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A PODCAST FULL OF MUSIC, COMEDY, RANDOM TOPICS, AND MORE MUSIC. Tune in to Teaser Talk and be prepared to be amused!

Music and stupidity have created a solid friendship foundation for hosts Donna and Hollie.

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Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! We are catching up with one of our favorites today, Jeremy Spencer! He's been a busy guy - tune in to hear how he's switching it up with his band and how they created 9 albums that will be dropping November 5th!

19 de out.

22min 54s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! This is not just an interview BUT another interview with Rob Felicetti from Bowling for soup! Hollie catches up with Rob at the Bowling for Soup anniversary show. Listen in to see what BFS and Patent Pending has been up too and for the first time in Teaser Talk history there's a drinking game! See how well Rob does in a game of "IPA or Pop Punk Brand Name"

28 de set.

20min 54s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! We are SO EXCITED about this episode with one of our favorite musicians from one of our favorite bands. We are talking about Jepha Howard from The Used. In today's episode, we talk about ego in bands, remaining true to your sound, and what The Used is up to. And in true Teaser Talk fashion, we have a fun game we play at the end. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

21 de set.

40min 29s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday!   We are STOKED to have the one and only @pozition on the podcast today. Hollie chats with Pozition on this episode about his story, changes in the music industry, how to make connections in the industry and what to expect from him for the rest of the year.    About Pozition… Raised in Watts California, Pozition is an Artist, Producer and The Official DJ of Legendary group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. In 2004 his his music was featured in the movie Nora's Hair Salon. 2005 he produced and featured on rap artist Prime's album Get It or Don't Have It which he produced songs that featured Ras Kas, Spice 1 and more. He would also land features with Yukmouth, and the late great Nipsey Hussle feat. Sloan Still 2007 he would produce a track on Keef G. and Krayzie Bone Welcome To Da Alley He would then produce and feature Krayzie Bone's song Life! A Lesson to Learn on his mixtape The FixTape 2   He would go on to do more songs with Krayzie Bone which led him to becoming an artist an producer on his label The Life Ent. formally known as Thug Line, that would lead him to becoming The Official DJ of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. 

24 de ago.

27min 20s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! Season 4 was short and sweet...but Season 5 is ALIVE! ...or maybe not with our first episode of this season. Join Donna & Hollie as they (attempt to) solve the Hunt a Killer Blair Witch Horror. Can you solve this mystery before us? If not...stay tuned for part two. 

27 de abr.

57min 4s

Happy Halloween, Teasers! Today Hollie shares twenty five of her favorite Halloween Songs and some facts you might not know about them. Head over to playlist.teasertalk.com to listen to the songs on this playlist. 

out. de 2020

24min 35s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! Today we reminisce on all the emo bands we loved back in the glory days. Join us as we talk about our top 10 favorite Emo bands and make America Emo Again!

jul. de 2020


Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! Join Hollie as she sits down with Jorel Decker from Hollywood Undead in today's episode. Jorel shares what the band has been up to, how the were discovered on Myspace and what he's been up to during the pandemic.

jun. de 2020

14min 19s

Welcome to Season 4! We are kicking off this season with an interview with Andrew Cushing from Adelitas Way. In this episode, Andrew and Hollie talk about the band's recording process, advice to bands on how to grow and of course we had to throw in a little game of "WWE Wrestler or Golden Girls Character"

fev. de 2020

16min 10s

Happy New Year! Tune into this Finale of Season 3 where Hollie talks about the top 5 most listened to podcast episode of Teaser Talk!

dez. de 2019

14min 45s

Merry Christmas Eve on this Teaser Talk Tuesday! Hollie has a special Christmas edition for this week's Teaser Talk podcast... She's going to talk about strange and weird Christmas traditions from beating poop logs to beating others, you won't want to miss this episode that'll make your Christmas seem pretty normal.

dez. de 2019

17min 55s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday!  Join Hollie as she sits down and chats with  Roger Lima from Less Than Jake where he talks about their 2019 shows, advice for those looking to get bigger in the industry and what 2020 is looking like for the band.

dez. de 2019

20min 51s

Hollie sits down with Frank Zummo from Sum 41 to talk about the new album and his journey as a drummer, from balance being on the road and with family, how he mentally and physically prepares for tour to tips on how to get noticed on social media by big artists. Tune into todays episode and you will not be disappointed by Franks humble and authentic interview with us! 

out. de 2019

34min 43s

Enter Season 3, Episode 9   Let us entertain you on this Friday the 13th! We've collected some spooky stories for you to determine if they indeed happened or are straight up fiction. Be prepared to be a little freaked!

set. de 2019

13min 50s

Enter Season 3 Episode 8... Today we get to sit down with Matthew aka Eden Boy from 616. This band literally blew up over night with one song and one music video. We get to know more a little more about him and chat about how he met Bam Margera, he takes on fan questions and what to expect from 616!


set. de 2019

52min 41s

Enter Season 3, Episode 7... It's a strange time we live in and this episode is dedicated to all the weird happenings this month! 

ago. de 2019

11min 22s

Enter Season 3, Episode 6... Hollie gets to catch up with Lex, the leader singer from 3teeth and see what the band has been up to since we had them on in March 2018! He talks more on how they collectively execute the bands image and existence and what's in store for 2020.   These guys are the modern day NIN (in our option) with their own twist...you must check them out!


ago. de 2019

16min 46s

Tune into today's episode featuring Kryz Reid from Third Eye Blind. Hollie gets to chat with him about their current tour, new single drop and finding out what got him into the band.

ago. de 2019

22min 33s

Enter Season 3, Episode 4... Hollie gets to chat with Rob Felicetti from Bowling for Soup / Patient Pending to see what he's been up to and talk about the Bowling for Soup 25th Anniversary.

jul. de 2019

13min 30s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! Join Donna & Hollie as they catch up with Jess Margera from CKY and get to play a fun game with him to challenge Donna's mom for a title she holds with Teaser Talk.

mar. de 2019

29min 43s

Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday! Join us today for an interview with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of the Misfits and Doyle. Find out what inspires him, how he stays clean with his vegan diet and what advice he gives to musicians regarding disruption in the industry.

mar. de 2019

14min 10s

Season 3 is here.... Join Donna and Hollie for the season opener for Teaser Talk and what to expect this season!

fev. de 2019

13min 39s

Enter Episode 16: Interview with Dustin Hill  Join Donna and Hollie as they sit down with the lead singer of Black Pussy, Dustin Hill. Tune in and catch up with these groovy guys on what their future holds and some brand new info regarding the band's future.  

set. de 2018

34min 49s

Enter Season 2 Episode 15..Forever Warped: The Final Tour Join Hey Donna Hey and Hollie Nicole as they sit down for an episode in honor of the Vans Warped Tour. Tune in to hear how the final tour was and what band created the hardest pit they've ever been in.

ago. de 2018

28min 33s

Join Hey Donna Hey & Hollie Nicole as they sit down with Sophia Radisch. Sophia is a Canadian Independent Artist. She is a singer/songwriter/musician and actor from Ottawa, ON Canada. Tune into this episode to see who which Grammy Award Winning Producer she's currently working with for her third album.

jun. de 2018

16min 30s

Enter Epsiode 12... Tune in as Hollie & Donna interview Astraeus, a progressive metal/ambient djent band from Charleston WV. Members include Justin Lesher (Guitar), Eric Hayne (Guitar), Nick Dawson (Bass), JR Lucas (Vocals), and Cliff Marlowe (Drums).

mai. de 2018

20min 21s

Enter Episode 11: Video Game or Disney Character ft Cumberland Join Hollie Nicole as she sits down with Cumberland, an Alternative Rock Band from West Virginia. These rad guys shared with us what's in store for 2018 and were kind enough to play a fun game of "Video Game or Disney Character"

mai. de 2018

28min 25s

Join Hey Donna Hey & Hollie Nicole for another rocking episode of Teaser Talk. In this episode, we are super excited to sit down with our first female artiest! Emmalea Deal is a rad girl with a rad voice!

abr. de 2018

17min 23s

Enter Episode 9: April's Rising Rockstars Join Donna & Hollie for their monthly talks on new bands (or new to them) that you need to check out right now! Freshen your playlist with some nice new rock tunes.

abr. de 2018

10min 18s

Enter Episode 8: Drake Lyric or Motivational Quote ft. Fall Before Your Creator Join Donna and Hollie for a fun episode where we caught up with Death Core band, Fall Before Your Creator. They not only got to interview them but we also tested them on their Drake lyrics. 

abr. de 2018

28min 18s

Enter Episode 7: Interview with Alexis Mincolla from 3 Teeth Join Hollie and Donna for an exclusive interview with the lead singer of 3 Teeth, Alexis Mincolla. As we catch up with him you can get to know him a little more with a little game of "this or that"

mar. de 2018

18min 12s

Enter Episode 6: Forever Warped Part III ft Amber Rose   Tune in on this episode to listen as Hollie and Donna sit down with the American Sign Language Music Interrupter Amber Rose. Such a talented lady with a huge heart, you won't want to miss this one! 

mar. de 2018

14min 50s

Enter Episode 5: Forever Warped Pt II ft. Joe Harbulak Join Donna and Hollie for the second part of the Vans Warped Tour Tribute series where they sit down with Joe Harbulak from Eternal Boy. Listen in on what the Vans experience was like from an artist's perspective. 

mar. de 2018

14min 13s

Enter Episode 4: Forever Warped Pt I ft. Randall Jordan   Sit down with Donna and Hollie for the first part of the Forever Warped Series, a tribute to the Vans Warped Tour. Tune in to hear from Vans Warped Tour vet, Randall Jordan as he plays some Tour Trivia with Teaser Talk.

mar. de 2018

24min 16s

Enter Season 2, Episode 3....Where Donna & Hollie talk about the history of punk fashion and how it got to where it is today.

fev. de 2018

19min 22s

Enter Episode 2: Must Have Music Subscriptions - Tune into Teaser Talk to listen about various music subscriptions and how you can discover new artists and score some unique merch on a monthly basis.

fev. de 2018

17min 11s

Valentine's Day is here...and so is Teaser Talk! Tune into this episode and hear some conspiracies on how Valentine's Day was even start and hear Donna & Hollie's love songs playlist.

fev. de 2018

18min 12s

Enter Episode 16: Jingle Hell: Holiday Horrors While most of us are celebrating Christmas with loved ones and friends, some people take the holiday down a dark path. Tune in and hear some Holiday Horror stories, which sadly are true.

dez. de 2017

17min 54s

Enter Episode 15: The Stupid Heroes Interview Tune in with Donna and Hollie as they interview two of the guys from The Stupid Heroes. Brady Hearn and Garrett Darr were nice enough to sit down and give us a look into all their antics.

dez. de 2017

29min 15s

Enter Episode 14: Serial Killer Groupies You know that groupies exist, but did you know that serial killers' have groupies of their own?! Tune in and listen to Donna and Hollie talk about their top serial killers and the groupies that lust after them.

dez. de 2017

23min 28s

Enter Episode 13: Erotic Novel Line or Pop Song Lyric? Featuring Chad Nicefield & Matt Puhy from Wilson Tune in to this episode of Teaser Talk, where Hollie gets to play a fun guessing game with Chad & Matt from Wilson.

nov. de 2017

23min 43s

Enter Episode 12: 21 Questions with Wayne Lozinak Get to know Wayne Lozinak from Hatebreed a little more with these 21 random ass questions Donna and Hollie asked him.

nov. de 2017

20min 17s

Enter Episode 11: Six Bands You Need to Listen to Now Tune into Teaser Talk and listen about six bands you may or may not know of but you need to listen to right NOW! 

nov. de 2017

17min 30s

Enter Episode 10 featuring Donna's mom where she gets to play a guessing game of malicious melodies with Donna and Hollie. 

nov. de 2017

18min 42s

Enter Episode 9: Fact or Fiction: Halloween Edition Happy Halloween! Tune in and listen to scary stories and decide if they are true or not. Some stories were submitted by listeners, others are completely false.

out. de 2017

36min 2s

Enter Episode 8: The Scenes from a Movie Interview Tune in and listen to Donna and Hollie interview one of their favorite bands when they were in high school as they come back together for the first time in 10 years for a reunion show.

out. de 2017

16min 46s

Episode 7: Time And Distance Interview by Teaser Talk

out. de 2017

13min 40s

Episode 5- Sisters From Different Misses & Misters by Teaser Talk

out. de 2017

27min 44s

Episode 4: Jess Margera Interview Catch Donna and Hollie play a game of "this or that" with Jess Margera in Episode 4!

ago. de 2017

15min 6s

Time & Distance and Scenes From a Movie Fan Girl Talks

ago. de 2017

16min 10s