The Just Like You Podcast

By Angela McNally and Anthony DeBartolo

Welcome to the Just Like You podcast. This is a podcast hosted by Angela McNally and Anthony DeBartolo. Social media is so flooded with the shiny, perfect, curated sides of everyone's life. Because of this, mental illness is at an all time high due to feelings of unworthiness, jealousy, and comparison. Our mission is to prove that life is a journey for everyone. That life isn't some shiny destination. That the beautiful blessings come with the same ups and downs that every single human face. That's why each week, we will be sharing stories of people doing amazing things in both business and in life with one catch... We want the whole story. The truths and vulnerabilities of the journey, the humble starting points, the challenges and failures.... and the magic it takes to live a life well-lived! But most of all, proving that the people doing the things you dream of are just like you. Follow the journey here:

  1. 1.
    25 | Dana Clark | Small Moments Leading to a Global Movement
  2. 2.
    024 | Steve McCollum | Losing A Dream In Order To Find Your True Purpose
  3. 3.
    023 | Carol Elizabeth | Thriving at Every Stage of Life
  4. 4.
    022 | Sunil Godse | Trusting Your Intuition
  5. 5.
    021 | Angela & Anthony | Checking In With You + Navigating These Uncertain Times
  6. 6.
    020 | Lauren McPhillips | Influencing with Intention
  7. 7.
    019 | Kim & Jamie Fitzpatrick | Appreciating The Present Moment to Thrive
  8. 8.
    Ep 018 | Jesse Lee Hayman | Creating Change & Impact in the Mental Health Space

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