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Yet another Soundtrack Spotlight! Our forces have been spread thin, our rations have been depleted, and we are so sleep-deprived that none of us can remember which day of the week it is. We remember the year, though: it's the Year of Goldsmith, which continues apace with the new Music Box release of Jerry Goldsmith's brilliant score for Ridley Scott’s Legend. Your humble hosts David and Yavar are joined by two insightful film music historians: Paul MacLean, who wrote the liner notes for the original Silva Screen expansion, and Jeff Bond, who wrote the liner notes for this new edition. They discuss the fascinating and messy history of the project, each writer's approach to tackling the liner notes, the differences between the way Goldsmith's music is used in the director's cut of the film vs. the European cut, and much more! This one digs a little deeper than your average Spotlight, but we think the material deserves it (and as usual, there are a host of illustrative excerpts from the new album along the way). So ringle-rangle your device of choice and give it a listen!Legend Soundtrack Spotlight - (annotated) Track ListPlease send your correspondence to

Nov 18

2 hr 15 min

Hey, nice costume! Here's a little treat for you: the second and final part of David's Odyssey Interview with composer Leanna Primiani. After discussing the benefits of studying sheet music and Goldsmith's deep understanding of how to use an orchestra, David and Leanna dig into an wide-ranging examination of Poltergeist: the specificity with which the characters are drawn, the ways in which Goldsmith's compositional approach mirrors that of John Williams, the benefits of having a substantial amount of time to write a film score, Goldsmith's ability to find musical beauty in horror films, and much more! Numerous fascinating, under-appreciated aspects of one of Goldsmith's most iconic horror scores are examined here... it's a conversation you don't want to miss. Okay, kids, be safe out there, look both ways when you cross the street!The Ivory Wave music: the Poltergeist soundtrack (yes, you still can, and at normal CD prices!) Poltergeist soundtrack discussion to happen October 30, 2021: score (in print - sheets of music, hundreds of sheets of music): send your correspondence to

Oct 27

1 hr 49 min

It's time for a new Odyssey Interview! David sits down for a conversation with composer Leanna Primiani, who previously appeared alongside members of the Odyssey team on Score Masters: Celebrating John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. In the first installment of this two-part interview, Leanna tells us all about her score for the new short film Ivory Wave, which is being performed live to picture this week at the Nightmares Film Festival. Additionally, Leanna talks about getting her start in the world of film music, why she's drawn to the horror genre, the surprising virtues of temp tracks, the creative use of electronics in her music, the importance of musical training, and more! Much more, in fact: join us later on this month for part two of David and Leanna's conversation, which digs into the marvels of Jerry Goldsmith's score for Poltergeist. Enjoy!The Ivory Wave score pre-save link:'s IMDB: website: festival: send your correspondence to

Oct 20

1 hr 1 min

La-La Land's wonderful Goldsmith at 20th series keeps rolling along and so do our Soundtrack Spotlights! This time, we're taking a look at Volume 4, which pairs Goldsmith's strikingly different scores for the aviation-themed films Tora! Tora! Tora! and Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies. Your humble hosts David and Yavar are joined by special guests Jeff Bond (who wrote the liner notes) and Chris Malone (who performed the substantial restoration on Ace Eli), both of whom offer plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes info. You'll hear about the considerable audio quality upgrade Ace Eli has received, Ace Eli's unusual path to the big screen, the musical diversity and dramatic effectiveness of Goldsmith's eclectic Ace Eli score, and more. Yessir, if it's Ace Eli details you want, you'll get plenty of 'em here!The guys also mention Tora! Tora! Tora!Enjoy!Links!GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 4 – ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES / TORA! TORA! TORA!: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET)Spielberg Completist: ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES (1973)The Making of THE OTHER (1972)Please send your correspondence to

Oct 16

1 hr 11 min

Suppose a dying man should choose just one podcast as his gift to the living. What sort of a podcast would it be? Well, that of course would depend upon the man himself. If he's a very good man, he might leave a very good podcast. A very evil man... well, his gift might be called... The TMZ Podcast. And a genial, slightly playful, music-loving man who simply wants everyone to have a pretty good time for a couple of hours? There's a chance he might serve up this episode of The Goldsmith Odyssey, in which your humble hosts Yavar, David, and Clark examine Jerry Goldsmith's moody, suspenseful score for the occult-themed Thriller episode "Dark Legacy." We think you'll like it. Did we make a deal with the notorious demon Asteroth in order to ensure that you'll like it? You'll have to listen to find out!Please send your correspondence to

Oct 1

2 hr 11 min

One day, new Goldsmith album releases will slow to a steady trickle, and these Soundtrack Spotlights will follow suit. However: today is not that day! Varèse Sarabande has released a new Deluxe Edition presentation of Jerry's under-appreciated score for Love Field, and we've got all the details (and lots of album clips) for you in this brief but informative show. Your humble hosts Yavar and David are joined by film music journalist Tim Greiving, who wrote the liner notes for this release. The guys discuss how this new album allows the listener to better understand the architecture of Goldsmith's score, other scores from the era that belong to the same musical sound world as this one, the production struggles that caused portions of Goldsmith's score to be replaced by blues piano compositions from Bill Payne, and more! So give it a listen and we’ll have another 1, 2, or 39 Spotlights headed your way soon. Enjoy!For your reference, here's the always helpful and informative Love Field Soundtrack Spotlight track list.Please send your correspondence to

Sep 7

43 min 58 sec

It's a special team-up episode!ANALYSIS TEAM-UP: Your humble hosts Yavar, David, and Clark are joined by musicologist Dr. Reba Wissner, author of A Dimension in Sound: Music of The Twilight Zone!WEIRD TEAM-UP: Together, they examine the Thriller episode "Terror in Teakwood," in which an esteemed classical pianist forms a strange relationship with the contents of a mysterious teakwood chest! COMPOSER TEAM-UP: That episode features tense, suspenseful music by Jerry Goldsmith, and his work is joined by solo piano compositions from Cesar Giovannini!YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL TEAM-UP: Finally, we encourage you to join forces with your electronic device of choice to listen to this podcast! It's three hours of solid, collaborative entertainment!Please send your correspondence to

Sep 1

3 hr 11 min

Maybe you've heard of Cabo Blanco. Then again, maybe you haven't. It's a remote fishing village off the coast of Peru. It's also the name of an underwhelming movie, starring Charles Bronson and scored by Jerry Goldsmith. Despite Jerry being there, the film certainly didn't find its way onto any best-of lists that we know of. Nevertheless, this is the edge of cinema where legendary scores are born. La-La Land has reissued and slightly expanded that score, and we'd like to tell you about it. Oh, by the way, our names are Clark and David. That’s our guest there in the studio: Chris Malone, who mixed the new album. Giving us all the details on the wonders of CaboBlanco.Here is your always helpful and informative CaboBlanco Soundtrack Spotlight Track List!Please send your correspondence to

Aug 25

56 min 3 sec

Clark and David pass around the collection plate on behalf of Intrada's Goldsmith-themed Kickstarter. If you feel led to contribute, click here: Black Patch / The Man (Jerry Goldsmith) New Recording!

Aug 13

8 min 49 sec

We're pleased to present our very first haunted episode! Returning guest Leigh Phillips joins your humble hosts Yavar and David for a discussion of the Thriller episode "Mr. George," which tells the story of a young girl's mysterious spectral guardian, and features a Goldsmith score built around an exquisitely tender main theme. Leigh has a good deal of unique insight into this one, having reconstructed and re-recorded selections from this score for the first volume of Tadlow's wonderful Thriller series. Additionally, using our groundbreaking new P.E.P. (Paranormal Editing Process) System, David is able to weave commentary from Ghost Clark (who is much like Regular Clark, but a ghost) throughout the episode. Click the "apparate" button on your listening device of choice and enjoy!NOTE: early on, we mishear the name of an instrument called a "mark tree" due to Leigh's charming accent. Therefore, throughout most of the episode we refer to this chimes-like instrument as a "mock tree" — our apologies! Learn more about the mark tree here.Here is your Goldsmith Odyssey - Thriller: Mr. George Track ListSend your correspondence to

Aug 1

3 hr 20 min

Our latest Soundtrack Spotlight is (an examination of Intrada's new presentation of Jerry Goldsmith's gritty, propulsive score for) Extreme (Prejudice)! Your humble hosts Jens and David are joined by Douglass Fake of Intrada Records and liner notes writer John Takis. Among the topics of discussion: the surprising complexity of Goldsmith's thematic work, the messy history of the score's creation, memories of working with Jerry on the original album release, what sets this new release apart from previous editions, the importance of this score in the history of Intrada Records, and more! Naturally, you'll be treated to plenty of samples from the album along the way. We may be excessively biased, but we think you’ll enjoy it.Here is your handy Extreme Prejudice Soundtrack Spotlight Track List!Please send your correspondence to

Jul 23

52 min 11 sec

The Goldsmith releases keep pouring in, which means we've got yet another Soundtrack Spotlight for you! This time, we're examining a particularly thrilling Goldsmith premiere: Intrada's new release of the rejected score for the 1992 film The Public Eye. Your humble hosts Yavar and David are joined by the album's liner notes writer Frank DeWald, who analyzes the score from a purely musical perspective, and Intrada's Douglass Fake, who provides some thoughts on how the music might have worked in relation to the film for which it was written. Among the other topics of discussion: the contrasts between Goldsmith's music and Mark Isham's replacement score, the distinctive instrumental choices (eliminating brass, while employing double bass, triangle, and light electronic touches) Goldsmith made on this score, Frank's approach to writing liner notes, the other Goldsmith efforts this score's main theme has appeared in, what we know about why the score was rejected, and more. As usual, you'll hear plenty of illustrative excerpts from the new album along the way. This is music that will be brand-new to most Goldsmith fans, so don't miss this revealing snapshot of an important new release!Here is your Soundtrack Spotlight on The Public Eye Track List!Please send your correspondence to

Jun 25

51 min 5 sec

Soundtrack Spotlight ho! With only a few days left to order the latest physical CD edition, Douglass Fake of Intrada Records talks to Jens and Yavar about Jerry Goldsmith's wonderful London Symphony Orchestra re-recording of the vibrant western score Rio Conchos. Over the course of nearly 90 minutes, Doug discusses the motivation behind offering a new digital version of this album, the audio tweaks between it and the previous two issues, the story of pairing Jerry with the LSO for the first time, the decision to add Jerry's masterful The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint to the album, sitting next to Jerry's father Morris at the connected LSO live concert, the challenges of financing ambitious projects like this one,  the benefits of having Jerry's frequent collaborator Bruce Botnick onboard, the differences between these performances and the original film performances, and much more! This one is full of wonderful memories and illuminating stories, so don't miss it!0:00:00 - Rio Conchos (re-recording, 2021 release, unless otherwise noted) - Bandits Ho!0:00:52 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (Prologue to The Agony and the Ecstasy)0:05:52 - Lonely Are the Brave - On the Run0:06:36 - Lonely Are the Brave - 3M960:09:58 - Rio Conchos - Bandits Ho!0:14:43 - Rio Conchos - Bandits Ho!0:15:05 - Rio Conchos - The Corral0:21:50 - Rio Conchos - Rio Conchos (Main Title)0:26:11 - Poltergeist II: The Other Side - The Power0:29:31 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint0:39:31 - Rio Conchos - River Crossing0:41:27 - Frontiers (Varese re-recording) - Damnation Alley  - End Title0:42:28 - Patton (Varese re-recording) - Main Title0:43:16 - Patton (film recording) - Main Title0:43:51 - Patton (original album recording) - Main Title0:44:46 - Patton (Varese re-recording) - Main Title0:45:04 - Rio Conchos (1989 release) - Aftermath 0:47:18 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (1989 release)0:47:39 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (1989 release)0:54:50 - Rio Conchos - Wall of Fire (alternate original take)0:55:26 - Rio Conchos - Wall of Fire0:58:22 - Rio Conchos - Wall of Fire1:00:07 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (film recording)1:00:33 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint1:01:08 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint1:01:36 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (film recording)1:04:45 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint1:07:18 - The Blue Max - Main Title1:07:48 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint1:08:09 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint  (1989 LSO live concert performance)1:12:44 - Rio Conchos - The River1:14:21 - Rio Conchos - Rio Conchos (Main Title)1:14:57 - Rio Conchos - Special Delivery1:15:15 - Rio Conchos - Free Men / The Intruder1:16:03 - Rio Conchos - Special Delivery1:17:40 - Rio Conchos - End Cast1:18:13 - Night Crossing - Into the West (alternate)1:19:57 - Rio Conchos - Special Delivery1:21:47 - Rio Conchos - Where's the Water?1:27:44 - Rio Conchos - End CastEdited by Wes Deckers.Please send your correspondence to

Jun 18

1 hr 28 min

It's Goldsmith-pickin' season, and we've got another fresh, juicy Soundtrack Spotlight for you! Your humble hosts David and Yavar are joined by film music journalist Tim Greiving to discuss Varese Sarabande's new Deluxe Edition of Jerry’s rich, thrilling score for Franklin J. Schaffner's Lionheart. The guys discuss the challenges of doing research on this project, Tim's approach to writing the liner notes, the score's key themes, the film's struggles to achieve its ambitions, the other Goldsmith scores this one resembles, the process of sorting through the film's frustrating music edits, and much more. So don your armor(-plated headphones), and join our noble quest to place the spotlight on another worthy Goldsmith release!Find your handy Lionheart Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight track list here!Please send your correspondence to

Jun 1

54 min 26 sec

The good folks at La-La Land Records have released the third volume of their excellent Goldsmith at 20th series, and we're pleased to be able to place this one under the Soundtrack Spotlight! This release pairs Goldsmith's alternately jazzy and tender music for the 1963 drama The Stripper with his quirky, entertaining effort for the 1974 comedy S*P*Y*S. Your humble hosts Yavar, David, Clark, and Jens are joined by Goldsmith expert Jeff Bond (who wrote the liner notes for this album) for a discussion of both scores. In addition, you'll hear thoughts on La-La Land's re-release of The Blue Max (featured on the first Goldsmith at 20th installment), Goldsmith's approach to comedy scoring, the single cue Goldsmith wrote for the 1960 western Flaming Star (included as a bonus track on this release), and more! Whether you're attempting to start a new life after being abandoned by your sleazy manager or engaging in international espionage while evading clumsy assassins, take a break for an hour or so and enjoy this conversation!00:00 - S*P*Y*S - Get Rid of the Dog (Goldsmith)02:38 - The Blue Max - First Blood (Goldsmith)07:48 - Studs Lonigan - The Crises (Goldsmith)08:19 - The Blue Max - Main Title (Goldsmith)08:48 - Flaming Star - Pacer's Farewell (Goldsmith)10:15 - Flaming Star - Flaming Star (Elvis Presley)12:01 - Cape Fear - Max (Bernard Herrmann)13:07 - Flaming Star - Pacer's Farewell (Goldsmith)16:26 - The Stripper - Lila and Helen (Goldsmith)18:36 - Studs Lonigan - Out of Work (Goldsmith)19:40 - Picnic - Hal's Theme (George Duning)20:35 - Playhouse 90 - "A Marriage of Strangers" - A New Home (Goldsmith)22:32 - The Stripper - Main Title (Goldsmith)24:07 - The Stripper - Empty Room (Goldsmith)26:33 - The Stripper - The New Job (Goldsmith)30:12 - The Stripper - Party Boy (Goldsmith)32:08 - S*P*Y*S - Get Rid of the Dog (Goldsmith)32:20 - S*P*Y*S - Dog-Gone Paris (Goldsmith)33:02 - S*P*Y*S - Triple Cross (Goldsmith)33:30 - S*P*Y*S - Anybody Got a Key? (Goldsmith)36:12 - Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate - Main Title (Goldsmith)37:08 - S*P*Y*S - Main Title (Goldsmith)39:06 - The Trouble with Angels - L.S.M.F.T. (Goldsmith)41:09 - Mr. Baseball - Winning Streak (Goldsmith)43:01 - Romeo and Juliet - Love Theme (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)43:15 - S*P*Y*S - New Friends (Goldsmith)45:16 - S*P*Y*S - Who's Paying? (Goldsmith)47:21 - S*P*Y*S - The Siberian Blues (Goldsmith)47:43 - S*P*Y*S - A Welcome Guest (Goldsmith)48:51 - S*P*Y*S - Woops (Goldsmith)50:17 - S*P*Y*S - A Welcome Guest (Goldsmith)50:49 - S*P*Y*S - Table Talk (Goldsmith)55:40 - The Stripper - End Title (Goldsmith)Please send your correspondence to

May 20

57 min 9 sec

Our chefs are hard at work in the kitchen, experimenting with various aural seasonings and editing techniques as they prepare to serve our next regular episode. In the meantime, however, please enjoy this delicious apertif: a brief, entertaining interview with film score reconstructionist (and friend of the show) Leigh Phillips, who fills us in on the status of a potential Thriller: Volume 3 Kickstarter, reveals which Thriller scores would likely be included on that album, talks about his work reconstructing Jerry Goldsmith's score for Damnation Alley, reveals his favorite recent Goldsmith album releases, and more! Plus, be sure to stay tuned for that regular episode, in which Leigh will give us his expert analysis of Goldsmith's score for the Thriller installment Mr. George. Enjoy!00:00 - Thriller - "Mr. George" - The Garden (Goldsmith)02:19 - Thriller - "Pigeons from Hell" (Morton)04:44 - Thriller - "What Beckoning Ghost" - Waking Up (Goldsmith)05:38 - Thriller - "The Dark Legacy" - Book, Dog & Fireplace (Goldsmith)06:16 - Thriller - "Guillotine" - Guillotine Test (Goldsmith)06:36 - Thriller - "The Cheaters" - Miriam's Excursion (Goldsmith)07:26 - Thriller - "The Storm" (Morton)07:57 - Thriller - "The Devil’s Ticket" (Morton)16:34 - Damnation Alley - Refueling Stop (Film Audio) (Goldsmith)18:31 - Damnation Alley - Refueling Stop (Intrada Album) (Goldsmith)23:36 - The Salamander - Car Bomb (Goldsmith)23:48 - Thriller - The Grim Reaper - Prologue (Goldsmith)26:08 - Damnation Alley - The Desert (Film Audio) (Goldsmith)27:20 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Synth for Main Theme (Goldsmith)28:18 - Damnation Alley - The Desert ARP OD (Stem) (Goldsmith)29:02 - Damnation Alley - The Desert (Recording Session) (Goldsmith)29:29 - Damnation Alley - The Desert ARP OD (Mix) (Goldsmith)30:15 - Damnation Alley - The Desert (Intrada Album) (Goldsmith)31:35 - Tron Legacy - The Son of Flynn (Daft Punk)32:31 - Air Force One - Firing on Air Force One (McNeely)36:00 - US Marshals - Funeral Ambush (Goldsmith)39:04 - Damnation Alley - Valley of Death (Intrada Album) (Goldsmith)Please send your correspondence to

Apr 30

40 min 47 sec

A substantial Goldsmith expansion receives the Soundtrack Spotlight treatment! This time, your humble hosts David and Clark sit down on their tuffet for a conversation with legendary recording engineer and album producer Bruce Botnick, who produced Varese Sarabande's new complete presentation of Jerry Goldsmith's score for the 2001 thriller Along Came a Spider. Over the course of this chat, Bruce tells us about the approach he takes when re-examining a score he worked on years earlier, the distinctive musical soundscape Goldsmith created for this project, why this score works best when it can be heard in full, and much more! Naturally, you'll be treated to plenty of compelling excerpts from the new album along the way. Plus: a bit of breaking news that will be of particular interest to Disney soundtrack fans. So grab a bowl of curds and whey, sit down beside us, and enjoy!Here is your detailed Goldsmith Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight - Along Came a Spider Track List!Please send your correspondence to

Apr 19

48 min 10 sec

Way back in Episode 8 (our Fifties Roundup show), we talked about Jerry Goldsmith's memorable theme for the western TV series Black Saddle and also noted a couple fun cover versions of the theme we had found. Since then, we've uncovered a host of additional cover versions and thought it might be fun to produce a Gold Nugget featuring them. Over time, this nugget evolved into something considerably more grandiose: a massive affair with two special guests (Bill Humphrey of the ‘60s surf band The Revelairs and John Gilbert, whose father Herschel Burke Gilbert was the music director for Black Saddle), several exclusive interviews with musicians who have covered the theme, analysis of the music featured on the TV show itself, and a generous collection of Black Saddle covers. A grand achievement or an excessive work of madness? Take a day off, click play, and decide for yourself!Besides our two regular guests John Gilbert and Bill Humphrey, the show also includes additional side interviews with:Tom Bittel of The AquatudesNoé Socha, Josh Davis, and Quinn Murphy of The New York GremmiesLorenzo Friday of 13 TikisDonny Allen, Tim Allen, and Doug Mellenthine of the Ghost Riders Drum and Bugle Corps; during the interview Doug makes reference to this list of Black Saddle performances on the Drum Corps Xperience.Click here for your Black Saddle: History of a Theme full track list and links to corresponding untruncated YouTube video performances.Older quoted interviews in full: Jerry Goldsmith (May 8th, 2002) and Herschel Burke Gilbert (April 30th, 2001) interviewed by Jon Burlingame for the Archive of American TelevisionPlease send your correspondence to


Mar 31

3 hr 38 min

Wanted: 49 minutes of your time! Hot on the heels of The Don Is Dead and Take Her, She's Mine, the good folks at Intrada Records have served up yet another exciting Goldsmith premiere: the 1959 western Face of a Fugitive (previously covered way back in Episode 3 of The Goldsmith Odyssey). As such, it's time for another Soundtrack Spotlight, with Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson of Intrada joining your humble hosts Yavar and Clark for a conversation about this compelling and important early Goldsmith score. This informative chat offers conversation about discovering music that was previously believed to be missing, how this score offers the first real taste of Goldsmith's signature action writing, thoughts on the score's key thematic ideas, and whether or not there's any possibility of getting Goldsmith's Black Patch on album at some point in the future. Plus, you'll be treated to a variety of clips that give you a good taste of what the full album has to offer. Check out the Spotlight, then check out the album – we think you'll enjoy both.And here's your track list for the Face of a Fugitive Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight!   Send your correspondence to

Mar 23

49 min 11 sec

Recently, The Goldsmith Odyssey was thrilled to join forces with The Legacy of John Williams podcast and the Ipswich Film Theatre to present Score Masters, a celebration of both Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. While you can watch the full program on YouTube, we're pleased to present this audio-only version (enhanced by newly-added illustrative music clips) for those who prefer the podcast format. You'll hear insightful commentary from a truly remarkable panel of experts: Oscar-nominated composer/conductor David Newman, Grammy-winning classical composer/conductor Leonard Slatkin, soundtrack producer Mike Matessino, sound engineer and producer Bruce Botnick, acclaimed pianist/keyboardist Mike Lang, composer Leanna Primiani, and author/writer Jeff Bond. In addition to the familiar voices of Yavar and David, you'll hear questions from their fellow moderators Maurizio Caschetto and Tim Burden, along with some comments from IFT director Daniel Champion. It's a truly special, illuminating, entertaining two hours of conversation – don't miss it!Here is the full track list.Ipswich Film TheatreThe Ipswich Film Theatre is an independent cinema established in 1975. It is home to respected repertory film programming and the best British and international features and documentaries.The Legacy of John WilliamsThe Legacy of John Williams is a platform to celebrate and promote the cultural and aesthetic importance of the music of John Williams. Send your correspondence to

Mar 1

2 hr 15 min

Your dear loving friends return! We plunge into 2021 with an incisive look at the 1961 Thriller episode "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper." Your humble hosts Yavar, David, and Clark take a stab at analyzing Jerry Goldsmith's piercing score, which features a killer main theme. They also dissect the episode itself, praising the sharper elements and skewering the weaker ones. We hope you enjoy tearing into this one!Here is the full Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper Goldsmith Odyssey track list!Send your correspondence to

Jan 31

2 hr 34 min

A little something for your stocking: it's the final Soundtrack Spotlight of 2020! Douglass Fake of Intrada Records joins Yavar and Jens for an exploration of Intrada's latest reissue of Jerry Goldsmith's rich, thrilling score for the ill-fated 1981 war movie Inchon. Over the course of this installment, the guys discuss Intrada's long-term relationship with this particular Goldsmith score, the process of remastering the album in a hi-res format, the unusual environment the score was recorded in, the gradual critical rehabilitation of the score over the years, and much more! Plus, you'll hear some choice excerpts from Goldsmith's score along the way. Enjoy, and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!Fact check: Yavar says Intrada reissued Inchon in 2010, when it was actually 2013. Doug confuses "Task Force" for "The Ships" and says the original 1982 album is on disc two of the reissue, when it is on disc one. Jens remains faultless.Send your correspondence to

Dec 2020

1 hr 1 min

Earlier this year the good folks at Intrada Records served up the world premiere release of Jerry Goldsmith's lively score for the 1963 comedy Take Her, She's Mine, and that album is now getting its own Soundtrack Spotlight! Yavar and David are joined by three of the album's key participants: Mike Matessino (who produced the album), Chris Malone (who did the painstaking restoration work), and John Takis (who provided the liner notes). You'll receive a full portrait of just how much effort went into the creation of the album, learn why the timing was right for this particular release, and hear generous excerpts of Goldsmith's entertaining music along the way. Click the download button and take her, she's yours!And here is your friendly, neighborhood Take Her, She's Mine Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight  track list!Featuring appearances by the music from The Stripper, Anna and the King, Von Ryan's Express, The Detective, Shock Treatment, Fate is the Hunter, Bachelor Flat, The Gunfighter, Prince of Foxes, Monsignor, Minority Report, The Towering Inferno, Planet of the Apes, The Legend That Walks Like a Man, Silver Streak, Morituri, The Sand Pebbles, Superman: The Movie, Lonely Are The Brave, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation, The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint, The Blue Max, Flaming Star, Mr. Baseball, Explorers, The Trouble with Angels, Thriller - Late Date, The List of Adrian Messenger, Lilies of the Field, A Gathering of Eagles, The Prize, Seven Days In May and Take Her, She's Mine.Also brief interview clips from the 2002 Interview with Jon Burlingame, 1998’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, and a 1989 BBC Cinema 2 interview, and clips from Peck's Bad Girl, CBS Radio Workshop “A Pride Of Carrots, or Venus Well Served,” and Take Her, She's Mine.Please send your correspondence to

Dec 2020

1 hr 32 min

After joining us for what turned out to be a full-blown Odyssey Interview, composer Carlos Rafael Rivera (currently earning widespread acclaim for his fine work on the Netflix miniseries The Queen's Gambit) was kind enough to stick around for an examination of the Goldsmith-scored Rawhide episode "Incident in the Middle of Nowhere." It's a dynamic, exciting effort that both foreshadows later western scores like Rio Conchos and offers an instantly memorable main theme. Employing his considerable skills as a musician and educator, Carlos takes your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark on a full-blown guided tour of the score's assorted themes and motifs, breaking them down for us in remarkable detail in advance of our cue-by-cue journey. So when you have three hours to spare, just click play, then let it keep rollin', rollin', rollin'.Cues from Rawhide - "Incident in the Middle of Nowhere":Opening:  Clipped from Lady in Trouble0:12:57  -  Main Title (Dimitri Tiomkin)1:11:16  -  1. The Night (Russell Garcia, arr. Goldsmith) 1:14:46  -  Waltz #1 (Chopin, arr. Goldsmith?)  0:16:28  -  Flute Solo (unknown source)1:22:25  -  2. The Old Man  1:31:27  -  3. The Ambush / The Indians / The Warning 1:38:18  -  4. The Saloon  1:44:44  -  5. The Trio 1:49:02  -  6. Lady in Trouble  1:53:44  -  7. New Rider 1:55:45  -  8. Barbara's Story  2:06:07  -  9. The Story Teller 2:07:55  -  10. Midnight Meeting   2:14:33  -  11. Attack2:16:42  -  12. Dead Man2:22:10  -  13. The Long Ride2:22:31  -  14. Lost Party2:25:24  -  15. Indian Guide2:27:49  -  16. Benny Bites the Dust2:28:58  -  17. Mackay’s Camp2:30:41  -  18. End of the Trail2:34:46  -  19. The Prisoner (Parts 1-3)2:52:31  -  Can Can #s 1 & 2 (Offenbach, arr. Goldsmith?) There are too many external sources to list here. You can find a full Goldsmith Odyssey Rawhide - Incident in the Middle of Nowhere track list in this Google Doc.Please send your correspondence to

Nov 2020

3 hr 4 min

In their historic second episode of Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight, Doug Fake joins Yavar to discuss Intrada Records' latest expansion of a classic Jerry Goldsmith score, written for Rod Lurie's 2001 military prison drama The Last Castle. So pour yourself a glass of whiskey, sit back in your comfortable armchair overlooking Fort Leavenworth, turn on your vintage sound system, and let Doug regale you with the tale of how The Last Castle's precarious position in American history caused Jerry Goldsmith a great deal of trouble. Doug also expounds why The Last Castle is one of his favorite Goldsmith scores, from its somberly beautiful trumpet solos to its carefully calculated dramatic build to its explosion of propulsive action music. It's an episode - and a score - that you won't want to miss.Please send your correspondence to

Oct 2020

33 min 58 sec

The Odyssey team is thrilled to welcome a very special guest: film composer (and bona fide Goldsmith enthusiast) Carlos Rafael Rivera, whose music for the Netflix miniseries The Queen's Gambit ranks as one of the year's most compelling original scores. When your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark began recording this episode, our intention was to interview Carlos for about thirty minutes, then move into an examination of of the Rawhide episode "Incident in the Middle of Nowhere." However, Carlos had so many fascinating things to say that we simply couldn't cut things off at the half-hour mark, and we hope you'll enjoy what turned out to be a two-hour conversation about a host of different topics (the Rawhide stuff is coming soon, we promise). You'll hear Carlos tell us about the first Jerry Goldsmith scores he fell in love with, being mentored by Randy Newman, stories behind his assorted creative decisions on The Queen's Gambit, how Alfred Newman's score for The Robe came to play a pivotal role in the first episode, working on the western miniseries Godless, and much more! Check it out, and stay tuned for the follow-up installment coming soon!Featuring music from Carlos Rafael Rivera's soundtracks A Walk Among the Tombstones, The Queen's Gambit, and Godless, as well as his classical pieces "Concierto de Miami - Finale", "Popol-Vuh II. Birth of the Hero Twins", "Plegaria y Canto (al Bodre de la Mar)", and "Cumba-Quin." Also featuring music from Jerry Goldsmith's Rawhide, Poltergeist, The Great Train Robbery, and Twilight Zone: The Movie, as well as James Horner's 48 Hours, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Avatar, plus John Williams's E.T., Ennio Morricone's Cinema Paradiso, Randy Newman's The Princess and the Frog, Alfred Newman's The Robe, Cliff Eidelman's Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Howard Hanson's Symphony No. 2, Op. 30 Romantic, Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, and the "Ave Maris Stella" choral. Full Goldsmith Odyssey Interviews Carlos Rafael Rivera track list here.Please send your correspondence to


Oct 2020

2 hr

We're late, we're lateFor a very important dateNo time to say hello and welcome to The Goldsmith OdysseyA chronological journey through the filmography of Jerry GoldsmithIn this episode, your humble hosts Yavar, David, and ClarkTake a look at the Thriller installment "Late Date"A sharply-directed (if intermittently frustrating) hour of televisionFeaturing one of the most devilishly complex Goldsmith scores we've covered thus farNo, most of this doesn't rhyme or even follow the basic melodic structure of the tune used as inspiration for this descriptionBut, uh, it's art, stop trying to impose rules on my art, manAgh, fine, let's just do the show, we've already missed the thingAnd then we'll say goodbye, helloWe're late, we're late, we're late!Also late, by about a year?  Your helpful Goldsmith Odyssey Episode 27 Late Date Track List!  Which is now available.Please send your correspondence to

Oct 2020

2 hr 48 min

There is a vast estate. Within that estate, there is some moorland. Within that moorland, there is an old castle. Within that old castle, there is a well. Within that well, there are your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark, splashing and fumbling in the dark, searching for a way out. To achieve this goal, they must explore a particularly moody episode of “Thriller,” and uncover the many secrets of its effectively ominous Jerry Goldsmith score. Can they find their way within a mere three hours? Click play to find out!Oh, and here's your Goldsmith Odyssey - Thriller: Well of Doom episode track list!  Please send your correspondence to

Sep 2020

2 hr 52 min

The Goldsmith Odyssey is thrilled to present a brand new sub-series! In our very first Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight, Yavar chats with Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson of Intrada Records about their forthcoming release of Jerry Goldsmith's score for the 1973 crime drama The Don Is Dead. Over the course of this half-hour chat, you'll hear about the movie's place in pop culture history, the score's distinctive instrumentation, the album production process, Jerry's first artistic collaboration with his wife Carol, and more. Along the way, you'll be treated to some wonderful samples from the new album. You can purchase your own copy of the score at Enjoy!Please send your correspondence to

Aug 2020

31 min 16 sec

The latest Odyssey Interview is our longest single episode to date, but we believe it's well worth the time. Mastering Engineer Chris Malone joins Yavar and David for a detailed, wide-ranging conversation about the myriad complexities of film music restoration, memories of tackling his first restoration project for Film Score Monthly, working on Goldsmith soundtrack releases like Take Her, She's Mine and Archer/Warning Shot, the joys and challenges of restoring scores by composers like Henry Mancini, Nino Rota, and John Barry, and much more. It's an interview loaded with both educational insights and memorable stories, and is sure to fascinate film music enthusiasts of all sorts. You can consume the whole thing in one big helping, or you can break it up into a half-dozen modest portions, but you won't want to miss it. Enjoy!For specific tracks used in both parts of this interview, consult this Google Doc for a thorough Odyssey Interviews Chris Malone track breakdown.Cover photo courtesy of Chris Malone, featuring him with legendary recording engineer Eric Tomlinson (Tora! Tora! Tora!, Ransom, Take a Hard Ride, The Omen, High Velocity, Damien: Omen II, The Boys from Brazil, Alien, Caboblanco, Outland, Night Crossing, Supergirl).Includes music from Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger, Dave Grusin’s Mountain Dance album, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Swarm, The Boys From Brazil, Logan’s Run, Chinatown, Alien, Capricorn One, Fallen Angels’ The Rip, I Spy, Eye of the Devil, Stagecoach, Hatari, The Twilight Zone, Princess Mononoke, Days Of Wine and Roses, White Dawn, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Silver Streak, Sometimes a Great Notion, The Party, Santa Clause, La Dolce Vita, Amarcord, The Leopard, La Passerella Di Otto E Mezzo, Romeo and Juliet, Sunset Sunrise, The Taming of the Shrew, Sebastian, The Trouble With Angels, Poltergeist, Seconds, Warning Shot, The World of Suzie Wong, Return of the Jedi, Leith Stevens’s Paramount Noir Scores, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, Will Penny, When Worlds Collide, Star Trek: The Original Series, The Prize, The Egyptian, The Atomic City, Spellbound, WarGames, Superman, Superman II, The Towering Inferno, War of the Worlds, The Satan Bug, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, When Worlds Collide, Shane, Destination Moon, Then Came Bronson, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed, The Last Valley, White Buffalo, Raise the Titanic!, Out of Africa, The Red Balloon, The Ten Commandments, The Red Pony, The Heiress, On Dangerous Ground, From Russia with Love, The Legend That Walks Like a Man, and The Furies.Please send your correspondence to

Aug 2020

3 hr 27 min

Ever wonder what a ballet set to the music of Capricorn One might be like? For our latest Gold Nugget, Jens sits down with film critic and film music enthusiast Bryan Erdy, who talks about his pair of first-hand encounters with Jerry Goldsmith, conversations with other notable film composers (including Michael Giacchino, Danny Elfman, and Tom Holkenborg) who expressed admiration for Jerry, frightening Hans Zimmer, witnessing the aforementioned ballet Belling the Slayer, and writing a memorial tribute to Jerry that reached a far wider audience than anticipated. This one is full of entertaining stories and touching memories, so give it a click!0:00:00 - Psycho: A Suite For Strings - Prelude (Bernard Herrmann)0:01:33 - Psycho II - Mother’s Room (Jerry Goldsmith)0:02:20 - Patrick - Suite (Brian May0:08:28 - Star Trek (2009) - Enterprising Young Men (Michael Giacchino)0:10:00 - Basic Instinct - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)0:14:00 - Gremlins - The Gremlin Rag (Jerry Goldsmith)0:15:21 - Hoosiers - Theme From Hoosiers (Jerry Goldsmith)0:17:41 - The Lonely Guy - House Hunting (Jerry Goldsmith)0:20:18 - Meet the Robinsons - The Year 3000 (Jonas Brothers covering a song by Busted)0:23:13 - The Dark Knight Symphony - Put A Smile On That Face (Hans Zimmer)0:27:25 - 300: Rise of an Empire - Marathon (Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg)0:30:43 - Rambo: First Blood Part II - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)0:31:31 - Total Recall - The Dream (Jerry Goldsmith)0:40:30 - Star Trek: Voyager - Main Theme (Concert Version) (Jerry Goldsmith)0:44:52 - Capricorn One - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)0:47:44 - Capricorn One - The Message (Jerry Goldsmith)0:49:48 - Capricorn One - Break Out (Jerry Goldsmith)0:52:12 - The Illustrated Man - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)0:53:50 - Medicine Man - Rae’s Arrival (Jerry Goldsmith)1:01:18 - The Salamander - Funeral: Requiem for a General (Jerry Goldsmith and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)1:06:41 - Masada - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)Please send your correspondence to

Jun 2020

1 hr 11 min

Who wants seconds? Hot on the heels of our first installment, here's part two of Yavar and David's Odyssey Interview with soundtrack album editor and producer Neil S. Bulk. In this part of the conversation, Neil offers his memories of working on a host of additional Goldsmith scores (Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Total Recall, The Great Train Robbery, and more), discusses why certain scores have an easier time staying in print than others, and details some of the unique music production problems he has solved. If you're a serious soundtrack collector, you won't want to miss the illuminating stories and insights Neil has to offer. Enjoy!For specific clips used in both parts of this interview, please consult this Google Doc for a thorough Goldsmith Odyssey Interviews Neil S. Bulk track breakdown.Please send your correspondence to

Jun 2020

1 hr 30 min

Double your interview, double your fun! The latest Odyssey Interview not only offers two installments, but two interviewers: Yavar and David team up for a wide-ranging chat with renowned soundtrack album editor and producer Neil S. Bulk. In the first half of their conversation, Neil talks about how he got his start in the world of film music album production thanks to Mike Matessino, working with Lukas Kendall at FSM, the differences between titles like "producer" and "editor," the unique challenges of working with various analog and digital music sources, working on Goldsmith album releases like The Swarm, The Challenge, and The Blue Max, and much more! It's a chat sure to fascinate anyone interested in the album production process. Enjoy, and be sure to check out part two when you're done!For specific clips used in both parts of this interview, please consult this thorough Goldsmith Odyssey Interviews Neil S. Bulk track breakdown.Please send your correspondence to

May 2020

1 hr 26 min

On infrequent occasions, members of the Goldsmith Odyssey team will disagree about something. On rare occasions, we will disagree about something without even realizing it. On the rarest of occasions —just the once, so far— examining the cause and nature of that disagreement requires its own miniature episode. Something a little less than a Gold Nugget, and a little more than Gold Dust. Join David and Yavar for our very first episode of Gold Shavings, a behind-the-scenes look at a complex misunderstanding regarding Jerry Goldsmith's thematic ideas for the GE Theater episode "The Legend That Walks Like a Man" (which we discussed in detail in Episode 25 of The Goldsmith Odyssey). Plus: a few insights into how our show gets made, a surprising musical connection to a Goldsmith score that has just been released on CD, and some additional observations that have emerged in the wake of our Episode 25 recording. Enjoy!Please send your correspondence to

Apr 2020

28 min 55 sec

Dear Goldsmith Odyssey Listeners,In these uncertain times, we want to remind all of our loyal customers that we are here for you. In response to the unprecedented events that we are all experiencing, we are taking a series of new measures to ensure a satisfactory podcast experience. Measures taken in the latest Gold Nugget include:The return of all four core members of the Goldsmith Odyssey Family (David, Yavar, Clark, and Jens)A casual, fun, music-filled examination of the many exciting Jerry Goldsmith CD releases that have been offered since our podcast first debuted in 2018Dozens —and in some cases, thousands— of miles of social distancing applied during the entire recording processThoroughly cleaning the raw audio to remove any bugsSo consume. Enjoy. And we’ll get through this... together.Releases covered in this episode:U.S. Marshals: The Deluxe Edition (Varèse Sarabande)Morituri (Intrada)The Swarm: Expanded Archival Collection (La La Land Records)Simians & Serialism: Expanded Second Edition (John O'Callaghan)The Great Train Robbery (Quartet Records)Air Force One: The Deluxe Edition (Varèse Sarabande)Planet Of The Apes Original Film Series Soundtrack: Limited Edition (La-La-Land Records)Barnaby Jones in The Quinn Martin Collection Volume 1 (La-La-Land Records)Raggedy Man: Encore Edition (Varèse Sarabande)The Jerry Goldsmith Songbook (Buysoundtrax)Archer / Warning Shot (La-La-Land Records)The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud (Intrada)The Lonely Guy (Intrada)The Mummy (Intrada)Small Soldiers: The Deluxe Edition (Varèse Sarabande)100 Rifles / Rio Conchos (La-La-Land Records)Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend (Intrada)Please send your correspondence to

Apr 2020

1 hr 56 min

The Goldsmith Odysseys of this world don't come back. Comebacks are for ordinary podcasts. I don't know, maybe there never was a Goldsmith Odyssey. Maybe it's just the eternal fresh carnation, the eternal grin, the eternal hope. It's a legend. A legend that plays like a podcast. Well, here's to both of 'em: the legend... and the podcast. Within that podcast, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark examine the General Electric Theater episode "The Legend That Walks Like a Man," and the alternately playful and tender Goldsmith score that accompanies it. Enjoy!Cues from "The Legend That Walks Like a Man":0:00:00 - "That’s a Wrap" (prologue version)0:19:50 - "My Town" (film version) 0:28:19 - "My Town" (most music-only version possible)0:40:52 - "The Comeback"0:43:56 - "Here You Are"0:48:30 - "The Convincer"0:50:45 - "Practically Done" 0:52:58 - "Image of Desire" 0:57:54 - "That’s a Wrap" (main storyline version)0:59:57 - "The Legend 1:34:10 - "End Credits" (source for music-only section of "My Town")Other Sources:0:02:38 - Themes from The General Electric Theater - Emblem (Opening Theme) (Elmer Bernstein)0:13:31 - Thriller - "Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook" - Abduction pt. 1 (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:17:12 - Studs Lonigan - Out Of Work (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:24:01 - The General With The Cockeyed Id - Suite (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:25:19 - 8 ½ - 8 ½ Theme (Nino Rota)0:42:07 - Raggedy Man - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:42:10 - Raggedy Man - Runaways (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:42:36 - Raggedy Man - The Kite (Jerry Goldsmith)0:45:28 - Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (Ron Goodwin)0:47:23 - Fanfare For The Common Man (Aaron Copland) 0:51:23 - The Puzzle (Franco Micalizzi)1:14:41 - Poltergeist - The Neighborhood—Day (Jerry Goldsmith)1:18:48 - House: After Five Years of Living - Living Room (Elmer Bernstein)1:19:48 - Themes from The General Electric Theater - David's Love Song (Elmer Bernstein) Please send your correspondence to

Apr 2020

1 hr 35 min

Don't miss the fascinating conclusion of Yavar's conversation with film music scholar Nasrollah Davoodi! After opening with a discussion of Jerry Goldsmith's assorted forays into the Middle East (in works such as Justine, The Wind and the Lion, and The Mummy), Davoodi offers a crash course in the history of Iranian art music and a tour through some of the most important composers and exceptional film music the country has produced. Loaded with insight and wonderful music that will likely be new to most listeners, this episode stands as one of our most distinctive Odyssey Interviews.0:02:09 – Under Fire - Nicaragua0:05:45 – The Mummy - The Caravan0:07:07 – Valley of the Kings - Prelude (Rózsa)0:08:00 – Pishdaramed-e-Esfehan (Reza Mahjoobi)0:08:27 – The Message - Building the First Mosque (Jarre)0:12:02 – QB VII - Visit to the Sheik0:12:20 – The Mummy - Closed Door, Undiscovered Creature0:13:24 – Justine - The Beach, The School0:14:30 – The Wind and the Lion - The Horsemen0:15:18 – O My Country Girl (Farid al-Atrash)0:19:23 – The Wind and the Lion - The Raisuli, Morning Camp, The Riff0:22:56 – The Mummy - Giza Port0:23:29 – Oshagh (perf. Faramarz Payvar)0:23:59 – Shooshtari (perf. Fazlollah Tavakkol)0:24:32 – Kord Bayat (perf. Majid Kiani)0:24:48 – Masada - The Moabites0:25:36 – The Ipcress File - Main Title (Barry)0:25:54 – Shooshtari (perf. Tavakkol)0:27:23 – Rambo III - Peshawar, Afghanistan0:28:10 – Not Without My Daughter - The Lake, School’s Out0:30:22 – The 13th Warrior - Old Bagdad0:31:32 – The Mummy - Imhotep0:34:08 – Desert Night (Kayhan Kalhor)0:37:11 – Concerto for Ney and String Orchestra - II. Variations on Naghmé (Hossein Alizadeh)0:44:39 – Shéhérazade - Prégénérique, Ballet (Aminollah "André" Hossein)0:49:11 – Miniatures Persanes - II. Chant du Chamelier (Hossein)0:52:54 – Also Sprach Zarathustra - I. Prelude (Strauss)0:57:48 – Bandbaz (Ali-Naqi Vaziri)0:59:06 – Bandbaz (Vaziri, perf. Hooshang Zarif)0:59:38 – The Disheveled Girl (Vaziri, perf. Zarif)1:06:31 – The Hermit (Vaziri)1:10:02 – Midnight (Vaziri)1:26:32 – Piano Concerto No. 1 - IV. Allegro con brio (Shostakovich, perf. by composer)1:27:35 – Hamlet - Duel (Shostakovich)1:32:09 – The Birds (Morteza Hannaneh)1:35:41 – The Nightingale (Hannaneh)1:43:35 – Hope for Love (Hossein Alizadeh, perf. Omid Eshgh)1:48:29 – Delshodegan - Tar-o-Pood (Alizadeh)1:53:24 – Mother - Mother Has Arrived, Mother’s Home, Beginning (Arsalan Kamkar)2:00:53 – Safir - Opening Titles, Chorale (Kambiz Roshan Ravan)2:06:50 – Hameye Iranam (All of My Iran) (Roshan Ravan, feat. Alireza Ghorbani)2:08:42 – Sarbedaran - The Will of the White Horse (Fahrad Fakhreddini)2:15:14 – Gheysar (Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh)2:20:03 – The Tamarind Seed (Barry)2:20:35 – Bonbast (The Dead-End) (Babak Bayat)2:30:43 – The Fragrance of Yousef’s Shirt - Arezoo, Mosafer, Khaterat (Majid Entezami) 2:38:29 – The Glass Agency - Parvaz (Entezami)2:43:58 – The Deer (Monfaredzadeh)2:47:21 – The Battle for Freedom (Nasrollah Davoodi)2:54:46 – Omar Khayyam’s Stroll in a Vineyard (Davoodi)3:00:36 – Salute to Age 36 (Davoodi)3:05:17 – The Mummy - Camel Race3:10:34 – A Place for Life - End Titles (Entezami)

Apr 2020

3 hr 16 min

Grab your passport, because Odyssey Interviews is journeying to new and exotic lands! This time, we're pleased to present part one of an in-depth conversation between Yavar and Iranian film music scholar Nasrollah Davoodi, who gave a Jerry Goldsmith lecture in Tehran just last year. Their wide-ranging chat touches on a host of topics, from the political urgency of Goldsmith's music for Under Fire to the indelible diversity of the score for Papillon to the various distinctive qualities of Jerry‘s musical peers. Davoodi’s scholarly approach brings fresh perspective to numerous familiar topics, making this an interview you'll want to make time for.0:00:00 - C2 Logo Fanfare0:04:18 - Cello Concerto No.1 (Shostakovich)0:13:22 - Justine - Alexandria0:14:55 - The Ten Commandments - Exodus Part One (Bernstein)0:16:47 - Under Fire - Bajo Fuego0:17:25 - Fall of the Roman Empire - Lucilla's Sorrow (Tiomkin)0:24:05 - Papillon - Reunion0:26:06 - Lawrence of Arabia - Overture (Jarre)0:26:47 - El Cid - Prelude (Rózsa)0:27:42 - Papillon - Theme from Papillon0:28:34 - Papillon - Antonio's Death0:29:55 - First Knight - A New Life0:31:50 - Violin Concerto E Minor, Op. 64 (Mendelssohn)0:33:27 - Violin Concerto E Minor, Op. 64 (Mendelssohn)0:36:01 - The Left Hand of God - The Church (Young)0:36:29 - Johnny Guitar - Main Title (Young)0:36:47 - The Left Hand of God - Countryside (Young)0:40:12 - Damnation Alley - Don't Bug Me0:47:24 - Out of Africa - Theme (Barry)0:48:25 - Medicine Man - The Trees0:48:56 - Out of Africa - Main Title (Barry)0:51:11 - El Cid - The Legend and Epilogue (Rózsa)0:52:50 - Fariba (Faramarz Payvar)0:54:55 - Towards the Prison (Abol-Hasan Saba)0:56:53 - Reng-e (Shahr Ashoob)1:02:37 - The Rose (traditional, arr. Nasrollah Davoodi)1:06:01 - Papillon - Cruel Sea1:08:40 - Papillon - Catching Butterflies1:08:46 - Papillon - Antonio's Death1:09:53 - Papillon - Freedom1:14:32 - QB VII - A Sorrow of Two Fathers1:17:40 - QB VII - The Holocaust1:18:34 - QB VII - Jadwiga Relived1:20:24 - The Omen - The Fall1:21:49 - QB VII - I Cannot See My Love1:23:09 - QB VII - Main Title1:24:00 - Jaws - The Pier Incident (Williams)1:24:26 - Jaws - Three Barrels Under (Williams)1:28:05 - Total Recall - End of a Dream1:29:02 - QB VII - Escape1:31:07 - The Mummy - The Caravan1:33:30 - Papillon - The Camp1:35:34 - The Russia House - Katya and Barley1:36:05 - The Russia House - First Meeting1:37:22 - The Russia House - The Cemetary1:39:05 - Papillon - Gift from the Sea1:45:51 - Battle of Britain - Concert Suite (Walton)1:49:43 - Justine - Alexandria1:50:17 - Under Fire - Rafael's Theme1:51:29 - The Russia House - I'm With You1:52:23 - The Russia House - Full Marks1:54:50 - A Patch of Blue - The Park1:55:59 – Planet of the Apes – The Search Continues1:57:06 – Images – The House (Williams)2:00:16 – Spellbound – Concerto (Rózsa)2:05:09 – Planet of the Apes – Main Title2:08:27 – The Mummy – The Sand Volcano2:11:28 – C2 Logo FanfareEdited by Wes Deckers.

Mar 2020

2 hr 11 min

The Goldsmith Odyssey plays a round of musical chairs as former host Jens returns to his former seat to fill in for the absent Clark. Well, to be accurate, Jens's seat is currently occupied by David, and Yavar is in the same seat he's always been in, so Jens is actually in Clark's seat. Unless David sat there? Entirely possible Yavar sat there. I'm not sure if... anyway, your three humble hosts – that's David, Yavar, and Jens, not Clark – go all the way back to 1958 to examine a little-known and recently uncovered rarity: the Westinghouse Studio One episode "Tongues of Angels." They discuss the questionable merits of the episode itself, along with the less questionable merits of the subtly effective Goldsmith score. They offer thoughtful insights, and do not become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. Enjoy!Cues from "Tongues of Angels":00:03:07 - 6. Mother 100:34:13 - 1. Tongues of Angels 100:38:30 - 2. Missing Guest00:42:40 - 3. Instructions00:45:40 - 4. Night Talk 100:49:57 - 5. Night Talk 200:51:15 - 6. Mother 100:53:41 - 7. Mother 200:57:05 - 8. Speech 1 01:05:28 - 9. Sick Boy 101:08:11 - 10. Worries01:11:37 - 11. Promise01:11:12 - 12. Sick Boy 201:18:43 - 13. Secrets01:21:54 - 14. Speech 201:23:07 - 15. Young Talk01:27:36 - 16. Confession 101:37:04 - 17. Tongues of Angels 201:32:14 - 18. Together01:33:30 - 19. Victory01:37:24 - 20. Confession 201:41:25 - 21. Bright Future01:44:37 - 22. “Not Going”01:46:20 - 23. End CreditsOther Sources:00:17:38 - Black Patch - A Job (End Credits)00:18:44 - Black Patch - Detective Work00:21:17 - Black Patch - Gun Practice00:22:11 - Star Trek: First Contact - Main Title00:27:27 - Star Trek: Insurrection - Ba’ku Village00:37:32 - Peck's Bad Girl - Boys00:57:50 - 100 Rifles - Escape and PursuitThe Work:Westinghouse Studio One: "Tongues of Angels" on YouTubePlease send your correspondence to

Jan 2020

2 hr 1 min

An episode so nice we recorded it twice! This time, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark, along with special guest Jeff Bond - graciously agreeing to return after technical snafus thwarted our initial recording with him - take a look at the Thriller episode "Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook." In addition to spotlighting a memorably vivid Goldsmith score (offering lovely melodies, thrilling action music, and a good deal more), this episode also functions as a solid jumping-on point for those curious about the podcast. Grab your rustic deadly farm tool of choice and join us!Cues from the original, isolated score track:0:46:19 - 1. Prologue 0:50:26 - 2. Roll Call 0:56:10 - 3. Title Screen1:00:33 - 4. Constable Evans1:05:36 - 5. Car Ride1:09:48 - 6. The House 1:11:26 - 7. The Druid Circle 1:15:47 - 8. Nothing to See1:18:02 - 9. Inn of the Dark Woods 1:24:12 - 10. Black Dog1:25:26 - 11. Fearsome Weapon1:29:10 - 12. Town Hall1:35:24 - 13. Records1:37:28 - 14. Suspicions1:40:39 - 15. Spyglass1:42:23 - 16. Sleepless1:53:11 - 17. Abduction 1:59:07 - 18. Fork and Hook Fight 2:06:05 - 19. Finale Also featuring excerpts from (in order of appearance):The Sergeant and the Lady, Man on the Beach, Cain's Hundred, Dr. Kildare, Chinatown, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Waltons, Patton, The List of Adrian Messenger, Poltergeist, The Omen, The Other, "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper", "The Cheaters", "Mr. George", "The Big Tall Wish", The Shadow, Freud, "Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room", Planet of the Apes, Logan’s Run, The Edge, Seconds, Love Field, On Dangerous Ground (B. Herrmann), The Swarm, "The Invaders", Danse Macabre, Op. 40 (C. Saint-Saëns), The Devil and Daniel Webster (B. Herrmann), Capricorn One, Total Recall, The Witches of Eastwick (J. Williams), "Late Date", Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (J. Williams), Jane Eyre (J. Williams), The Boys from Brazil, The Cassandra Crossing, The Last Run, Alien, Sleigh Ride (L. Anderson), The Mephisto Waltz, 100 Rifles, Psycho (D. Elfman adapting B. Herrmann), Captain from Castile (A. Newman), ArcherPlease send your correspondence to

Dec 2019

2 hr 31 min

One great composer pays tribute to another! In Yavar's latest Odyssey Interview, Oscar-nominated composer Bruce Broughton (Silverado, Young Sherlock Holmes, Tombstone) shares numerous memories of his colleague Jerry Goldsmith. Additionally, Broughton offers a host of thoughts on key moments from his own career: his early days as a television composer, memories of some of his major feature film assignments, working with Seth MacFarlane on The Orville, and much more! This one is a great listen, so click the play button on your device of choice and bring on the Broughton.0:00:00 - Cinergi Logo (Goldsmith)0:03:55 - Our Man Flint - Bouillabaisse (Goldsmith)0:05:00 - The Sand Pebbles - Almost Home (Finale) (Goldsmith)0:08:13 - The Brotherhood of the Bell - The Solution (Goldsmith)0:10:27 - The Reincarnation of Peter Proud - First Date (Goldsmith)0:18:07 - The Twilight Zone - “Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room” - Dead Phone (Goldsmith)0:25:07 - The Brotherhood of the Bell - An Uninvited Guest (Goldsmith)0:26:52 - Barnaby Jones - Main Title (Goldsmith)0:27:42 - Barnaby Jones - "The Picture Pirates" - The Old Beard Gag (Broughton)0:29:14 - Magic - Main Title (Goldsmith)0:31:18 - Soarin’ Over California (Goldsmith)0:37:54 - Soarin’ Around the World (Broughton)0:45:20 - Silverado - On to Silverado (Broughton)0:46:24 - Tombstone - Hell’s Comin’ (Broughton)0:48:54 - Chinatown - A Late Swim (Goldsmith)0:50:04 - Symphony No. 4 "Poem of Ecstasy" (Salonen conducting Scriabin)0:52:30 - Patton - The Battleground (Goldsmith)0:55:54 - Tombstone - The Town Marshal (Broughton)0:55:17 - High Velocity - Not Thirsty (Goldsmith)0:58:23 - Tombstone - And Hell Followed (Broughton)1:04:03 - Shadow Conspiracy - White House Chaos (Broughton)1:06:45 - Shadow Conspiracy - Main Title (Broughton)1:14:47 - Trombone Concerto "Quaternity" - I. Earth (Broughton)1:18:48 - Fanfares, Marches, Hymns, and Finale - I. Fanfares (Broughton)1:28:35 - Looney Tunes: Back in Action - Dead Duck Walking (Goldsmith)1:33:21 - The Orville - Main Title (Broughton)1:46:09 - Chinatown - Love Theme from Chinatown (Main Title) (Goldsmith)1:49:33 - Young Sherlock Holmes - The Riddle’s Solved / End Credits (Broughton)Please send your correspondence to

Nov 2019

1 hr 54 min

This episode marks the latest installment of a seemingly never-ending blood feud between the Goldsmith Odyssey family and the notorious Time clan (led by the eternally stubborn Father Time). Your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark have killed a whole lot of hours over the course of this podcast, and eagerly take out three more in the process of discussing two episodes of Gunsmoke: "Love Thy Neighbor" (featuring an alternately somber and suspenseful Goldsmith score) and "Old Faces" (in which Goldsmith offers a variety of colorful thematic ideas and makes compelling use of the banjo). Tune in!Cues from “Love Thy Neighbor”:0:17:36 - 1. Quiet Night 0:23:14 - 2. The Thief Pts. 1, 2 & 3 (blended)0:26:24 - 3. Sick Boy   0:28:04 - 4. Mother's Care  0:34:06 - 5. The Doctor 0:35:49 - 6. Angry Man 0:38:43 - 7. Gun Fight 0:48:46 - 8. The Shameful Man 0:53:11 - 9. The Killing 0:58:32 - 10. The Gunfighters/Bad News (blended in our source, separate in the episode)1:06:28 - 11. The Last Killing 1:09:02 - 12. The Confession Cues from “Old Faces”:1:57:21 - 1. The Arrival2:00:26 - 2. The Gun-Man2:04:16 - 3. The Tormentors2:08:02 - 4. The Visitor2:10:01 - 5. The Truth2:12:12 - 6. Miss Kitty2:14:24 - 7. The Confession2:17:13 - 8. River Girl2:22:53 - 9. The Challenge2:27:56 - 10. ReunionOther Sources:0:14:28 - Conan the Barbarian - Tree of Woe/Recovery (Poledouris)0:16:00 - Gunsmoke "Doc Judge" - The Killer0:16:24 - Gunsmoke "Doc Judge" - The Trip0:16:39 - Gunsmoke "The Blacksmith" - Delmonico's0:16:00 - Gunsmoke "The Wake" - The Street0:28:40 - Lonely Are the Brave - 3M530:29:15 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Warp Point Nine (F. Steiner)0:33:40 - The Twilight Zone "Dust" - The Hanging 0:37:11 - Patton - Main Title0:37:17 - Alien - Nothing to Say0:37:29 - Planet of the Apes - New Identity1:01:45 - Close Encounters - The Cover-Up (Williams)1:41:39 - The Day the Earth Stood Still - Gort/The Visor/The Telescope (Herrmann)1:46:34 - The Virginian Main Title (Faith) 1:47:14 - The Virginian (Men from Shiloh) Main Title (Morricone)1:56:36 - The Waltons Main Title2:48:18 - CBS Library Music - The Village (F. Steiner)2:50:45 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - System Inoperative (F. Steiner)The Work: Gunsmoke: Season 6, Volume 2Ron Burbella supplied us with his CBS EZ CUE disc and index (discussed in this Film Score Monthly thread) and with his reel-to-reel tape transfers. Bill Wrobel documented the mass of CBS Music Library stuff donated to UCLA, giving us a little more info on the tracks we’ve acquired.Thanks to "Dan Hollis” for assistance with CBS cue sheets and timestamps via the thread at Twilight Zone Cafe -> Twilight Zone, Etc. -> Classic Twilight Zone -> Musical Cues.Please send your correspondence to

Oct 2019

2 hr 58 min

Cards on the table: the latest Odyssey Interview doesn't devote a lot of time to Jerry Goldsmith. However, we imagine that most Goldsmith fans are also fans of the great Elmer Bernstein, whose career mirrored Goldsmith's in a number of ways. Yavar has an in-depth conversation with Elmer's son Peter Bernstein, who discusses memories of growing up in the world of film music, his successful career as a rock musician, his eventual decision to follow in his father's footsteps, working with Elmer on scores like Canadian Bacon, Rough Riders, and Wild Wild West, working on solo assignments like the Ewok films and 21 Jump Street, running into Jerry Goldsmith while synth-shopping, and much more. This one is full of stories and details film music fans will enjoy, so give it a listen!00:00:00 - C2 Logo Fanfare (Jerry Goldsmith)00:05:52 - The Magnificent Seven - The Journey (Elmer Bernstein)00:13:51 - Exodus - Prelude (Ernest Gold conducted by Nic Raine)00:15:33 - Thin Red Line - Cost of Love (The Cretones)00:20:02 - The Trial of Billy Jack - Indian Vision (Elmer Bernstein)00:24:38 - The Man with the Golden Arm - Main Title (Elmer Bernstein)00:25:41 - The Ten Commandments - Exodus Part 2 (Elmer Bernstein)00:28:33 - The Rookies - Main Title (Elmer Bernstein)00:32:17 - Animal House - Faber College Theme (Elmer Bernstein)00:34:54 - Leonard Part 6 - Main Title (Elmer Bernstein)00:36:57 - The Great Santini - Ben’s Birthday Gift (Elmer Bernstein)00:39:16 - Stripes - Italy (Elmer Bernstein)00:42:17 - Heavy Metal - Flight to the Temple (Elmer Bernstein)00:47:09 - Hot Dog: The Movie - Top of the Hill (music by Peter Bernstein, sung by Clif Magness)00:51:07 - Cat-Women of the Moon - Main Title (Elmer Bernstein)00:52:40 - Saturday's Hero - Main Title (Elmer Bernstein)00:54:11 - Bolero - Exstasy (Elmer Bernstein)00:57:22 - Bolero - Bullero (Peter Bernstein conducted by Elmer Bernstein)01:01:47 - Ghostbusters - Library (Elmer Bernstein)01:08:15 - Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure - The Pulga Chase (Peter Bernstein)01:12:05 - Ewoks: The Battle for Endor - Escape (Peter Bernstein)01:13:53 - My Science Project - Blackout Town (Peter Bernstein)01:14:35 - The Black Cauldron - A Special Pig and a Vision (Elmer Bernstein)01:15:01 - The Three Amigos - The Return of the Three Amigos (Elmer Bernstein)01:19:33 - 21 Jump Street - Date with an Angel (Peter Bernstein)01:22:18 - Canadian Bacon - Mountie Letter / To Toronto (Peter and Elmer Bernstein)01:24:43 - Rough Riders - G Troop to the Rescue (Peter and Elmer Bernstein)01:31:36 - Rough Riders - Out West (Peter Bernstein)01:34:36 - Wild Wild West - Goodbye Loveless (Peter Bernstein)01:40:13 - Fallen Angels - End Title Theme (Elmer Bernstein)01:42:00 - Fallen Angels - Main Title Theme (Peter Bernstein)01:46:44 - A River Runs Through It (unused score) - Main Title (Elmer Bernstein conducted by Peter Bernstein)01:51:51 - Slipstream - Escape (Elmer Bernstein)01:56:52 - Snap! Snap! - Mood Vertigo (The Cretones)Please send your correspondence to

Sep 2019

2 hr

From working on the replacement score for Richard Donner's Timeline to re-recording the Universal Studios logo music to taking over scoring duties for the Rambo franchise, composer Brian Tyler has made a host of surprising Jerry Goldsmith connections over the course of his impressive career. In this engaging Odyssey Interview, Yavar chats with Tyler about meeting Jerry, the many Goldsmith-related projects he's worked on, ways in which Goldsmith has influenced Tyler's own work, and a whole lot more. Plus, we're pleased to offer an exclusive sneak preview of some selections from Tyler's Goldsmith-infused score for the forthcoming Rambo: Last Blood. We don’t want to Bug you, but we’ve gotta tell the Truth: this interview is a Godsend for Goldsmith and Tyler fans.00:00 - Universal Pictures 100th Anniversary Fanfare (Tyler arranging Goldsmith)02:43 - Alien - The Face Hugger (Goldsmith)07:06 - Five Feet Apart - Human Touch (Tyler)08:21 - Ready or Not - The Pit (Tyler)10:12 - Crazy Rich Asians - Text Ting Swing (Tyler)17:36 - Are We Dreaming - Soul Shifter (Tyler) 26:28 - Children of Dune - Salusus Secundus (Tyler)28:09 - Star Trek: Voyager - Main Title (Goldsmith)33:36 - Requiem (Excerpt) (Tyler)38:23 - Rambo - Rambo Theme (Tyler)41:52 - Alien vs. Predator - Alien Awakening (Tyler)43:21 - Alien vs. Predator - Main Title (Tyler)45:31 - First Blood - Escape Route (Goldsmith)46:39 - Rambo: Last Blood - The Ranch (Tyler)49:48 - Rambo: Last Blood - Dusk (Tyler)57:48 - Timeline - Lady Claire and Marek (Tyler)1:00:48 - Timeline - After Him (Goldsmith)1:01:22 - Alien - Drop Out (Goldsmith)1:03:38 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise (Goldsmith)1:03:58 - Star Trek: First Contact - Main Title (Goldsmith)1:06:55 - Star Trek: First Contact - Locutus (Joel Goldsmith)1:08:03 - Star Trek: Voyager - Main Title (Goldsmith)1:10:52 - Iron Man 3 - Can You Dig It? (Tyler)1:15:25 - Star Trek: Enterprise - "Canamar" - End of Kuroda (Tyler)1:19:47 - Star Trek: Enterprise - "Regeneration" - Borg Hunt (Tyler)1:21:40 - Darkness Falls - Eye Contact (Tyler)1:27:50 - Hawaii Five-0 Theme (Tyler arranging Stevens)1:32:18 - Universal Pictures Fanfare (Concert Version) (Tyler adapting Goldsmith)1:36:07 - The Mummy - Chaos, Mayhem, Destruction (Tyler)1:37:34 - The Mummy - Nick’s Theme (Tyler)1:38:07 - The Greatest Game Ever Played - Ride the High Country (Tyler)1:39:32 - Yellowstone - Valley of the Soul (Tyler)1:41:36 - King Solomon’s Mines - No Sale (Goldsmith)1:43:35 - The Wind and the Lion - The True Symbol (Goldsmith)1:48:26 - Sonata (Tyler)1:51:23 - Rambo: Last Blood - Rambo: Last Blood (Tyler)Please send your correspondence to


Sep 2019

1 hr 54 min

Our journey through Jerry Goldsmith's contributions to The Twilight Zone (the TV series, anyway – give us a few* years and we'll get to the movie) concludes in epic fashion with a plus-sized installment featuring TWO special guests. This time, we're taking a look at the iconic episode "The Invaders," a nearly dialogue-free affair that proves an exceptional canvas for Goldsmith's suspenseful music. The first portion of our program features a conversation with Oscar-nominated composer David Newman and esteemed film music producer/liner note writer Jeff Bond, who discuss the virtues of this classic episode, David's memories of conducting Goldsmith's music for "The Invaders" live to picture, what makes Goldsmith such a remarkable composer, the musical storytelling techniques that set great composers apart, and much more. Afterwards, Jeff joins your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark for our usual track-by-track examination of the score. It's a long episode, yes, but both of our guests have an abundance of compelling insights that you won't want to miss. Enjoy!*5-35 years, give or takeCues from "The Invaders":00:02 - 6 - The Knife1:16:13 - 1 - The Old Woman 1:30:28 - 2 - Space Ship1:34:32 - 3 - The Gadget1:37:56 - 4 - The Wound  1:43:48 - 5 - The Hunter 1:49:16 - 6 - The Knife1:53:42 - 7 - Counterattack (combined pts. 1 & 2)2:10:53 - 8 - The Victor  2:47:47 - 1 - The Old WomanOther Goldsmith:2 Days in the ValleyAlien (David Newman conducting the American Youth Symphony)The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (Prologue for The Agony and the Ecstasy)Contract on Cherry StreetEscape from the Planet of the ApesGremlinsGremlins 2: The New BatchGunsmoke - "The Wake"Hollow ManLogan’s RunLonely are the BraveThe LonerMagicMaliceThe Mephisto WaltzThe Man From U.N.C.L.E. - "The Deadly Games Affair"Omen III: The Final ConflictA Patch of BluePattonPlanet of the ApesPoltergeistRambo: First Blood Part IIThe Sand PebblesThe Satan BugThe Secret of NIMHStar Trek: The Motion PictureThe SwarmThriller - "The Poisoner"Total RecallThe Twilight Zone - "The Big Tall Wish"The Twilight Zone - "Dust"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - "Jonah and the Whale"Other Non-Goldsmith:Anastasia (David Newman)Born Free (John Barry)Colt 45 TV Theme Song (written by Mack David and Jerry Livingston, performed by Hal Hopper)The Greatest Story Ever Told (Alfred Newman)L’Histoire du Soldat (Igor Stravinsky)Lost in Space (John Williams)"Mas que nada" (Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66)Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta (Béla Bartók) Sorry Wrong Number (10-20-1957 radio performance)The Towering Inferno (John Williams)Please send your correspondence to


Aug 2019

2 hr 46 min

If you're a fan of Jerry Goldsmith's music (and of course you are, because you're here, reading this), you've almost certainly enjoyed the work of recording engineer Mike Ross-Trevor, who worked with Jerry on a wide variety of projects in the '80s and '90s. In this revealing Odyssey Interview, Mike talks to Yavar about his memories of working on many different scores (included Jerry's rejected score for The Public Eye), explains Jerry's falling out with recording engineer Eric Tomlinson, reveals the one classic Goldsmith score he wishes he could have recorded, and much more!00:00 - C2 Logo Fanfare01:47 - Psycho - Rainstorm (Herrmann)06:04 - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Long Grey Mare (Green)09:42 - Concierto de Aranjuez - II. Adagio (Rodrigo)12:50 - In the Pink - Theme from The Molly Maguires (Mancini)17:34 - The Key to Rebecca - I’ll Bring Him Home (Redford)26:06 - Chinatown - The Boy on a Horse27:42 - Legend - The Ring35:37 - King Solomon’s Mines - Forced Flight42:26 - Hoosiers - Free Shot44:48 - Link - Swinging Link52:51 - "Jerry Goldsmith Recording Lionheart"53:54 - Extreme Prejudice - The Plan58:30 - Rambo III - The Game1:01:30 - Total Recall - Clever Girl (original Munich performance)1:03:07 - Total Recall - Clever Girl1:05:41 - Medicine Man - The Fire1:08:40 - Tombstone - Cinergi Logo1:18:12 - The Mummy - RebirthPlease send your correspondence to

Jul 2019

1 hr 19 min

The Empire Strikes Back. The Godfather Part II. Lionheart Volume Two. The best sequels thoughtfully build on the foundation of their predecessors, and the second installment of Yavar's interview with Robert Townson certainly does so. This time around, Robert reveals a variety of unrealized projects he had hoped to work on with Jerry, shares memorable moments from the final years of Jerry's career, talks about his departure from Varèse Sarabande and his subsequent career plans, and much more!00:00 - SOAP - Main Theme (Tipton)06:33 - Unchained - Unchained Melody (North)12:56 - The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint17:45 - Love Field20:05 - Fierce Creatures - Chores25:34 - 1489 Words - Sonnet 4328:27 - We Gather Together29:25 - Frontier Gentleman - The Sheldon Brothers30:50 - The Spiral Road - Journey to Jansen31:14 - Looney Tunes: Back in Action - Another Take32:14 - Lost Horizon37:55 - Timeline - After Him40:18 - Masada - The Road to Masada46:30 - A Streetcar Named Desire - The Doctor/Affirmation (Goldsmith conducting North)51:35 - Legend - Re-United53:58 - Rambo: First Blood, Part II - Home Flight59:48 - Looney Tunes: Back in Action - Flying High1:01:27 - Looney Tunes: Back in Action - We’ve Got Company1:07:15 - Fireworks: A Celebration of Los Angeles1:14:10 - Once Upon a Time in America (Morricone)1:19:34 - Raggedy Man - The Kite1:37:23 - The Omen III: The Final ConflictEdited by Robert Townson and Jens.

Jul 2019

1 hr 39 min

Robert Townson, the prolific soundtrack producer behind over 1400 releases over the course of his 30-plus years with film music label Varèse Sarabande, joins Yavar for a sprawling, candid conversation. In this first half, Townson talks about his start in the film music business, getting to know Jerry Goldsmith, working with Jerry on a variety of re-recordings, watching Jerry work under a tight deadline, Jerry’s friendships, and so much more! Enjoy, and stay tuned for part two of this can’t-miss discussion. This exciting release is (possibly) limited to the first 3,000 downloads, so click now!00:00 - C2 Logo Fanfare02:08 - Logan’s Run - The Monument08:32 - The Omen III: The Final Conflict - The Hunt15:08 - Lionheart - The Banner27:18 - Total Recall - Rekall Commercial33:36 - 2001: The Legendary Original Score - Moon Rocket Bus (Goldsmith conducting North)39:54 - The Russia House - The Family Arrives42:52 - Gremlins 2: The New Batch - Just You Wait43:32 - S*P*Y*S - Main Title56:46 - Tora! Tora! Tora! - Main Title1:02:20 - The Illustrated Man - Main Title1:05:30 - Damnation Alley - Main Title1:08:43 - Patton - German Advance1:11:20 - Out of Africa - I Had a Farm (Main Title) (McNeely conducting Barry)1:15:01 - Air Force One - Mig Attack (McNeely)1:18:57 - Air Force One - The Hijacking1:23:20 - Mulan - Boo!1:26:02 - Conan The Barbarian - Wifeing (Poledouris)1:29:54 - Airplane! - Main Title (Bernstein)1:30:51 - Music Box - Finale (Sarde)1:32:48 - The Long, Hot Summer - Southern Belle (North)Edited by Robert Townson and Jens.Please send your correspondence to

Jun 2019

1 hr 34 min

Suppose, just suppose, that a man living in the year 1961 were able to travel all the way back to the year 1865, arriving mere hours before President Lincoln's assassination. Would he be able to do anything to stop that tragic event? That's an intriguing question posted by "Back There," a second-season episode of The Twilight Zone.Now suppose, just suppose, that four men (your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark, plus returning special guest Tim Greiving) living in the year 2019 were able to take a detailed look at that episode, paying particular attention to its creative, suspenseful Jerry Goldsmith score. Would they make any compelling discoveries? Would their opinions of the episode and its music differ significantly? Most importantly, would you enjoy listening to it? These are the intriguing questions presented by this installment of The Goldsmith Odyssey. To find the answers, press play.Cues from "Back There":0:12:50 - 01 - The Club 0:17:28 - 02 - The Discussion 0:18:34 - 03 - Table Talk 0:24:53 - 04 - Return to the Past (blended tracks)0:31:29 - 05 - Ford’s Theatre (blended film source) (blended tracks)0:34:08 - 06 - Police Station 0:36:50 - 07 - Mr. Wellington 0:39:44 - 08 - The Wine 0:42:29 - 09 - The Prediction 0:48:55 - 10 - The Assassination 0:53:42 - 11 - The Homecoming 0:56:15 - 12 - Old William 1:19:06 - 10 - The Assassination Other Sources:0:06:13 - Thriller: The Cheaters cue 1. (Dirk Van Prinn)0:06:24 - Thriller: The Poisoner - Suite (Reconstruction)0:08:21 - Columbo: Ransom For A Dead Man (Billy Goldenberg)0:38:15 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - V’Ger FlyoverPlease send your correspondence to

Jun 2019

1 hr 20 min

Who's this new guest on the Goldsmith Odyssey, summoning up thoughtful commentary on the brilliance of Jerry Goldsmith? There are some who call him… Tim (Greiving, a film music journalist who has written pieces for NPR, Variety, the New York Times, and many other publications). After telling your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark about his career and his relationship to Jerry's music, Tim joins us on a journey out west for an examination of the Twilight Zone episode “Dust.” We dissect the atypical dramatic approach Goldsmith takes with his spare, downbeat music, and also engage in a bit of debate on the degree to which magic plays a role in this mostly-realistic episode. Check it out, and be sure to join us next time for a return appearance from our esteemed guest.Cues from "Dust":0:00:02 - 06. March to the Gallows 0:27:51 - 01. Fate 0:36:17 - 02. The Funeral 0:43:47 - 03. The Rock 0:47:18 - 04. The Magic Dust 0:49:57 - 05. Forecast 0:51:41 - 06. March to the Gallows 0:55:38 - 07. Last Hope 1:00:06 - 08. Broken Rope 1:03:29 - 09. The Hanging 1:33:07 - 07. Last HopeOther Sources:0:01:40 - Air Force One - No Security0:02:35 - The Omen: The Essential Jerry Goldsmith - Bajo Fuego (from Under Fire)0:03:09 - Hoosiers - Welcome to Hickory0:04:28 - Maxie - She Won’t Be Back0:09:37 - The Trouble with Angels - The Trouble with Angels0:09:55 - The Trouble with Angels - Lifeguard0:10:30 - I.Q. - Fundamental Order / First Sight / Chance / Craps0:30:11 - Marc Scott Zicree interview with director Douglas Heyes from 1978 - Twilight Zone Season 2 Disc 20:33:58 - Gunsmoke - The Wake - The Gravedigger0:54:36 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Map Room: Dawn1:02:27 - Playhouse 90 - Tomorrow - The Woman1:06:41 - Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room - A New Man1:32:05 - 1489 Words - SilencePlease send your correspondence to

May 2019

1 hr 35 min