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Ujima, Inc.: The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community serves as a national, culturally-specific services issue resource center to provide support to and be a voice for the Black Community in response to domestic, sexual and community violence. Ujima was founded in response to a need for an active approach to ending domestic, sexual and community violence in the Black community.

The name Ujima was derived from the third principle of Kwanzaa, and means Collective Work and Responsibility. As an organization, we understand the need to mobilize and heal our communities from the inside out. We utilize this principle to empower service providers, policy makers, advocates and the community-at-large to address the unique challenges faced by the Black Community as it relates to violence across a broad spectrum.

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We're speaking with special guest, Dr. Michelle Gourdine of the University of Maryland Medical System. On this episode of Collectively Speaking, we dive into COVID-19 and its effects on the Black community. Dr. Gourdine discusses health disparities, how to protect yourself and your family, children, and the virus, and how COVID-19 can affect a mother and her unborn child.

Aug 2020

28 min 33 sec

We are speaking with Dr. Lana Bates about the strategies schools should look at when reintegrating K-12 students back into the school system. We also discuss the importance of supporting students from marginalized communities during and after the pandemic.

May 2020

1 hr 14 min

Our special guest, Dr. Justin Hopkins breaks down some of the myths of mental health in the Black community. We start with a discussion around Black men, mental health and domestic violence, and end with insight on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) and how we can overcome some of our trauma.

Feb 2020

46 min 45 sec

We're joined by Kai Hartsfield, Communications Co-Chair for Black Youth Project 100 to discuss the state of the Black LGBTQ community and how the Black community can support.

Jul 2019

22 min 20 sec

A discussion around Black women and sexual assault with special guest, Tanisha Murden.

Apr 2019

33 min 24 sec

Empowering Women in the African Immigrant Community | Episode 4 by Ujima, Inc.

Mar 2019

36 min 46 sec

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. On this episode of Collectively Speaking, we're discussing dating and healthy relationships with 13-year-old Mahadia and 13 years old Kevian.

Feb 2019

24 min 1 sec

On this episode of Collectively Speaking, we're discussing the importance of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and a little later we discuss healthy relationships and the Black community.

Feb 2019

34 min 55 sec

Welcome to Collectively Speaking, presented by Ujima! Join us for our first episode featuring our special guest, Ujima's Executive Director, Karma Cottman.

Jan 2019

22 min 2 sec