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Elite Entrepreneur

By Niel Malan

Elite Entrepreneur is a show for entrepreneurs who believe in investing in their own education and mindset to ensure they run a more successful business in a digital era. Hosted by Niel Malan, the founder and CEO of Elite Inc., the show covers a wide range of topics, mainly centred around how digital marketing can aid your business, tactics you can apply today to make a difference, and how to use technology to your advantage to succeed. The show also discussed broader topics such as modern business practices, including distributed teams, how to run a company without offices and staff all over the world, and how to recruit and attract star talent to your organization. We also interview specialists in various digital and entrepreneurial fields, including talented members of the Elite Inc. team. Who or what is an Elite Entrepreneur? The word ‘elite’ means that you are of superior skill or ability, and an elite entrepreneur is someone with rare knowledge and unique capabilities that they use to run a successful business. Elite entrepreneurs are people who believe they can change the world. They are from all walks of life, from as young as 14 to as old as 100, any race, any gender, any industry, anywhere in the world. If you get it right in digital, you can build your empire, you can grow your business faster than ever before. Episodes for the Elite Entrepreneur show are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The podcast is available on your preferred platform, and a video recording is on our YouTube channel. You can also listen, watch and download the show on our website (, where there are also full transcriptions of each episode.

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