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If you're an architect, currently studying to become one, or just curious about the profession, this podcast is for you! Cohosts Emily Khalid and Maria Pastorelli talk candidly about all things architecture, careers, life, and struggles they face on the path of becoming architects. Join them in building a community that fosters more transparency in architecture with content that is relatable to young professionals and students.

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In one of our favorite episodes yet, we sit down with Ellen Dunham-Jones; architect, urban designer, educator, author, podcast host, viral TED Talk host...the list goes on!We cover a lot of ground with Ellen during this episode, including the adversities she faced as one of the few women in her architecture program, what sparked her interest in "retrofitting suburbia," and how autonomous vehicles will change the future of cities. We also discuss how COVID has impacted the public realm and her favorite mode of transportation (hint: it has two wheels). Join us in this thought-provoking conversation with one of our role models in the design industry - it's an episode you don't want to miss!//Emily & Maria's recommendation links:The French Dispatch's graphic illustratorSydney Cumming's workout channelChrissy Stanley's workout channelDesk Crits//Where to find Ellen:TwitterRedesigning Cities PodcastTED TalkWIRED interviewHer books (use code ARC35 for 30% off from now until December 2021!):Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Retrofitting Suburbs Case Studies in Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Strategies for Urgent Challenges //Follow us @OpenPlanPodcast or visit our website!

Nov 22

1 hr 38 min

It’s another exciting installment of our Professional Series, but this time with one of our own! Emily interviews Maria about her role as a Marketing Manager at Collins Cooper Carusi. What does a Marketing Manager do at an architecture firm? How did she pivot from a designer role to a marketing role? What is a typical day in the life of a Marketing Manager? We discuss these topics and much, much more. If you are interested in learning more about a marketing position in architecture, this episode is for you! We hope you enjoy it, and if you have more questions for Maria, feel free to DM or email us!

Oct 14

49 min 27 sec

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! We can't believe it's already been a year since our first episode went live, and we're so grateful to you for sticking with us during this time! In this bonus episode, we discuss a few of our favorite moments and behind the scenes from the last year and share some fun stats. We also want to thank you for listening and hear more about your thoughts on how we're doing! If you'd like to take 5 minutes to provide us some feedback so we can plan future content, you can fill out the survey here: OPEN PLAN PODCAST SURVEY

Sep 23

19 min 53 sec

We're back with another professional interview! From Studio SOGO, Leslie Ellsworth is a firm owner, principal  and mother of two. We talked about how she started her career, the difficulties she went through as a young mom at a small firm, how Studio SOGO came to be and how they're trying to do things differently in terms of increasing equity in the profession.  She also offered some valuable advice for young professionals! We hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as we did. Take your notepad out, because this ep is packed with useful tips from this amazing woman in our industry!LINKS:Studio SOGOWestview Cemetery

Sep 8

1 hr 38 min

Long-time friend Danny Griffin joins us this week to chat about his experience as a designer and M.Arch candidate at MIT! How did he find his interests in undergrad? What's the culture like at MIT? How do his interests in architecture and robotics come together? Most importantly, how did he get away with writing a children's book as a studio project?! We hope you enjoy getting to know Danny and if you're considering applying to MIT, this is a must-listen! + @gri.dfab + Dream Lawn BookMIT Media Lab + MIT Architecture

Jul 9

1 hr 13 min

Why pursue an MBA after design school? How do the skills learned in business school help your architecture career? What are some differences in culture between an MBA program and a design school? In our first student series episode, Bangseh Akuchu tells us about his experience at his GA Tech MBA program. Also, stick around for the lightning round where you'll hear about him meeting and singing for the Obamas. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

May 20

55 min 23 sec

Ayyy welcome to our crib(s)! On this episode Maria and Emily catch up on some recent life changes and then have a chat about all things home decor and apartment hacks. They cover easy to do, affordable tips to elevate your apartment’s vibe and organization  - no matter what the size! They then give their take on recent Tik Tok design trends. Green kitchens, pink bathrooms, oh my! *disclaimer - we are not professional interior designers, thoughts are completely our own and done in good fun*We hope you enjoy! 

Apr 29

1 hr 10 min

What’s it like coming from a different country into an architecture school? How does one actually apply for a PhD in Architecture? Yousef’s unique career path inspired us to interview him about these topics and much more! He’s a PhD candidate at Georgia Tech, teaches architecture studios and is the creator of the Architect’s Tarot. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about his story as much as we did! See below for timestamps, links to things mentioned and how to find his art!Our catch-up + updates: 0:00 Yousef's Intro: 6:40His background: 10:15Our questions: 29:40Side hustles: 1:06:30Wrap up: 1:23:00LINKS:Behind Closed Doors - Life of an Architect DocumentaryLeYousef.comIG: @leyousefSimTigrate Design LabGoogle 89+ Website

Apr 5

1 hr 27 min

Woohoo! You've landed an interview with an architecture firm! Now what? In this Part II of the Career Series, Emily and Maria cover how to prepare before the interview (how much should you stalk firms?), how to discuss an architecture portfolio (without having to go through every image), and have stellar questions ready (what questions help make you stand out?).  We also touch on important salary + negotiation advice and how to navigate job searching as an international student. We hope this episode helps you during the interview process! Good luck!

Feb 24

46 min 25 sec

It's that time of the year! Career fairs, job applications, interviews, oof! We're here to help. In this episode, we give our best tips and tricks for before, during and after the career fair. How do you prepare? What should I ask the firms about? How can I stand out? What if they ghost me? Find answers to this and much more in this ep! Plus: Tips on how to navigate an online career fair during these strange times.Follow us @openplanpodcast, subscribe and leave a nice review if you enjoyed it!//Learn more about our project of the week!239 HouseUNA Arquitetos (now UNA BV and UNA MUNIZVIEGAS)São Paulo, Brazil239 House on Arch Daily239 House by UNA BV

Feb 17

43 min 27 sec

It’s 2021! In this episode, Maria and Emily discuss all things goal setting when starting out a new year. They reflect on the past year, the good and the bad, and discuss what things they took away from it. They then dive deep into their personal, professional, and podcast goals and talk strategies on how they plan to follow through with them. Stick around for helpful tips and tricks in maintaining your own goals and making your vision become reality! We hope you enjoy this episode and find it as inspirational and energizing as we did!Follow us @openplanpodcast, subscribe and leave a nice review if you enjoyed it!//Learn more about our project of the week!Beyazit State Library Istanbul, Turkey

Feb 3

1 hr

This is Part 2 of our Picking Schools series! Maria, Emily, and special guest Matt Denig continue the conversation on their experiences choosing a grad program. How long of a break to take in between, what other things to consider, and how different is grad school compared to undergrad. They also give advice for a better application, tips on getting a Teaching or Research Assistantship and other valuable lessons they learned over the last couple of years. Tune in and let us know if you have any questions! Hope you enjoy!

Jan 4

41 min 56 sec

This is Part 1 of our Picking a School series, Undergraduate edition! Maria, Emily, and special guest Matt Denig break down how they chose where to go for undergrad. What things did they consider? Did location matter? Did they know they wanted to do architecture? The three discuss their own unique experiences as well as what they would have done differently. They also offer advice to anyone considering currently considering different undergraduate schools. Hope you enjoy it!Follow us @openplanpodcast, subscribe and leave a nice review if you enjoyed it!//Learn more about our project of the week!UTEC - Grafton ArchitectsUTEC - Arch Daily

Dec 2020

49 min 25 sec

In this episode, Emily and Maria break down the LEED Green Associate Exam. What is it? Why should you take it? How should you begin studying? They also speak about their experiences taking the exam, and give their own tips and strategies that helped them pass! Hope you enjoy and find this helpful. Let us know if you decide to take the test!Follow us @openplanpodcast, subscribe and leave a nice review if you enjoyed it!//Things mentioned:LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook Creating a USGBC account GA Study Plan Practice Questions online fLearn more about our project of the week!The Kendeda Building, Atlanta, GA

Nov 2020

36 min 49 sec

We've got some very special guests on the podcast this week! Tune in to meet Ashcon (Emily's fiancé, not an architect) and José (Maria's boyfriend, an architect) and join our conversation to hear about our experiences having relationships while in architecture school! Find out how we met, what it was like for them to live with us while going to grad school, and much, MUCH more. Maybe too much? We also compare their different perspectives as an architect vs. non-architect regarding design, stereotypes, and the architecture industry. They also take a guess at what would be our dream project to work on!Follow us @openplanpodcast, subscribe and leave a nice review if you enjoyed it!Time Stamps:04:00 Project of the week09:00 How Emily and Ashcon met12:10 How Maria and Jose met16:48 Grad school years27:03 Questions for the guys//Things mentioned:Project of the week: Brasilia Cathedral, Brasilia, BR

Oct 2020

56 min 37 sec

We're diving deep into architecture internships this week! Did any of us actually have to grab coffee for someone? Clean out the library? Organize samples? Emily and Maria each talk about their own experiences and what kinds of things to expect from your internship. We're talking money, responsibilities, and common tasks that are usually given to interns. Plus, we have a crazy story sent by a listener about one of her internships… Stay tuned until the end for some must-have tips and advice that worked for us, or that we wish we knew before!Follow us @openplanpodcast, subscribe and leave a nice review if you enjoyed it!//Things Mentioned:Project of the Week: National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta, GAhttps://www.civilandhumanrights.org logging your internship hours NOW!

Sep 2020

59 min 28 sec

It’s September, so that means back to school! In this episode Emily and Maria discuss all things architecture school. What’s it structured like? What’s a “studio”? What are the differences between undergraduate and graduate school? Are you going to have a social life? They answer these questions and more, along with sharing some cringeworthy school experiences. Hope you enjoy! Follow us on instagram @openplanpodcast for the latest updates. //Learn more about our featured architecture firm of the week!NADAAA

Sep 2020

50 min 39 sec

In this episode Emily and Maria introduce themselves and discuss where they’re from, how they ended up in architecture, and how they met. 

Sep 2020

14 min 53 sec