Global Pillage

By Deborah Frances-White

Global Pillage is a brand new comedy panel show podcast all about idiom, culture, customs and norms.What do the Japanese mean when they accuse someone of "having a cat on their head"?What do your friends make you do if you're unmarried by thirty in Germany?What did the acronym NORWICH mean (the equivalent of sexting jargon) if sent between World War Two sweethearts?All the oddness of humanity is explored in this hilarious new show where TWO TEAMS OF COMEDIANS take on the HIVE MIND OF THE AUDIENCE. This show is about the diversity of human experience. Come with us as we pillage the globe for the strange but true ways of the human race.Comedians booked for the first series include Sara Pascoe, Nish Kumar, Felicity Ward, Yasmine Akram, Sofie Hagen, Bisha K. Ali and Sarah Bennetto.The show is hosted by Deborah Frances-White - co-host of The Guilty Feminist Podcast and from Radio 4's Deborah Frances-White Rolls the Dice. With Ned Sedgwick in Pedants Corner and Mark Hodge on keyboard.For more info go to or sign up to our mailing list. See for privacy and opt-out information.

  1. 1.
    Global Pillage Lockdown Special
  2. 2.
    9.X Christmas Special 2019 with Alice Fraser, Sukh Ojla, Athena Kugblenu and Catherine Bohart
  3. 3.
    9.6 The Sahara with Alice Fraser, Johnnie Cochrane, Sarah Keyworth, Catherine Bohart
  4. 4.
    9.5 Health and Safety with Alex Edelman, Monica Gaga, Alison Spittle and Olga Koch
  5. 5.
    9.4 Inlaws with Alex Edeleman, Monica Gaga, Sarah Bennetto and Heidi Regan
  6. 6.
    9.3 Reality TV with Olga Koch, Rosie Jones, Celya AB and Kate Smurthwaite
  7. 7.
    9.2 Cleansing with Rosie Jones, Celya AB, Sarah Bennetto, Charlie George
  8. 8.
    9.1 Kebabs with Alex Edelman, Celya AB, Kemah Bob and Steve Ali
  1. 9.
    8.6 Spirits with Thanyia Moore, Margaret Cabourn Smith, Alison Spittle and Sarah Bennetto
  2. 10.
    8.5 Household Goods with Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Sarah Bennetto, Thanyia Moore and Nat Luurtsema
  3. 11.
    8.4 See the Light with Alison Spittle, Brona C Titley, Sophie Duker and Radu Isac
  4. 12.
    8.3 To the Victor the Spoils with Heidi Regan, Sophie Duker. Alison Spittle and Radu Isac
  5. 13.
    8.2 Dance with Nat Luurtsema, Grainne Maguire, Mary O'Connell and Reubs J Walsh
  6. 14.
    8.1 France with Abigoliah Schamaun, Nat Luurtsema, Mary O'Connell and Reubs Walsh
  7. 15.
    7.X Christmas Yuletide Winterval Special 2018 with Yasmine Akram, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Johnny Cochrane and Sarah Keyworth
  8. 16.
    7.6 Dairy Tolerant with Sophie Duker, Athena Kugblenu, Heidi Regan and Jonny Pelham
  9. 17.
    7.5 Coming of Age with Rev Kate Harford, Sophie Duker, Sarah Bennetto and Athena Kugblenu
  10. 18.
    7.4 Spices with Radu Isac, Sameena Zehra, Jamie Windust and Abigoliah Schamaun
  11. 19.
    7.3 Tough to Digest with Tez Ilyas, Alison Spittle, Kemah Bob and Jessica Fostekw
  12. 20.
    7.2 Domestic Bliss with Yasmine Akram, Sameena Zehra, Radu Isac and Kiri Pritchard-McLean
  13. 21.
    7.1 Housewarming with Alison Spittle, Tez Ilyas, Kemah Bob and Steve Ali
  14. 22.
    6.7 Literature with Phill Jupitus, Nat Luurtsema, Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Steve Ali
  15. 23.
    6.6 Alliums with Grainne Maguire, Ophelie Hocquard, Johnny Cochrane and Sterling Butler
  16. 24.
    6.5 Alcohol with Jessica Fostekew, Rosie Jones, Johnny Cochrane and Gavino di Vino
  17. 25.
    6.4 National Treasures with Paul Sinha, Philip Escoffey, Sarah Bennetto and Jenan Younis
  18. 26.
    6.3 Coffee with Paul Sinha, Sindhu Vee, Philip Escoffey and Sophie Duker
  19. 27.
    6.2 Beasts of Burden with Bisha K Ali, Kemah Bob, Avery Edison and Radu Isac
  20. 28.
    6.1 Shots fired with Mae Martin, Bisha K Ali, Tez Ilyas and Steve Ali
  21. 29.
    5.X Special Yuletide Winterval Solstice Edition 2017
  22. 30.
    5.6 National Heroes with Nat Luurtsema, Steve Ali, Iszi Lawrence and Athena Kugblenu
  23. 31.
    5.5 Bread with David Baddiel, Athena Kugblenu, Zoe Coombs Marr and Phil Wang
  24. 32.
    5.4 War with Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Francesco de Carlo, Kemah Bob and Bisha K Ali
  25. 33.
    5.3 Science with Katie Mulgrew, Francesco de Carlo, Bisha K Ali and Jake Howie
  26. 34.
    5.2 X-Rated with Radu Isac, Rose Matafeo, Steve Ali and Cal Wilson
  27. 35.
    5.1 Twitter with Rose Matafeo, Avery Edison, Cal Wilson and Sarah Bennetto
  28. 36.
    F.1 The Big Sick with Deborah Frances-White, Sindhu Vee and Ned Sedgwick
  29. 37.
    4.8 All at Sea with Radu Isac, Inel Tomlinson, Desiree Burch and Jo Farrugia
  30. 38.
    4.7 Happiness with Paul Sinha, Manu Brueggemann, Sindhu Vee and Athena Kugblenu
  31. 39.
    4.6 Cats and Dogs with Bisha K Ali, Sara Barron, Nimco Ali and Jen Brister
  32. 40.
    4.5 Births, Marriages and Deaths with Radu Isac, Avery Edison, Felicity Ward and Sindhu Vee
  33. 41.
    4.4 Fruit and Veg with Phil Wang, Bisha K Ali, Leyla Hussein and Abigoliah Schamaun
  34. 42.
    4.3 Manners Cost Nothing with Paul Sinha, Sindu Vee, Francesco de Carlo and Athena Kugblenu
  35. 43.
    4.2 Teeth with Radu Isac, Avery Edison, Felicity Ward and Sindhu Vee
  36. 44.
    4.1 Machismo with Phil Wang, Jason Forbes, George Fouracres, Sarah Bennetto, Bec Hill and Rachel Parris
  37. 45.
    3.8 Table Manners with Athena Kugblenu, Larry Dean, Dan Schreiber and Avery Edison
  38. 46.
    3.7 Expect the Unexpected with Radu Isac, Lemn Sissay, Susan Wokoma and Katya Veleva
  39. 47.
    3.6 The Miracle of Life with Nish Kumar, Evelyn Mok, Rose Matafeo and Francesco de Carlo
  40. 48.
    3.5 Good and Bad Luck with Nish Kumar, Rose Matafeo, Sajeela Kershi and Desiree Burch
  41. 49.
    3.4 Lost in Translation with Yasmine Akram, Jessica Regan, Athena Kugblenu and Desiree Burch
  42. 50.
    3.3 Bans and Prohibitions with Joe Lycett, Sara Pascoe, Athena Kugblenu and Jess Thom

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