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The stress of the holidays and disappointment with the latest book launch has made it apparent that I have by no means cured my brain of all damage. I still have to work on coping with TBI symptoms and continuing treatments that were making a difference. I am most definitely in a much better place than when I began researching TBIs several years ago, but it is good to be aware that I do need to keep doing the things that will benefit me. (10:45) Also includes Beyond Brightside Chapters 17 and 18


Nov 26

43 min 31 sec

It was an honor talking with Dr. Licata, the founder of Vital Head and Spinal Care, and co-founder of the Pasadena Interprofessional Community. His focus is on Applied Neuroscience, Concussion recovery, and Interprofessional Collaboration. The treatment I had under Dr. Licata's care tremendously improved my brain health and I wanted to have this conversation so others can learn about TBIs, CTE, and what Vital and other practitioners can offer them. In our talk we discuss: (2:30) What role does brain health plays in our life? (7:30) How has the added stress of the pandemic has resulted in more people needing help? (10:00) At what stages are patients seeking help? (15:10) What tools does Vital use to measure and improve brain health? (22:40) Why sleep is so important and why poor sleep is a clear sign you should look into your brain health? (26:35) Is all neurofeedback the same? What should someone look for in a provider? (30:55) What is the age range of patients and when is someone considered beyond help? (38:00) Do different ages improve faster than others? How long do most treatment plans last? (47:20) Why TBI or CTE and similar books are important in this growing field of brain health? (49:50) CTE compared to bankruptcy  (54:50) Chapter 16 of Beyond Brightside narrated by Darren Eliker.   Please visit for more information on Dr. Licata and the amazing treatments they offer.


Nov 19

1 hr 12 min

With my new focus on staying grounded and taking care of myself, while also spending time to enjoy and ensure a successful book launch, I'm finding myself questioning what I should be doing workwise. There are so many projects I would like to work on, but I understand that the Try Not to Die series is important and one of the most likely to help me break out. Do I continue to churn these out as fast as possible and put everything else on the back burner or do I work on things as they come to me? We shall see. I also discuss how I'm being way more consistent with my weight lifting, guitar practice, and working on learning German with my son. And if anyone is looking for a free cat, I'm just about finished with Ghost who traumatized me earlier this week. (16:50) Beyond Brightside Chapters 14 and 15 narrated by Darren Eliker


Nov 12

39 min 2 sec

An early morning wrap up of what life has been like since returning home from Germany. A quick update about the TNTD: In the Wizard's Tower contest which was supposed to start on Monday but is being pushed back to Nov. 22. Working on being grounded and not so focused on productivity. Beginning guitar lessons with Marco Tullius (6:15) Talking with Nick J.H. Alvarez at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Nick is the coauthor of Try Not to Die: On the Rhine and did an excellent job at the book fair greeting visitors. He also got some very cool feedback on one of his other book ideas. I owe him a lot of thanks as he has been helping me with translating my books and speaking German. It was also incredibly helpful to visit Drachenfels castle which we are writing about in our book. (17:20) Beyond Brightside Chapters 12 and 13


Nov 5

36 min 57 sec

It was such a pleasure reconnecting with Lucas Hohmann, the host of the Creativ Cast. Back in July, Lucas and I were on each other's podcast, and here we are just four months later having a blast in Germany. In this episode we discuss: What my first visit to Germany has been like. Which of my books was the most popular with the public. People thinking my name is a pen name. What Lucas has been up to with the Creativ Cast. The struggle of being a relatively unknown artist. What I would change for my next Buchmesse appearance. Tips for authors and artists planning on exhibiting at fairs. What kind of attitude you need to have if you want to be successful. Definitions of what success really means. (37:00) Beyond Brightside Chapters 10 and 11 For more on Lucas and The Creativ Cast you can check out:  


Oct 29

56 min 1 sec

It's been one hell of a week in Germany. There have been obstacles, irritants, and a huge lack of sleep, but none of that shit put a dent in my confidence or optimism. Whether it was missing packages, 20 hour fasts, delayed trains, small crowds, or a brutal flight, this trip has been worth it for so many reasons on both personal and business levels. Meeting distant relatives and getting an awesome music lesson. Meeting in person with Nico, my co-author of Try Not to Die: On the Rhine, and his brother Lucas who I met through his podcast , The Creativ Cast. How grateful I am for Alexandra Callner's hypnosis sessions. I'm more confident than ever and I'm sure the hypnosis helped strengthen it. And a bunch of other stuff I babble about while waiting for the public to enter the Buchmesse. (14:00) Chapters 8 and 9 of Beyond Brightside narrated by Darren Eliker


Oct 22

45 min 8 sec

My special guest this episode is Remington Splettstoesser, the host of Deeper Energy Podcast. I had a fantastic time connecting with Remington as a guest on his podcast and I'm so glad he returned the favor of being a guest on mine. Remington is an American ex-pat living in Germany who puts family first, then Jiu-Jitsu and Podcasting. I had fun picking his brain to see what his experience as been like. 2:00 When and why did he decide to move to Germany? 9:00 Where did you move to and how long did it take to learn the language? 17:00 Why does he think living in Germany has affected how emotional he is? 25:00 Would he ever move back to America? 32:00 Why did he change the name of the podcast? What has he learned from it? Why does he do it? We also talk about Wim Hof, being present, sharing vulnerabilities, and why he loves jiu jitsu. (1:00:00) Beyond Brightside Chapters 6 and 7   To check out his podcast and learn more about Remington: 🌍  Website / blog – 📸  Instagram – 🐦  Twitter – 🎮  Twitch –


Oct 15

1 hr 26 min

I was honored to speak with Dr. Mark L. Gordon from Millennium Neuro-Regenerative Centers. His protocol was my first step in recovering from traumatic brain injuries and one of the most important. He has transformed the lives of so many men and women, both civilians and the those who are serving or have served in the armed forces. I appreciate him taking the time to share his knowledge. Dr. Gordon answers my questions: (2:25) How much of the population could benefit from having their hormones regulated? (8:50) Does your typical family doctor properly analyze blood work? What does Millennium do differently? (17:35) How important is diet? Does it affect the success of treatment? (22:45) What is Clear Mind and Energy? How is it able to curb my caffeine consumption? Can caffeine cause more inflammation? (30:50) How does the medical community respond to his message? (34:20) In 5, 10, 15 years will the average person be able to go to their doctor and be properly treated for excess inflammation?   (46:00) Would neurofeedback and other treatments be as effective if hormones aren’t regulated first? (50:00) We discuss the great documentary Quiet Explosions and the Warrior Angel Foundation He also shares how they have had success in reversing Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and tinnitus, along with so many other issues. If you or a loved one want to improve your brain, and overall, health, check out his website for a doctor near you. The site also has so many amazing supplements that I highly recommend as well. (1:08:20) Also includes Chapters 4 and 5 from Beyond Brightside narrated by Darren Eliker.


Oct 8

1 hr 19 min

It's been an exciting week. The English and German hardcovers of TBI or CTE arrived in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair. So did the new Try Not to Die face mask which looks and feels awesome. I ran into a few problems on the German market side of things but am getting them squared away and I'm also about to launch my first German newsletter. The rest of the week was spent lifting weights, doing yoga, and killing characters in TNTD: In the Wild West. (10:35) Beyond Brightside Chapters 1-3 narrated by Darren Eliker


Oct 1

29 min 8 sec

A quick recap of the week including final book preparations for my trip to Germany. How I did with my social anxiety at last weekend's baby shower. Why I was impressed with Medcare Farms in Lake Elsinore A little bit about why I use cannabis despite possible negative side effects. (12:40) The first time I've shared the audio to the short story "31 Others." This short story can be found in Morsels of Mayhem and is set in the 25 Perfect Days world. Story narrated by Curt Bonnem.


Sep 24

32 min 26 sec

A quick wrap-up of my week. Doing physical therapy, getting massages, and getting everything in place for the Frankfurt Book Fair which takes place in less than 5 weeks. I'm excited about receiving the new cover for the English and German versions of the TBI book, and about to release Morsels of Mayhem in German. Also pumped to be coauthoring a Try Not to Die: In Twisted Reunion with my brilliant assistant Alvin. (8:00) includes the short story "Twenty-Seven Generals" taken from 5 More Perfect Days and narrated by John Anthony Davis


Sep 17

22 min 49 sec

My special guest is Gary Roberts, the host of the Good Dudes Grow podcast, a Firefighter, and Cannabis / CBD Advocate. Here is Gary's story: From physical pain to the emotional pain of losing my daughter and father in the same year to opioids. To growing a Hemp CBD Company and Recovery and Research Center based on plant medicine. I talk to physicians, Professional Athletes, and entrepreneurs in the world of Hemp, Cannabis, and Psychedelics to get their view on the future of a new medical revolution. My CBD discovery started out as a selfish journey looking to help my CrossFit Master Competition career but then realized that my daughter had a dependency on opiates that lead her down a path of using heroin. I then realized that this plant could help her overcome her addiction. Unfortunately, the law and legislation were not on my side, and before I could get the product that was safe and viable, she lost her battle, losing her life. She was on life support until her 27th birthday. That day my wife and I decided to let her go. She was always the type of person who wanted to help others, which even showed her death. To our surprise, she was an organ donor, and she saved someone else’s life with her own. At that point, my CBD / Cannabis relationship changed to one of helping others in addiction and my fellow brothers and sisters in the fire department. All proceeds on any sales go to help build out Research and Treatment Center Want to ☕️ support them by donating? Go to 👇👇👇 To check out his podcast go to   (28:55) Also includes the short story "Twenty-Fifth of December" taken from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson


Sep 10

57 min 2 sec

My special guest is Kelly Aiello, a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and Brain Health Coach, and the host of the Nutritional Nerd podcast. She shares how her husband's traumatic brain injury affected their lives and led her into researching nutrition to help brain health. She goes over some of the most important steps a person should do to improve their brain health through nutrition. For more information on Kelly and the services she offers, go to While there you can sign up for her newsletter for free nutrition tips and such. I've already signed up and recommend it. At the end of the episode you can listen to the short story "Twenty-Third District" which is taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.


Sep 3

51 min 28 sec

Going over the latest developments in my career: Finalized the photo for the cover of the TBI book. Just received Morsels of Mayhem translated into German and am beginning the translation of Twisted Reunion. Hired a narrator for "Stuffed" and looking for someone to narrate "The Rules" Wrapped up my fifth and final hypnosis session and couldn't be happier with the results. About to finalize TNTD: In the Wizard's Tower and have Michael Sage Ricci, my coauthor, begin the audiobook. (13:50) Includes the short story "Seventeen Soldiers" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson


Aug 27

27 min 34 sec

After a fantastic weekend selling books at Awaken the Spirits, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and not getting enough work done furing the week. Fortunately, a few talks with friends helped me swtch my perspective and look at taking time for myself physically and mentally as an important type of work. Instead of looking at books as difficult challenges, I need to take my time with each one and enjoy the process, remembering how much fun it to write. (8:40) Includes the short story "Sixteen Acres" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.


Aug 20

21 min 49 sec

My special guest is Alexandra Callner from Life Craft Hypnosis. I just completed my third session with Alexandra and am loving the results. In this episode we discuss: How she discovered hypnosis and why she wants to share it with others. What the biggest misconceptions are when it comes to hypnosis. What you should look for in a hypnotist. What type of people can benefit the most from it. The three issues we've been working on and why I want to do more. Why listening to self-talk messages is so helpful. If you want more info on how Alexandra can help remove the subconscious blocks that are holding you back, check out her website - (36:30) Includes the short dystopian story "Twenty-Two Pine Avenue" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson


Aug 13

49 min 43 sec

Another short episode. I discuss: How my online hypnosis sessions are going. Reintroducing Rocksmith on Xbox for family fun time. Creating a dozen new death scenes for Try Not to Die: In the Wild West and how working with each co-author is a different experience. (13:10) Includes the short story "Twelve O'Clock High" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.


Aug 6

33 min 38 sec

It felt being great being back home and going over the latest developments. In this episode I discuss: The Try Not to Die series. Just read through The Wizard's Tower, fixing up Dethfest scenes, and starting the rewrite of the Wild West. Also discuss two new books added to the series. Where I'm at with the traumatic brain injury book. Just received the first incredible blurb and the version translated into German. Talk of finally getting 10th Planet Whittier opened. What I get from my 5-mile walks in the morning, playing guitar, and taking care of myself. The positive experience with a hypnotist. I have a few more sessions scheduled with her and will then bring her on the show to talk about it. (15:45) Includes the short story "One Last Bedtime Story" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.


Jul 30

36 min 23 sec

My special guest is Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell, an MMA fighter, bjj brown belt, and all-around awesome individual. Johnny's fight at Cage Titans 9 years ago was what turned me back into a fan of the sport. We had a great first interview a few days after that and another at Brown University a few years later. It was great catching up with Johnny after his latest win at Bellator. We discussed: His willingness to take fights on short notice. Overcoming negative thinking and dark thoughts. How at 34 he is in peak performance, physically and emotionally. Loyalty to his gym South Shore Sportfighting in Rockland and his coach Bill Mahoney. Why he fights and his plans after he retires. If he worries about brain health. What he gets out of playing video games. Also includes the short dystopian story "Two Minutes to Midnight" For more on Johnny: Follow him at: IG @johnnyccmma


Jul 23

1 hr

My special guest is Lucas Hohmann, the host of the podcast The Creativ Cast which explores the creativity in all of us. Lucas, who is also a photographer, shares his understanding of creativity, discusses how much time went into getting his podcast started, and tells us what he's learned from it. For more on Lucas, check out: Also includes the short story "26 Pills" a short story from 5 More Perfect Days narrated by John Anthony Davis.


Jul 16

1 hr 3 min

What a fun conversation with Mat Santos, a lifelong martial artist, devoted family man, and co-author in the Try Not to Die series. Mat, the owner of Team Santos Fighting Academy, is one of the brightest and funniest black belts I've had the pleasure of hanging out with. In this episode we discuss: Connections made through martial arts. Skill acquisition. Overcoming obstacles due to the pandemic. Raising our sons and understanding our fathers. The importance of participation trophies. Why I no longer get drunk or high before recording podcasts, and why I'm rethinking that approach. The highest compliment you can give a Rhode Islander and the quickest way to start a fight with one. (1:34:50) The short story "Twenty-Twenty" from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson. For more on Mat and his academy check out:


Jul 9

1 hr 52 min

My special guest is Evan Scott, the drummer from the Boston-based death metal band Stone the Oracle. I first met Evan 9 years ago when I interviewed him for Unlocking the Cage at Lauzon MMA and I've had the pleasure of training with him a few times since. In this episode we talk about what he has gained from martial arts, what a positive gym culture they have at Lauzon's where he is a kickboxing instructor, how he developed a love for music and became part of Stone the Oracle. You can pick up the band's new EP at 


Jul 2

58 min 54 sec

First day of vacation in New York after an interesting day of travel. Managed to get some quality work done on Try Not to Die: At Dethfest and Tales of the Blessed and Broken: The Early Years. (8:50) Also includes the short story "Eight Out of Nine" taken from 25 Perfect Days: Plus 5 More, narrated by David Thompson


Jun 25

23 min 51 sec

This episode my special guest is Dom Brightmon, a self-leadership expert that advances others through motivational teaching and book-casting. He is also the host of The Going North Podcast and the author of Going North!: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself and Stay the Course: The Elite Performer's 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success. We discuss what led Dom into speaking and self-leadership and he shares some of the techniques that he and elite performers utilize. For more on Dom - Also includes the short story "28 Blocks" taken from 5 More Perfect Days and narrated by John Anthony Davis.


Jun 18

54 min 29 sec

I just hit 113 episodes of this podcast which is the same number I had on my previous Unlocking podcast before I self-sabotaged and threw that podcast out. I've promised myself not to do the same with this one and I plan on recording until it's no longer enjoyable. Early in the week I was ready to sabotage Tales of the Blessed and Broken and completely throw out Books 2-5 in the series even though I've already done quite a bit of work on them. Fortunately, a talk with my wife helped me come up with a great solution. I am now hard at work on TotB&B: The Early Years which I will put out in installments through Kindle Vella. I managed to tear my MCL trying to play tennis, but I'm staying positive and using the injury to focus on my writing. (9:45) The short story "Seven to Go" taken from 25 Perfect Days: Plus 5 More and narrated by David Thompson


Jun 11

22 min 7 sec

My special guest is Chris Zanderholm, an old friend from junior high. Chris talks about all the health issues he has faced, the emotional and physical struggles he encountered, and how they helped shape him into a more positive person who wants to help others. Chris is also a finalist in the Muscle and Fitness contest for Mr. Health and Fitness. Voting begins June 14. To vote for Chris you can check out : You can follow Chris on IG @swedefromthemeade75 or find him on Facebook Also be sure to check out where he works at: I will be going down there soon for treatment and plan on doing a podcast about the facility. (51:00) Includes the short story "Three Sacred Truths" from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson  


Jun 4

1 hr 17 min

This week I took time off of playing with Derek the Demon so I could focus on Tales of the Blessed and Broken series. The new developments are going to turn this second book into a much more brutal and bloody book than I had originally planned. I just received the German translations of Beyond and Before Brightside and am having the covers designed. I mention my recent appearance on Oops: Caught Me Smoking and how I enjoyed talking about my cannabis use. Includes the short story "Twenty-Four Hour Bullshit" from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson


May 28

27 min 53 sec

I interview Derek the Demon, a puppet that lives in hell. It's a short interview as Derek turned out to be kind of a dick. We talk briefly about MMA, cannabis, and traumatic brain injuries. (6:30) Includes the short story "Six Hail Mary's" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson


May 21

21 min 58 sec

How my interview with Mareike Kleinbohl, my guest from episode 107, has led me to release TBI or CTE: What the Hell is Wrong with Me? In both English and German this October while attending the Frankfurt Book Fair. Why my family and I are back to training jiu jitsu. How I’ve raised close to $1,500 for the Concussion Legacy Foundation through the virtual 5k I’ll be running this weekend. Why I’m excited about my breakthrough while working on The Bridge. (16:30) Also includes the short story “Eleven Times More Likely” taken from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson.


May 14

34 min 32 sec

My special guest is Dr. Mike Simpson, the author of the upcoming book Honed: Finding Your Edge as a Man Over 40, the host of The Mind of the Warrior podcast and the man behind Greybeard Performance supplements, fight gear, and first aid kits. We talk about traumatic brain injuries, CTE, PTSD, and improving both your brain health and overall health. (43:40) Includes "30 Day Program" a short story taken from 5 More Perfect Days and narrated by John Anthony Davis. For more info on Doc - For info on Greybeard Performance -


May 7

1 hr 4 min

My guest this week is Mareike Kleinböhl, the host of the Child of the the Library podcast. Mareike is from Germany but speaks several languages and hosts her podcast in English. I asked her on the show to discuss why she enjoys reading in different languages, what advice she has for a beginner like myself, how my German translation of Brightside compares to the original, and what her podcast is all about. The episode also includes the short story "Ten Drops of Bleach" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson You can check out Child of the Library podcast: Spotify - YouTube - And connect with Mareike on IG @childofthelibrary


Apr 30

1 hr 4 min

My special guest is Sifu Alan Baker, a high-performance coach and an internationally recognized martial arts & self-defense expert with over 20 Black Belts in his 40 years of training. He is the author of The Warrior's Path: A Warrior Based Approach To Personal Change and is the Civilian Tactical Training Association founder. Sifu Baker discusses his introduction to the martial arts, what he has gained from it, his philosophy on incorporating the different arts, the importance of breathwork, how to continue training through injuries and advanced age, and what his book is all about. I had a fantastic time learning from him and am excited to read his book which can be found on Amazon at this link You can find out more about him on his website And if you're in the Atlanta area you can check out his martial arts center (33:50) Includes the short story "Nineteen in a Row" from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson.


Apr 23

47 min 54 sec

The special guest this episode is Marco Tullius, the bassist for the band WolveSpirit and a distant relative who lives in Germany. We discuss how Marco got started with music, who his influences are, what it's been like being in a band and a bass/guitar teacher while stuck in the pandemic.  To find out more about Marco check out his website - For more on the band WolveSpirit check out - (31:45) Also includes the short story "Fifteen" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson


Apr 16

1 hr 5 min

I'm all by myself this episode, keeping it short so I can get some writing done. I discuss the trouble I've run into with my brain book and my dislike for meditating, why I prefer episodes where I interview guests, and what I've been doing to stay active. (7:50) Includes the short story "Twenty-One Seats" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson


Apr 9

26 min 14 sec

I had a fantastic conversation with Scott Gazzoli, the host of the popular podcast Causing the Effect. Scott's podcast is focused on the true exploration of your mind and body and it was a blast picking his brain. In our talk, he offers advice to help me with my meditation and exercise struggles, we discuss our cannabis and psychedelic use, love for heavy metal, rage issues, and much more. Check out Scott's podcast Causing the Effect - (51:58) Also includes the short story "Four Percent" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson. 


Apr 2

1 hr 10 min

My special guest is filmmaker Michael Plaster. Michael is a fellow 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu purple belt under Eddie Bravo and has collaborated on a few projects with me. I brought him on to discuss his chronic depression and how he has overcome it by having his hormones regulated by Dr. Mark Gordon from Millennium Neuro-Regenerative Centers. This is the same protocol I followed that gave me incredible relief from the depression I'd experienced. Michael never understood why he was depressed until listening to Dr. Gordon and linking it to his early traumatic brain injuries. To check out Michael's films and podcasts go to Also be sure to check out his Instagram at @plaster10p (41:20) Also includes the short story "Nine Months Later" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.


Mar 26

57 min 49 sec

My special guest is Canadian Comedian Noor Kidwai. I was recently a guest on Noor's podcast God Yay or Nay and wanted to continue our conversation over here. Noor shares how much writing has helped him, how he has benefited from psychedelics, why he's interested in spirituality and consciousness, and how it all feeds his comedy. (49:25) Includes the short story "Thirteenth on the List" taken from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson For more on Noor checkout


Mar 19

1 hr 7 min

Garon Whited is the author of the highly-rated Nightlord series and recently released book 7 Fugue. Fans of science fiction and fantasy should check out his work. (24:30) Includes Garon's short story "Nazin's Dream" For more on Garon visit:


Mar 12

59 min 25 sec

In this special episode, I talk with Joey Hauss and his wife Lindsay after they led me through a powerful breathwork, meditation, and ice bath session. We discuss what led Joey to become a Level 2 Certified Instructor of the Wim Hof Method and why breathing, meditation, and cold immersion can help us heal. To learn more about Joey and his classes, check out (43:00) At the end of the talk, I share the short story "US-89N4X" which is from 5 More Perfect Days and narrated by John Anthony Davis.


Mar 5

1 hr 3 min

Last week I discussed how great the Deliberate Discomfort Challenge is and why I would be putting myself through all 60 days. This episode I explain how I talked myself out of the challenge. The challenge is great and I recommend people check it out but I just felt it wasn't right for me as I was already implementing lots of their strategies and I'm pretty happy with the current version of myself. I also want to point out that I misspoke about the guarantee. That only applies if someone finishes the whole 60 days but isn't satisfied with their results. Includes the short story "Fourteen Angry Marchers" taken from 25 Perfect Days, narrated by David Thompson Go to this link to learn more about the challenge and see if it's right for you.


Feb 18

35 min 32 sec

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being awake while my dentist struggled to wrench out my wisdom tooth. I go into the Deliberate Discomfort challenge that I'm 5 days into. The workouts are tough and it hurts to walk, but I'm enjoying the program, especially the part which is forcing me to reconnect with friends and family members. Instead of sharing the Beyond Brightside audiobook like I had promised, I decided to go with 25 Perfect Days which I just made non-exclusive with Audible. Includes the short story "Five Minutes Alone" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by Dave Thompson.


Feb 12

21 min 49 sec

My special guest is S.A. Bradley, the creator of the Hell Bent for Horror podcast and the author of Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy. In our discussion, S.A. helps me feel better about writing, reading, and watching horror. We talk about the appropriate age to introduce horror, different types of horror fans, and how much he has gained from the art form. At the end of the episode, we play his short story "Wound." He's a fascinating guest and I encourage you to check out his podcast and book down below. Website: Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy (Amazon) Podcast quick links: His short story "Wound" can be found in Medium Chill: Issue 2


Feb 5

54 min 21 sec

Quick update on what's up next for the podcast and my writing class. Includes the short story "Dead Spot" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Michael David Axtell


Jan 28

18 min 51 sec

I couldn't be happier with my mother's brain scans and testing from Vital Head and Spine in Pasadena. With 40 sessions of neurofeedback, she greatly increased the amount and quality of her sleep and turned around the mild cognitive decline she wasn't even aware of. I'm so grateful that she probably just avoided a path toward dementia. I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of Dr. Michael Simpson's upcoming book. The book is incredibly well-written and full of great information. Immediately after reading it I took his advice and scheduled six long-overdue doctor appointments. The first week of teaching writing is nearly over and I'm loving it. Feels great passing on this skill and the students seem to be learning and enjoying themselves. Includes the short story "Marked" from Untold Mayhem. Narrated by Angelo Di Loreto


Jan 22

33 min 57 sec

I'm back after taking a short break from the podcast. My new website is up, I'm launching my writing class next week, and I've been doing great with my goals including twelve days in a row of cold water therapy. Includes the short story "Numbered Days" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Michael David Axtell 


Jan 12

22 min 28 sec

We gave my son his Christmas present early. The kitten is incredibly cute but he's also kept me up the last two nights. Let's see if he makes it to the new year. I go over a much more realistic book release schedule than I had previously planned. I read the short story "Surviving the Holidays" from Twisted Reunion


Dec 2020

18 min

Talking about the changes I'm implementing in my business to give me the best chance at crushing it in 2021. A reminder that both Brightside and Somber Stroll are now permanently free on all retailers. New covers for both Twisted Reunion and Untold Mayhem. How writing Try Not to Die: Super High has been makine me sick. What to expect from the revamped newsletter and the kind of people I want to interact with. The short story "Counting On It" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Angelo Di Loreto


Dec 2020

30 min

I read my Thanksgiving story "Stuffed" taken from the short story collection Morsels of Mayhem. Free for newsletter subscribers at


Nov 2020

20 min 30 sec

Once again I'm overwhelmed with balancing family, writing projects, and the business side of things. As much as I look forward to releasing books, the anxiety seems to be part of the package. On the bright side, the ebooks Brightside and Somber Stroll are available for free at all retailers (except Amazon for now) and Beyond Brightside is on sale at all retailers for $0.99. Morsels of Mayhem is free to newsletter subscribers and available everywhere else for $0.99 (10:05) Includes the short story "The Season" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Landon Woodson.


Nov 2020

30 min 7 sec

The paperbacks for Beyond Brightside and Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic are finally arriving. Also about to release Morsels of Mayhem just in time for Thanksgiving. (7:00) The short story "Exposed" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Angelo Di Loreto


Nov 2020

21 min 40 sec