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Zoey Greco

Welcome to the Mystic Rebel Podcast! Your intuition has lead you to this sacred space, because this medicine is for YOU. Join Zoey Greco, aka The Merhipsy, as she shares real client sessions from her work as an Intuitive Guide in her Spiritual Coaching practice. Unlike other metaphysical podcasts, this show features some real talk, tough love, and deeply profound Truths being delivered directly from The Divine! Receive this soulful medicine for yourself, and tune in for special episodes featuring guest practitioners, as well as episodes covering all of your burning spiritual questions from what Spirit Guides really are, to how to manifest your wildest desires!

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Zoey brings back a client that’s been on since the beginning. This session was booked when a client was in a bit of a panic after she texted a guy she just started seeing and wished that she hadn’t which led to some negative thoughts, fears, and anxiety. Zoey and her subject talk about being present in the relationship so that it can blossom into its fullest potential and she gets advice on how to make the most of it.


Nov 29

46 min 2 sec

This week Zoey is showing up vulnerably in her first solo episode of the season. She's checking in and sharing herself more deeply and transparently than ever before. She's sharing in the ways she is being vulnerable in her business, with her community, and with herself and her trust in Spirit to guide her in this light. She is learning how to accept, embody, and show up powerfully as herself and wants you to be able to do the same!  Check out the new website Connect with Zoey:  

Nov 22

38 min 29 sec

In this client session, Zoey and her subject discuss the difficulty that she's had in being herself in the world and the way it's created a unique experience for her of feeling misunderstood by those around her. They also discuss the importance of being herself before diving into some of her past life experiences around pain and trauma that have brought her into purpose in this life time. Lastly, they uncover the reason justice has shown up as a consistent theme in her life. Connect with Zoey:

Nov 15

44 min 32 sec

Zoey is joined by spiritual content creator, coach, dream interpreter, and ET fanatic Sanela Estrella. Sanela has been obsessed with aliens from a very young age and even joked about being one. Along her spiritual journey she discovered that she is in fact a starseed and even has alien dna! This gave her a sense of peace when she felt like she didn’t belong to this planet and now shares her knowledge to help others also feel that peace.   Zoey and Sanela deliberate over: Sanela’s journey into spirituality that started in a college classroom and led to several ‘conspiracy’ rabbit holes What starseed origins are Alien and extraterrestrial life that are living here on Earth The difference between 3d, 4d, and 5d How to stay present in you’re human form while being authentically aware you are something other than human Connection to Source CIA documents and the Galactic Federation And so much more!   Sanela is on a mission to help raise the collective consciousness in hopes of one day living in a utopian society. This conversation is nothing short of far out and magical as they discuss starseeds, shifting timelines, and even CIA documents.    Connect with Sanela:

Nov 8

49 min 56 sec

Zoey is back with an all new season of the Mystic Rebel Podcast and she has some exciting things up her sleeve! This season listeners can expect to hear solo episodes, client sessions, and guest practitioners on topics such as healing generational trauma, emotion coding, cultural preservation, and intuition and survival (amongst much more) as well as learn more about her mentorship and other offerings!  In this episode, Zoey is shares a client session in which a beautiful soul is seeking to understand her purpose and direction. After living life on autopilot this being feels she's been awakened however, she isn't sure where to go next or how to get there. They discuss how her childhood impacted her emotionally, ways in which she can source community, and what she can do to step into her highest good.

Nov 1

46 min 35 sec

In the final episode of season 4, Zoey continues in the chakra series this time diving into the shadow and the gifts of the third eye chakra. She shares in the chakras connection to intuition making it one of her favorite chakras to discuss, why and how the third eye can become unbalanced, how to address the wounding of our third eye, why community and connection is so important when it comes to this specific chakra, how to embrace the gifts of the third eye, the importance of Imagination, color therapy, repairing your intuition by redefining your relationship to it, and so much more!    Get on the waitlist for the next round of the Intuition Activation Mentorship   Connect with Zoey:

Aug 30

45 min 18 sec

In this episode, Zoe’s subject graciously leads her directly and instantly into her heart space which results in highly emotional but exciting messages from Spirit. Zoey and her client discuss her journey with aphantasia and how it’s played a role in her spiritual practice thus far as well as her upbringing and the way that she was emotionally stifled and how it’s impacted her as a creative being and adult. Similar to many beings Zoey speaks with, this guest struggles to find her path to purpose but you will feel her opening up to her truth, magic, and power as the episode progresses.    Learn more: Follow Zoey on Instagram: @the_merhipsy Follow Zoey on TikTok: @the_merhipsy Learn more about Zoey’s services: Apply for a session by emailing

Aug 16

40 min 22 sec

Today, Zoey is joined by Frankie Anne Castenea otherwise known as Chaotic Witch Aunt. Chaotic Witch Aunt is an eclectic folk practitioner of 7 years who has created comedic and educational content across her platforms including TikTok where she has over 1.3 million followers. Her strengths lie in divination, deity work, and protection magick, and she offers intuitive healing services by way of tarot readings. Zoey and Frankie discuss modern day witchcraft from what it means to be a witch to different spells and practices. They also share in what egregores are, what witchcraft can be used for, ancestry and its play in folk magic, how she decolonizes her practices, Italian folk magic, and so much more!   Connect with Chaotic Witch Aunt:

Aug 9

1 hr

Zoey speaks with a mentee and client who was recently preparing to join the mentorship, move from one country to another, and find clarity in her relationship. Today, we get a fun update on the relationship as well as dive into more personal, present, and pressing on her as an individual. Career shifts, embracing alchemical energy, and stepping further into power and confidence. 

Aug 2

40 min 8 sec

In this episode, Zoey deep dives the heart chakra. She shares the shadow and the gift of the heart chakra in order to help identify where there may be wounding and how to pour energy into healing that space within you. She also shares some personal tips and 15 specific ways to heal and nurture the heart chakra.

Jul 26

50 min 58 sec

In this episode, Zoey dives deeply into some trauma residue that a client is carrying after being a survivor of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. They discuss the last impact this event has had on her soul and psyche as well as on a lighter note how it’s inspired her to be of service and how Spirit has called her forward into a role and opportunity that resonates deeply with her authentic being!

Jul 19

42 min 46 sec

In this practitioner episode, Zoey is joined by Lauren Ziher, aka Lauren on Earth. Lauren is an akashic record reader, reiki master, healer, channeler, teacher and multidimensional soul whose purpose is to help humans remember who they truly are: powerful and eternal beings of light. Lauren bridges the realm between the Earth and the cosmos to help individuals connect to their higher self, source energy and spirit guides.   In this episode, Zoey and Lauren discuss: Lauren’s spiritual journey (and coming out of the spiritual closet) What akashic records are and how she reads them The many types of akashic records Galactic beings Seeding the planet Ways to connect to higher self And so much more!   Lauren offers a variety of healings and readings and does a lot of work with psychic protection and clearing dark entities. She also teaches others how to read the akashic records, develop their psychic abilities, channel galactic beings and share so many tools that her guides have shared with her over the years.    Connect with Lauren:

Jul 12

46 min 35 sec

In this episode Zoey holds a client session in which Spirit brings to light the feelings and the thoughts that this client has been keeping from herself about her relationship that had been causing her some very serious subconscious anxiety. They discuss ways to overcome self-doubt, energy beyond the 3D, love and relationships, and so much more.

Jul 5

41 min 27 sec

This week, Zoey continues her chakra series, this week focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra. After sharing a personal update, she dives into what the solar plexus is, healing and opening practices, the gifts offered by this chakra such as self-acceptance, and much more! 

Jun 28

41 min 33 sec

In this episode Zoey shares a private session with a beloved client in which they discuss her journey with MS, the way in which this chronic illness coincides with her spiritual ascension and they take a deep dive into a channeled message surrounding life purpose. They also discuss her relation to akashic records, healing modalities surrounding her MS diagnosis and so much more! 

Jun 21

48 min 6 sec

Zoey is joined by yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and host of the Yoga Magic podcast, Ashley Sondergaard. For 8 years, Ashley has studied yoga, meditation, astrology and mindfulness practices that prioritize self-care and self-discovery. After having her two girls, Ashley discovered the hard way that taking care of yourself first is the only way to take care of others. Today, she supports her students & clients in up leveling their everyday routines into magical self-care rituals.    Ashley and Zoey discuss cosmic self care and how she uses astrology for self-care inspiration, how to add in self care routines and habits that are a bit more challenging (beyond manicures and massages), why you should be leaning into your earthly pleasures, the magic of cycles when building self care into your life, why meditation is the gateway to our spiritual and personal journeys, Ashley’s cosmic self care rx guides, and so much more!   Connect with Ashley: Listen to the Yoga Magic Podcast

Jun 14

49 min 52 sec

Zoey speaks with a client who is on a spiritual awakening journey of finding herself and figuring out what it looks and feels like to live in authenticity and doing what feels right to her instead of what her family and society says is right for her. After quitting her job and moving into a van to travel she has been diving deep into her inner spiritual work while deciphering what her intuition is telling her versus her ego. Zoey and her subject discuss why freedom is actually her biggest asset, numerology, her gifts and where her spirit guides are calling on her to focus, and so much more!

Jun 7

45 min 15 sec

Zoey shares part of her EP recorded with her sound healing partner, Taran Emmert. Together, Zoey and Taran make up sound healing duo Rogue Reverie where they perform sound healing meditations throughout the Phoenix valley as well as host and teach others about sound healing. Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body, mind, and spirit of a person with the intention of improving physical and emotional health and well-being.    Connect with Rogue Reverie:

May 31

37 min 36 sec

Zoey speaks with a client about shifting from a 'stable' job to a more fulfilling career path, being a mother to two very different sons and how to stay present for each of them and holding a healthy marriage and reconnecting with her spouse on a deeper level as they both manage full plates. 

May 24

55 min 49 sec

Zoey is joined by Samantha Barash, a nutrition coach that focuses on a non-diet, Intuitive Eating approach to support individuals who struggle with their relationship with food and their bodies. She utilizes the 10 principles of intuitive eating to help individuals reframe their mindset around food and confidently be able to navigate their nutrition in a gentle approach that emphasizes mental health as just as important as physical health. Sam shares her take on dieting, how when you’re truly practicing as an intuitive eater, you’re more in tune with your body and its needs, and the empowering feeling to eat intuitively and more.

May 17

1 hr 6 min

Zoey speaks with a long time client regarding mixed emotions, releasing guilt and shame, and manifesting the end of her marriage. They discuss the shedding of skin that is happening as she begins to accept and identify with her true self.


May 10

51 min 13 sec

In this episode Zoey shares a special meditation to allow you to transform into the most intuitive version of yourself. This meditation will be a part of Zoey's revamped Intuition Activation Protocol. Tune in for a visualization practice and step into your most intuitive being! 

May 3

25 min 23 sec

Zoey is joined by a profound soul to discuss the father wound, breaking ancestral curses, wounded chakras, past life trauma, patterns in her present life and where they stem from, finding purpose and more. This conversation has many twists and turns and entails some graphic details including past life experiences and death.

Apr 26

59 min 48 sec

In this episode, Zoey is joined by Imani Rae of Raeon Collective. Raeon Collective is a gender neutral wellness brand that focuses on making manifesting accessible through clothing, crystals and tarot services. As a collective Raeon Collective stands for equality, diversity and being apologetically yourself in every path of your life. Through Raeon Collective, Imani specializes in personalized tarot readings that feature self care routines, crystal recommendations and charka meditations. Zoey and Imani discuss intersectionality and how it applies to spirituality, what spiritual leaders can do to ensure accessibility, Imani's favorite manifesting practices, her monthly manifesting intention bundles, and more!   Connect with Imani: For 11% off on all orders purchased on Raeon Collective, use code 'COLLECTIVE11'  

Apr 19

39 min 56 sec

This week Zoey speaks with a client about the very unique creation and offering she’s been working on, what’s been holding her back, and how she’s been progressing and transforming out of a time of stagnation and into a time of blossoming. Zoey brings forth messages of hope to an open client wanting to find the confidence within herself to overcome all of her doubts and fears of feeling unworthy or not ready for abundance and success within her career.

Apr 12

56 min 19 sec

In this emotional episode Zoey reflects on the last decade of her life before performing a 12-month oracle reading for herself to seek guidance on her 30th year of life. She shares some highs and lows she's experienced, overcoming trauma and struggles, as well as what she hopes to experience over the next decade. 


Apr 5

45 min 57 sec

Zoey is joined by a beautiful soul about being potentially redirected out of her career in commercial real estate and taking on a different path to abundance. They explore her numerology and begin to understand why she feels so drawn to the energy of being a CEO . They also discuss her personal life and where Spirit is guiding her in matters of the heart. 

Mar 29

56 min 9 sec

Zoey is joined by Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg. Britt and Tara are cofounders of Elevate The Globe, a worldwide community of spiritual seekers who are dedicated to being the change. They are Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, high vibrational living experts, and modern energetic healers. Based in LA, they are two best friends on a mission to elevate humans by focusing on mental health and inner beauty to elevate the planet one person at a time. Zoey, Britt, and Tara discuss Britt and Tara’s history and partnership in Elevate the Globe, how they practice and facilitate living high vibe, kundalini yoga, the significance in daily rituals, comparison detox, the many forms of addiction and how to heal from it, how to live more sustainably, and their new book, Good Morning Intentions.  Through hosting online programs, retreats/events, speaking, blogging, vlogging, and writing, Britt and Tara have dedicated their lives to helping people raise their energetic vibration and their work is having a profound impact all over the world. Their mission is to elevate humanity, and their fun results-driven lifestyle is revolutionizing wellness and spirituality teaching thousands a new way to interact with themselves and the planet. Connect with Elevate the Globe:

Mar 22

43 min 4 sec

Zoey speaks with a beautiful being about ancestral healing, managing grief, finding her soul purpose, and ending a relationship.

Mar 15

59 min 32 sec

Today’s episode Zoey continues the chakra series where she goes in depth on chakra wounds, healing, repairing, and stepping into a space of healing and wellness in your energetic body. The chakra of discussion in this episode is the sacral chakra or svadhisthana. This chakra is connected to the reproduction and sexual organs as well as hips, bladder, kidneys, and large intestine. It represents fluidity, creativity, and fertility.

Mar 8

41 min 6 sec

In this episode Zoey speaks with a sweet soul who wrote into be on the podcast. This subject is a wonderful woman who has a fulfilling and lucrative career in finance who's feeling ready to make a change but not in the way that you may think. They discuss all the energetic circumstances surrounding this shift and where she's headed next! 

Mar 1

52 min 46 sec

Zoey brings back a well known guest and friend, Author Avi Kabani. Avi writes about the nature of sexual energy, deep states of love making, and the challenges of modern day intimate relationships. He’s best known for exploring these topics in relation to men, women, culture, and self and he’s an extremely genuine soul and brings a high level of impact to his clients.    Zoey & Avi discuss: Sexual intuition Sexual morality and how culture influences sexual expression Finding joy in sex, love making, and sexuality How media plays a role in sexual expression Sex as part of the human experience Sex traffiking and sexual exploitation Avi’s past porn addiction history Shifting of masculine and feminine energy Art, self-creation, and self-expression   Connect with Avi:


Feb 22

1 hr 19 min

In this episode Zoey speaks with a beautiful and beloved client about the passing of her romantic partner and what steps she can take in both her career, her living situation and location that offer her more calm, ease, and fulfillment now that she’s living more for herself.

Feb 15

50 min 43 sec

In this episode Zoey starts a series of solo episodes on chakras, chakra wounding and healing specific energy centers. This episode starts at the bottom chakra, i.e. the root chakra which is associated with the earth and the color red and is located in the pelvic floor. It’s very much related to the physical aspects of our bodies but also has a strong psychological aspect. If you liked Zoey’s throat chakra episode, you will love this one as well!

Feb 8

49 min 13 sec

Season 4 of the Mystic Rebel Podcast kicks off with Zoey catching up with a client who she hasn’t spoken with since her office days (yes, she once worked from an office and offered in-person sessions!). They discuss her spiritual sensitivities, experiences seeing energies, spirits, and ghosts, the shift that may occur in a long term relationship, and the manifestation of a career path! In this episode Zoey validates many of the feelings her subject has been having when it comes to her relationships (both romantic and non), fear of darkness and what it stems from, and even practices a bit of mediumship (a special treat as she doesn’t usually practice this)!

Feb 1

1 hr 1 min

Zoey gives a little bit of a life update before getting into what this episode is really all about which is discussing the four different types of intuition. She answers questions submitted by followers as well as some other questions she receives often and then shares how you can find out what your strongest intuitive senses are!    She shares on: Separating intuition from ego and self talk How to deepen and grow your intuition Ego based fear How to clear channels to better hear and feel your intuition Negatives that come along with being intuitive or psychic The four different intuitive types   To learn your strongest intuitive type visit

Jan 18

1 hr 6 min

Zoey is joined again by her Operations Manager, Katie to discuss the ways we can capitalize on the collective energy brought forth by a new year. She goes through a list of things we can do to capitalize on the energy and even shares a spell cast (or ritual) that can be done to really escalate things! Topics include: The four things we can do today to prepare for making the new year our best yet The importance of letting go of things before the new year (relationships, habits, belongings, etc.) What Zoey and Katie are both personally letting go of and clearing way for Intention setting Creating a God Box/Wish Box/Universe Box The significance of a long term vision Creating a vision board and why it helps bring things to fruition  Stepping into Gratitude A spellcast/ritual for entering the portal of a new year and capitalizing on its energy If you complete the spell cast be sure to share it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag Zoey (@the_merhipsy)!

Dec 2020

1 hr

This week, Zoey is speaking with Jessica Reis, also known as The Death Empath, a Death Doula who specializes in Grief, Loss & Shadow work. Jessica received her training 4 years ago through INELDA and has expansions in Grief Recovery, Pregnancy/Infancy Loss, Pet Hospice and Shadow work. Jessica and Zoey talk about: What a death doula is What she loves about her career and how she thrives Making death accessible and bringing  Zoey’s confusing and painful personal life experience of beginning the grieving experience for her ailing mother that was cut short when her mother ended up going into remission unexpectedly How becoming a death doula and being the death doula for her grandmother allowed her to shift into  The importance and necessity in “feeling your feelings”, what that means, and how to do it Miscarriage and child infant loss Experiences of sexual abuse, depression, and suicide How we can exercise empathy towards others and ourselves Physical, Mental, and Emotional processes that help with grieving  Grief, Loss & Death can feel isolating, lonely and overwhelming. As a Death Doula, Companion & End of Life Guide, Jessica has come to realize that our Grief is meant to be shared, nurtured, loved and witnessed. She offers 1:1 Grief Coaching & Guidance Calls as well as hosts The Human Psychopomp Community Club for Self-Grieving, Self-Honoring & Healing. Connect with Jessica:

Dec 2020

1 hr 11 min

Zoey is revisited by a client that’s been on the podcast before to discuss fear and discomfort around being let go of a job due to COVID. She finds some sense of relief in this as she wasn’t fulfilled in her career but also experiencing worry for what’s to come. Other topics include returning to court with an ex whom she shares children with, manifesting new love, and the difference between manifesting what you believe you’re capable of rather than what you WANT to be capable of.   Zoey and her client chat about: Her feelings towards going back to court Co-Parenting struggles Being laid off (and Zoey’s experience with a time she was laid off and what it ultimately lead to) Feeling a hang up around benefits when it comes to going all in on your own business and not having the safety net of a larger entity How to use power and abundance to allocate funds Her manifesting abilities And more!   To order your Personal, Yearly, or Compatibility Numerology Report today click here.

Dec 2020

45 min 39 sec

Today, Zoey invites you to be a fly on the wall during a client session where she speaks to a beautiful being and discusses her work as an AstroCartographer. They discuss the missing piece that will help her find true purpose, passion, and fulfillment in this work. They also discuss how she can unlock her creative energy and move blocked energy that may be sitting in sacral chakra and will allow her to open and activate herself as a creative soul as well as heal sexual energy. 


Nov 2020

54 min 37 sec

On this episode, Zoey is interviewed by her Operations Manager, Katie to discuss all things around the birthing of a new earth. Katie sources questions from the collective, Zoey’s followers, and elsewhere to get a better understanding of what exactly the new earth is and what’s to come in 2021. Zoey shares: What the birth of a new earth means What we can hope to see in 2021 When we will return to travel and experiences outside the home How the election plays a role  The Age of Aquarius Alignment of planets Why everything happening is FOR us And so much more If you enjoy this format be sure to let Zoey know and let us know what else you want to hear on the podcast!

Nov 2020

56 min 13 sec

Zoey is joined by the amazingly talented and gorgeous, Ali Lizzi. Ali is a Miami-based Intuitive Holy Fire Reiki Master, spiritual artist, and sound practitioner. Ali has spent many years focusing on healing her own trauma, anxiety and depression and knew it was her dharma to take what she has learned and assist others who may be struggling as well. She is a safe, supportive yet powerful lightworker that is dedicated to the healing path, and gladly supports others on their journey through Reiki Healing, Sound Healing and Aura Readings & Portraits.   Ali & Zoey chat about:  Personal journeys to healing themselves Going from a “typical” 9-5 career and transitioning into healing Personal traumas and how she saw auras at a young age Ali’s personal aura cleansing routine What aura portraits are The beauty in loving and appreciating your own path Inspiring others to live their truth And so much more   Tune in to hear how Spirit guided Ali to exactly what she needed, when she needed it and changed the trajectory of her life into what it is today!    Every individual is able to fully heal themselves energetically if they are able to give themself the space to and give themself the peace and grace to. - Ali Lizzi   Connect with Ali:

Nov 2020

1 hr 10 min

On today’s episode Zoey speaks with a client about shadow work and allowing her family's love in to heal her inner child wounds, staying connected to a vision she holds for her highest self, stepping into empowered energy, and quieting ego as she begins to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.  Zoey and her client discuss:   Different colors Zoey seeing in her aura and what they mean Throat chakra energy Healing inner-child wounds by allowing her family to show their love and endearment for her Relocating & what’s on the horizon And so much more!

Nov 2020

35 min 5 sec

In today's episode, Zoey speaks with a client about clearing foggy vision to receive clarity through addressing throat and sacral chakra wounding, connecting into feminine energy and her creative inner force. She seeks guidance from Spirit on creative business outlets, a new home, and healing ancestral trauma in order to align with her truest and most fulfilled expression!

Nov 2020

49 min 45 sec

In this episode, I share my experience, journey, healing, and suffering of going through hormone therapy and PCOS. After sharing about my weight gain and severe depression brought on by hormone therapy on Instagram almost a month ago I had an outpouring of love and support. I had many questions as to why I was doing it, how I found a doctor to support me in my healing, and so much more. SO, I wanted to record this episode to answer some questions, share my experiences, and so forth. As always, this medicine is for you in whatever way you receive these messages!

Oct 2020

41 min 32 sec

Zoey interviews the woman who certified her in her Yoga Teacher Training, Laura McKinzie. Laura’s passion and dedication to the practice of yoga was the catalyst to her becoming a Yoga Teacher over 17 years ago. She is an experienced teacher at the 500hr level (E-RYT 500) as well as the founder of Laura McKinzie Yoga, which inspires people to live their best life now through the practice of Yoga. Since 2012, Laura has led the “Unity” Yoga Teacher Training Program, teaching hundreds of students the ancient science of yoga. She also served as the Director of the 200-hour YTT program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona for 7 years. Laura and Zoey discuss  Laura’s journey with yoga, how she came into the practice, and how she made it a career Zoey’s personal YTT classes How you get better at teaching yoga The importance of cueing in yoga and Laura’s new ebook to help others grow their teaching abilities through cueing The importance of inclusivity in yoga Laura’s best advice for aspiring yoga instructors And more! Laura is a Yoga Nidra Facilitator and grateful to be a part of the I AM Yoga Nidra teaching team at SWIHA. As a student of yoga for over two decades, she feels the true gift of yoga is carrying the peace and joy found on the mat into every aspect of life. Through her years of experience, she creates and adapts classes that inspire students to open up to their own uniqueness and inner strength. Laura has discovered a way of living and being that brings so much fullness to life and this is what she shares with her students. Connect with Laura: Cues for Yoga: Clear Language to Guide the Practice

Oct 2020

52 min 28 sec

On this episode, Zoey chats with a client about gaining clarity and receiving guidance around her career path and educational opportunities. She is painted a really beautiful and informative picture of what is ahead for her and then they get into some of her personal relationships, healing ancestral wounds, and creating distance with a former business partner and friend in order to nurture her own offerings. Don't miss it! 

Oct 2020

47 min 36 sec

On this episode, Zoey shares a catch up with a client where they talk about navigating grief, self-acceptance, looking back on your journey, and navigating the world as a sensitive and intuitive being. They talk healing wounds, how to find them and tend to them, and holding self love and acceptance as well as faith in Spirit above all! 


Oct 2020

48 min 20 sec

In today's episode, Zoey is joined by Julia Berryman. Julia Berryman is a creatrix like no other serving others as an Intuitive Painter & a Sex, Creativity + Empowerment Coach. She creates Soul Transmission Paintings for people & combines it with embodied coaching to help them deepen their integration of the painting's messages. These paintings will often serve as an anchor point or reminder of their soul's messages for them. CONNECT WITH JULIA ->

Sep 2020

48 min 44 sec

On this episode, Zoey speaks with a sweet client who you've actually heard once before on the podcast. They chat about our subject's spiritual growth since her last session and then kick things up a notch to talk relationships and choosing between two men. This client is so open and receptive to the messages from her guides which always makes for a fun and easy read! 

Sep 2020

35 min 29 sec