UpBeat from Everything Conducting

By John Devlin and Enrico Lopez-Yañez

Hosted by John Devlin and Enrico Lopez-Yañez, UpBeat is a podcast by conductors, for conductors that puts an "upbeat" spin on a range of topics. Whether you conduct an orchestra, band, chorus, ballet, opera or other type of ensemble-- we want to help and provide a place for fun, engaging discussion. From the EverythingConducting.com team.

  1. 1.
    S3E4: Working with Soloist. Plus: Natasha Paremski, Piano Soloist, on Working with Conductors, Picking Your Battles, and the New York Piano Society
  2. 2.
    S3E3: Working with Winds. Plus: Mallory Thompson on Wind Conducting, Educational Philosophy and Programming for the Future
  3. 3.
    S3E2: All Things Education. Plus: Carnegie Hall's Doug Beck on NYO-USA and his Path to Educational Excellence
  4. 4.
    S3E1: All Things Pops. Plus: Steven Reineke talks Career and the Future of Pops
  5. 5.
    S2E10: Innovative Concert Design. Plus: Thomas Wilkins talks Meaning in Music
  6. 6.
    S2E9: The Inside Look at the Orchestra Staff, part 2. Plus: Tracy Kornet, Anchor for NBC 4-Nashville, talks Public Speaking
  7. 7.
    S2E8: The Inside Look at the Orchestra Staff, part 1. Plus: Marcia Farabee, Former Principal Librarian of the National SO, talks How to Work with your Library Team, Copyright Issues, and NSO Music Director Stories
  8. 8.
    S2E7: Youth Orchestras. Plus: Ankush Bahl, MD Designate of the Omaha Symphony.
  1. 9.
    S2E6: Success with the Press. Plus: Marc Uys, ED of the Princeton SO, talks Advice for Young Conductors, the Role of Staff Conductors, and the Importance of Fundraising.
  2. 10.
    Special: Zoya Leybin on her Life as a Musician
  3. 11.
    S2E5: Music Director Audition Weeks. Plus: Michelle Merrill, MD of the Coastal Symphony of Georgia, talks Guest Conducting, Career Development, and the Role of Music Director
  4. 12.
    S2E4: The Role of Staff Conductors. Plus: Matthew Oberstein, VP of Opus 3 Artists, talks Conducting Careers, Artist Representation, and Industry Trends
  5. 13.
    S2E3: Preconcert Lectures. Plus: Richard Scerbo, Director of the National Orchestral Institute+Festival, talks Selecting Guest Conductors, Conducting Career Paths, and Administration in the Arts
  6. 14.
    S2E2: Jason Fettig, Director of the US Marine Band, "The President's Own"
  7. 15.
    S2E1: Programming a Classical Season w. Ankush Bahl. Plus: Anna Edwards talks "Important Voices"
  8. 16.
    S1E10: First Steps After Grad School. Plus: Laura Colgate, Concertmaster (National Phil. and Greenville SO) and Co-Founder, Boulanger Initiative, talks Advocacy, Programming Resources, and Great Orchestral String Playing
  9. 17.
    S1E9: Programming Pops. Plus: Sasha Cooke, Mezzo-Soprano, talks Career, Balance, and Working with Conductors
  10. 18.
    Special: Titus Underwood, Principal Oboe of the Nashville Symphony, On Race and Music
  11. 19.
    S1E8: Conducting Movies. Plus: Camille Cintrón Devlin, Arts Communications Consultant, talks PR, Social Media, and the Latina Experience in the Arts
  12. 20.
    S1E7: Starting Your Own Project. Plus: Gabriel Lefkowitz, Concertmaster of the Louisville Orchestra, on Conductor Searches and Working with your Concertmaster
  13. 21.
    S1E6: Mailbag! Plus: James Ross, Music Director of the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, on Creativity
  14. 22.
    S1E5: Assistant Conductor Auditions. Plus: Peter Kazaras, Director of Opera UCLA, talks Bernstein Stories and Success in Opera
  15. 23.
    S1E4: The Art of Cover Conducting. Plus: Jessica Slais, VP of Artistic Administration-Nashville Symphony, Talks Collaboration with Artistic Administrators
  16. 24.
    S1E3: Your First Professional Rehearsal and the League Conference. Plus: Michael Votta, Director of Bands- U Md., Talks Smaller-Ensemble Repertoire
  17. 25.
    Special: Ankush Bahl, Omaha Symphony Music Director Announcement
  18. 26.
    Special: Michael Ellis Ingram On Race and Music
  19. 27.
    S1E2: Defining your Artistic Identity. Plus: Anna Edwards from Everything Conducting talks "Important Voices"
  20. 28.
    S1E1: Vulnerable Leadership and New Ideas from Quarantine. Plus: Ankush Kumar Bahl on the Everything Conducting project

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