Mohammed Albakry, Joseph McAlhany

A discussion of contemporary issues in translation, from classical past to the global present, hosted by Mohammed Albakry (English, Middle Tennessee State Univ.) and Joseph McAlhany (History, Univ. of Connecticut).

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An interview with translator and editor Rachel S. Cordasco on the specific challenges presented by translating science fiction and speculative fiction. Mohammed and Rachel discuss geopolitical shifts in speculative fiction, science fiction beyond the west, the challenges of translating neologisms, and how these types of fiction encourage translators to search for a new language.

May 2019

29 min 29 sec

A discussion of the challenges in translating different types of humor, from linguistically embedded forms such as puns to more "prosaic" types that may have different cultural resonances. 

Apr 2019

23 min 27 sec

Mohammed Albakry interviews Lynn Palermo, a translator from French and winner of a 2019 NEA Translation Grant Award. They talk about her work translating Fabienne Kanor's novel, the collaborative process in translation, teaching translation, and much more.

Jan 2019

24 min 23 sec

A discussion of the way translation and translators have been historically undervalued, and the changing status of translation in academia, especially for tenure and promotion.

Dec 2018

20 min 12 sec

A discussion of the challenges and opportunities in translating idioms and proverbs across languages and cultures, with examples from across the globe.

Dec 2018

23 min 30 sec

A discussion of the problems presented by dialects to the translator, with examples covering Flannery O'Connor, Aristophanes, and Mark Twain.

Oct 2018

28 min 20 sec

Beginning from Montequieu's pseudotranslated Persian Letters (1721) and delving into the legends of the Septuagint translation, Mohammed and Joseph discuss the problems with the trope of the "spirit" that has animated the long history of translation and translation studies.

Aug 2018

38 min 10 sec

An introduction to the podcast and your hosts, Mohammed and Joseph, including a brief overview of topics and issues to be covered in future episodes.

Aug 2018

22 min 47 sec