You Spiritual Badass

By Jenessa MacKenzie

Hell yes you spiritual badass! You have just arrived into a world of your own magic where you can be do and have anything, where the possibilities are endless and you are limitless. I’m Jenessa MacKenzie your guide on this journey, an NLP practitioner, master mindset coach, and an intuitive and lunar living expert. Join me to mix the woo with do to elevate YOU to be the best version of YOU that you can be, raise the collective consciousness to a higher frequency so we all rise, and MANY MANY future generations continue to rise, help you UNLEARN all the bullshit and shift into the next paradigm of truth, and to guide and walk with you on your spiritual path (whatever that looks like for you) to find more light, love, joy, and gratitude using all the knowledge I have and will continue to acquire to help you live the best possible life of abundance, growth, and self love. You can manifest your dreams create your own incredible reality are meant for more deserve more can be, do, have whatever you want because you are limitless You are a spiritual badass Let’s do this Hit subscribe so you don't miss a badass thing!

  1. 1.
    [BREAKTHROUGH] Spiritual Boss Mom wants more time to do what she loves most with Raven Scott
  2. 2.
    The Akashic Records and Healing Your Ego (instead of killing it!) with Julia Wesley
  3. 3.
    Creating a Brand Message People Will Stand Behind with Benji Copeland
  4. 4.
    Getting In Epic Alignment To Crush Your Goals
  5. 5.
    About the Rebrand
  6. 6.
    How She Replaced Her 9-5 income in 10 months With Less Than 400 Followers on Social Media with Liz Kochummen
  7. 7.
    Your Inside Hustle - Fostering a Meaningful Relationship with Yourself to Live Your Best Life with Joanna Walden
  8. 8.
    Living In Your Purpose with Human Design with Britt Strode
  1. 9.
    Fuck Fear: How to Let Your Intuition Lead with Ashley Easter
  2. 10.
    Creating A More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Business with Heidi Duss
  3. 11.
    Who Are You Trying To Impress? Lifting The Veil of Societal BS So You Can Show Up Fully & Authentically with Jeff Harry
  4. 12.
    What Really Happens When You Raise Your Vibe with Alex Bynum
  5. 13.
    EQ is the New IQ: What Is Emotional Intelligence And Why Does It Matter with Grace Mase
  6. 14.
    How To Tap Into Your Intuition & Connect With Spirit Everyday with Katie Helliwell
  7. 15.
    Everyday Opportunities to Create a Connected Relationship with Yourself with Jamie Lerner
  8. 16.
    Is Your Relationship With Time Sabotaging You?
  9. 17.
    Reclaiming Your Energy Body So You Can Fast Forward Your Success with Beau Maxwell
  10. 18.
    Time is Money - How to Prioritize Your Time Based on Profit with Nicole Riccardo
  11. 19.
    Unlearn Everything! - Shifting from an old paradigm into a portal of possibility with James Wedmore
  12. 20.
    Is Your Identity Sabotaging You?
  13. 21.
    Using Psychology-Based Design and Winning Words That Position You as a True Expert With Sydney Hart
  14. 22.
    Why Entrepreneurs Should Really Write a Book with Michelle Kulp
  15. 23.
    Being Magnetic in Your Messaging
  16. 24.
    How to Hire, Work with and Onboard Offshore Virtual Assistants with Brett Trembaly
  17. 25.
    The Busy Badge - Integrating and Balancing Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies in your Life & Biz
  18. 26.
    How to Create a Crystal Clear Message, Fill Your Calendar and be Fully in Alignment with Keely Stawicki
  19. 27.
    The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Perspective and Cultivating a Practice of Gratitude with Susan Tripi
  20. 28.
    Calling Bullshit on Positivity - Staying out of the toxic positivity rabbit hole
  21. 29.
    HUMAN DESIGN: How can you leverage it as an Entrepreneur in Business & Social Media with Miranda Mitchell
  22. 30.
    Giving Away My Power - A Self Realization Story
  23. 31.
    *BONUS* A Conversation About Judgement with My 12 Year Old Daughter
  24. 32.
    Crafting Your Message with Soul - How to embody your essence in a way your soul clients relate to with Stacey Brass-Russell
  25. 33.
    Why Isn't My Marketing Working?! 7 Reasons Why You're Not Effortlessly Attracting Your Soul Clients
  26. 34.
    Creating Greatness: The biggest lessons he learned in entrepreneurship with Jonathan Antin
  27. 35.
    Business By The Moon: The phases and the energies in a lunar cycle
  28. 36.
    Her 3 Secrets To Success: How She Went from Laid Off to a 6 Figure CEO with Heather Chesky
  29. 37.
    Setting your sexy AF goals That You Can't Wait to Show Up For
  30. 38.
    Leveraging Your Enneagram for Business Success with Sarah Talbert
  31. 39.
    4 Steps to Set Yourself Up for Success In 2021
  32. 40.
    Finding Your Mojo: How to attract your ideal client on social media with Lizzie Vince
  33. 41.
    Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, How She Retired at 27 with Rachel Richards
  34. 42.
    Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Taking Better Photos (even if you don't have a "fancy" camera) with Emily Supiot
  35. 43.
    Your SEO Impact and How It Affects More Than Just Your Website with Maria Grace
  36. 44.
    3 Beliefs You Must Have If You Want to Take Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond with Jill Stanton
  37. 45.
    Deliver Your Genius with an Engaged and Profitable Facebook Group with Christina Jandali
  38. 46.
    It's A Numbers Game: Using Numerology to Elevate Your Business with Jo Soley
  39. 47.
    Systemize to Optimize: How To Create More Time and Space In Your Business with Tracy Medeiros
  40. 48.
    Mindset Reset: Making the Shift from an Employee to an Entrepreneur with Holly Knoll
  41. 49.
    F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done with Vikki Yaffe
  42. 50.
    Girl Awakened - What You Need To Know About The Spiritual Awakening in 2020 with Suzanne Adams

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