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The weekly message from our local church, Jesus Culture Sacramento, a community of believers passionate about raising up leaders to impact every realm of society with the supernatural power and love of God.

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We love missions and evangelism, and deeply believe in the power of sending and covering our missionaries in prayer and support. Pastor Banning invites some of our Jesus Culture missionaries, Micah and Hailey Studer, to come share testimonies of what God is doing in the nations of the earth.

Nov 30

27 min 15 sec

Pastor Banning reminds us that choices are powerful, and there is sacrifice involved in choosing to show up and contribute to Ekklesia, the body of believers, on a weekly basis. When we gather, our worship, prayers, and presence brings breakthrough to those around us, and we experience the fullness of God in our lives.

Nov 23

45 min 15 sec

Pastor Tamara Bennett, Senior Pastor of This Is Pentecost Fellowship Ministries, encourages us to live by the redemptive power and authority that God have given us as believers. When we choose to live in the fullness of this reality, we will see things shift in our lives and spheres of influence.

Nov 16

31 min 41 sec

There is power released when we gather, and there is power released when we agree. Pastor Banning teaches us that the fullness of all that God has for us cannot be experienced outside of gathering with the people of God.

Nov 9

38 min 24 sec

God’s idea of Church involves being together. Pastor Banning talks about the power of “ekklesia,” and what happens when we gather as the Church to worship, pray, and talk about the Word of God.

Nov 2

43 min 52 sec

We are the representation of Christ to the world. Pastor Banning explains how Jesus was a man of peace, and our witness to the world should be the amount of peace that we bring into every room, circumstance, and relationship.

Oct 26

40 min 45 sec

Delay is an important part of our walk with God, because in the waiting, character is produced in our lives. Pastor Becky Johnson teaches us how Jesus is intentional in His leading, and sometimes that includes delaying our breakthrough, but not denying the promises found in following Him.

Oct 19

39 min 21 sec

We cannot calm storms that we are afraid of. Pastor Banning reminds us that the Kingdom of God is advanced through righteousness, joy, and peace. We are called to bring peace everywhere we go, because when we are living in peace, we have authority to dispel darkness and calm storms.

Oct 12

38 min 2 sec

Peace can never be found anywhere other than God. Pastor Banning calls us to a life that refuses to stay in the storm, but instead chooses to connect to the truth of who the Father is, and how we view Him. We must connect to truth in order to experience freedom from fear, anxiety, and worry.

Oct 5

44 min 36 sec

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be set apart. Danny Silk, President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, invites us into a life of conviction that speaks and lives the truth of the Bible.

Sep 28

41 min 29 sec

Alex Seeley, Lead Pastor of the Belonging Co Church in Nashville, Tennessee, teaches about the significance of servant-hearted leadership. Jesus came to serve, not be served, and we are called to do the same.

Sep 21

41 min

Jesus’ death on the cross paid for us to access and choose to live a life of peace. Pastor Banning exhorts us into a Kingdom reality: we get to live above the storms of life, instead of in them.

Sep 14

39 min 48 sec

We are called to continually position our lives to serve. Pastor Banning teaches us how the fullness of joy comes through serving in community.

Sep 7

38 min 25 sec

Pastor Matt Molt of New Vintage Church, encourages us to listen to the truth of the Bible and keep God at the center of our decisions and actions, not our emotions.

Aug 31

43 min 36 sec

Danny Silk, President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, shares about the overcoming love of God. Fear has no room to exist in our lives when we are in Christ, and we are called to be the most loving people on the planet.

Aug 24

38 min 37 sec

Our life’s purpose is about Jesus. Lisa Bevere shares a timely word on the necessity of being a people that intentionally chooses to focus on Jesus, in a world that is constantly attempting to distract us.

Aug 17

37 min 5 sec

The mandate on our lives as believers is to advance the Kingdom of God and take territory. Pastor Banning exhorts us in our identity as pioneers and teaches us how to walk this out in our daily lives.

Jul 27

54 min 11 sec

If we’re going to be a healthy, thriving Church, we have to be generationally aligned. Pastor Becky Johnson shares about the importance of both young and old unifying together to see the Kingdom of God established on earth.

Jul 20

39 min 33 sec

We are called to engage with God and pursue face-to-face encounters with Him. Lou Engle imparts a word about the significance of dwelling places in our lives, and the importance of remembering God’s faithfulness in our lives to stir hunger in our hearts.

Jul 13

58 min 29 sec

Our lives as believers must be founded on the Word of God. Pastor Banning continues his series on the power of Scripture in our lives.

Jul 6

40 min 29 sec

The Word of God is not just true, it’s truth! Pastor Banning teaches us the significance of rooting our lives deeply in Scripture, and the freedom we experience when we trust what the Bible says, and make it the final authority in our lives.

Jun 29

48 min 8 sec

Contentment is realizing that God has provided everything we need for our present happiness. Francis Anfuso encourages us to live in abundance by understanding that how we see God, ourselves, and our lives matters.

Jun 22

36 min 47 sec

Our lives as believers are to be about seeking God. Pastor Banning teaches us about the power of waiting on God, and how when we choose to seek God, we will find Him.

Jun 15

39 min 1 sec

One moment in the presence of God changes everything. Pastor Banning calls us to be a people of His presence above all else.

Jun 8

38 min 1 sec

We should be a people of hope. Pastor Banning encourages us to diligently guard our hope, and approach every situation knowing that God is with us and for us.

Jun 1

37 min 39 sec

Why are we called to be a church that is radically generous? Pastor Banning Liebscher continues his series, The Church I See, and teaches us that living a generous life is easy when we realize that all we have is because of God, not our own effort. 

May 25

39 min 35 sec

The purpose of the church is to advance the Kingdom of God. Banning Liebscher begins his series, The Church I See, by explaining how every believer has influence and is called to lead.

May 18

33 min 6 sec

The Spirit of God empowers us to live a life that is full of hope and engaged in community. Pastor Banning concludes his Life on Life series by teaching us how to become powerful people who create community.

May 11

35 min 12 sec

The Spirit of God empowers us to live a life that is full of hope and engaged in community. Pastor Banning concludes his Life on Life series by teaching us how to become powerful people who create community.

May 4

38 min 40 sec

Continuing his series, Life on Life, Pastor Banning reminds us of a crucial mentality for building community- we are not powerless. We are empowered by God to create community and connection.

Apr 27

34 min 25 sec

As believers, we are called to live life in community. This week Pastor Banning Liebscher begins a new series, Life on Life, and challenges us to not give up pursuing connection and vulnerability with others, even when it’s hard.

Apr 20

38 min 43 sec

Kim Walker-Smith encourages us to remember what Jesus saved us from, and boldly share our testimony. When we truly encounter the love and freedom found in Jesus, there is nothing the world could offer us that satisfies. Jesus is enough, and He is our greatest reward!

Apr 13

30 min 56 sec

Easter always reminds us that we need a Savior. Pastor Banning reminds us that because Jesus died on the cross, death was defeated on our behalf. Salvation in Jesus is our promise of victory and that He is with us.

Apr 6

21 min 42 sec

The power of God demonstrates the authority of Jesus to save. Pastor Banning resumes his series, Power Gone Public, and shares about how Jesus really is who He says He is. Jesus still forgives our sins, heals, redeems, and restores brokenness in our lives today.

Mar 30

36 min 37 sec

This powerful message from Zack Curry reminds us of Gods ability to take the small and seemingly insignificant things in our lives, and multiply them to release breakthrough for ourselves and those around us. Are there resources in your life you’ve overlooked? What possibilities lie on the other side of you surrendering them to the Lord?

Mar 23

32 min 33 sec

Banning Liebscher continues his series, Power Gone Public. The power of God reveals the nature of the Father. His miracles reveal His love for us.

Mar 16

30 min 26 sec

You are called to demonstrate the gospel with power and love. The kingdom is so much more than words, and in this new series, Banning describes what it looks like to share the gospel of Jesus.

Mar 9

35 min 25 sec

Andy Byrd shares a powerful and challenging message on the representation of Jesus. The Church has a responsibility to give the world an accurate view of the Savior. Are we doing this job well or have we misrepresented who the Father is to a broken and hungry world? 

Mar 2

44 min 51 sec

Pastor Banning concludes his series, Love Gone Public. To truly practice the love that Jesus calls us to, we must be in community with others. Only then do we get the opportunity to choose forgiveness, peace, and love over disconnection and division.

Feb 23

40 min 29 sec

Pastor Banning continues his series, Love Gone Public. We must have a clear understanding of what love is and not attempt to define love for ourselves. We look to scripture to define love and then put that love on display.

Feb 16

40 min 20 sec

Pastor Banning continues his series Love Gone Public. Jesus emphasized the importance of returning to our first love, which was that God loved us first. We must remain in Gods love and never leave it.

Feb 9

28 min 53 sec

Phil Manginelli, Pastor of The Square, shares a timely message reminding us that hardship develops perseverance in us and God is able to transform us in that process. The invitation in the book of James to “consider it pure joy” should challenge us in our journey to mature as believers.

Feb 2

40 min 28 sec

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus teaches a crucial parable that a light is never hidden under a basket but is set out to light the house for all who enter. We are called to shine in culture, at work, and in our communities. If the world around us looks dark, then we are called to shine all the brighter. 

Jan 26

42 min 20 sec

When it is darkest, God’s people shine brightest. It can be tempting to believe it’s not our responsibility to be the answer to a broken world, but we are the solution. God’s plan for restoration starts with us.

Jan 19

34 min 17 sec

Culture is constantly sending us messages of discontentment. But what does Paul say about contentment? (Phil. 4:10-13) Healthy vision comes from a content life. In a place of contentment, we get a clearer vision of what pursuing Jesus and His Kingdom looks like.

Jan 12

33 min 35 sec

Special guest Kris Vallotton, brings a powerful word providing wisdom about the things God has been building inside His people over the last year. Our vision for 2021 should begin with the call to wake up and lead. Let this message be a well of hope and courage as you begin this new year.

Jan 5

37 min 4 sec

What is the importance of thankfulness in the life of believers? Thankfulness becomes key to developing and maturing in Christ, living with vision, and increasing in faith.

Dec 2020

39 min 10 sec

Faith understands that every harvest starts with sowing a seed. It’s vital in the life of believers to be sowing into future harvests. It becomes a statement of your faith in God as provider. 

Dec 2020

39 min 10 sec

God is always speaking and we were created to be connected to His voice. When faced with challenging seasons we need to hear the voice of God to renew our strength and rejuvenate our faith.

Dec 2020

29 min 14 sec

When things in our lives are disrupted we find ourselves with a choice. We can choose to trust in man or to put our trust in God.

Dec 2020

32 min