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Drug policy news from around the world, in today's episode:- Italy set to hold a referendum on decriminalising cannabis- Warnings instead of prosecution for Class A drug users in Scotland- U.S. House passes bill to end disparities in crack cocaine sentences- Zurich to launch recreational cannabis trial- Teen use of marijuana did not increase with legalization in the US- #MoreThan Video Contest

Oct 8

6 min 3 sec

Drug policy news from around the world, June 2021 Edition.- Connecticut legalises cannabis.- Germany: Cannabis legalization becomes election campaign issue.- Federal Support for Harm Reduction in the US.- EMCDDA Publishes Its Annual Drug Report.- The 50th anniversary of the US War on Drugs.- Government of Canada helping expand access to safer supply across Canada.

Jul 1

5 min 58 sec

The Maltese government launched a public consultation on a White Paper, proposing the full decriminalisation of the possession of up to 7 grams of cannabis. In the next episode of Drugreporter Café, we discuss the chances of cannabis reform with Cyrus Engerer, a Member of the European Parliament, a politican representing the Maltese Labour Party, and Andrew Bonello, the president of ReLeaf, a cannabis reform NGO from the island.

Jun 3

35 min 33 sec

Drug policy news from around the world, may 2021 Edition.- The Czech Constitutional Court Repealed Part of the Criminal Code.- The Labour Party of Malta proposes cannabis legalisation.- Rio de Janeiro: at least 25 killed in city’s deadliest police raid on favela.- Nigeria to legalize cannabis for economic benefits.- The United States will allow more facilities to produce cannabis for research.- Opportunities for Community Engagement at the HLM 2021.- MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD shows successful results in Phase 3 trials.

May 31

7 min 53 sec

What drugs people use in the remote island of Iceland? Is the Icelandic prevention model really a miracle? Why decision makers decided to introduce a drug consumption room and decriminalise drug use? You can learn more in this episode of Drugreporter Café, where our two guest speakers will respond to these questions: Halldora Mogensen, member of the Althing, the Icelandic parlament, representing the Pirate Party, Svala Jóhannesdóttir, a harm reduction specialist, and the previous project manager of Icelandic first needle exchange program and nurse clinic, and currently the head of a homeless shelter in Reykjavik.More here:

May 21

55 min 5 sec

Here comes the April edition of our monthly news update from the exciting world of drug policy reform!

Apr 15

7 min 24 sec

The Colombian government announced that it will restart is controversial aerial fumigation program to eradicate coca fields. But does it provide any alternative livelihood to coca farmers? Did it fulfil its promises to support poor rural communities? And what do we know about the risks of forced eradication on public health and the environment?JWatch this next episode of Drugreporter Café learn the answers to these questions from our two guests, Isabel Pereira (Dejusticia) and Elizabeth Dickinson (International Crisis Group).

Apr 13

45 min 59 sec

What can we learn from the failures of repressive drug laws? How can we convince the people that they are failed? What are the alternatives of punitive drug policies?A group of NGOs launched a campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of the Misuse of Drugs Act in the UK - and the 100th anniversary of the drug law in Belgium.We discuss lessons learnt with Ester Kincova from Transform and Stéphane Leclercq from Fedito Brussels.

Apr 1

35 min 39 sec

Does LSD microdosing boost your mental health and improve your cognitive performance? How can we measure its effectiveness? In today's episode of Drugreporter Café, we will discuss the results of the largest self-blinded placebo controlled study on LSD microdosing with its author, Dr. Balázs Szigeti, a researcher of the Imperial College, London.

Mar 11

25 min 21 sec

The Mayor of Amsterdam is planning to ban tourists from buying cannabis in local coffee shops to reduce "over-tourism". But are cannabis users the real problem? Is a ban effective to stop street nuisance? We discuss these issues with Joachim Helms, a coffee shop owner and cannabis activists, who has alternative ideas about how to improve public health and safety in Amsterdam.This video is produced by the Rights Reporter Foundation, a non-profit organisation, which is not supported by any governments or political parties. If you like our shows, please support our work on our website, Make a donation today and become our supporting member. Thank you!

Feb 25

30 min 32 sec

This is the first episode of Drugreporter News, our monthly news update from the world of drug policy, with Orsolya Fehér. Please consider supporting Drugreporter with any amount or become our regular supporting member here:

Feb 9

4 min 32 sec

Can long-acting opioid drugs, administered by injections or implants, be the solutions to the opioid overdose crisis? Watch Drugreporter Café and learn more from two professionals, Daniel Wolfe and Roxanne Saucier! If you like our shows, become our supporting member here:

Jan 27

42 min 49 sec

Cannabis legalization is coming to Mexico - but there are debates about how to regulate the market. Watch the lates episode of Drugreporter Café with two local experts, Zara Snapp (Instituto RIA) and Lorena Beltran (CannabiSalud)!

Jan 11

43 min 52 sec

Welcome to the first episode of our new live online video show, Drugreporter Café, where we will regularly discuss new developments in the world of drug policy with professionals, activists and decision makers. Today our show will feature drug policy reform in a small country in Southern-Eastern Europe, North Macedonia. We will discuss the chances of reform with two guests, two activists from the country, Vlatko Dekov (HOPS Skopje) and Natasa Boskova (Coalition Margins).

Dec 2020

42 min 36 sec

Interview on the developments of cannabis reform in Mexico. Zara Snapp works at Instituto Ria

Mar 2020

10 min 35 sec

Interview on the developments of cannabis reform in Canada. Scott Bernstein works at the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

Mar 2020

14 min 1 sec

Interview on the developments of cannabis reform in Finland. Alekis Hupli works at the Finnish Association for Humane Drug Policy

Mar 2020

2 min 24 sec

Interview on the developments of cannabis reform in South Africa. Myrtle Clarke works at Fields of Green for All.

Mar 2020

6 min 50 sec

Interview on the developments of cannabis reform in New Zealand. Ross Bell works at the New Zealand Drug Foundation, Tracey Potiki works at Te Rau Ora.

Mar 2020

12 min 33 sec

Interview on the developments of cannabis reform in the Netherlands. Tom Blickman works at the Transnational Institute.

Mar 2020

3 min 39 sec