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Podcast about building a digital publishing business that includes blogging, publishing websites, website monetization with AdSense and other display ads, affiliate marketing, SEO and pretty much everything and the kitchen sink about launching and growing digital assets.

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This video steps you through my most important SEO methods for millions of monthly website visitors.  It includes:Content strategies,Link building strategies,On-site SEO, andKeyword research concepts.Learn more: Get my 6-Figure Baseline Blogging course (FREE)Learn a LOT more with my paid course

Aug 31

18 min 24 sec

Watch the demo in the video version of this presentation here.This is just the start.  Only two weeks ago did I start this new "affiliate lander" project for two of my niche sites and it's already shown revenue increases.  The detailed video explains everything about why and how I build and use affiliate landing pages on niche sites, including informational articles to increase affiliate revenue, page views and improve user experience.Learn more: get my free course on this stuff.

Aug 18

19 min 8 sec

In this episode and break down building up niche sites into bite-sized chunks. I end this episode discussing the results of a recent link-building campaign.

Aug 17

14 min 19 sec

This video pokes a bit of fun at the SEO community going through the 12 types of SEO.  Which type of SEO are you.  I fall into 4 types. 

Aug 10

24 min 15 sec

This episode steps you through the 21 considerations for producing good niche website and blog content.  Based on years of experience and recent Google algo changes.

Aug 4

34 min 19 sec

I get a lot done fast when I work.  It's a result of being very efficient.  Here are my top 21 techniques fo getting more content published faster across my portfolio of websites.

Jul 20

43 min 23 sec

I've ordered clusters, which are multiple articles within the same topic, only to end up with this big problem.  It was my fault. I'm glad I spotted it.  I figured out a fix and now it's not a problem.  It's a widespread issue so watch out for it.Resources mentioned:Passion PostsWriterAccess

Jul 19

16 min 38 sec

What are the 8 purposes of content on a niche website?  This episode goes through these 8 purposes that you need to know about and keep in mind for every piece of content you published because a website's whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.Tools mentioned:Fat Stacks BundleNiche Website Builders (Skyscraper link building)Converkit Email SoftwareConvertbox Email Software

Jul 18

29 min 31 sec

This episode steps you through exactly how I figure out how many words to order from writers or how long content needs to be to stand a good chance of ranking #1 in Google.  It's more art than science but we can take some of the guesswork out of it.Tools mentioned:MarketMuse:  https://fatstacksblog.com/go/marketmuse/SurferSEO: https://fatstacksblog.com/go/surferseo/WriterAccess:  https://fatstacksblog.com/go/writer-access/My free course: https://fatstacksblog.com/

Jul 17

15 min 11 sec

Every day I'm faced with decisions.  I've learned over the years, often there is no right way to go about things.  The important thing to do is to make the decision and do something.  You can always go back and fix stuff.   I also delve into bird's eye view SEO logic, home pages and content production.

Jul 16

24 min 55 sec

Learn about my two methods for improving content.  There's the "Quick n' Dirty" Hands Off method and the "Full Workup - Swingin' for the Fences" method.Show Notes:1. Quick n’ dirty “hands off” methodIdentify new sections/subheadings and sub-topics to addOutsource the write-upsAdd as chunks to existing.Listicles: New list or add to list. Keep old list at bottom.2. The full workup - swingin’ for the fencesBetter intro - answer the main question right away (I’ve been doing this in a roundabout way for years)Rewrite clumsy writingDog beds are… Dog beds should… Dog beds…New/better imagesFull keyword analysis and injectionInsert more long tails in content and as sectionsUpdate any dates in the content/titlesConvert to Gutenberg and add more stylingImprove any Conversion Rate Optimization opportunitiesConsider removing sidebarContent enhancer opportunities:Facts/data/statistics (don’t forget tables and charts)Quotes - get quotes from industry experts in videos or articles (reference the links)jokesAnecdotes/stories/examplesFAQ section (don’t forget schema markup)Improve interlinkingImprove referencingPagespeed analysis:  If low page speed scores - remove embeds, compress images, remove scripts (quizzes, maps, videos, etc.)

Jul 15

23 min 52 sec

This episode explains why your goal as a content publisher or blogger should be "get to boring."  I explain what that means, how to get there and how to leverage a boring business.

Jul 14

25 min 4 sec

I love shoulder niches. I tack them on like crazy to grow authority, traffic and revenue. Learn why and how I do it.

Feb 17

13 min 30 sec

This episode analyzes the pros and cons of getting content for your niche site with writers directly (in-house) vs. using a writing agency vs. using a writing service.  And yes, I explain the differences of all three as well.

Feb 15

13 min 16 sec

See all the charts at the blog here.This episode presents 3 scenarios compared by analyzing what could happen if you scaled up your website portfolio business by bringing on investors.

Feb 12

19 min 55 sec

This episode discusses the interesting SEO Avalanche theory.

Feb 10

14 min 41 sec

This episode discusses the formula for building up a successful niche site business ... includes attracting links.    References: The Hoth article about Nerd Wallet SEO.

Feb 9

10 min 50 sec

Recently working with a group of writers I discovered a duplicate content problem.  Fortunately, I discovered it fairly quickly, but it could have been bad.  If you work with writers or write your own content, you need to watch this video to ensure it doesn't happen to you.

Feb 5

6 min 53 sec

In this episode, I talk about whether it's okay to regurgitate info in content across your site.  I run through several examples.

Feb 4

19 min 22 sec

Why I loathe schedules and how I operate my publishing business with no schedule or expectations.  I also talk about how I guard against that nasty bright shiny object syndrome.

Feb 3

15 min 27 sec

In this episode I share a very simple way to increase ad revenue that's also good for visitors and SEO.  In a nutshell I share a couple very simple ways to increase content length that increases ad revenue considerably.

Nov 2020

8 min 16 sec

How I use video ads to increase total ad revenue by 20% overnight

Nov 2020

10 min 7 sec

You need this ad type on your site to make money after this Google search change!

Nov 2020

8 min 25 sec

I step through each task in my publishing workflow.

Oct 2020

15 min 37 sec

Try this for blog posts - write a story or personal experience to inspire niche site articles. It's fun and it works.

Oct 2020

13 min 9 sec

Big Enough? Boutique vs. Corporate vs. Hybrid Blogging

Oct 2020

8 min 59 sec

The Divorce Dilemma with Blogging and Niche Sites

Oct 2020

10 min 9 sec

Jazz up  your blog posts with what I call the dessert tray approach to blogging.

Oct 2020

11 min 17 sec

Lousy listicles forcing you to pick your blogging battles.

Oct 2020

10 min 1 sec

How to pivot your blog when under distress (or when you just want more traffic)

Oct 2020

10 min 56 sec

The Minimum Viable Product Approach to Blogging and Niche Sites

Oct 2020

9 min 43 sec

The big breakup - Multi-niche site broken up into separate sites (results)

Oct 2020

11 min 48 sec

Good vs. Great Writing

Oct 2020

10 min 52 sec

Income Report for Sept 2020 (plus key developments)

Oct 2020

12 min 34 sec

Search rankings are temporary. Here's how I deal with it.

Oct 2020

9 min 33 sec

Why I don't like buying existing websites (PITFALLS)

Oct 2020

14 min 45 sec

Important image copyright discussion (for site publishers and site buyers)

Oct 2020

6 min 36 sec

My #1 strategy for growing traffic to a newish niche site!

Sep 2020

13 min 50 sec

Go with your gut for this important decision!

Sep 2020

13 min 58 sec

I recently noticed an interesting phenomenon of how some articles on my sites keep getting more and more traffic. What's going on here? I discuss it.

Sep 2020

15 min 40 sec

When hiring in-house writers I look for this one thing. Also, if I see another thing in the application, I avoid it.I've now hired 4 great in-house writers as a result.  It saves time and gets great writers on board.

Sep 2020

11 min 20 sec

Jon discusses a time when he handed over the keys too early to enjoy true passive income but resulted in a lot of problems.  Includes when is the right time to enjoy the true passive income lifestyle from a website.

Sep 2020

7 min 36 sec

Yammer on about the "purist blogger" format of publishing websites.  Great model but not for everyone.

Sep 2020

13 min 59 sec

I go into detail about all the disadvantages new niche sites have and how to overcome them.

Sep 2020

16 min 44 sec

Struggling to grow or scale your blogging (aka niche site) publishing business.This episode discusses one solution.

Jul 2020

5 min 29 sec

What does it take to build up a successful niche site?  You might love or you might hate the answer. Listen to the analysis from a unique angle.

Jul 2020

8 min 34 sec

This is the ultimate question: Do you like your own site?  Would you be happy with it if you landed on it as a visitor?

Jul 2020

9 min 7 sec

I hate to break it to you but you're never going to figure everything out about blogging. Stop trying. Focus on what makes money.

Jul 2020

12 min 15 sec

This episode discusses leveraging your hard-generated content across multiple sites you own (if you own multiple sites).

Jul 2020

7 min 26 sec

This is the audio track from my video on this topic.  In this episode, I discuss whether and how Pinterest is good for SEO as in ranking your blog and niche sites?

Jul 2020

8 min 59 sec