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The goal of this podcast is to help people achieve their dreams

We will do this by creating a community of people that inspires action towards each person’s ideal lifestyle and holds each person accountable to accomplishing their dreams.

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Karolina Rzadkowolska is a certified alcohol-free life coach who helps powerful women make alcohol insignificant in their lives. She’s worked with thousands of clients through her online courses and coaching to change their drinking habit and unleash a new level of health, happiness, and potential to go after their biggest dreams. Her book Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You (HarperCollins and featured in Target) will be out on bookshelves on January 4th. She’s the host of Euphoric the Podcast, founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free, and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Popsugar, Authority Magazine, Greatist, and Elite Daily. Karolina’s passionate about helping you discover what really makes you happy outside of a beverage and design a life you love. She would love to hear from you at Dreams: Hit the NY Times Bestseller List Helping Men and Women get freedom from alcohol and understand what the knock on their hearts is. Live in more places. How you can Help: Get ahead of your day (Meditating, affirmations, a visualization, reading, working out, prepping healthy meals Cultivating a state of gratitude Taking a break from alcohol - buy her book! Listen to her podcast “euphoric the podcast” Contact them at:

Dec 4

42 min 2 sec

Check it out on Spotify: Check it out on Apple: Gramps Jeffrey has 4 kids and 6 grandchildren and looks at how the kids are growing up as a baby boomer trying to understand how the world has evolved since he was 3 years old. As the author of the acclaimed business book “The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Walmart” and a contributor to The Huffington Post of over 100 articles on how to help the nonprofit world and also help grow small businesses, Gramps’ commentary is quite timely in the challenging world we live in. Dreams: Gramps Jeffrey wants to help people get more involved in the lives of their grandchildren. How you can Help: Connect Jeffrey to the people in education and the teaching of reading. Get Involved in the routine - All kids have something they like to do. Ask them and do it with them! Grandparents are there as a compliment to what the parents do. Just support, don’t control. Let the kids pick out the book and then draw energy from their energy. Do Interactive reading with the Grandchildren Contact them at: Email:

Dec 3

26 min 37 sec

Check it out on Spotify: Check it out on Apple: Jordan Skopp is a realtor, philanthropist and life-time baseball fan from Brooklyn, New York. Jordan is leading the fight to enact legislation to eliminate the Baseball Rule, adopted decades ago by courts and a handful of state legislatures, which holds that fans injured by high-speed foul balls cannot receive compensation in court, no matter how badly they are hurt, so long as the home team has taken minimal steps to protect spectators. Jordan is the Founder of dedicated to increasing fan awareness of the dangers of foul ball injuries. Conservative estimates are that 5,000 fans have been injured, many seriously, by foul balls in Major and Minor league ballparks since 2012. Dreams: Jordan wants to create an independent netting council for minor league baseball stadiums so that baseballs don’t hit kids. How you can Help: Introduce Jordan to somebody with deep pockets that has a passion for baseball. They will need to help get people involved and do some lobbying. Wants an independent Netting Council. Go to the website and sign the two petitions. Contact them at: Email address : Website:

Nov 26

43 min 38 sec

Check it out on Spotify: Check it out on Apple: Margaret Mary O’Connor holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University At Buffalo (NY), and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, NY. She is a former Chaplain and is currently a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish where, ironically, the Church windows depict the Vatican II Council. One window represents the “Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World,” which includes an article that speaks directly to ending sexual discrimination of all kinds in our Church. O’Connor literally “walks the walk” on picket lines to help keep this issue of Women’s Ordination in the forefront of Catholics’ minds. She also pickets for Church accountability on the priest sexual-abuse issue. As a fellow member of the Laity, herself, she believes any Catholic, deserves at minimal at least the truth from Rome, as opposed to the continual outright deception they are receiving. She also is a member of Call to Action, Future Church, Roman Catholic Women Priests, the Women’s Ordination Conference, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), Preservation Buffalo Niagara and Western New York Land Conservancy and Buffalo Central Terminal. Dreams: Margaret wants to: Go to Ireland To spread the truth with her books. Skydive How you can Help: You can help Margaret by checking out those catholic groups that want women priests. (Call to Action: Future Church, Women’s Ordination Conference, Roman Catholic Women’s Priest) Introduce her to Current Sister Joan Chittiser Contact them at:

Nov 19

46 min 15 sec

CORRECTION **Big Pharma's settlements with federal prosecutors are billions of dollars a year, not trillions** Check it out on Spotify: Check it out on Apple: **DISCLAIMER** Make sure to always do your own research and form your own opinions on topics. Robert recently published Butchered by “Healthcare,” a book about how medicine has degenerated over the past 20 years. The corporations have been marketing drugs that barely worked or did not work. They gained power by spreading fear and disease-mongering. The covid story is a continuation of the same modus writ large and with astonishing chutzpah. The following is how the parts fit together. The other players in the scrum--the media, the tech companies, and the politicians--have motives related to the Pharma corporations. Listen and follow the links for more info! COVID AND VACCINE REFERENCES THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE: The following video is long but crucial. The physician in the video, Peter McCullough, is a famed academic. He says that 85 percent of covid fatalities would be prevented by ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and other treatments used early and in combination. It is unethical and illegal to experiment instead of using effective treatments. This coverup promotes the phenomenally profitable “vaccine.” Treatment resources and legal help: Ivermectin is safe and effective for covid. It is being slammed by a wall of lies. The best podcasts about the situation are at and Robert Kennedy Jr’s: To get involved, here is a practical path:

Nov 12

33 min 47 sec

Nita Kasan is a master’s prepared Registered Nurse whose professional career has ranged from Critical Care to Flight Nursing, to serving as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve Nurse Corps, to Chief Nursing Officer & Chief Operating Officer roles in multiple hospitals throughout the U.S. and finally business ownership.  Nita is currently the Principal and Owner of two organizations that support the coaching, mentoring, and healthcare Leadership needs of hospitals nationwide. In addition to her Healthcare business focus, Nita has a passion for helping herself and others upgrade their body, their mind, and their lives through the proven science of Biohacking and Ketones.  This passion led to another hat that Nita wears which is that of a Promoter & Brand Ambassador with a company called Prüvit and a product that is on the forefront of truly transforming just about every aspect of health.  In this role, Nita helps people accelerate their body’s ability to “burn fat for fuel” independent of diet & exercise, which continues to feed her desire to make a difference in the life and health of others. Dreams: Nita wants to: Reach the top of the Network Marketing World. Mentor, support, and impact other people’s lives whether that be as a customer or helping them build a business. Create residual income that flows to her family whether she is there or not. How you can Help: Be Open to Learning about Network Marketing, ProveIt, and business opportunities. If you know anybody that is associated with  Eric and Miranda Roy, Lisa Grossman and Frazier Brooks  connect them to Nita Contact them at: Email : Website:

Nov 5

45 min 46 sec

Dan Kryzanowski is a capital raiser, equity owner, and passive investor, generating double-digit yields and lower taxes via commercial real estate. Dan has raised millions of dollars across multiple channels, including family offices and investment advisors, while empowering his partners to raise seven-figures on multiple occasions. He specializes in niche segments, such as industrial and self-storage, complemented with a deep knowledge of tax-advantaged investing. Dan, a Wharton graduate, previously led commercial real estate initiatives for GE Capital in Mexico and South America. He also received a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, graduating with Distinction (top honors). Dan holds Series 7 and 66 licenses, is a licensed Project Management Professional (PMP) and recently served as Corporate Board President for Hugh O'Brian Youth Central Texas (HOBY). Dan lives with his wife and son in Austin, TX. Dreams: Family of 4 with a house in a good neighborhood. Live in a Safe and creative environment for his kids. Experience the world without technology hindering the special moments. Continue to build a natural network and community. Connecting for the right things. Identifying people’s superpowers earlier. How you can Help: Introduce Dan to people with big ideas and positivity. Introduce Dan to Fantastic Executors Learn a little bit about investing in real estate passively and connect Dan with some friends and family that want to do the same! Build your natural network and connect with people physically and intimately. Contact Info LinkedIn:

Oct 29

35 min 48 sec

Josh loves Hiking, Camping and Riding his bike and he also doing a Martial arts for 15 years He start as a janitor in a grocery store and he learned Trading and business he started last January 20 2021 Started off as a business to pick the brain of genius business owner, He believes that “as long as he works hard now, he will have his easy life later’’ The one action step that he  take right now to get to his  dreams is Be Comfortable with being uncomfortable Dreams: His dream is to get to the point where he has enough cash flow to disappear on the drop of a hat. Time freedom, location freedom. Traveling the world (Japan, China, Russia, Ireland) How you can Help: Huddle up and not be so divisive over topics. Learn to Love each other again Contact them at: Website Instagram:JRBolton_ Twitter: JRBolton_

Oct 23

38 min 11 sec

For fun, Lauren likes to go to work, meditate, explore different types of food, and work out. In her day job, Lauren is a big law lawyer . She is motivated by her sense of rebellion and desire to explore new things. She also loves meeting new people and doing new things. To take care of herself, Lauren goes to the gym 5-6 times per week for 2-3 hours each time. Dreams: Lauren wants to: Go back to school to get her MBA Work in the Government Give up Everything that she has and live in a monastery. Be a Supreme Court Justice one day. How you can Help: Join Lauren’s network of people to have open conversations, show mutual respect, and grow a supportive network with her. If you know anybody that is associated with Simone Biles, Michelle Obama, or was close to Ruth Vader Disnsbeer, connect them to Lauren. Contact them at: Email: Facebook Messenger:

Oct 17

24 min 5 sec

Jazmin Lozano was born and raised in Austin TX and has been in the pharmaceutical field since she was 17. She recently quit her job to pursue being Laboujeehousewife full time. She wouldn’t have been able to do it without the people around her! Dreams: Jazmin wants to build a storefront for her business, create systems so that the business runs without her being there, Publish two books, and to have her own storeline at Target. How you can Help: You can help by finding somebody with ties to Target or HEB, or using connections you may have, to help Jazmin get into those store fronts! Contact them at: IG: @laboujeehousewife (e) (w)

Oct 10

25 min 46 sec

Daisy Serrano is a Full time in Real Estate Investor. She has apartment deals for her friends and family, so reach out to her to make it rain! Here are Daisy's dreams: Retire her Family Take her family on a cruise through the Mediterranean Set a Good Example for her community and future family by living up to her potential. Create a company culture with a good vibe and make sure that it is growth-oriented. Ensure that people want to work there! Building a church, a park, and schools in Mexico Host multiple women’s empowerment conferences. Here's How you can Help Let everybody know that it’s possible to create generational wealth! Share their podcast! Connect with Daisy to learn more about the business and see how you can help them optimize operational efficiency or invest in some of their deals with them. Contact Daisy here: 760-628-7654 IG: @makeitraincapital Contact me at: (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn:

Sep 13

30 min 49 sec

Misty loves to go see shows, eat at good restaurants, living in the city, live music, writing, acting, dancing, and just about anything creative! She also loves playing with her kids. She does it all. Ever since she was little, Misty has been a performer. She went to a performing arts high school and got an acting degree in college. She has always been good at writing, and wants to write a memoir someday! Her most recent son was born with down syndrome. While Misty was anxious about the challenges it might bring, her son has sparked new creativity and passion! This has led to her running a blog and Instagram page centered around advocating for families that have a child or sibling with down syndrome! Here are her dreams: Being in shows 24/7 and going to broadway Using the desires and gifts for theatre to make a difference in the world that she has been thrust into. Start a podcast for Actors Here’s How you Can help: Misty needs a platform to speak where she can give a lot of exposure to the world of down syndrome. Every Actor has the desire to do what they do in the presence of the right person. She wants a stage to do what she does best and for somebody to see it and believe it. The ideal platform looks like the IG platform and creates a loving, welcoming space. Follow her page! Contact her Here: Instagram: @happinessisdownsyndrome Blog: Contact me at: (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn:

Sep 2

32 min 19 sec

Aquila Fox went from softball coach to entrepreneur because of the pandemic. After a diagnosis of Bipolar type II Depression in October of 2020, she knew her business needed to take off. From experiencing the healing effects of CBD herself, and leveraging clubhouse to grow her business, She is High Key started to grow. At her core, Aquila is a family person. Each of her siblings has products modeled after them. Her siblings, as well as her friends, gave her the support she needed to have this business take off, and it's continuing to grow! Here are her dreams: Moving to Italy and creating a bed and breakfast there. Living in Costa Rica and creating a safe haven for the LGBTQ Community. Build Her Brand "She is High Key". Here's how you can help: She Needs Funding! If you believe in her idea and want to pitch in with either a gift or negotiate for equity, contact her here: Her website is @sheishighkey on Instagram and Twitter telephone number 253-495-5421 email Contact me at: (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn:

Sep 1

37 min 49 sec

Kelli is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and dreamer. While working on a small business, she also drives uber, nannies, and works part-time at juice land. Born and raised in Austin, TX, Kelli finds her motivation from a burning desire to create the best life for her future children and family. She also constantly has a chip on her shoulder because she wants to prove people wrong, including herself. A big part of her motivation is also getting out of her limiting beliefs! Here are her Dreams: Trying to get to Hawaii ASAP Building her own House. Designing it and building it. Full-Time Family. The whole family is home together because they're financially free. Kelli wants to be financially free by 23! Helping Homeless Vets is one of the ways she wants to impact the world. Buying Back her Time. 5-year vegan. Get more involved in the vegan community. Pouring into young people. She was really lost when she left high school and doesn't want other people to feel the same way. Being able to pursue passions (writing/creating music) without monetizing them. Here's how you can help: Kelli wants a mentor as far as the creative side of her life goes. Here are some key attributes of the mentor: Honest mentor/mentee relationship: Feels comfortable showing her work and getting constructive criticism Accountability Partner If you know anybody in the industry that is willing to mentor Kelli, contact her here: 512-636-8799 Instagram: @happygokelli Contact me at: (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn:

Aug 25

29 min

Dante was in the military until 2009. He had two combat tours in Iraq. Now he lives with his wife of 18 years and 3 boys. Dante and his wife also took custody of his wife’s brothers and sisters when he was 25, their family is big! Dante loves teaching, educating, and talking about business! He has been in Real Estate for 15 years and started off as an investor. Some advice from Mark Cuban made him shift his thinking. Mark told him he’s swimming in the pond that everybody is swimming in as an agent. He needed to distinguish himself. Dante took that advice and went to work for free and negotiate equity deals to show people he was serious about it. Now he owns a multimillion-dollar development company and is shooting for commercial development in the near future. Here are his Dreams: Building Specialty Neighborhoods in the next year.  Building an apartment complex in the next couple of years (300-500 Units)  Stay a small company.  Here's how you can help: Dante needs people to join his team. He needs people on his executive team and acquisitions team that will get in the trenches and figure out how to partner with the owner and make deals happen.  Dante needs people that aren't looking for a paycheck. The ideal person will learn through experience. Contact him at: (512) 937-6666 Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn:

Aug 17

1 hr 19 min

Dr. Choquette Hamilton is an entrepreneur for social change and a coach/consultant. Coming from a military family, Dr. Hamilton went to UT for undergrad and came back to do work with the school. She is the founder and CEO of RISE Child Development Center and has a passion for social justice and fairness. Growing up, she was always able to spot the lack of justice in society and she simply felt that it shouldn't be that way. From a slow burn over time and leaning into her authentic self, Dr. Hamilton has done wonderful things for social justice and continues to fight every day. Her dream is to have happy, healthy families in a just world. Her focus is on dismantling white supremacy and racism in early development and education. She really wants universal early care and education for everybody. Additionally, Dr. Hamilton is intentionally building generational wealth and teaching others to do the same! If you're looking to help Dr. Hamilton, Here's how: 1. Network with her to build community in the education space. 2. Help her find a 10,000 SF Commercially zoned building for her 501c3 3. Give constant encouragement. Do this for her, but give it to everybody! Here's how to contact her: LinkedIn: Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn:

Aug 12

40 min 4 sec

John Harrell manages a successful business, writes a daily inspirational blog, and regularly engages in public speaking.  His audiences include corporations, trade associations, college students and incarcerated children-truly a “captive” audience.  In 2018, Harrell published his first book, “Killing My Father Then Finding Him” which became a number-one bestseller the first day of publication on Amazon. John is a fortunate survivor of childhood physical and emotional abuse. Because of his upbringing, Harrell is able to connect with struggling children, offering hope to kids in sometimes hopeless situations.  Harrell serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Rachel’s Challenge, the largest program in the world which focuses on kindness and compassion. Named for Rachel Joy Scott, the first child killed at Columbine High School, Rachel’s Challenge transforms the lives of 2 million people per year in 40 countries.  John's dream is to continually make an impact on kids, the future of society.  He loves to do so through speaking! We can help him by scheduling him on any speaking engagements in which he would have an opportunity to impact the lives of many kids all the way down to the life of one kid. Let's change the future with John! Contact John: Email: Written Blog: Website: (written blogs and podcast episodes are automatically loaded there daily) Charity: Contact Me: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn: Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

Jun 4

57 min 27 sec

Eric Protein Moseley used to be a homeless crackhead that traveled the country with his young daughter. Now, he is a social impact documentary filmmaker that is published on His dream to someday become a known figure in the Austin area by incorporating with major tech companies. I plan to put into place a pilot program called Each One Teach One Infrastructure. Eric wants to make sure that every American citizen is living within mainstream society. If somebody were to help him with his dream they would put him in contact with Elon Musk, Governor Abbott, or Joe Lonsdale to help me by hiring an upper-class homeless individual to work as a Homeless Outreach Public Safety Worker, crested by Each One Teach One Infrastructure. Curious about Each One Teach One Infrastructure? Curious about upper-class homeless individuals? Listen to the podcast! Know Elon Musk, Governor Abbot, or Joe Lonsdale? Let's get them connected with Eric Protein Moseley! Contact Eric: Email:  Facebook: Documentary: Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn: Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

May 25

24 min 53 sec

Jaclynn is the co-founder of Fyli, a company that empowers female business founders and connects them to like-minded people. Fyli started out as a mastermind group to help Jaclynn out with her Saas tech start-up and blossomed into a business with global impact and amazing goals. Her company is designed to be a roadmap for female founders so that they don't get lost on their journey to a successful business and a successful life. Since moving to Austin, Jaclynn has learned that she loves to do things outdoors and wanted to shout out the West Chelsea Contemporary Gallery, which is in East Austin because she also loves art! Jaclynn particularly loves the culture surrounding the lake and the great food in Austin. She has a few dreams: In their preseed round right now, Fyli is raising 2 million dollars. Fyli will use this money to reach its goal of 250 cohorts by January 2022. Jaclynn also has a dream of bridging two countries, the US and China, through entrepreneurship and empowering women. IN addition to basically changing the world, she wants to see a fund come to fruition through Fyliu that supports her cohort members and fellow female founders. Here's how we can help: If you're an angel investor or a venture capitalist, contact Jaclynn as soon as possible so that she can tell you all about Fyli's plan for major success in the future. If you're a founder of a business, contact Jaclynn to join Fyli! There are options for everybody, but the cohorts are reserved for female founders. Finally, if you're new to Austin, contact her just to make friends. Austin has an amazing culture and she wants to contribute to it! Contact Jaclynn Brennan: @Fylitribe on insta @jalcynnbrennan on insta Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn: Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

May 19

27 min 55 sec

Listen to the Podcast Here: Audrey Jackson is a social worker in Austin, Tx that focuses on the administrative side of social work. She loves to do financial ministry, which includes teaching several people about biblical financial principles. She loves to read Christian nonfiction books and financial literacy books. Audrey literally lives to serve. She finds passion in all that she does because it is all rooted in serving other people! Some of her favorite places in Austin include Lake Pflugerville and several parks around the city. It's important to her to be outside and enjoy nature. Here are a few of her dreams: Live completely debt-free by fully paying off the mortgage. Pursue a new career post early retirement. Start publishing some of her writing, and focusing on writing new stuff that will be published. If you're listening to this podcast or reading these show notes, any encouragement is helpful!  Audrey would also appreciate accountability from somebody that is close to her. Make sure to reach out to her and ask her about various goals, and how you may be able to help her with barriers! If you know a publisher, connect these two! Let's make dreams come true! Contact Audrey: FB: Email: Contact me: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn: Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

May 17

35 min 14 sec

Charles Divins is a morning news anchor for spectrum news in Austin, TX He gets motivation from his family and his intense desire to find the next thing that sparks interest and passion. He loves Austin's fantastic balance of culture, nature, opportunity, and quality of life. Charles' favorite place in Austin si Lady Bird Lake. As an ambitious man, he has achieved most of his dreams. Now, his one goal in life is to be engaged and present with the people and work in his life. By doing this, he will be able to empower the people around them and shine light where light is needed! One way that we can all help Charles pursue that dream is to hold him accountable for the interests and passions that come up in his life. In order to actively pursue them, he needs an accountability partner that is in his stage of life! If you know somebody that is a small father and has an abundance mindset send them Charles' way. It's even better if they work or have worked as a news anchor of some sort! Contact Charles: IG: @cdla FB: Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn: Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

May 14

34 min 17 sec

Melissa Bordeau is originally from Minnesota and lives in Austin, TX now. She is a freelance photographer and loves to listen to live music in the Austin area. Melissa loves photography so much because it helped her learn how to be present and aware of your surroundings. Some of her biggest motivation in life is being able to slow down, look around, take a deep breath, and just be present! Isn't that refreshing? Her favorite thing about Austin is the sense of community and entrepreneurial energy present in the city. She has two dreams that were talked about in this podcast: Becoming a Destination wedding photographer and turning a house into an event venue. If you know somebody that is going to have a wedding abroad, talk to Melissa! I'll be working on my end to find her a quality home, but if you come across one, contact us! Contact Melissa at: IG: @Bordeauphoto Website: Email: Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Instagram: @Timdouglas924 Facebook: LinkedIn: Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

May 7

38 min 14 sec

Tennasyn Moody is a Health Coach from Round Rock, TX. She lives with her 2 wonderful children and husband and they have a dream of living a lifestyle that prioritizes enjoying their surroundings, traveling, learning more about the world, and simply being free! For fun, she likes to do basically anything outdoors and a lot of Cross Fit! About 2.5 years ago, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Before she was diagnosed, she knew there were problems with her body, but wasn't validated in her thoughts. When she finally got diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she was relieved that somebody finally listened to her. This relief motivated her to build her health coaching business, and help other people who need to be heard when it comes to her health. One way we can all help Tennasyn with her dream is to tell five people we know about her health coaching business. Let's help her grow! Also, if you need a health coach hit her up! Here is how you can contact her: IG: @Progressoverpounds @tennasynmoody Website: FB Page: Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

Apr 28

31 min 35 sec

Heather Suchma is the founder of Blue Lion and worked in a salon for ten years. She saw that there was a space in the industry for somebody who leased out the space to hair stylists, understood the business, the need, and cared deeply for the people. Heather decided to start Blue Lion Salon Studios to do just that. They have experienced tremendous success by having multiple locations, but Heather is also able to enjoy more time with her family and pursue the freedom we all long after. She is huge on taking action too! Currently, she is taking the time to find herself again because she feels like she has been laser focused on a few things for so long. She's buying a skateboard! Make sure to contact her and see how she is doing cultivating her passions and interests. Also, she is looking for a mentor that has experienced the growing pains of a small business. One question she had was how people detach themselves from the business as it grows. If you know anybody in Sugar Land, TX, or anywhere nearby that can help Heather out, reach out to her and help make her dreams come true! You can contact her at: @heathersuchma on IG Contact me at: Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Information About Brokerage Services: Consumer Protection Notice:

Apr 23

41 min 23 sec

Theo Douglas is a professional day trader and delivery driver.  His Dream is to be free to live the life he wants to live.  Right now, his biggest barrier to living the life he wants to is financial freedom.  His method of increasing his salary is day trading. However, to make money as a day trader, you have to have money.  Capital is his obstacle right now and he has asked for help! The challenge we have for the community this episode is to have 10,000 people give Theo ten dollars. This amount of money would kickstart his dreams! Let's show the world how generous we are, and how much we support the dreams of others! Theo is also looking for spiritual mentors and trading mentors in the Abilene area! Reach out to Theo on the following: Email: Instagram: Theo.Douglas Venmo: @TheoDouglas Timothy Douglas, eXp Realty (c) 512-591-6138 (e) Want to JOIN EXP? Let's talk! Information About Brokerage Services Consumer Protection Notice

Apr 21

21 min 50 sec