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The Remarkable Coach is hosted by Micheal Pacheco who interviews some of the most successful and remarkable coaches in the business. They discuss each coach's journey as well as some actionable tips and habits that have helped them get to where they are today. This show is great for coaches who have been in the business for years or personal growth junkies who are ready to take their passion to the next level by starting their own coaching business.

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Episode #37 If you want to increase employee engagement, get everyone refocused and reenergized while increasing team collaboration. A business retreat may be a great choice. Retreats give you the chance to clarify your company’s goals and missions, employee roles, and your company culture while offering a team bonding experience outside of the office. Retreats can also improve morale and motivate your entire staff, making them a worthwhile investment. In this episode, Mitchell Simon gives a high definition of retreat that will enable companies to create and build high-performance teams and effective leaders to achieve new levels of performance. The Simon Leadership Alliance specializes in team leadership coaching for high-performance teams, through experiential game-based training, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). They help other executives build amazing high-performance teams and specialize in making teams stronger, more effective, and more productive. Whether you are an executive looking for your next annual strategy retreat or planning a large corporate event, Mitchell Simon can be your trusted advisor. A Bit About Mitchell Mitchell helps Leaders build a world-class team that has each other’s backs, no matter where they are on the planet. He does this by provoking business leaders, executives, and business owners to build their strategies and their teams to achieve #1 or #2 status in their industries. Leaders that have worked with Mitch for over 20 years are in healthcare, biotech, commercial real estate, entrepreneurs, telecommunications, professional audio, and construction, and many in Fortune 500 Companies. LinkedIn: Website:

Sep 7

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Episode #36 Why do we work? Why do we attempt to save money or expand a business? In today’s society, certain industries demand more and more of our time to reach targeted goals. However, if you give in to those demands you could put the future you at risk, or even your time for your loved ones. This episode will give you incredible insight and provide coaching skills that will allow you to create your own self-managing business and live the life of your dreams. Control your life and discover how to strategically plan, systematize and automate your business. Dan taught entrepreneurs from around the world in different industries how to establish businesses that fuel the health they want, the family they want, and the life they want by giving "golden bounces" from his years of learning. You will learn to look at problems differently, thus finding meaningful solutions and moving forward with clarity. If you want to improve the quality of your life and set and achieve meaningful goals, then this episode will help you how to do it. A Bit About Dan Dan empowers 6 & 7 figure business owners just like you to establish self-managing business systems, automation, and mindsets in a few short weeks. He's taught profitable entrepreneurs from around the world (in different industries) how to systematize and automate the businesses that gave them the freedom to enjoy even better health that they want, the family life they wanted, and the lifestyle choices they wanted. As a born entrepreneur growing up in a family business, then generating millions before Dan was thirty, and now the creator of the 3 Month Year Inner Circle, He has a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective of the strategic planning, processes, systems, and business automation required to grow and scale sustainable self-managing businesses – and Dan has been doing it in virtually every industry you can think of. And through it all, he has discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of a business that profits year-over-year versus those that struggle, stall, and remain small. LinkedIn: Website:

Aug 31

46 min 54 sec

Episode #35 It's almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. People who do so probably live so cautiously that they go nowhere. Perhaps, they're not really living at all. The fear of failing can be immobilizing – it can cause us to do nothing, and therefore resist moving forward. But when we allow fear to stop our forward progress in life, we're likely to miss some great opportunities along the way. This episode features Margie’s books and programs that will embolden you with the purpose, paradigm shift, and practical skills to take your team, leadership, and life to the next level and beyond. She shares how to unlock the potential of being braver in work and relationships and liberates people to transform fear into courage in leadership. In today’s culture of fear, living bravely is indispensable for living well. Overcome your fears and move forward to achieve your goals. A Bit About Margie Dr. Margie Warrell was a multi-hyphenate before it was a thing. Margie is an author – keynote speaker – media commentator – certified coach – podcast host – Forbes columnist – board member – women’s advocate – leadership facilitator – adventure traveler – amateur barista – ball juggling/dropping mother of four… you get the drift. Twenty-five years of living around the world coupled with her passion for personal development have taught her a thing or two about rising above the fears that dim our lights and hold our potential dormant. Of all the lessons she'd learned since leaving her parent’s small farm in rural Australia the most important are that courage is required for every worthwhile endeavor and that the human spirit is greater than any challenge we face. Individually and collectively. In today’s culture of fear, living bravely is indispensable for living well.   LinkedIn: Website:

Aug 24

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Episode #34 Are you planning to open your own small business for the first time? Do you have worries and hesitations about having sufficient capital and cash flow in building your own business? Starting a business is a huge commitment. Nobody said running a business would be easy, and you're bound to make mistakes from time to time. However, the number of mistakes that cost your business money can be greatly reduced if you correct them quickly and learn from others who have made them in the past. In this episode, Janice shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to help you build your own successful business. She uses her experience of working with clients in businesses small and large consulting on accounting and bookkeeping and how to get their financials running successfully through coaching. Owning a new business - where you're are the boss and you set your own rules - can be tough. But with the training and support of the Money Dream Machine Coach, you, the small business owner, will soar! Follow your dreams of starting your own business and make your dream become reality. A Bit About Janice Janice is a business owner and serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Money Dream Machine Coach. She had a deep passion for technology and its ability to create efficiencies for its users. Nearly, 25 years ago she relocated to Canada from Cape Town, SA, and embarked on her entrepreneur journey. She quickly discovered she not only loved technology but how she could use software to better support business owners and help them achieve their goals. In 2010, Janice took a leap of faith and trusted that with her heart in her new business; No-Nonsense QuickBooks Training, and her continuing mission of empowering clients to achieve financial success in their businesses, and make a difference in the lives around her. Today, she’s helped hundreds of clients through her QuickBooks training courses as well, as through her secondary consulting business, Money Dream Machine, which she launched in 2018. Leveraging her unique entrepreneurial and financial background, She has helped small businesses in Canada reach their dreams and drive exponential growth! Janice is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge as an entrepreneur and supporting small business owners in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams, without the costly errors that are all too common when launching a business. LinkedIn: Website:

Aug 17

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Episode #33 Life is about connections above and beyond your career. You never know what role someone may play, how you may be able to make a profound difference for them, or how they may be able to help you. If you are already a manager or a team leader of any kind, connections are vital to your success. Business connections let you understand the people you are working with and make it much easier to approach them no matter the topic. Nadine Hack understands the importance of corporate social responsibility goals that companies seek to achieve. For this episode, Hack narrates her broad knowledge on connectedness and the ability to relate to others in a manner that builds them up, encourages, and brings out their highest potential. Be idealistic and realistic simultaneously, allow yourself to dream big, and then translate that vision into achievable projects. People who have healthy connections are also more likely to complete their projects faithfully. A Bit About Nadine Awards: Top Leader Trustworthy Business Lifetime Achievement; Responsible CEO shortlist; Top Influencer Sustainable Governance; Enterprising Woman of Year, Mentor of Year, Inspiration Award presented at Säid Business School. On SheSource global database women experts; articles about or by Nadine in Forbes, Financial Times, HuffPo, NYT, Library Professional Coaching. Interviews on TV, radio, podcasts, YouTube. TEDx. CSR, ESG leader developed pioneering work on engagement leadership and Strategic Relational Engagement (SRE™) in & among entities & sectors improves productivity, profitability, sustainability. Master’s degrees: Harvard; New School. Fellow: Salzburg Global Seminar; New Westminster College. Created & taught graduate courses at NYU, SNHU; guest lectured at many universities. Was Executive-in-Residence IMD Business School. LinkedIn: Website:

Aug 10

1 hr 3 min

Episode #32 We live in the midst of change, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed. And yet, we are made to grow, and growth cannot happen without change. What will you do if you feel stuck or frozen not knowing what your next move should be? Leadership transition is never easy. People frequently have the desire to be promoted and take on new things but do not want to let go of old and familiar tasks. This episode gives a whole new direction on how to embrace your emotions through a transition. Cheryl shares effective techniques on how to grow leaders, guiding them in the midst of professional and organizational change and transition. Transition is a prime opportunity for something new and unexpected to occur. If you learn to trust and be responsive, you can benefit greatly from surprises and synchronicities that lead you in whole new directions. The secret is trusting the process and trusting yourself. A Bit About Cheryl What Cheryl loves most is executive coaching, leadership consulting, and team building. she's so grateful to work with some of the best firms/leaders on the planet. Cheryl facilitates a mentoring style of leadership coaching and team-building for C-suite, senior executives, and emerging leaders. She has been told that she brings a trusted adviser approach to my relationships with clients - meeting them where they are and customizing solutions that are a fit for them and the strategic direction of the firm. For Water Education Colorado, she designed/facilitated 9 years of their ‘Water Leaders Program’ which offered Colorado water professionals the unique opportunity to develop their leadership potential with a focus on water resources issues. For Merrick & Company, she designed/delivered four-year-long Leadership Development Programs, provided executive coaching to 160 leaders, facilitated dozens of team-building sessions, five Strategic Advances, and guided key leader succession planning and implementation. She also serves as a Director on Merrick's Board of Directors. She published her first book: The Wisdom of Transition~ Navigating Change at Work. It's based on expertise gathered from three decades of helping clients with change. It was published in January 2020 and won the Sound Advice Book Award for Best New Author 2020. Clients include Merrick & Company, Water Education Colorado, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Mile High Flood District, Colorado Department of Agriculture, Texas Water Leaders Program, Association of State Dam Safety Officials, Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services, Women in Transportation Mentor/Proteges, Leonard Rice Engineers, Colorado Water Trust, River Restoration, Cherokee Metro District, Blattner Energy, ZGF Architects, Environmental Systems Design, and TLCD Architects. She has spoken at these national conferences: American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), Construction Industry Institute (CII), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors of California, Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) LinkedIn: Website:

Aug 3

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Episode #31 Do you struggle to separate your ego from your own self especially when it comes to your success? How do you manage your ego before it gets too big? Your ego is an essential aspect of who you are while confidence is certainly a good thing but most of the time, ego-driven individuals are often led by unhealthy overconfidence convinced they are right regardless of the facts. Learning to recognize when your ego is driving your business can be tough. In this episode, Christie Garcia talks about ego management and how to enable a healthy mind that will makes you a better leader or a better boss. If you are a business owner or anybody leading people who want to grow and know your best self but has been manipulated by your ego, this episode is perfect for you. A Bit About Christie After ten years within the walls of corporate business, working as a recruiter and in sales management in the healthcare industry, Christie increasingly grew frustrated watching talented individuals be promoted to management and fail to reach their leadership potential. She began to realize that these shortcomings were a result of the lack of resources available to develop managers into great leaders. These individuals had been praised for years based upon their own individual success (the “I” mentality). However once promoted, they struggled to turn the corner and adopt a big picture perspective and the “We” mindset. There was an unrealistic expectation and lack of guidance to help them transition into this new perspective and a deeper level of self-awareness. She realized that it was time to ditch the “old training model” and create programs focused on developing leadership effectiveness. Christie now seeks to reintroduce the human element into leadership development and immediately make an unignorable, positive impact on a person’s overall potential. She wants to offer solutions that empower leaders to transition out of the “I” mentality and begin to embrace the “We” in order to accomplish big-picture goals. Example Client List: Airbnb, Twitter, Oakley Inc, DemandForce, Suntoucher, Sunrun, MGE Underground, Xamarin, SLO Hothouse, CAPSLO, Ambiance Boutique, JUSTIN Winery, Turley Wine Cellars, 805 Consulting. Services include: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Sales Training, Team Building, Culture Alignment, Event Facilitation, Keynote Speaking LinkedIn: Website:

Jul 27

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Episode #30 Creating a world-class leadership development program starts with equipping leaders with the specific skills, tools, and behaviors they will need to confidently lead others and drive the performance of their team or organization. This episode focused on the communication and coaching skills needed most for the individuals involved which resulted in a clear understanding of each other's leadership styles, risk-taking, and change management behaviors. Chuck demonstrates how to align an organization’s leadership and culture to its business strategy and helps create a leadership culture reflective of the organization’s purpose, vision, and values. Grab this opportunity to empower your employees to form teams that can shift quickly and decisively and explore a new formula for success! A Bit About Chuck Chuck Mollor is the founder, CEO, executive coach, and advisor at MCG Partners. He is the author of his new and best-selling book, "The Rise of The Agile Leader. Can You Make the Shift?", achieving Amazon’s #1 best seller in management. MCG Partners specializes in leadership and talent optimization, aligning business and people strategy for maximum results. For over 35 years, Chuck has advised, coached, and consulted executives and organizations across industries, from startups to Fortune 500 and not-for-profit organizations. As a recognized expert in leadership effectiveness, Chuck specializes in coaching and advising senior executives and leadership teams through times of rapid growth, M&A, and change. As an executive coach and strategic advisor, Chuck develops leaders to reach their next level and optimizes their abilities, learning, and success. Chuck aligns an organization’s leadership and culture to its business strategy. He helps create a leadership culture reflective of the organization’s purpose, vision, and values. As a former Harvard Business School executive coach, Chuck provided coaching and advisory services to attending global executives. He is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only council for leading executive coaches. In his former role as a global CEO, as a member of several executive teams, Chuck has a breadth of experience with general management, entrepreneurial endeavors, and P&L responsibilities. He has run, built, started, and restructured several businesses. Chuck has led strategy, sales, marketing, product development, operations, HR, and a global partnership with more than 100 consulting firms. Chuck is a graduate of executive programs at The Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has a BA in political science and a minor in business administration from Merrimack College. He is an ICF-certified executive coach, is a Talent Optimization Consultant in The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™, and is certified in Hogan and several 360 assessments. Chuck serves on several boards, is a Cranberry Grower-Owner of Ocean Spray, and a fundraiser and rider for the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), a 192-mile bike ride for the fight against cancer. Chuck is fortunate to have his wife, four children, and three dogs and is a first-generation American. LinkedIn: Website:

Jul 20

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Episode #29 Have you ever felt like everyone was watching you, judging your actions, and waiting to see what you will do next? This heightened state of self-awareness can leave you feeling awkward and nervous in some instances. Self-awareness plays a critical role in how we understand ourselves and how we relate to others and the world. You must believe in yourself, follow your own path, and refuse to be defeated to be able to focus on your goal and succeed. In this episode, Sara's approach is all about simplicity, mindset, and growth, so entrepreneurs can reach new heights more efficiently while enjoying their life even more. She discussed her approach of helping entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses while enjoying a meaningful life. Get ready for an exciting episode where you will be challenged in creating the business you’ve always envisioned. A Bit About Sara Sara Gilbert is an award-winning business strategist and mindset coach. She has dedicated the last 10+ years to working with established advisors and independent advisory professionals who want a clear and concise business strategy so they can serve their clients in a high-end capacity, have a streamlined business that runs efficiently, build an engaged team and make more money along the way. She was named “Most Innovative Woman in Business Development Strategy” and “Best International Business Consultancy in Canada” at the Influential Businesswoman Awards hosted by Acquisition International. Her approach centers on three central strategies that every successful business must master: • Marketing: Intentional and sustainable actions that give your business visibility and ensure continuous growth • Processes: Systems and processes to hustle less, free-up time, and deliver on your promise consistently • Mindset: A growth mindset to challenge the status quo, create opportunities and propel your business forward LinkedIn: Website:

Jul 13

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Episode #28 Success is believing you can. If you believe you can, you will succeed. Self-belief doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if you’re able to tell yourself that you can achieve the goals in your plans, you’re doing great. This episode will help people who forgot their values to get their confidence back and to aim high and create their dream-come-true career. One mindset that you can create will help you overcome self-doubt and fear. Eva shares her strategies on how to balance your work, home, and social life which isn’t easy for any of us. We will also learn how Eva developed her positive mindset and how it has served her in life and business. Remember to stay grateful and be happy while chasing those dreams. Aim high and celebrate your courage and progress while creating the fulfilling career and happy balanced life you want to live. A Bit About Eva After 20 years as a Disney executive, Eva's new dream-come-true career is supporting clients in creating their own happily ever after. She is also the author of From the Outhouse to the Mouse House: Crap You Need to Know for a Dream-Come-True Career. LinkedIn: Website:

Jul 6

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Episode #27 Personal development is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life, and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential. This episode contains pieces of information and advice that are designed to help you to think about your personal development and ways in which you can work towards goals and your full potential. Christine uses practical ideas and her own experience as an entrepreneur to empower, uplift, and educate her clients. Her personal approach to being a life coach is to teach her clients how to take charge and own their thoughts, emotions, choices, beliefs, and outcomes. Ultimately leading you to the foremost expert on You - which is you! Learn how to set yourself effective personal goals and find the motivation you need to achieve them. This is the essence of personal development, a set of skills designed to help you reach your full potential - at work and in your personal life. A Bit About Christine I’m Christine Meyer, and I help successful, influential, passionate thought-leaders fearlessly create their life through a masterful understanding of their own empowerment. This coaching is about you hooking into your power. It’s about motion-forward and drawing you into a resonant place so you can be ready for what you want. It’s about achieving the mastery of energy alignment rather than banging around in struggle.   It’s not about fixing things that are seemingly broken (including you because you’re not broken)—it’s about you tuning into your soul so you can lead the adventurous, fun, aligned, and inspired life you want to live. I’m a life coach, but in the 16+ years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve also been described as a thought coach, a transcendence coach, a chiropractor for the soul, and a chiropractor of reality. Call it what you want, what I do is “adjust” you through a skilled combination of teaching, deep listening, and guiding. I lead you to the expert of you - which is you. I present intricate information in simple and practical ways. The pace is based on you, your energy, and the balance of your desires to your beliefs. The results are life-changing as you implement a new approach to being and experiencing your world. I know there are lots of things that matter to you, and I know you can have what you want. Life is simple, there’s no reason to make it more complicated than it has to be. LinkedIn: Website:

Jun 29

1 hr 8 min

Episode #26 Are you a female business owner looking to explode your business and create riches in your life? Are you one of those women who don't see your own value in the context of business? Then this is the perfect episode for you! The entrepreneurial career path is challenging for women. However, empowering women, sharing knowledge, and spreading powerful stories of female entrepreneurs is a good first step to change the scene at a faster pace. This episode will help dozens of female business owners grow their businesses and empower themselves to create riches in their life. Bernadette offers tips and insights on productivity, success, and work/life balance using her "Shift to RICHes Formula". Be one of those professionals who knows how to shed their fear, insecurity, and doubt - once and for all - so nothing will hold you back from pursuing and achieving the riches you deserve in your career, your business, and your life. A Bit About Bernadette Bernadette Boas is a ball of fire business transformation and success coach for powerhouse female maverick business owners and professionals who are ready to explode their work and life. Bernadette is also a keynote speaker, radio personality, and author of her first in a series of books; Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business. Bernadette is renowned as a results-driven coach who has leveraged her twenty-five-year corporate savviness along with her entrepreneurial spirit with her fresh, creative, and bold support and guidance so they achieve their goals, overcome challenges and limiting beliefs, motivate their people, and build profitable teams and businesses. She is solely focused on delivering powerful, valuable, and passionate messages complete with takeaway actions and tips her clients (and audiences) can use immediately for themselves and their teams. She is open, raw, blunt, and engaging about her life stories, successes, and failures, which she shares along with the tips, advice, and tough love with her clients (and audiences). She has been there and done that incorporate, within her own business, and in life. She leans on all of it to educate, inspire and motivate individuals. She is fun and easy to work with, responsive, and thorough for all of her clients – coaching, consulting, or speaking. LinkedIn: Website:

Jun 22

52 min 51 sec

Episode #25 We all have incredible talents. We were born with these amazing abilities under typically normal circumstances, and we often aren't using them towards such a dramatic end. But the fact remains that all human beings have these amazing abilities - and we’re often not even aware of them. Those abilities have the power to change your life, your business...even the world! But how can you know what your superpowers are...and since some people will be asking, how can you even be sure that you have them? In this episode, Rick Plasket will teach you his guiding principle to find your unique strengths or your "Super Powers" to increase your knowledge on how to adapt your plans and strategies toward your goals. This will help you develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in areas that you might have overlooked. With a certain level of commitment, the balance of control, and delegating tasks effectively, you will be able to grow your own successful styles of leadership. A Bit About Rick Rick Plasket is a West Point Grad and former Army officer who's turned his sword into a business plowshare. He blends the experiences of military leadership and planning together with world-class business practices to produce huge results. Just like you, Rick is a business owner. Rick is a licensed business coach and franchise owner in Newnan, GA with the World’s #1 Business Coaching Team.  He has helped business owners in the south Atlanta counties of Coweta, Fayette, Carroll, and Fulton find their untapped potential and achieve significant bottom-line results! He has a track record of building, developing businesses.  With experience in business consulting growing businesses in varying industries and markets, Rick will use his experience to help you make some minor changes that will make a BIG difference in your results. He will treat your business as if it were his own and will be a tremendous advocate, mentor, and resource for you. Rick believes life and business should be FUN.  He has traveled the world, raced sailboats, run 5 marathons, and even experienced skydiving! He understands how to take a seemingly impossible goal (like your vision for your business) and break it down into smaller, attainable goals.  The journey is as important as the destination. He lives it in his life as well as his business. LinkedIn: Website:

Jun 15

58 min 46 sec

Episode #24 Are you an emerging leader who likes to build potent, values-driven brands that grow from within and evolve through practice? I hope so - because your brand is the key to building a business for this new world. Effective branding helps companies differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a loyal customer base. Branding is important because not only does it make a memorable impression but it allows your customers and clients to know exactly what to expect from your company. Your brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived. A Brand Strategist can help you discover and explore yourself as an individual with your own message that stands on your own brand. This episode will help you uncover what is already there. Let's look at the big picture and determine the future vision that you want to realize. A Bit About Alice Alice is a Brand Purpose Strategist, and the founder of the movement for ethical marketing: @theethicalmove. In an instant-gratification society, her mission is to create a culture of meaning instead of more. She believes that we are on the cusp of a new world: one that is questioning the way things are and is imagining a future that benefits all of humanity, not just a select few. This new world requires a new way of thinking and communicating - we need to tell stories of substance, share products that serve the world, and sell with integrity. And this is where you come in. Thought Leader. Changemaker. Trailblazer. Disruptor. Your work isn't just business - it's here to change the world. And for that to happen, you need a brand purpose that is deep, potent, and clear. Your brand has to be firmly aligned with your values and ethics, so you can be an example of what your industry could become. You need to share the true expression of you and where you're headed because your people want to do more than follow you; they want honest connection, a chance to relate, to belong. They want to become part of your mission. It takes courage to leave the status quo behind and build a world rooted in purpose and vision. But you're not alone.  LinkedIn: Website:

Jun 8

56 min 5 sec

Episode #23 Are you a business owner that has a successful business but can’t get to the next step? Do you know that you've got a lot of potential, but you're struggling at the moment? In every situation, having a great business coach is essential. Through his real-life experience and knowledge, Alvaro provides you the kind of leadership development, sales training, and executive coaching that will propel your business and your life forward. Take your leadership to the next level by using his neuroscience-based approach to achieve fast, predictable, and impactful changes in leadership and sales. In this episode, we'll learn how to apply a brain-based methodology to facilitate productive coaching conversations - using the neuroscience of learning and be able to adopt effective, science-based strategies that help you develop new habits, skills, and behaviors. A Bit About Alvaro Alvaro is a C-IQ® Executive Coach, facilitator, speaker, and sales & leadership trainer that uses a neuroscience-based approach in all his work. His intention is to provide predictable, desirable results efficiently and to leave clients with the ability to continue to achieve these results independently. Alvaro works internationally in English and Spanish with small-to-medium-size enterprises (SMEs). He has coached and guided mid-level managers on their path to the C-suite, facilitated challenging partnership issues, helped turn toxic cultures around, trained sales teams and managers to create sales funnels and scripts that have had an instant positive impact on sales, and worked with business leaders to clarify and lead the execution of their vision. Having opened, owned, and wound down a restaurant over a seventeen-year period, working in outbound and inbound sales with Canada’s largest non-profit lobby groups representing small business, and chairing mastermind groups of small business leaders in Canada’s most prestigious leadership organization, Alvaro has the real-life experience necessary to apply the knowledge of Conversational Intelligence® and Integral Coaching to the kind of leadership development, sales training, and executive coaching that will propel your business and life forward. LinkedIn: Website:

Jun 1

1 hr 4 min

Episode #22 Do you have to drag yourself to work? Do you have trouble getting your day started? Have you become increasingly irritable or impatient with co-workers, customers, or clients? Do you find yourself working seven days a week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or all of them, you might be experiencing career burnout. Career burnout is a special type of work-related stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.  Your best solution to this can be summed up in a word: Recharge. In this episode, Beth Kennedy talks about how you will be able to beat burnout in this busy world. We will learn the key strategies of her Bennati Resiliency Model to develop resilience, maximize your impact, and increase your influence. Beth's tips and techniques will help you build a great foundation for success in leadership. A Bit About Beth Beth Benatti Kennedy is a leadership coach, resiliency-training expert, and speaker. She has worked with a diverse range of clients including The Gillette Company, Nike, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Pfizer Inc., and others. Her Benatti Resiliency Model® has helped thousands of people develop the resilience to adapt to changing career circumstances, remain productive and engaged, and find greater life and career satisfaction. Whether it’s leadership coaching, conducting training programs, or speaking at professional conferences and symposiums, her mission is to recharge individuals in their careers and lives so that they have the energy needed for a rapidly changing world and environment. As a leadership coach, she works with individuals on how to use their influence strategically, collaborate effectively, and focus on innovation. Beth shows them how to develop resilience habits to maximize their professional and personal impact, increase their influence, and build their brand. The training component of her business gives her the opportunity to offer my success strategies to more than just individuals. My training sessions focus on keeping employees resilient, engaged, and productive, and able to manage change and transition within the organization. Beth also provides teams and departments with ways to increase collaboration and effectiveness with Team Type training. LinkedIn: Website:

May 25

56 min 24 sec

Episode #21 Anyone can put words on paper and have them bound. Can anyone write a book well or a book that will sell? That's another question entirely. Writing is not easy, regardless of what people think. Anyone who says, “Anybody can write a book,” has never really tried to write a good one. It requires discipline, a strong command of grammar in the language you are writing in, and a lot of imagination. You need to know where you are starting, where you are going, and what you are delivering. Now is the time to transform the world with your words. Free your voice, sit down, and get your book done. In this episode, Christine will share her secrets on how to write a transformational book. A book that will not only change you the author, but your readers, your business, and the world. A Bit About Christine Christine Kloser is a transformational author coach, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and award-winning publisher who helps successful professionals, experts and leaders fulfill their calling to write and publish a book that transforms lives in a powerful and permanent way… starting with their own.  She is the founder of the Get Your Book Done® program, and creator of the Transformational Author Experience®, with trainings that have impacted 90,000 people in 127 countries.  Christine has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and FOX, and has shared or hosted stages with the biggest names in the transformational author world like Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin, Gay Hendricks, Lisa Nichols and dozens more.   An intuitive event facilitator since 1997, and author coach since 2004, Christine inspires writers through her proven programs and events – where she brings all of her expertise, heart, and wisdom to the table – delivering an authentic and refreshing approach to a crowded and often confusing author space. LinkedIn: Website:

May 18

45 min 54 sec

Episode #20 If you own a family business, you probably worry even more than the average entrepreneur about ensuring that your company not only survives but also thrives to nurture the next generation. In the startup stage, the dangers can be dreadful. Family members sometimes join the excitement of a startup business without a clear idea of their role once the business is underway. If the family is involved in your startup venture, you should be clear and upfront about compensation, exit plans, and other details before they become a problem. Working with integrity is integral to a family business. Be real, direct, and true to yourself. You don't have to understand business - instead, understand people and the rest will take care of itself. In this episode, Dave Roby focuses on how hiring the right people helps you grow your business. He discusses the importance of a high-performance team and putting people in the right positions to help them succeed.  A Bit About Dave Dave Roby is the Founder and Chief Coach of BROADWAY ONE LTD. CONSULTING & MANAGEMENT FIRM. He has decades of combined experience as a family business coach, entrepreneurship instructor, and top producing sales manager. Over the years, he has successfully managed multi-million dollar organizations, coached, and trained hundreds of business professionals and entrepreneurs.   He's always happy when he can support his clients when coaching them in order to achieve the things they never thought possible. Dave's step-by-step approach in teaching means that the interests of the organization and individuals are always a priority, and he strives to assist teams and individuals with long-term enhancements in their performance.   LinkedIn: Website:

May 11

43 min 7 sec

Episode #19 No matter how much you feel like you don't belong, don't let that stop you from pursuing your goals. Dream big - because until you do, you'll never know what you're capable of. Strive to become your most authentic self. Indulge in doing what you want to do and continue learning new ideas and concepts to improve yourself. Your biggest failure can turn into a learning opportunity. You must be self-aware enough to acknowledge your shortcomings and learn from your missteps. Position yourself to be your best in what you're doing. In this episode, Nikki Groom talks about the road to becoming a successful coach, the struggles that come with being a coach, and how to overcome them.   A Bit About Nikki Hailed as “a force of nature” and “a rising superstar”, Nikki Groom is on a mission to help rising women leaders recognize their worthiness, own their power, and amplify their impact - without checking their integrity at the door. She is the author of A Power of Your Own: How to Ignite Your Potential, Uncover Your Purpose, and Blaze Your Own Trail in Life and Business, a business, brand, and marketing strategist, and the creator of the Movement Makers Mastermind: a small business growth accelerator for women entrepreneurs. Nikki hosts the Movement Makers podcast, is the Founder of The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project, and acts as an adviser for social entrepreneurs and enterprises. She has been involved in dozens of projects and partnerships that focus on empowering women in business. LinkedIn: Website:

May 4

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Episode #18 A Bit About Cara-Lyn With over 15 years of experience in coaching and leadership development, she serves to demonstrate excellence in the areas of dynamic facilitation, thoughtful curriculum development, and bringing a coaching mindset to the professional arena. Both analytical and results-driven in nature, she combines these tools with activated leadership, to inspire and drive others to reach goals outside of their comfort zones. Cara-Lyn's facilitation style is highly engaging, energizing, and drives each participant to become reflective and growth-orientated. Working in front of and collaborating with large groups is where she drives a deep sense of fulfillment and gratitude. Her passion is in bringing coaching mindsets to a business platform, seeking to reduce turnover, fostering productivity, and systematically increasing leadership and client engagement within organizations. Travel to 50 countries across 5 continents, matched with a humorous approach to success, and a drive for professional excellence, has enriched me for all aspects of this globally changing environment. LinkedIn: Website:  

Apr 27

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Episode #17 How do you market your coaching business? Are you speaking to the right people? How is your foundation? Coaches that are featured and get recognition are not always the best. There are better coaches out there, they just do not know how to market themselves. Make sure to simplify your website, focus on your core offering, and know who's buying it. The basic foundation is branding and messaging. Messaging correctly and speaking to the right people. Go back to the fundamentals, make a solid foundation to grow and be successful. A Bit About Micheal Micheal is the owner and chief strategist at Boxer and principal consultant at Micheal Pacheco Consulting. He helps ambitious companies grow by leveraging technology and behavioral psychology in marketing. Once upon a time, he was a professional musician, co-founder of 🎹 The Slants, and founder of 🎸 Splintered in Her Head. Prior to that he did computer virus research and managed the North American computer virus labs at Intel Corp. He enjoys 🏋️ staying fit and playing 🏒 ice hockey. He attended Waseda University (早稲田大学) in Tokyo and he loves sci-fi and dogs. His personal blog is Chronicles of a Dilettante. Micheal works with global brands and ambitious startups to help attract, convert, and retain more customers using data-driven strategies rooted in consumer psychology and behavioral science. He had worked with both B2B and B2C clients, from the likes of Johnson & Johnson down to his local design agency down the street. No matter who you are, if you're ready to grow then he can help. His unique approach to marketing is derived from a disparate background in design, computer research, music, and behavioral psychology. He's spent his entire life pursuing knowledge in ostensibly random vocations, granting him the capability to problem-solve from a completely idiosyncratic perspective. LinkedIn: Website:

Dec 2020

37 min 29 sec

Episode #16 Entrepreneurship is about creating your signature offer, building your brand around it, and growing from there. Every offer is unique, and it's very important to make it distinctive and valuable. Know what your clients want most, and how they want it to be delivered to them. Find your "soulmate" clients. They are your ideal clients, someone that you love so much that it lights you up when you serve them. Connect to them and help them get to their ideal outcome. Some people fail in the business because they are indecisive. They fail to recognize their soulmate clients, they refuse to connect, and are not ready to commit to one thing in business. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. You've got to be willing and have a strong mindset to get through the valleys and over the peaks on your journey. A Bit About Kate Kate is a Mom, a stepmom, a wife, a business owner, an author, a podcaster, and a world traveler. She works hard, plays hard, and dreams big. She's living proof that women can be, do, and have it all! Now, she's on a mission to help mompreneurs ditch their 24/7 hustle and build their own brand so they can create the life of their dreams. Today, Kate runs the incredibly successful Ketogenic Living 101 and Ketogenic Living 102 groups to help women find their own style of ketogenic living. She created the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program to teach others how to give the gift of whole-body health.  She finds herself enthralled in educating and empowering her clients to achieve significant, sustainable results. This passion has turned into the heart of her business. She prides herself on making ketogenic living simple, quick, and delicious. She teaches busy women how to quickly turn their bodies into fat-burners instead of sugar-burners so they feel strong, lean, fit, and clear-minded. Kate wants everyone who is interested in Ketogenic Living to have affordable access to what she believes is the best in health and wellness. LinkedIn: Website:  

Dec 2020

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Episode #15 What's your branding? What are your ways of growing your business? Personal branding is very important and it must be authentic. It correlates strongly with money, status, and personal growth. Develop the inside so that you will not collapse on the outside. Personal branding must be done holistically. Go back to your foundation. Mental health and personal well-being must be stable. You must believe yourself so that other people will believe you. Package yourself authentically to attract clients. It's true that visual presentation is important, but quality is more important. Personal branding builds trust. You can achieve anything you want...just make sure it meets your standards. A Bit About Jon Jon is a best-selling author and Forbes Council Thought Leader. He has helped C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to unlock and transform their personal and business leadership authority, influence, and impact to achieve superior Gravitas. Website: LinkedIn:

Dec 2020

40 min

Episode #14 Are you the type of person who overcomplicates things? Did you know that you can still get to your destination while living playfully and joyfully? As humans, we have this sense of accomplishment, looking for acknowledgment from others and prove our worthiness. This is what complicates things. There is always a joyful or playful approach to life. It does not mean you're wrong or unworthy, we just have to accept that it's what we can live and intended for when we were born. Stop contradicting, along the way you're getting indicators, you just have to acknowledge them and follow them. If you're resistant out of nature and you're doing out of proving, you'll just keep repeating that pattern. Everything is responding to the theme of your thought. It's not about the action, it's about coming into alignment with what you desire, finding a way to feel better than you are, and feel good consistently. You can be tired sometimes but it is not what you want to keep focusing on, you have the choice. Life is a journey of new discoveries. A Bit About Christine Christine coaches thought leaders and influencers who are deeply interested in confidently creating their life through the masterful understanding of their own empowerment. Her clients are passionate, life-loving humans who already have a track record of success, who understand that coaching is not a luxury and that hiring her will exponentially affect their lives in powerful and positive ways.   Website: LinkedIn:  

Nov 2020

36 min 58 sec

Episode #13 Are you aware of the common mistakes job seekers make? What steps have you taken in your consideration of a career change? When looking for a job, you should always put your best foot forward. Update your resume, and be confident when talking about points that are relevant to your job or industry. You've got to stand out and be strategic. Use social media to connect with people and professionals, especially those in the same industry as you. Social media gives you an edge through familiarity and commonality. Connect through LinkedIn. Start posting, talk about marketing efforts around your industry. Start building up your profile and get recognized. Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions and to be direct. We have to keep trying, let go of that fear, and keep moving forward. A Bit About Melissa   MELISSAKING is a nationwide boutique firm providing services for Recruiting, Coaching, and Resume Writing. Melissa is solution-focused. She shows a high level of empathy and has the ability to motivate others in challenging times. She has an intuitive and light style that builds rapport quickly and is unafraid to challenge when appropriate. Melissa uses a combination of business models and insight to help clients achieve transformational change. For Recruiting, Melissa provides a unique experience to each client that she represents. She has continued to partner with a variety of business leaders in providing talent acquisition solutions to develop their overall management capabilities and improve talent transformations within Sales/Marketing, Accounting/Finance, IT, and HR teams for all businesses & organizations. Establishing a proven track record in recruiting for mission-critical and executive positions has remained an ongoing focus. Melissa is your source for today's top talent with a commitment that elevates her practice to the forefront of the recruiting industry. She has partnered with leading companies in Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and LA to name a few. ​ With Coaching, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and even students in becoming more effective in their personal and professional life by overcoming personal obstacles standing in the way of living the life they truly want. She has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to elevate their C-Suite, as well as teams to enhance performance. She also partners with individuals on a personal level to get their careers to where they want them to be. ​Melissa has a passion with regard to the growth of individuals and how these individuals, in turn, can foster the growth of their colleagues. She believes that the ability to create, to communicate, and to encourage change is a key factor for the success of both the organization and the individual. Website: LinkedIn:

Nov 2020

28 min 17 sec

Episode #12 Do you always feel like there's a lot going on in your brain? Are you having a hard time when it comes to problem-solving and decisions making? How do you leverage your brain at work? Our brain is always functioning and performing behind the scenes...that's why it demands so much from your body. We need to differentiate the decisions, changes, and choices that are important from those that aren't. Recognize that not every activity you engage in requires the same level of brainpower. Schedule your day from a 'brain energy management' perspective and not just an 'importance' perspective. It is also very important to give yourself a little quiet time to mentally adjust and process before making big decisions. Let your mind connect the problems that are still unsolved and your brain will solve them behind the scene. You just need to turn off distractions to listen to some of those answers.   A Bit About Peter Peter K. Stewart, Ph.D., is an experienced business psychologist specializing in leadership consulting, coaching, and training. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Stewart Leadership, Peter assists in strategic planning, firm development, management, and operational delivery. He continues to have ongoing oversight of the Stewart Leadership family of assessments, including the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment and LEAD NOW! 360° Assessment. In addition to individual leadership coaching, consulting, and delivery of training for clients, Peter also supervises assessment integration and certification for coaches within the programs for Stewart Leadership. Over the last 15 years, with his unique blend of insightful psychological and business perspectives, Peter has helped hundreds of individuals in diverse settings and professional positions achieve success in their personal growth and leadership development. Clients have frequently commented on the ease and speed with which Peter is able to thoroughly grasp the individual and organizational challenges that people are facing. He helps them conceptualize and understand their role in complex organizational systems through clear, practical, and common-sense direction with a clear plan for action. Peter’s formal training in personal development began with his undergraduate studies in psychology and business at Brigham Young University. He completed his graduate studies at the University of Kansas and Ohio State University by earning both a masters and doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in organizational systems, change, and human behavior. He also has expertise in the development, administration, and utilization of assessments, founded in relevant statistical analysis and research methodologies. In addition to being a co-owner of a group practice for several years, Peter is an active researcher, trainer, author, and speaker. As an adjunct professor, he has taught assessment administration and interpretation in the graduate school at Washington State University. He has published many articles and studies in Forbes and peer-reviewed journals, including Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice and The Journal of Clinical Psychology, presented at national conferences and participated in the development, standardization, and psychometric analysis of multiple assessment instruments. Peter’s unique background combined with a pragmatic, skills-focused application makes him ideal to partner with organizations and individuals to bring sustained improvement through talent management and leadership development strategies.   Website: LinkedIn:

Nov 2020

39 min 51 sec

Episode #11 How do you scale up your business? What are the skillsets you need for scaling? What kind of people will you need in your business? The foundation for scaling is taking time to think about what you really want in your life and in your business, then designing your business around that. Know what you want, map out the business, and make informed choices about how you change up your business model to align it better to your original goals. You need to have the right people for the right job. Know what roles you need to have for your business to scale, and make sure you have those right people in them. Find people who understand your direction. In this episode, you will learn how to scale up your business, the things you need to focus on, and the key skill sets you need to scale effectively. A Bit About Natasha Owner of Inspire & Drive. She's always had a passion for the arts; dance, music, theatre, and fashion. A beautiful piece of art, dance, or music inspires her and makes her happy. That’s why she wants to surround herself with creative people. She wants to make business easy and fun so that people can focus on sharing their gifts and talents with the world and make it a more interesting and colorful place. As an international business consultant for over 20 years, Natasha learned how to understand client challenges, remove barriers and help them to create the structure and plans they needed to help their business and teams run more effectively and efficiently.  She knows how to translate all of this so that it makes sense to creative entrepreneurs in small businesses. She’s worked with wedding planners, photographers, videographers, authors, art teachers, and more, helping them to create and implement strategies and processes, get organized, build their teams and develop their leadership skills so they can step out of the day-to-day grind and focus on the big picture and creative vision. Her clients tell her she's the perfect complement to their right-brained, creative approach. She would love to help people take things to the next level without sacrificing creativity, fun, and freedom.    Website: LinkedIn:

Nov 2020

34 min 32 sec

Episode #10 Have you ever experienced having a conversation with someone but they felt like you're blocking them? Conversation architecture means every conversation is multiple possible conversations. It's about constructing the most stable and mindful conversations. Good conversation leads to outcomes that are better for both parties. Authentic and connected conversation involves understanding, responding, and incorporating other people's needs. It's more of deep listening rather than magic phrases that manipulate people. In the conversation, it is important that you feel heard but it is also important to listen and take what they're giving you or taking what is in their head because if not, you will only get half the ingredients to cook up something successful. A Bit About Joshua Born on a Hawaiian volcano, Joshua has spent the last 20 years chasing curiosity and working internationally, with the last 15 based in Asia. He heads up Knowmium, serving as lead Conversation Architect, and training both non-profits and Fortune 100s worldwide in persuasive communications. With Knowmium, he studies the "how" of deeper talk— unpacking fossilized speech patterns and crafting new habits that build trust and collaboratively solve problems. Joshua is the author of Radically Remote (a guide to engaging virtual facilitating). In his spare time, he enjoys running (slowly) on Hong Kong’s trails, photography (less slowly), and reading more books than all the time left in the universe will allow.   Website: LinkedIn:

Nov 2020

39 min 41 sec

Episode #009 How do you find your purpose? What is the process of finding your purpose? Find out what abilities you have that you can offer. Unveil yourself to the world. Struggles are part of the process, but you have to shift your thinking. You need to make a turn, go back up, and overcome it. Focus on the prize, and never lose sight of what you're going after. Give yourself time to know what you really want to do. You deserve to live the life that you want. A Bit About Carol Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a powerful advocate for women unapologetically living life on their terms and doing the work they were meant to do in the world. When she was eight her mother asked her, "Why is it when everyone goes left, you go right?" She replied, "Why do I have to go where everyone else does?" Now, she empowers women to boldly walk their path, too.  A two-time best-selling author, international speaker, and award-winning consultant, Carol's been the "go-to" coach for Grammy Award winners, Paralympic Gold Medalists, Fortune 500 executives, and six-to-seven-figure professionals and entrepreneurs who continue to be successful and driven. Before launching Carol Parker Walsh Consulting, Carol ran a successful image consulting practice, Evolve Image Consulting,  empowering women to build a strong authentic personal brand through a unique styling, powerful presence, and a strong digital footprint. Today, Carol uses her image consulting skills, along with more than 25 years of executive-level experience in corporate, healthcare, and academic settings, to create compelling and successful professional brands and narratives. In this way, she successfully support women in navigating every stage of their personal life and professional career. Often, and proudly, defined as a cross between Michelle Obama and Beyonce' for her insight, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, and rebel approach, Carol helps her clients stop hiding in the shadows of their brilliance and step into the power of who they are - their vision, their purpose, their life's work. There's no one way to the kind of income, lifestyle, and success you deserve. Carol is the mentor that can help you find your path to get there.   Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:  

Nov 2020

28 min 15 sec

Episode #008 Is it difficult to incorporate diet and exercise into your busy life? What's the first step? As high performers, the first thing you want to do is surrender sugar, refined flour, and chemicals. They sap your energy and slow you down. Eat a plant-based diet and you'll get that sense of vitality you're missing. And it won't take long. Tune into your body. Get complete. Remember, it's not only about diet. Food, fitness, and mindset - all three help us reclaim our birthright to health, happiness, and freedom. Learn to prioritize yourself. Make commitments, focus on them, and follow-through. A Bit About Jennifer Jennifer Helene Popken, M.S. is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of initiating, growing, and leading purposeful businesses. She began coaching in 2010 and has worked in the industry with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Career Coaching for individuals and organizations. The creation of methodologies for learning systems is her specialty. She has led end-to-end marketing programs by developing and evolving brands. She creates strategies and content/design across all marketing touchpoints (video, email, social, blog, advertising, community, website, events, etc.).  Jennifer has led online educational programs by developing innovative content strategies for Learning Management Systems (LMS). She directs the design, schedules, budgets, and sales staff to scale systems globally. Additionally, she represents programs as both presenter and evangelist. She has a long track record of developing training methodologies as well as conducting profitable, immersive coach training, marketing, and mentoring programs. She is the Managing Director of Noble-Manhattan, an accredited (ICF, ILM, IAPCM) coach training company in the United States where she is a Master Coach and Coach Trainer. Jennifer speaks fluent French and German and has spent 15 years abroad immersing herself in learning about transformation and growing international businesses. She holds an M.S. in Nutrition and has been consulting groups, companies, and individuals for over a decade on Lifestyle Medicine. Most importantly, she believes that your daily practice is your most powerful medicine. The root of her past, future, and present is in the practice of the grammar and doctrine of Patanjali Yoga.   Website: LinkedIn:

Nov 2020

36 min 58 sec

Episode #007 Being an entrepreneur is equally difficult for both men and women, requiring both a strategy and the focus to implement that strategy. For businesses, there are 3 things that impact customers' buying behavior - hygiene, spending power (or "value for money"), and the digital experience. When at least one of these expectations is properly met, customers will stay with you. For small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it's important to offer a quality digital experience to your customers. Timely and accurate communication, consistent across platforms, is the most important aspect of this experience. Due to the pandemic, the current business model must be changed. Businesses must become more innovative and look out for online summits where you can get prospective clients. Take this chance to collaborate with other coaches. Be innovative in building a network.   A Bit About Pritha Pritha Dubey is a Marshall Goldsmith-certified Leadership Coach, Leaders Excellence Certified Instructor℠, Former Dale Carnegie Trainer, Certified Personal Brand Consultant, and an Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She has been regularly featured on Forbes, showcasing her views and opinions on sales, leadership, coaching, and more. Pritha recently won the Best Sales Coach award by the ET Now World Coaching Congress 2020. She is a skilled facilitator and coaching partner to many senior leaders in the Indian subcontinent. As Creator and Founder of SUCCESS VITAMIN, she provides leaders, sales professionals, and women entrepreneurs the tools they need to harness the power within and live their lives in financial and emotional abundance. Her success mantra comes from her personal experience that helped her scale up from being a financial consultant to being a highly successful business coach with a community of successful coaches. Throughout her journey, she employed the same practices that she teaches today. She has spent over 18 years in the field of banking & financial services, human resources, and learning & development (L&D). Her hands-on experience in sales, leadership, training & coaching helped her formulate the sure-fire mantras of success. Her clientele includes entrepreneurs, 'solopreneurs', and intrapreneurs. She consults with large corporations on growing the effectiveness of their sales force. And she also assists L&D teams at corporations to design and deliver immersion programs for their employees to bridge the competency gap. Pritha is enthusiastic about all personality development work and believes that self-awareness is the key to making new choices about how you lead your life and business. In addition to coaching leaders, she teaches women how to earn financial freedom based on her proven methodology of success. She works with women who aspire to have an inspirational career and work from the comfort of their choice to live a "laptop lifestyle" full of luxury and success. Her Programs on Sales, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and TTT (Train the Trainer) have been appreciated by professionals across the globe. The unique format of her Women Entrepreneur Academy program merges every aspect of a successful women’s world – business tactics, money management, leadership, and sales guidance with fashioned content. Her approach to coaching is what sets her apart – simple yet elegant, easy to follow, experiential, and result-oriented.   Website: LinkedIn:

Nov 2020

32 min 23 sec

Episode #006 Did you ever think about writing a book, but you don't know where to begin? It's important to discipline yourself first. Make sure to dedicate a specific time in your daily schedule to write something or draft a paragraph. Write something every day. You should know the reason why you want to write a book. Know your "why", come up with an idea, create an outline, and figure out what the content of each chapter will be. Don't do any editing during the first draft. Finish it, then go back to do the editing. Seek out reviews from people who don't know you well, or at all. It's the only way you can guarantee honest feedback and will help you find the right finishing touches before you publish your book. A Bit About Parul Originally from India, she arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, to start her own family after having a "Big Fat Indian Wedding". New country, new culture, new food, new education system...she wanted to explore it all. Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in India, her first obvious step was to pursue her studies in a country that has one of the best higher education systems in the world. She took full advantage of this golden opportunity to graduate with two Masters’ degrees, first in Electronics System Engineering Technology and then in Material Science Engineering from Arizona State University. Working hard to feed her mind, and partying even harder, she never really cared about what she was feeding her body.  Her faulty eating habits took a toll on her health. Before she even realized it, she weighed 154 pounds, and at barely five feet tall, she had a BMI of 30.1.  It was time for a serious change. During her pursuit to find the best possible solution for her health, she pursued a number of Holistic Health courses and came across the wonderful world of green juicing.  Initially, she was appalled at the idea of drinking a glass of liquefied greens. But she tweaked her recipes (that’s the part she loves most about Juicing) to her taste buds and fell in love with this nutritional powerhouse in a glass. Thanks to juicing, she lost all the excess weight she had put on in the last few years. She gained back her energy and her youthfulness. She was a New Parul and she was ready to make even more changes in her life. Now it was time to take a serious look at her career choices and find what she was truly passionate about… As a result of her newly engineered passion, she started giving workshops on healthy eating. People asked her for recipes, and as she was so keen to help, she printed her best recipes for them. Eventually, these handouts became a book about green juicing.  Her book became an International Bestseller in multiple countries and categories. After its release, people started asking her the “secret” of what looked like an overnight success. Within three years later, she had the privilege of working with over 250 entrepreneurs, helping to scale their businesses by using the right growth strategies, and guiding them to becoming published, bestselling authors. Website: LinkedIn:  

Oct 2020

30 min 11 sec

Episode #005 What makes other people successful, while others falter? It's important not to dwell too long on the disappointments and adversities that you face. It's also necessary to give yourself room to grieve your losses and move forward. Don't let them overtake you. Acknowledge your options, and know the consequences of your choices. If you fall down, get back up. What matters most is that you enjoy and focus on the experience, rather than the destination. Get out there, develop that experience, and keep learning. In this episode, Jenn Lofgren details her dynamic approach to business coaching, and how you can achieve your goals even in these trying times. A Bit About Jenn: Specializing in Leadership & Executive Coaching, Jenn Lofgren is a Master Certified Coach who's become a thought-partner for evolving leaders. While leadership coaching is her specialty, Jenn doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all coaching. Real people simply don’t work that way. Jenn wants leaders to have a positive impact on those around them, which is why she leads from a place of curiosity and choice. In this way, she supports you in uncovering what's holding you back, enabling you to create the shifts you need to become a bold, inspiring, and magnetic leader. Jenn is one of 3 Master Certified Coaches in Calgary (out of 54 total in Canada). With over 15 years of experience in coaching, mentoring, gap analysis, and strategic development, Jenn has an insatiable drive to learn new concepts. This allows her to understand the bigger picture of leadership, becoming a more impactful and confidential thought-partner for your needs. She is fortunate to be a partner with the Women’s Executive Network, a contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council, MBA mentor through the Haskayne School of Business, and a member of numerous boards, councils, and committees. She was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women (WXN) in 2018, as an outstanding Alumni by Mount Royal University in 2019, and named Entrepreneur of the Year by Distinctive Women’s Magazine (2014). Among these accolades, one of her most significant and rewarding accomplishments is volunteering with the Calgary Youth Justice Society, helping at-risk youth become community leaders. Credentials aside, when not working with inspiring leaders, you can find her being a wife, mom, fearless skier, and aspiring golfer. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Jenn works with leaders across the world, inspiring and empowering leaders worldwide.   Website: LinkedIn:

Oct 2020

33 min 50 sec

Episode #004 What kind of a coach are you, how do people see you and what does your client say about you and your work? Know and understand your audience, how they act, how they perceive things, how they communicate. Adjust based on who and what kind of client you are handling and help that person avoid resistance. In order for your audience to believe what you teach, believe in what you do, and love what you do first. Until you decide who you are and who you want to become, you cannot coach someone. Your work and word are going to go beyond yourself. You never know who is talking with whom. The only thing that you have is integrity. As a coach, you don't need to know everything. You just need to know your turf, know your path, know how to get to your destination, and always give your best in your chosen path. Today's guest is Susan Ibitz, a Human Behavior Hacker, Lead Researcher, and Trainer at the Human Behavior Lab. Being born with dyslexia, Susan learned communication in a completely different way.

Oct 2020

43 min 54 sec

Episode #003 What kind of approach do you use in your coaching business? What are your struggles in the coaching business, especially during this pandemic? In coaching for high-level performers, it's very important to be clear, concise, and direct. When you are a consultant or a coach, it is very essential to involve your client in the process of solving issues together. Be their accountability/sparring buddy. Guide them in polishing their leadership style. The reason why projects or companies grow better and faster is not only because the people and leaders work faster, it's because the leadership team realized for themselves what needs to change. A coach's responsibility is to make sure that leaders, especially at the C-suite level, understand that they should not be focusing only on their career, but holistically. It is important to focus on your BODY, EMOTION, MINDSET, and EXECUTIVE CAREER (B.E. M.E.). In this episode, get to know more about Michaela Lindinger and how her principles are impacting her clients, and soon, the world. Quick Bio: Michaela Lindinger is the founder, CEO, and mastermind behind braininspa! Her vision is to inspire executives, entrepreneurs, and next-generation leaders towards working with more clarity, productivity, passion, and presence NOW! As one of the youngest executives in an international management consulting firm, she has worked with Fortune 500 organizations and clients around the world on digital strategies and large scale transformation projects. She was responsible for helping client teams with value creation, product, and process innovations in multi-million-dollar projects. She has also worked with several national and international startups and corporations to guide their talents when preparing for the challenges of digital transformation and adjusting their business models to become agile and purpose-driven. She understands successful entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders because she is a millennial serial founder and experienced corporate executive, as well as a working mom and family-manager. At 28, she received the ASG Leadership Award for visionary leadership. She's been a lecturing professor for Bachelors and Masters courses on innovation and business models since the age of 29. She's also a member of the international Forbes Coaches Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. For the last 15+ years, she has inspired her clients as an Executive and Leadership Coach, High-Performance Expert, Sparring Partner, Employee Experience Angel, Keynote Speaker, and Team Development Trainer.   Website: LinkedIn:

Oct 2020

30 min 25 sec

Episode #002 What did you manage to do well today? What's your contribution? What are your goals or intentions? The key to success is the ability to connect with others and build genuine relationships. These relationships begin within yourself. Build a good balance inside yourself in order to connect with others. We must set clear goals and intentions. Always remind yourself of the things you want to change without forgetting your intentions. Accept that there are limitations, refocus your attention on what you can accomplish, and keep loving what you do. In this episode, get to know more about Thomas Gelmi. He's an expert in personal and interpersonal competence and creates value for his clients as an executive coach, facilitator, and sparring partner. Quick Bio: For almost two decades, Thomas Gelmi has been a coach, facilitator, and sparring partner supporting leaders and teams in their development at various levels and in numerous industries. He focuses on developing personal and interpersonal competence in leadership, teamwork, and customer contact. For his practice, he draws on an extraordinary biography with exciting milestones, including a seven-year stint at Swissair. In his time leading and training cabin crews at 30,000 feet, he experienced first-hand how important a high level of personal and interpersonal competence is for effective human interaction. Additionally, he has many years of professional experience in various management positions and as a team leader and trained caregiver in accidents and other extreme situations. Based in Switzerland, Thomas Gelmi works all across Europe and increasingly in North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. His clients include global corporations as well as SMEs and private individuals. Thomas presently lives near Zurich. Website:

Oct 2020

42 min 29 sec

Episode #001 The word "decision" comes from a Latin word that means "to cut off".  When you cut loose from other options and get laser-focused on that one option in front of you, then you will find the way to make things work. When you're out of options, success comes. Coaching is one of the hardest businesses to succeed in. In this first episode of The Successful Coach Podcast, find out how Shahab Anari manages to make his coaching business thrive in a foreign country and eventually, be one of the top coaches out there. Quick Bio: Shahab Anari, MD is a Personal Brand Expert, International Motivational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author on resilience, who helps his audience make the impact they have always wanted to make. Although he was not accepted into the gifted program as a kid, he came first among more than one million contenders in the fierce nation-wide University Entrance Exam in his country of birth in 1997. He trained as a medical doctor, but he was not passionate about medicine as a career. Therefore, after graduation, he made the long and difficult transition to becoming a speaker. Now, he serves people in 19 different countries. Although he had a very difficult first couple of years after immigrating to Canada, he was recognized as one of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants in 2020. LinkedIn Profile: Company website:

Oct 2020

37 min 50 sec