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The Founder Mindset Podcast with Kevin Graham has interviews with successful entrepreneurs about what it took to start and grow their businesses, and what it's really like in the day-to-day of their business with a focus on online and location independent businesses.

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For the final episode of Season 1, I sat down with Doug Cunnington to discuss all things Amazon Affiliate and niche sites, as well as the case study that he’s running on his site at the moment, where he’s bought an aged site and all of the work on this site is being outsourced. Sites […]

Sep 2019

40 min 35 sec

This week, I sat down with Dan Norris. Dan’s a serial entrepreneur from Australia’s Gold Coast and has started a number of businesses over the years. He was the founder of WP Curve, and more recently has been working on Black Hops Brewing, a craft brewery, with his two co-founders. In this chat, we talk […]

Aug 2019

37 min 45 sec

On this week’s show, I sit down with Adam Anderson to talk about the 19 companies he’s started, 14 of them which have turned into what he describes as “nonprofits” (ie, companies that he lost money in). We discuss the four stages of entrepreneurship, some of the businesses he’s started in the past including a […]

Aug 2019

42 min 55 sec

This week, I sat down with Kerry Staite from kLite to talk about how he developed his product, a dynamo powered light and charging system for bicycles and appearing on Shark Tank Australia. In the interview, we discuss: the challenges he’s faced with producing products while running as a lean, bootstrapped company redesigning the product […]

Aug 2019

29 min 4 sec

On this week’s episode, I’m joined by Rachel Mazza. Rachel is a copywriter who made the difficult decision in 2018 to shut down a profitable content agency that she had built, which offered a productized service that provided content designed to convert visitors into customers for affiliate sites. In this episode, Rachel discusses the importance […]

Aug 2019

30 min 38 sec

This week, I sat down for a chat with Alex McClafferty, the co-founder of WP Curve, a subscription-based productized service that helps WordPress site owners to fix and improve their sites with unlimited 30 minute tasks, all for one low monthly fee. In 2016, GoDaddy acquired WP Curve and Alex joined GoDaddy to help them […]

Aug 2019

38 min 49 sec

In this week’s episode, I sit down for a chat with Coran Woodmass. Like me, Coran grew up in Australia before leaving it all behind for the location independent life. He’s recently relocated to Austin, Texas in order to grow his boutique mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, The FBA Broker. During the interview, we discuss […]

Jul 2019

22 min 49 sec

This week, I catch up with Dom Wells to hear his story of building Human Proof Designs over the last 5 years and then selling it this year, as well as his new project, OnFolio where he’s working with investors to buy and improve profitable web sites. Sites and Resources Mentioned: Human Proof Designs OnFolio […]

Jul 2019

30 min 10 sec

On today’s show, I’m joined by Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers. Justin tells his full story from running a mortgage brokerage business leading up to the financial crisis, failing at that business and going back to getting a job before re-finding his entrepreneurial spirit and starting a outsourcing company with his former employer as his […]

Jul 2019

44 min 36 sec

Today’s guest, Travis Osborne, had never worked in the tyre industry before he started Mobile Tyre Shop after seeing it while he was on holiday in New York. He then started a Minimum Viable Product version of it, with 2 vans in Melbourne before appearing on Shark Tank Australia, looking for capital to grow the […]

Jul 2019

26 min 4 sec