kick off November 2020! This podcast is turning 6 months old! ...and it’s Tamika’s 33rd birthday this week (actually, on Election Day)! Hey, birthdays are always a reason to celebrate, right?! In this episode, she breaks down three reasons WHY she started this video podcast and what she’s learned about people, business, and marketing, over the last six months. Episode 29 is titled 6 Things I’ve Learned From 6 Months of Podcasting. Tamika here. I wanted to share what I’ve learned since I launched this podcast in April 2020 in hopes that it will enlighten or even help you on your storytelling and content marketing journey! Hey, maybe that’s your very own podcast. We all have different reasons for starting our shows. I’ll start with my WHY. Why Did I Start The Video Podcast Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories? Creativity - It’s my creative outlet. As a former, local TV news journalist, I was always performing on camera. I stayed curious and asked questions. I always crafted stories and shared them with my audience. Creating content and sharing stories on my terms, was a long time coming. Business Development - This show puts me in front of people I want to meet. What a better way to break the ice and meet virtually during a pandemic, then on my podcast? Marketing / Business Development - I wanted to attract more brands in the health/wellness and happiness industries. So, I started creating content that showcases entrepreneurs and business owners in this space. I set goals. Started something new. Here’s what I learned and how it worked for my business. The 6 Things I’ve Learned In 6 Months of Podcasting: People Don’t Like Vulnerability. Vulnerability is a winning strategy. More vulnerability in business = more success in business. Everyone Has Challenges or Difficult Life Experiences That They Face. People are resilient. Successful people embrace their challenges and let them shape what they do, who they serve, and why. When You Share Stories, You Build Connection. Even moreso, you build fans...also known as a community. Focus on the story instead of the sale. You build fans by giving and not asking for anything. The potential clients who reach out to TB Media Group now are mainly in the health and happiness space. 80%-90% of my leads fall into this category. Why? Because this is the content I create and share. It’s happened because of this show. Building an Inbound Sales Pipeline. This is a slow, but worthwhile way to grow. Creating content built this pipeline for me. Health & Happiness are essential for everyone. We’ve all been forced to think about that in 2020. It’s relevant to every single one of us at every stage of our lives. What did you think about this episode? (Will you let me know what you think by leaving me a review on Apple Podcasts)? Also, send me an email if you have a recommendation for a guest or topic for the show!

Nov 2020

32 min 15 sec