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Hi! I'm Georgia Brown and welcome to Faith & Friends! I'm so glad you're here! Each episode I will be sitting down with a friend, some new pals, some older, and we will chat about all things God is doing in this season of their life! I cannot wait to celebrate these amazing people and share them with YOU! Thanks for listening! You are SO loved.

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Welcome back to Faith & Friends! I am so beyond honored to chat with one of my hero's this week! New York Times Best-Selling Author... Karen Kingsbury! Last December, you may have heard us chat with Karen on episode 30, "Life Changing Fiction"  and now, a year later with TWO MORE NOVELS out for the world to enjoy, Mrs. Kingsbury and I chat about the theme of her new novel, "Forgiving Paris" and fighting for FREEDOM. I pray this episode brings light and clarity to any confusion your heart may have been wrestling with in this season! I HIGHLY encourage you to snag a couple of Karens novels, ASAP. Stocker stuffer?! Friends,  it's truly life changing fiction. I have read over 20 of her books and they are truly such a joy to pick up and throw your heart into!! Click HERE to get your copy of, "Forgiving Paris" today! Click HERE to follow Karen Kingsbury on INSTAGRAM! Click HERE to "YOU WERE SEEN" cards! Click HERE to see my Karen Kingsbury Insta post! LOVE YOU! -GB

Oct 29

29 min 59 sec

"Patience births Gods best" -Sierra Scribner Welcome back to another episode of Faith & Friends! This week we have the joy & privilege of hearing from one of my dearest friends in the entire world! Sierra Scribner! Sierra is a beloved daughter of the King that speaks prophetically over Kingdom marriages & relationships on TikTok, as well as speaking at women's events! Holy Spirit spoke oh so clearly through her today & I am believing in agreement with you for your breath through!!! Today we waste no time!! The Kingdom of Heaven is near!If the enemy can keep us in patterns, he can destroy us. The enemy wants to keep us comfortable--but dear one, YOU were created to live KINGDOM. Kingdom friendships! Kingdom Marriage, Kingdom calling, business, & LIFE! It is in, but not of this world! Is there anything causing you war & confusion within your soul? We pray this episode brings you freedom, clarity, confidence, and CONFIRMATION!!! For the Kingdom of HEAVEN is on your side!! Share this episode with a friend! & let us know what spoke to you most in this episode!! -GB

Oct 22

40 min 29 sec

I've never really thought about the mother wound. Have you? In Church it seems normal to talk about our father wounds, but mom-- really? I never realized how big of a deal they can be until I began to read Andi Andrew's newest book! Andi latest release, "Friendship, It's Complicated" begins with a very venerable chapter on her mother wound, even including a few words written by her mother!! Such freedom and healing can happen as we look back and address our past--not staying there long enough to dwell & relive it, but glancing back to acknowledge and pinpoint the root of our pain! This episode highlights:-How to address our mother wounds -How  this affects our friendships -Boundaries in Friendships -Modeling our friend groups like Jesus: the 3,12, & the 72!& How to sustain & grow your friendships throughout different life changes!  I pray this episode draws you into the light as freedom is brought to areas you didn't even know needed clarity and healing!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! See you next week, friend! -GB

Oct 15

33 min

Exodus Cry fights sexual exploitation in the sex industry in three strategic ways: shifting  culture,  hanging laws, & reaching out! And I am so grateful that we are tackling this hard topic with Helen, Exodus Cry's Vice President of Impact!! Helen shares with us their mission, tools, resources, and statistics about the Porn industry and how we can actively participate in seeing change in our culture TODAY! Click HERE to sign the petition-- "Protect Children, Not Porn" Your voice matters! Click HERE for resources.Click HERE to donate to this amazing organization! Also--friend, if something that's been in the dark needs to come into the light, the time is now! Go to someone you trust a friend, church staff member, or parent and let them in on your struggles. I rebuke all shame in Jesus name!! :) You were never meant to fight this alone. & I am always here for you as well. @iamgeorgiabrown-GB

Oct 8

44 min 58 sec

Welcome to a VERY SPECIAL episode of Faith & Friends! This week we are diving into the story, scripture, and song that makes up our new tune-- "Hey Little Birdie"!!! I am so grateful to share a little piece of my heart with you and how God truly allowed His scripture of Matthew 6: 26-34 to come to life through His creation of the birds, during the crazy season of 2020. I pray this song & our time together today brings you PEACE in knowing that if He takes care of the birds--HOW MUCH MORE will He take care of YOU, His beloved CHILD!! "Hey Little Birdie" is available for streaming everywhere you listen to music! It is also available for download on the iTunes Store for $0.99! :)OH! FRIEND! & make sure to check out the "Hey Little Birdie" collection with Joyful Pine!! We pray these fun items point you back to Him!!! Love you SOOO MUCH. GO & sing the song He's placed on your heart this week! God is on your side!!! See you next week! -GB

Oct 1

28 min 10 sec

When you think of Jesus, do you think of rules & regulations, OR a relationship?! He doesn't just want to have relationship with us... He wants to lead us on an amazing adventure. He writes the best stories and has GOOD things for YOU. Whats holding you back from saying YES to Him? Is it worth it? Don't let fear keep you from the fullness of JOY. Jesus loves you so much and I'm so grateful the Bevere's love us so much too, to write this amazing book that JUST RELEASED THIS WEEK!!!! "I AM" is available everywhere books are sold! I pray this episode sparks your curiosity to listen to the Holy Spirit more intentionally,  & joyfully saying, "YES" to the adventure Jesus has planned for you:)-GB

Sep 24

32 min 5 sec

This episode knocked my socks off. I have never been more inspired!! Johnny Agar is a bright light that is overcoming Cerebral Palsy one step at a time! Not only has he walked a MILE in his churches 5K, he has completed multiple triathlons with his family, has TWO COLLEGE DEGREES, and now, has written a BOOK!?! The Impossible Mile is available everywhere books are sold on September 21st!! I pray this episode softens your heart:) Our God family is pretty amazing... What a blessing Johnny's story is! Thanks for joining me today! I cant wait to see you again next week! -GB

Sep 17

36 min 41 sec

We all have 24 hours in a day. & We all have 168 hours in a week! How do you spend your time? Christy Wright's newest book--"Take Back Your Time" is one of the best books I've had a privilege of reading. Christy extends her hand with such great ideas and easy, applicable, fixes to take back your schedule to best honor yourself and THE LORD!!!  Christy reveals the main reasons why we feel out of balance and how to combat those. She also lays out the path to balance that anyone can walk in order to ditch the distractions in life and focus on what really matters.I pray this episode ignites a fire in you to TAKE BACK YOUR TIME! YOU were made for such a time as THIS and God wants to use all those sweet hours in a day for your GOOD & for His GLORY! -GB  

Sep 10

44 min 24 sec

Do you know what's in your makeup? Do you trust what you're putting on your skin? If the label looks like its speaking in tongues at ya, you probably should pause and do some research!! I am so grateful to have Arlene Doherty, founder and CEO of A'Del Natural Cosmetics! Arlene's story is so beautiful & I am so inspired by her heart for health, Jesus, truth, and His Kingdom! I pray this conversation is eye opening and encouraging. Friend, you've got one body, and it honors Jesus as you honor the temple He gave you! :) You are so special & Arlene and I love you very much! We have a code for you to have some fun shopping!!! Use the  code: GEORGIA30 to get 30% off your entire purchase! Love you friend, enjoy some new makeup & skin products and I will see you next week! -GB

Sep 3

47 min 4 sec

We live in a dark, scary, & sad place... but we also live with HOPE because of JESUS. In Lifeway's newest study, "ANXIOUS: Fighting Anxiety with the Word of God" Scarlet Hiltibidal guides us along, as we study different bible characters and how they fought against their anxieties. In this episode Scarlet shares a bit of her story, struggles, and heart behind this powerful tool she just released! What I love about this study is it also comes with the video sessions! With the purchase of a study book, you have access to ALL the study videos. Grab a group of ladies together, and snag a copy for yourself, today! I'm doing this with my community group and wowie, it's been such a blessing to us all.  I pray this conversation leaves you filled with hope, in knowing you're not alone in this journey against anxiety! -GB

Aug 27

44 min 11 sec

Okay friends... this episode is CONVICTING in the BEST of ways! Lisa Anderson, host of the Boundless podcast with Focus on the Family, and author of, 'The Dating Manifesto' joins us in talking about dating, finding church community, & she tells us about WHO we need to marry. What are breakers?!  Who is holding you accountable in your dating relationships? ^I've actually never heard anyone go in depth about this, and there was so much FREEDOM in discussing this! I pray this episode brings you freedom and excitement for the story God is writing in your life. Lisa Anderson is filled with so much wisdom and grace, and I was deeply encouraged from our chat! Thanks for joining us! -GB

Aug 20

49 min 48 sec

"Sustenance is provided to the soul fed" -Hannah Bradley THIS WEEK on Faith & Friends it was a complete honor to spend time with our sister Hannah! Hannah's Gospel centered Instagram account, and blog-- @passiontoproclaim is just simply... beautiful. I cannot tell you enough how much her PASSION to PROCLAIM of God's GOODNESS inspires me to seek Him more and more every day!! She gives Him all the glory and after this amazing conversation I'm almost certain you'll wanna go give her a follow. I'm so grateful for her friendship, wisdom, and discernment!! I pray this episode encourages you to go deeper with the Father!This Episode is also available on YOUTUBE!Hannah's Blog post she references in this episode! @passiontoproclaim@iamgeorgiabrown

Aug 13

42 min 47 sec

WELCOME BACK to Faith & Friends! I couldn't be happier that we are back together. I have missed hanging out with you! Your life, story, & sweet heart are SO IMPORTANT to ME! Going forward, Faith & Friends will be founded on three things: Scripture, Stories, and SONGS! These three things have a special place in my heart and I'm so grateful to share these passions with YOU! Today, with the launch of SEASON THREE--I'm going to share a brief recap of HOW WE GOT HERE! & then, we're gonna talk about some applicable things to do when your JOY TANK is on EMPTY! 1 Peter 5:7, "Cast all your anxieties on Him, He cares for you." I pray my story encourages you that you're not alone, friend. I love you SO MUCH. Your voice is important!! Let's stay in touch, okay? :) -GB@iamgeorgiabrown@faithandfriendsyoutube

Aug 6

23 min 22 sec

Sweetest friends! I am so excited to share this amazing woman with you! Gretchen Saffles is truly a WOMAN OF THE WORD. This queen delights in the details of His glory and marvels at His majesty daily. I am so inspired by her relationship with Christ and I am over the moon, pumped, about her NEW BOOK--The Well Watered Woman. Anywhere you buy books, "The Well Watered Woman" will be available on April 6th!! Gretchen shared a few key Scriptures that helped her during her battle with her eating disorder in College-- those can be found: Ecclesiastes 2:24-25 "A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God,  for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment?"Colossians 3:2 "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." Please please please keep up with this amazing gal. She is so special to my heart!!! Her authenticity shines through the screen! You can follow her on Instagram at @gretchensaffles and at @wellwateredwomen 

Mar 29

48 min 16 sec

In this last week of February, what better way to end, "L-O-V-E month" than talking to the Author of, "Thank You for Rejecting Me". Kait Warman is the host of the Heart of Dating Podcast, she is a dating coach, and as of THIS WEEK, one week after her book launched to stores everywhere, Kait is a NATIONAL BEST SELLER!!! This sister is honest. Full of wisdom. Sincerity. & Depth.  I am truly comforted and refreshed after this conversation. I pray you'll feel the same, friend.In this convo, you will hear things from rejection is redirection, not all scars show, to how to love a friend one if they're in an abusive/toxic relationship.  YOU are NOT ALONE! YOU are SO LOVED!To grab a copy of Kaits book, click HERE! To follow Kait on insta, click HERE! 

Feb 26

39 min 48 sec

Georgia is over the moon excited to be chatting with her best friend, Emma Mae Jenkins, this week! After 33 episodes of Faith & Friends, Emma is BACK to share with us a new season of her life! Emma's was the very first guest on FAITH & FRIENDS. It is such a JOY to have her back sharing such God centered wisdom from her dating and engaged seasons of life.  Our prayer is that this episode would encourage you to stay in your lane, enjoying right where God has you! Your season is ON PURPOSE. Your Heavenly Father loves you SO MUCH!!  If you don't already, make sure to follow Emma on Instagram! & check out her books, "Be Loved" and "All Caps YOU" anywhere you buy books!!! Thanks for joining us! We love you! 

Feb 12

46 min 44 sec

Its L O V E Month! Happy February, friends! I am so excited to celebrate this month with you as we chat ALL MONTH LONG about the HEART. What better way to start off this relationship series than with our sister Lauren McCoy sharing her singleness journey with us! Most people who talk about singleness talk about it at the end of the finish line. Those talking about singleness  usually  have the husband and the picture perfect family. Lauren is such a relatable queen. She is 30, flirty, and thriving (her words!! I promise you friend, its in the episode) and she is in a season of singleness. Lauren joins us this week to talk about how singleness is a GIFT and its a season to be enjoyed and explored!!! Lauren new book, "Beautifully Scripted: Living out singleness in a way that honors Christ" is available on Amazon RIGHT NOW. I truly believe it is the BEST book on singleness I've ever read. -Georgia Brown Georgia's prayer is that this episode would excite you about your journey with Jesus no matter what season you're in. You are not alone, friend! To know more about Lauren check out her...Blog! Instagram! 

Feb 5

47 min 39 sec

This topic is so near to Georgia's heart. MENTORSHIP. What is mentorship?  Why should I have a mentor? What is the difference between discipleship and mentorship? All these questions and MORE will be talked about on this weeks episode! Releasing February 9th, Kelsey Chapman's new book, "What They Taught Me" will be available everywhere you buy books!You can pre-order it here. Kelsey is a lover of Jesus and people. She is a true bright light that cannot be hidden! Georgia prayer is that this conversation would leave you refreshed and encouraged. To know more about Kelsey, check out 

Jan 29

34 min 9 sec

If you love food, encouragement, joy, and truth, this episode is for YOU! Nicole Renard, Nicole the Nomad on all social platforms, shares her journey with us from her eating disorder, to discovering God in the details, and learning to trust Him in her weakness! We pray this episode meets you right where you are today! As Nicole would say, let's not just talk about it, lets actually go #DoStuff! To learn more about Nicole, check out! She would also love to connect with you on social media @nicole_thenomad. I'll see you next week for another episode of encouragement! Love you always, friend! -Georgia Brown 

Jan 15

42 min 25 sec

Happy New Year! & welcome back to Faith & Friends! This week, we are going to tackle a big topic...MONEY. Rachel Cruze joins us as we navigate controlling our money so our money doesn't control us!! Rachel's new book, "Know Yourself and Know Your Money" explores how your behavior is the biggest obstacle to making good decisions with your money! Georgia has learned so much from Rachel's financial wisdom and biblical foundation, she prays you will too! To know more about Rachel Cruze, check out! 

Jan 8

23 min 30 sec

This week, join Georgia as she chats with one of her heroes...Karen Kingsbury!!! Karen Kingsbury is a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author that doesn't just write Christian Fiction books, she authors truly, LIFE CHANGING FICTION! From the Baxter Family, to the Angels Walking series, to many stand-alone books, Karen Kingsbury, like Jesus, likes to tell stories...(and good ones too!) Looking for a good stocking stuffer? A Karen Kingsbury noel would be an amazing gift!

Dec 2020

35 min 10 sec

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Join Georgia as she chats with one of her dearest college friends, Carter Hayes! Carter produced Georgia's latest single, "Go Tell it on the Mountain".  This episode is filled with tons of laughter and reflection on their spiritual growth through the years. Thanks for joining!

Dec 2020

31 min 58 sec

Join Georgia as she chats about her newest single, "Dear Eve" with her co-writer, Jeff Silvey. Jeff Silvey has had many cuts over the years from The Martins, The Gaithers,  George Strait, and now...GEORGIA BROWN! This episode highlights the magical day of writing "Dear Eve", Jeff's fruitful career, and fun stories in between! You can listen to, "Dear Eve" wherever you stream music! 

Nov 2020

32 min 48 sec

Is it possible to have a healthy friendship between a girl and a guy?! Y-E-S!!! Georgia & Matt sure think so! Join us this week on Faith & Friends as we talk about our trials and triumphs through navigating friendships. WITH JESUS at the CENTER of every interaction, conversation, and thought...IT IS POSSIBLE! You are not alone!! We pray this episode sharpens you sweet friend. We love you!! 

Oct 2020

48 min 12 sec

How would you live if you knew you were dying? Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and went to be with Jesus days after his 18th birthday. 8 months before his passing, Zach wrote the song, "Clouds" and it touched the world. I am beyond honored to have sat down with Zach's sweet mom, Laura Sobiech. She tells us about her courageous son and his beautiful story. What a beautiful message of faith, hope, and love! I pray this episode draws you closer to the Lord wanting to live today to the fullest! On Friday October 16th, join me in watching Zach's story in the movie, "Clouds" streaming on Disney+!! To know more go to! 

Oct 2020

37 min 16 sec

Georgia is over the moon excited to introduce you to Sarah Collins. Sarah is a fearless woman of God who owns the small business, "Poppies Boutique" and started the ministry, "Chosen Girl". From fashion to faith to all things fun in life... Sarah is right there with it! We pray this episode helps you keep marching in this season. The Lord of the beginning and the end is not taken by surprise in the middle, and He loves you very much! 

Sep 2020

41 min 34 sec

Jessica has a big, strong, extroverted personality! She can turn the most mundane trip into an adventure, and always carries around her forty-ounce water bottle. She has a big, yet infectious laugh; she love Jesus with her whole heart and talks about Him wherever she goes and speaks the truth, even when it's hard. Jessica shared with us her story of abortion and the healing through this journey. I pray this episode opens your heart!! 

Sep 2020

36 min 43 sec

Lets talk about the Enneagram! What is it? Why do we have it? What do you use it for? Our sweet friend, Ashton, answers all these questions in this weeks episode of Faith & Friends. I am so thankful for the ways we can love our friends better using the enneagram! Ashton said..."the enneagram is not here to put you in a box, this is a tool to help you get out of a box!" I love that! I hope this episode excites you to love people deeper, & maybe, get to know yourself a little more too. You should totally follow her on Instagram @ashton.creates

Sep 2020

43 min 16 sec

When we learn how to read the Bible and like it, our lives are forever changed. Gods Word is truly BETTER than life. Caroline's love for faith and food will get you excited about CAKE. Yes. Cake. Take a listen to this episode to see how this queen ties in Gods word to yummy food. I have learned so much from Caroline and I pray this episode excites you to dive into Gods word! AND, you should totally head on over to my Instagram! (@iamgeorgiabrown) There is a giveaway of, "Better than Life" on my page. You should totally follow @writercaroline for more! 

Sep 2020

42 min 44 sec

Lets talk about the GOOD happening on GREEK ROW! I am constantly inspired by our Sorority women and Fraternity men. Today, join me as Katie Bulmer passionately shares her heart for greek life! I left this conversation very inspired, & I pray you will too! If you have a friend in greek life, or one interested in joining, SHARE THIS EPISODE WITH THEM!! You can find more about our sweet friend Katie on Instagram @katiebulmerlife! 

Aug 2020

50 min 50 sec

What happens when College is not like all the movies? Well, this is our friend Lauren Kinney's story. Rather than a fun Comedy, she would describe her time in college as a DRAMA! Now, a senior at Baylor, Lauren joins us on faith & friends, sharing her experiences and new book UNSHAKEABLE! How do we live out an unshakeable faith, in a shaken world? Join Georgia and Lauren as they chat about practical ways to live out an unshaken life!! You can learn more about our friend Lauren on Instagram, @laurennkinney! 

Aug 2020

34 min 50 sec

Wahoo for SEASON TWO!!! I am so pumped to introduce to you, Dakota & Delaney from The Point Ministry! The most life changing part of college was getting plugged into COMMUNITY! It changed EVERYTHING. I pray this episode excites you for this school year, even if its a little different! God has you right where He needs you. You are making a difference, friend! We love you so much, and we are praying for you! you can find our guests over at @thepointnv on Instagram! & as always, check out for more!

Aug 2020

50 min 4 sec

Georgia cannot think of a better way to end Season One of Faith & Friends, than to share her story with YOU! For the past 17 episodes we have had the honor to hangout with some stellar humans and hear their stories! It is only appropriate that the one hosting this platform should share a glimpse of where Jesus has brought her! Join Georgia as she shares her testimony and the story behind the song, "On This Side of Heaven".Until Season Two launches in just a few weeks, here's what you should know: YOU ARE LOVED & VALUED! & also! We would LOVE to hear from YOU! Leave us a review telling us your favorite convo, guest, or something you'd love to hear!!! AND, If you haven't had a chance to listen to all the other episodes, now is the time to do so, friend! Make sure to follow Georgia, @iamgeorgiabrown on Instagram for all the latest on music, posts, podcasts, and events! & check out for more! SEE YOU SOON! 

Jul 2020

40 min 16 sec

Our sister in Christ Gabrielle Odom posted this phrase on her Instagram story^ and I just knew there was a convo there that NEEDED to be shared! So welcome to this weeks podcast episode!!! @helloitsbrie inspires me. 18 years young, and in the class of 2020, Our Sweet G girl holds the Gospel so close to her heart and walks with the Father in the cool of the morning. It's evident Gabrielle's HOPE is in CHRIST. I was personally oh so inspired by this conversation, and I pray you are left refreshed and excited to navigate the next half of 2020! We are praying for you and overjoyed we get to share this side of eternity with YOU! -Georgia Brown 

Jul 2020

48 min 29 sec

Today, let's put on our Ephesians 6 armor! It's time to DRESS. FOR. BATTLE. Join Georgia as she chats with Tarah-Lynn, an author, Miss Black New Jersey 2018, & a social media influencer! An actual QUEEN joined us on Faith & Friends, and Tarah-Lynn definitely brought the FUN. To learn more about this adorned in armor daughter of the King, checkout her Instagram, @adornedinarmor and her website, 

Jun 2020

43 min 56 sec

Together, lets humbly walk into the hard conversations! Join Georgia as she chats with Pastor Nick Person and Matt Mitchell, two African American men of God she has the honor of doing life with! Matt, Nick, and Georgia cannot wait for you to join them in this life breathing, Gospel centered conversation. We would love for you to take notes and share this episode with your friends! Every color, every size... you are precious in His eyes! & here at Faith & Friends... We love you! :) You can hear more from these two guests at: @nptheambassador, and @mattm1tchell. 

Jun 2020

52 min 41 sec

Faith & Friends is so excited to welcome Taylor Hardy, co-founder of Shiloh Collect. Shiloh is a small business birthed out of the desire to display hope to a weary world through beautiful collections! Taylor talks about Shiloh's, Husband Prayer Journals and her heart for women to grow closer to Jesus in praying for their spouse in every season, from singleness, to years into marriage! Join Georgia as Taylor looks back on her journey sharing things she wish she would have told her single self! You can learn more about Shiloh Collect at! 

May 2020

35 min 33 sec

Georgia cannot wait for you to hear the heart of Maddie Rey. Maddie Rey is a singer, influencer, preacher and REVIVALIST. Walking in joyful obedience, Maddie Rey speaks with the authority of the One who lives inside her. You can follow our faithful friend Maddie Rey, @officialmaddierey on Instagram! 

May 2020

51 min 31 sec

Join Georgia as she chats with the one and only, @CoffeewithRach! Rachael is an authentic light on social media who's not afraid to tackle the hard topics Christians face. Rachael just released her SECOND eBook, "How to Not Let Social Media Run Your Life" that's all about how to steward your social platforms through a biblical lens. We pray this episode encourages & excites you about all what Jesus can do in your life on and off the screen! CoffeewithRach has gifted Faith & Friends listeners with a 20% off code for her new ebook!! Use the code: PODCAST20 at checkout on! 

Apr 2020

37 min 48 sec

Georgia is beyond pumped to share her favorite TV show with you! Her first interview via ZOOM during this quarantine season is the director of The Chosen. Dallas Jenkins has helped create the FIRST EVER multi-season, fan-funded tv show about the life of CHRIST! The Chosen has captured the hearts of MILLIONS as you meet Jesus through the lens of those who walked with Him. We pray this episode excites you to download the app, support this ministry, and fall more in love with who Jesus is!! 

Apr 2020

43 min 5 sec

Join Georgia as she chats with the founder of Woven Together, Olivia Weaver! Olivia shares her journey through multiple miscarriages and how to love someone through grief.  Through those tough seasons, The Lord used her gifts to start a small business! From Earrings to Woven Wall Hangings, Olivia knows He weaves ALL THINGS TOGETHER for those who love Him! It may not be a miscarriage, it maybe the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job that you're grieving right now in this season, but I pray this episode comforts and encourages you right where you are! ALSO! Check out Georgia & Olivia's Earring Collaboration, at! Or on Instagram @woven__together

Mar 2020

33 min 17 sec

HEY FRIENDS! Here is a *SURPRISE EPISODE* this week! Faith & Friends usually has new episodes every other week, but with the wild world we are living in right now Georgia wants to hangout with YOU! We are about HALFWAY THROUGH Season One of F&F and Georgia can't wait to spend a few moments re-caping the current season and spread some light during this interesting time! Don't forget... we're all in this together! Make sure to follow her Instagram, @iamgeorgiabrown for more! 

Mar 2020

17 min 2 sec

Georgia is so honored to share this friend with you. Kendall is a bright shining light who's voice is fierce and spirit is southern and kind. Kendall holds nothing back as her heart and honesty are refreshing around topics of anxiety, depression, infertility, and adoption!! New mom and founder of Unapologetic Ministries will have you in tears and wanting a big hug after this episode. Make sure to follow @unapologeticministry for more! 

Mar 2020

59 min 41 sec

On this episode of Faith & Friends, Georgia welcomes her dear friend and fellow musician, Nathan Thomas, into the studio! Join Georgia & Nathan over the next few minutes to chat about his newest album, “Simpler Times!” Over the past decade, feelings of life, loss, and endless love have slowly taken shape to tell stories over the course of this record. The full album, where you can find songs like “Distracted” and “Talk,” will be available for streaming on all platforms March 6!

Feb 2020

18 min 14 sec

I am so DELIGHTED to introduce you to MAC & KENZ!!!! These ladies are the REAL. DEAL. From a seed planted in college to just learn about Gods word deeper, by starting a bible study, God took their obedience and budding friendship to craft an incredible ministry for college women on college campuses all across the country!! Does your campus have a chapter? If so you should totally join!! If it doesn't... create a leadership team and establish a delight chapter on your universities campus today! Follow Delight on Instagram, @delightministries!!! LADIES YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am so excited about your life! 

Feb 2020

16 min 52 sec

Happy February! And welcome back to another episode of Faith & Friends! In a world that focuses on heart shaped chocolate boxes and your current relationship status, we are going to dive into February, CELEBRATING SINGLENESS! No we don't have two perfect experts here, just two pals in their twenties, both letting Jesus lead their love life. I hope you are encouraged by Matt and Georgia's stories of being broken and re-built in JESUS. There is so much truth in this might want to grab a pen & paper! 

Feb 2020

41 min 11 sec

Welcome back to another episode of FAITH & FRIENDS! This week we are diving right into the raw, real, and redeeming stories of one of my mentors and sweet friends, Sierra Jo Dominguez! Sierra lives a life of always choosing joy, speaking life, and marches on. With her sweet 7 kids under 9 years old, she has her hands full, but her heart is so much more full. So what ever you're doing today, I hope you can just soak up the truth and sweet transparency of our conversation!! 

Jan 2020

38 min 54 sec

HAPPY NEW YEAR & WELCOME BACK to Faith and Friends! For the first episode of the year, Georgia wanted to introduce you to a friend that approaches health and wellness with a, "Holy Hustle" mentality. Establishing @fitforhisglory on Instagram, Foster has grown a faith based fitness business helping women reach their personal fitness goals for His glory! Join Georgia and Caroline as they discuss spiritual disciplines and how this new year can begin with a Holy Hustle! 

Jan 2020

29 min 53 sec

Welcome back to Faith & Friends! I am truly excited for y'all to meet my pal Caziah Franklin. This man of God is truly a gift in my life and is a blessing to everyone he meets! His wisdom and heart are inspiring. I hope you enjoy our conversation about everything from how we met, to college and journaling, to why we do what we do! Make sure to follow him on Instagram @caziahfranklin ! 

Dec 2019

41 min 5 sec

Welcome to my Podcast Faith and Friends! I'm Georgia Brown and I'm so glad you're here! This first season is going to be SO MUCH FUN! As I chat with some amazing people from authors, to speakers, to social media influencers, and preachers?! WHEW. Each episode is going to be filled with truth bombs and positive nuggets around every corner! Thanks for joining us!!! 

Dec 2019

40 min 16 sec