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Porn, tarot & the esoteric hero's journey. Move from fool to hero!J. Robert Parker hypnotherapist is back in the house!nofap

Nov 13

20 min 46 sec

Former dirt bag, biker, tattoo artist, addicted to meth & sex changed his life with hypnosis. Are you in a porn trance? Learn how our special guest J. Robert Parker, master hypnotist, got out of a sex & drug trance and how you can too! no-fap


Oct 27

39 min 27 sec

Are you a porn glutton? Are you a porn consumer? What has your life produced so far? Learn to produce positive things in your life rather than just consume. Create something postive instead of consuming porn. No-fap. Sex porn addiction recovery. nofap. Les Brown. George Carlin.


Oct 12

16 min 42 sec

Channel your sex energy to pursue your goals and dreams. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. "Think & Grow Rich" - Napolean Hill. "Be Obsessed or Be Average" - Grant Cardone. Nofap.

Sep 29

6 min 9 sec

Powerful Eric's top 10 reasons to quit porn. Porn can break your dick. Why nofap? Masturbation No-fap . Sex & porn addiction reasons to stop. Nofap motivation.


Sep 15

12 min 28 sec

Top 5 regrets of the dying. Learn from the dead on how to live a happy life porn free. Will Smith "The Pursuit of Happiness". Bonnie Ware "Top 5 Regrets of the Dying". Les Brown "The Courage to Live Your Dreams".Peaceful Positive Background Music provided by Abri EL MusicNofap


Sep 8

14 min 31 sec

X-Nun Mary Feagan is back to talk porn sex addiction & god. Does your god make you feel shame? WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL. YOU MAY BE OFFENDED! Song by Peter Mayer "Holy Now". Copyright Peter Mayer.No-fap.


Aug 24

34 min 33 sec

Feel like a imposter at work or with family & friends? Medicating with porn or other addictions? Leave the sex addiction behind & live your dreams. Sexual abuse. Alcoholism. Special guest Mike Kitko.


Jul 30

44 min 46 sec

Eric shares his story of relapse with porn.Carry on despite failure. Learn from relapse. Learn from failure.Failure = Opportunity. No fap. Sex & Porn addiction recovery trials.

Jul 15

24 min 56 sec

Help you or your child recover from pornography addiction. Child addiction porn recovery expert can help you and your child recover from porn addiction. Porn addiction is not just for teens & adults. Children suffer from porn addiction too. Guest Christopher Bueker. No-fap.

Jun 30

39 min 33 sec

What did serial killer Ted Bundy say about porn? Do you share a habit with serial killers? Porn & sex addiction go hand in hand with serial killers. Nofap.


Jun 15

9 min 24 sec

Can you healthfully use porn? Can porn help people? What are the benefits of porn? Can you use porn without becoming addicted to porn and sex? No-fap. Nofap.


Jun 8

15 min 17 sec

10 childhood traumas fuel porn & sex addiction. Riana Milne a relationship trauma & addiction expert talks trauma porn & addiction. Take Riana's quiz to see how many childhood traumas you have. Are your childhood traumas driving you to compulsively use porn & sex? Nofap.


Jun 2

26 min 7 sec

Stop jacking off to porn by journaling. Eric tells tragic story that journaling helped with. Replace sex & porn addiction with journaling or scribing. This is the last letter of the life SAVERS. Letter S. No porn No fap journal instead. Contemplate rather than masturbate.

May 26

16 min 37 sec

How to read away a porn/sex addiction. Letter R of SAVERS. Doing no-fap? What are you doing to replace the sex porn fapping habits? Fill you mind with good stuff by reading instead of porn.

May 19

19 min 39 sec

Get endorphin rush from porn? Replace the rush from porn to an endorphin rush from exercise. Letter E in the SAVERS acronym. Replace porn & sex addiction or fapping with exercising. No-fap!

May 10

17 min 7 sec

Use the power of visualization to create a porn free addiction free life! Imagine your life porn and sex addiction free! Create a porn free no-fap lifestyle by using your imagination and visualization. Sex & porn addiction don't stand a chance!

May 4

17 min 24 sec

Do you like yourself? If not, then learn how now! Learn the secret to creating affirmations that will stop sex & porn addiction thoughts in their tracks. What you say to yourself is so important!


Apr 27

15 min 52 sec

Replace the porn / sex addiction with these powerful movements. Trying to nofap? Start your morning with these four moving meditations to stop compulsive porn & sex addiction. Convert the porn addiction or fapping to moving meditation.

Apr 20

14 min 32 sec

Have a porn hangover? Addicted to Sex & Porn staying up late at night? How do you prevent porn hangovers? No fap prevention. Stop sex & porn addiction now!

Apr 12

14 min 41 sec

Transform your porn addiction into power! Sex & Porn addiction to nofap by changing your identity. A new positive self image can help you to no-fap.

Apr 1

8 min 32 sec

Feel like you are paralyzed by porn addiction? Learn how to get unstuck from a quadriplegic named Katie Banister. Think you situation is hopeless? Stuck in addiction to sex and porn? If Katie can turn her life around paralyzed in a wheel chair you can do the same.

Mar 23

31 min 14 sec

(REPLAY) Powerful Eric's story on how he was addicted to porn & how he overcame it. Addiction Pornography recovery. Sex addiction help. Cure your porn addiction for good. Guest Sir William. Nofap.


Mar 13

22 min 14 sec

Counting days on nofap? Trying not to masturbate to porn? If so this video is for you! Nofap motivation. Nofap relapse. End porn and sex addiction.


Feb 20

11 min 7 sec

Been trying to quit porn & fapping? Here is a kick in the pants to help you stop your porn masturbation orgasm addiction (pmo).


Feb 11

8 min 5 sec

Instead of acting out with sex & porn try acting on your hopes and dream. Porn and sex addiction may have sidelined your goals. Learn how to revive your goals and dump the sex & porn addiction. Looking to cure your sex and porn addiction? Listen what worked for Powerful Eric.

Feb 3

12 min 46 sec

Is there healthy use of maturbation? What is fap, fapping or nofap? How about healthy use of porn? Can porn induced erectile dysfunction be cured? Can porn help or hurt your sex life?


Jan 26

9 min 32 sec

Learn the 3 myths about porn and sex addiction. It took Eric about 20 years to learn these hard lessons. Learn from Eric's mistakes!

Jan 19

13 min 6 sec

Does porn raise or lower your vibration? Sir William is back to answer metaphysical questions related to porn addiction. What is ascension?

Jan 12

26 min 40 sec

Have you been triggered from social media to watch porn? Hear Eric's story and learn tricks to limit social media and porn use.

Dec 2020

12 min 42 sec

Let Spiritual Comedian Tony Fonte help you laugh at yourself and lighten up to drop your addictions.


Dec 2020

32 min 10 sec

Ex nun talks sex porn and grandma-ma God. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Feb 2020

39 min 54 sec

A lunch turns into powerful porn free lessons. The price of not pursuing your dreams is addiction to sex and porn.

Jan 2020

9 min 49 sec

Be like Skywalker. Confront your dark side and transform it to light!

Jan 2020

12 min 38 sec

How does porn affect your vibration? Sir William shares the Metaphysics of porn. How to raise and lower your vibration. How porn affects your subtle bodies.


Jan 2020

31 min 19 sec

Challenges of 30 day Digital Detox. Eric completed his 30 day digital detox. Hear the trials and triumphs.

Jun 2019

9 min 50 sec

Anonymous "Bruce" tells how his 12 year old son was addicted to porn. Kids viewing pornography. Here a fathers experience with his porn addicted son. How can you stop it? How can you heal from porn addiction.


Jun 2019

26 min 2 sec

What is it costing you to be on social media or porn all day? More on Digital Detoxing.

Jun 2019

10 min 51 sec

Drew Ferguson (husband of Dawn Ferguson) Hypnotherapist expands on the power of hypnosis and how it can heal a porn addiction.

May 2019

32 min 46 sec

Can you go 30 days without porn? Can you take a break from your social media addiction? Break from Netflix binge watching. Social media, YouTube, your phone can all TRIGGER you to watch pornography. Stop wasting your life! Detoxify your life now!

May 2019

8 min 2 sec

Hypnotized by porn? Viewing people having sex can have a hypnotic effect on your brain. Break the spell with Hypnotherapist Dawn Ferguson.

May 2019

47 min 36 sec

Powerful Eric discusses creating your own reality by using accountability software to improve your life. Software that can "phone a friend" if it sees you are viewing porn or doing other questionable sexual on-line activities. Powercast!

Apr 2019

10 min 3 sec

Are you responsible? Or do you blame others? Take responsibility for yourself. In this short PowerCast learn how to defuse anger and be happier.

Apr 2019

5 min 57 sec

Sandy's husband was addicted to porn and cheating on her. Sandy Joy a certified psychotherapist shares from BOTH personal and professional experience on how porn addiction can devastate a marriage. Sandy also has a message for our younger listeners. Kids viewing porn.


Apr 2019

44 min 41 sec

When viewing porn what are you attracting into your life? Learn how the law of attraction can help end the porn habit and bring into your life what you want. With Sir William.


Mar 2019

34 min 9 sec

Craig Perra was a insane sex, porn and drug addict who tried to kill himself. He now helps thousands around the globe. Learn how you can do the same!


Mar 2019

30 min 49 sec

Michelle Perra as seen on Anderson Cooper; the Katy Couric show ect, She became a coach to help sex addicts after her husband got hooked on porn and prostitutes. Her personal story has touched millions and is living proof that a woman and couple can survive & even thrive, during tough times & come out stronger and closer than ever.


Mar 2019

44 min 11 sec

Porn addiction kills character. Learn to drop your porn habit and build character. Sex and porn damage self esteem. Addicted to porn and want to not only break the habit, but build self esteem? Larry Cowsert a modern day renaissance man talks about porn addiction and building extraordinary character.

Feb 2019

31 min 57 sec

Sex positive sex therapist Angela Skurtu talks porn addiction with Powerful Eric. Is there healthy use of pornography? What type of therapist should you look for if you are addicted to porn? Angela also discusses sex workers and the lady boys of Thailand


Feb 2019

30 min 25 sec

Powerful Eric shares his story on how he was addicted to porn and how he overcame it. Addiction Pornography recovery. Sex addiction help. Cure your porn addiction for good. Special guest William Duffin aka Sir William.


Feb 2019

22 min 2 sec