CloudFocus Weekly

Justin Edelstein and Jason Atwood

Join hosts Justin and Jason as they cover all things Salesforce and some things cloud in this weekly show. If it is happening in the cloud they are focused on it. Don't miss the CloudFocus App Pick of the Week at the end of every show.

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Salesforce buys Slack and holds its first ever virtual Dreamforce.

Dec 2020

1 hr 1 min

We cover the big week of Apple announcements from products to software (oh and celebrate the Arkus 10th anniversary).

Sep 2020

30 min 56 sec

Need something to stream? We go over our biggest and best streams we have been sheltering in place with.

Aug 2020

43 min 25 sec

Two times this year. Say it ain’t so. We catch up on all things blog, talk about Dreamforce 20 and give our picks of the week.

May 2020

49 min 22 sec

Has it been that long? Welcome in 2020 with our first episode and like every podcast, discuss COVID-19 and Tiger King.

Apr 2020

41 min 21 sec

Back from San Francisco and ready to recap all the happenings of Dreamforce 19.

Dec 2019

53 min 31 sec

The new Salesforce Winter 20 release has been rolling out to orgs, we talk about some of the features we love and catch up on what is new on the Arkus blog.

Oct 2019

36 min 32 sec

Back from a Summer of GTD to go over some Salesforce purchases, Dreamforce 19 and catch up on Arkus blogs.

Sep 2019

44 min 15 sec

The fourth part of the GTD Summer Series is all about calendars and managing them.

Aug 2019

36 min 4 sec

The third part of the GTD Summer Series is all about commitments, what they mean and how to handle them.

Aug 2019

28 min 34 sec

Second part of the third annual GTD Summer Series, diving deep into why we use OmniFocus.

Jul 2019

47 min 8 sec

A start to the GTD Summer Series with a recap of the GTD Summit that took place in June of 2019.

Jul 2019

44 min 51 sec

All of the things we are loving about Salesforce Summer 19 release.  

Jun 2019

34 min 50 sec

Thoughts on TDX19, Salesforce buys Tableau, Ohana floor tours and ceremony.

Jun 2019

37 min 53 sec

Salesforce buys and MapAnything.

Apr 2019

38 min 3 sec

Lots of news from the world of Trailhead including MyTrailhead and TrailheaDX 19.

Mar 2019

30 min 21 sec

Back in the groove with Spring 19 and all of the fun new features we already have.

Feb 2019

50 min 2 sec

We celebrate our 300th episode with news, special guests and some surprises.

Dec 2018

42 min 24 sec

Debating Salesforce Lightning, pros and cons, what we love and hate.

Dec 2018

46 min 46 sec

We go over a great article about life cheat codes, which ones we liked and that we use.

Dec 2018

29 min 38 sec

Things we are thankful for as we enter into the holiday season.

Nov 2018

23 min 4 sec

Automating Chatter posts, Pro Bono resources, Raiser’s Edge Migrations, Winter 19 and Salesforce buys Rebel

Nov 2018

40 min 26 sec

Live from San Francisco we go over all the announcements, keynotes and feelings about Dreamforce 18.

Sep 2018

42 min 50 sec

Catching up with all the Winter 19 release blog posts and a preview of our Dreamforce 18 plans.

Sep 2018

42 min 53 sec

Recapping the instant reaction to Apple announcements

Sep 2018

27 min 50 sec

Discussion about all things smart and automated in the home.

Aug 2018

38 min 57 sec

A list of our favorite things we were streaming this Summer.

Aug 2018

44 min 28 sec

More of your GTD questions answered.

Aug 2018

14 min 58 sec

Your GTD questions answered.

Aug 2018

21 min 43 sec

How to fall off and get back on the GTD wagon with tips.

Aug 2018

25 min 58 sec

How to handle hard landscapes, commitments and how they work in GTD methodology.

Jul 2018

25 min 56 sec

Setting up and managing an organization using GTD, best practices and lessons learned.

Jul 2018

24 min 46 sec

Data breaches worry us, more Summer 18 highlights, ideas delivered and banter about tasks.

Jul 2018

38 min 9 sec

Facebook faceplants, a look at some of the goodies in Summer 18, a re-launched website and preparing for our GTD Summer Series.

Jun 2018

48 min 32 sec

Recapping “baby Dreamforce” (aka TrailheaDX 18) and the good, the bad, and the memories.

Apr 2018

41 min 26 sec

Volunteers for Salesforce, tuning up your GTD Weekly Review and our trip to Punta Dreamin.

Mar 2018

37 min 58 sec

It is all about Spring 18 and the features we love to love in the new Salesforce release.

Feb 2018

52 min 44 sec

Catching up on some success stories, predictions, and happy customers.

Feb 2018

36 min 38 sec

Sharing the top 10 things we streamed in 2017 in our final episode of the year.

Dec 2017

54 min 13 sec

iPhone X, Thanksgiving, final Dreamforce 17 blog posts, leaving it better than you found it and new Trailhead features.

Dec 2017

45 min 30 sec

Dreamforce 17 has come and gone so we go over our favorite things, new announcements and all the fun.

Nov 2017

53 min 57 sec

Looking into the crystal ball to make some Dreamforce 17 predictions.

Nov 2017

27 min 16 sec

Success Community is now a Trailblazer, more Dreamforce 17 tips, and some Google security news.

Oct 2017

38 min 36 sec

Top reasons to go to Dreamforce 2017, sending email in Lightning list views, DF17 band, goodbye AIM.

Oct 2017

35 min 41 sec

Winter 18 is still coming so we discuss Salesforce Trailheads for non-profits and Winter 18 report builder, as well as Justin's adventure in Spain.

Sep 2017

20 min 53 sec

It is all Winter 18 this week as we discuss new features coming as well some retiring to Boca.

Sep 2017

38 min 41 sec

Making change one spreadsheet at a time and the Apple announcements of Watch, iPhone X and new Apple TV.

Sep 2017

35 min 24 sec

Some appreciation for all things Midwest Dreamin' as well as some hidden GTD projects and Justin cheats.

Sep 2017

35 min 44 sec

Back after our tour of GTD, we are catching up on blog posts and talking about our time at Midwest Dreamin' 2017.

Aug 2017

54 min 24 sec

Part four of our GTD series covering tools and tricks.

Jul 2017

25 min 22 sec