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Welcome to the home of Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet, a wrestling podcast based out of Scotland and the U.K. Through our team of knowledgeable fans of the industry, we bring you the best of all things wrestling, from the heights of WWE and AEW to the best of the Japanese and European scene. Some wrestling pods may just do previews and reviews, but here, we aim to produce analysis of a number of topics, whilst also providing a whole bunch of laughs and banter. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SuplexRetweet.

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The moment Sarah has (not) been looking for as she gathers her band of misfits to discuss a (not so) legendary PPV!


Nov 30

1 hr 4 min

All 4 hosts gather to examine the teams and predict where each competitor will finish in our shortest season

Nov 27

1 hr 13 min

Ross is joined by Chris Anthony Lopez to talk Survivor Series, WarGames and more releases from WWE.

Nov 26

1 hr 11 min

Steven leads the panel 20 years into the past as they look at the conclusion of the WCW/ECW Invasion storyline

Nov 23

1 hr 35 min

As season 10 comes to a close Scott & Jack chat to Ross about his lead going into Survivor Series before a wild GOAT appears.

Nov 20

47 min 3 sec

Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at the fall out of Full Gear before looking ahead to Survivor Series

Nov 18

1 hr 32 min

Sarah hosts as the crew look back at NXT TakeOver:Toronto discussing the matches and highlights from an incredible event. 

Nov 16

1 hr 14 min

Grant has a chat with the Leader of the Good Boi Gang Gene Munny about his career to date, highlights and what's in store!


Nov 15

43 min 34 sec

David Campbell and Scott look at who has the most to gain at Full Gear and how the TBS championship will factor into female picks next season 

Nov 13

27 min

Ross is joined by Scott to talk the latest round of WWE releases, the full card for AEW Full Gear and the line up for the Raw and Smackdown Survivor Series

Nov 12

1 hr 38 min

Scott & Grant have a lot to talk about with the fallout from Power Struggle and previewing Battle in the Valley as well as the Best of the Super Jrs/World Tag League tournaments 

Nov 11

1 hr 39 min

Have we had enough of brand warfare at Survivor Series? What is the third biggest promotion in the world? All this gets debated in the return of The Debating Chamber!


Nov 9

1 hr 30 min

Jack & Dave take a look at the draft in a week were a lot of people's teams are down one player

Nov 6

20 min 43 sec

Ross is joined by Dave to look at a week that includes Impact possibly releasing talent and ROH's parent company being in debt.

Nov 4

55 min 39 sec

Ross is joined by Scott for a special episode of Central looking at a week of major shows and big changes in ROH

Oct 31

1 hr 9 min

The guys have a lot to talk about as they look at the fallout of the G1 and preview the card for Power Struggle.

Oct 31

1 hr 20 min

Scott & Dave are joined by Ross who has a lot to say about his team as he is neck and neck with the GOAT at the top of the table

Oct 30

43 min 31 sec

Allan is back with another Mount Rushmore show and has gathered the Mount Rottenrow of ESSR on Dave, Derek and Kwaku to debate the most Iconic wrestling managers over the years. 


Oct 26

1 hr 20 min

David Campbell hosts this week with guests Stacey Smith and Ryan Dalgleish to look at their different draft teams

Oct 23

22 min 24 sec

Ross is joined by David Haughney to look at the cards for Crown Jewel and Bound for Glory. 

Oct 21

1 hr 14 min

The GOAT David Campbell assembles a panel to discuss the career and rivalry between AJ Lee and Paige!


Oct 19

1 hr 35 min

David Campbell & David Haughney are joined by Ryan Gallacher to look at a strong week for the women's picks and give very different views on Ryan's team

Oct 16

20 min 57 sec

Ross is joined by Grant & Billy to look at the queen's crown & king of the ring, Rampage going up against Smackdown and much more

Oct 15

1 hr 8 min

Scott is joined by Ross & Andy to look at the rise of Randy Orton from youngest World Champion to leader of Legacy.

Oct 12

1 hr 27 min

The full team is hear to celebrate this milestone episode and look back at the best and worst picks in draft history

Oct 9

50 min 18 sec

Ross is joined by John Isherwood to discuss a busy week including the draft, a wrestling return for Tessa Blanchard and looking ahead to AEW's Anniversary show

Oct 7

1 hr 25 min

Gary hosts discussing the greatest Heel Champions in wrestling with a look at what made them great and a panel debate to push forward their favourite. 


Oct 5

1 hr 32 min

Jack & Scott look at a busy week with the Extreme Rules and the WWE Draft as well as having Allan on to discuss his team.

Oct 2

29 min 27 sec

Ross is joined by Adam Cailler to talk about the big wrestling topics of the week from Extreme Rules to the upcoming draft and big moments for Dynamite.

Oct 1

1 hr 7 min

Grant, along with Sarah & Steven look back at the early days and development of one of wrestling's biggest factions: The Bullet Club. They also talk some of the best and worst members. Follow us on social media @suplexretweet and subscribe on your podcast platform of choice for all past and future episodes.

Sep 28

1 hr 29 min

Scott & David Campbell look at the performances of the AEW picks after Grand Slam and compare them with the NXT picks this season

Sep 25

32 min 58 sec

Ross is joined by David Campbell to go through a busy week of wrestling including previewing this Sunday's Extreme Rules & David gives his perspective on the G1

Sep 24

1 hr 24 min

Our own Steven Wilson got the chance to join various other members of the wrestling and mainstream media to speak with former WWE Champion and Scotland's own Drew McIntyre on his return to his home country for WWE's last stop on their UK tour in Glasgow. Listen to the brief questions Steven got to ask Drew at this event on Big E's title win, the upcoming draft and Triple H's influence. Subscribe to get future interviews and show, as well as follow us on social media @suplexretweet.

Sep 23

5 min 37 sec

Before embarking on their first European tour in nearly two years, Steven had the chance for a brief chat with SmackDown's Finn Balor, where they discussed his return to Glasgow, his current feud with Roman Reigns, plus the possibility of returning to NXT UK.

Sep 22

13 min 38 sec

Steven gathers the mistakes of ESSR to discuss and dissect the recent big decisions made by WWE management as of late! 


Sep 21

1 hr 17 min

Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at a big week of news including Big E winning the WWE Championship, NXT 2.0 and looking ahead to AEW Grand Slam and the upcoming WWE Draft.

Sep 18

1 hr 50 min

Jack & David welcome ESSR Champion Grant McRobbie to look at his team and defend his title in Jack's Season 9 opportunity. 

Sep 18

23 min 53 sec

Scott & Grant look ahead to one of the busiest times in the wrestling calendar: the G1 Climax. They give their most anticipated matches and their predictions as to who will stand tall

Sep 15

56 min 2 sec

Chris hosts a panel of Scott, Dave & newcomer Callum as they give their picks for the best people to win the WWE US Championship

Sep 14

1 hr 24 min

Billy interviews Discover Wrestling's Alan Smith ahead of their anticipated return to live shows in Edinburgh. 

Sep 13

48 min 51 sec

Grant and Scott look at two major shows with Resurgence in the US & Wrestle Grand Slam in Japan. They also look at the announced participants for the G1 Climax

Sep 12

1 hr 48 min

On his birthday, Scott is joined by Dave to discuss his ascent to the top of the table after All Out!

Sep 11

25 min 12 sec

Ross is joined by Grant to discuss the surprises and fallout from All Out as well as the other big stories like the ongoing rebrand of NXT

Sep 9

1 hr 13 min

Jack is joined by Scott & Dave to look back at the first SmackDown PPV of the 2016 brand extension.

Sep 7

1 hr 4 min

David Campbell & Jack Graham look at the first week the season and some of the first time ever picks 

Sep 4

20 min 21 sec

With Ross out on loan, Kwaku takes the hosting chair and welcomes in Dave to discuss the latest in wrestling.


Sep 2

56 min 50 sec

Allan is back with another in the series of Mount Rushmore shows this time talking about the pillars of Wrestling Commentators!


Aug 31

1 hr 33 min

Ross is joined by Dave for a later episode than usual of Central looking at CM Punk's AEW Debut, Adam Cole's contract situation and so much more.

Aug 28

1 hr 7 min

All four SDL hosts get together to analyse all standout or questionable picks from the participants in the biggest season ever 

Aug 28

1 hr 1 min

Steven hosts another look back show this time looking at the first ever NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. 

Aug 24

1 hr 33 min