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Gorgeous Life is a podcast about personal development and modern elegance. Hosted by blogger Victoria Coburn, this podcast shares tips, inspiration, and motivation for women who are on a journey to create a life of elegance, class, and true happiness. To learn more about creating an extraordinary life, visit gorgeouslifeblog.com

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In this episode I'm sharing stories of the greek goddesses and how to embody them in your everyday life ♡ Blog posts to read:  7 ways I left my comfort zone this year My container Garden tour Lunar alignment for beginners ♡ Books I read: Mythology- Edith Hamilton Circe-Madeline Miller The Song of Achilles-Madeline Miller The Odyssey- Homer The Iliad- Homer

Nov 10

21 min 8 sec

Can elegance be taken too far? In this episode I'm discussing my ultimate elegance hopes and dreams for all of you ladies who consume my content. 

Sep 30

20 min 15 sec

For the month of September I am focusing on caring for my mind, body and soul. In this episode of the podcast I'm talking about signs from the universe, my diet challenge, and finding my signature scent!   ♡ Mind Body and Soul blog post ♡Book: The universe it talking to you *affiliate link*    

Sep 7

26 min 23 sec

Social media has been having a negative impact on my overall mental health over the past several months. I recently decided to delete my social media apps and reduce my overall screen time.  I don't see enough dialogue on the toxic side of social media so I wanted to talk about it.   ♡Visit my blog

Jun 25

21 min 29 sec

Welcome back ladies! Today's episode is the first Deep Chat I have ever done on this podcast. I don't have a dream career and I hate the idea of working. I know many other people are in my situation and have been sharing their thoughts on youtube, so I figured I would speak out as well.   Here are all of the links I mentioned in the episode *some of these may be affiliate links*   ♡Join the Diamond List ♡Watch this: Starting our Early Retirement Journey ♡Read this blog post: Life Lessons I learned from Kim Kardashian West ♡Visit: Gorgeous Life Blog   Follow me ♡Twitter ♡Instagram

May 23

22 min 47 sec

Welcome back ladies! In today's episode I'm talking about Mindfulness. What it is, why it's important, and 3 easy ways you can start practicing it!   Here are all of the links I mentioned in the episode *some of these may be affiliate links*   ♡Start the Life of your Dreams Course ♡Read this incredible book   Follow me ♡Twitter ♡Instagram

May 5

22 min 59 sec

Today I want to talk about something that isn't really addressed in the personal growth and elegance community. I'm going to be discussing a few of the difficult decisions that you will have to make if you want to completely transform your life.   Resources   ♡Get your FREE 30-Day Elegance Challenge. ♡Start the Elegance Course ♡Join the Exclusive email list for Elegant Women   Follow me ♡Twitter ♡Instagram

Mar 3

17 min 41 sec

In today's episode I'm answering all of your questions related to Elegance and Personal growth. Resources: FREEBIE: Grab the 30-Day Elegance challenge Blog: www.gorgeouslifeblog.com Blog Post: Social media accounts to follow that will encourage personal growth  

Feb 15

25 min 37 sec

In this episode I’m talking about the unexpected thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you may have when you upgrade your wardrobe and become a well dressed woman. 00:30 The feelings you will have 14:06 The Benefits of being well dressed Resources ♡Start the Elegance course  ♡ Blog post: How to create a capsule wardrobe  ♡ Blog Post: Starting our early retirement journey Follow me Twitter  Instagram Leave a review in itunes, it's a free way to help me out!  

Jan 8

19 min 47 sec

2020 was without a doubt an incredibly challenging year for the world. In response to the pandemic, we were issued a stay at home order here in Virginia, USA. All non essential businesses were ordered to close. I used this time to explore new hobbies such as painting, cooking, and reading. These hobbies taught me a lot about myself and about life. They also kept me entertained during lockdown.  In this episode I'm sharing my personal experience during the lockdown and what it was like here in Virginia (yes, we also ran out of toilet paper). I've since fallen in love with these hobbies and I wish I started them sooner.  Want more content? ♡ Visit my Blog ♡ Grab the FREE 30-day Elegance Challenge ♡ Enroll in the Elegance Course ♡ Leave me a review on Itunes, it's a free way to help me out! Thanks so much for listening! XOXO, Victoria

Dec 2020

18 min 34 sec

I put the Law of Attraction to the test and here is what happened... I spent a lot of time learning about the Law of Attraction in 2020. It changed my life for the better, and I wanted to test it out.  This episode tells the extraordinary tale of how I was able to manifest something with the Law of Attraction.  This episode is perfect for you if: You are new to the LOA and aren't sure if it will work for you You need some manifestation motivation Want more content? Visit my Blog Enroll in the Life of your Dreams course Leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts, it's a free way to help me out!   Thanks so much for listening XOXO, Victoria      

Dec 2020

19 min 27 sec