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Thanks to medical advances and healthier choices, Americans are living longer more active lives—well into their 80s, 90s and beyond. AIG's Plan for 100 Podcast is devoted to educating and empowering Americans to prepare for longer lives and retirements that could last four decades or more.

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Dr. Louise Aronson, a leading geriatrician, author and top influencer on aging, discusses ways to create a more positive perception of aging, how to maintain good health as we age and how we can optimize health care for older Americans.

Dec 2019

21 min

Elder financial abuse is a growing problem that many Americans fear could negatively impact their ability to live long, financially secure lives. Michele Kryger, Elder and Vulnerable Client Care Office for AIG, discusses the common scams targeting seniors, potential warning signs of financial exploitation, and how family members and financial professionals can help prevent elder financial abuse.

Oct 2019

13 min

On this episode of the Plan for 100 Podcast, Tom Clark, a nationally recognized Social Security expert, continues his discussion about Social Security. This episode address Windfall Elimination Provision, pensions and the tolls that people thinking about retirement can use to calibrate their benefits.

Aug 2019

11 min

On this episode of the Plan for 100 Podcast, Tom Clark, a nationally recognized Social Security expert, talks about the future of Social Security, common mistakes to avoid and how retirees can maximize their benefits.

May 2019

12 min

How do you define and achieve successful aging? Psychologist Alan Castel, Ph.D., discusses some of the common myths of aging and steps that can help people of all ages prepare for and enjoy older age.

Mar 2019

8 min

On this episode of the Plan for 100 Podcast, AIG is joined by Ed Slott, CPA, an expert in helping people maximize their retirement savings to discuss how to grow a nest egg large enough to fund a retirement that could last to age 100 and beyond.

Feb 2019

11 min

Economist and nationally recognized retirement expert Tom Hegna shares his seven steps to retirement security and identifies the number one risk people face in retirement.

Feb 2019

10 min

In our first episode, we take a look at the income challenges many Americans may face as they plan for more years in retirement than previous generations. Dr. Finke discusses strategies to create more security around retirement income and spending.

Feb 2019

10 min

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