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This is the home of The Enemy Base Podcast! Streamed live on! Co-hosted by DreadedGamur, and IrishSavageOOC, we bring you what's going on in the world of, well, whatever we want. We record live on Wednesdays, uploaded on Thursdays!

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This is a wild one, for sure. Inspired by a terrible trip to his local franchised Burger King, we delve into a topic that is always a hot debate: what is the best fast food spot? Let's be honest, that's always going to be a contentious topic, especially by debate...but this is obviously the definitive tier list. Obviously. In other news, there were a lot of opinions on the new Netflix series, Masters of the Universe. So, obviously The Base had to take a shot at it. Did we think it was good? Well, just watch. You can check out The Enemy Base, live on Twitch, at , where you can see the podcasts recorded live, and a lot MtG: Arena and Commander content! Check out all the socials at: , including where to download the audio podcasts!


Aug 10

58 min 37 sec

After a couple weeks off, we're back for the first dive into The List. We start off with the beginning of the entire saga. In 1943, young Steve Rogers starts his fateful journey to be America's last bastion of freedom and Justice...Captain America. After the rewatch, where did it land? Did it move up the rankings? Did it fall? Or did it sit pretty where it is? I mean, it is America's ass... Catch the podcast live every week at Tiktok: Twitter: YouTube: Every other link:


Aug 3

50 min 22 sec