PurposeFULL Living Podcast

By T.H. Meyer, Amy Breitmann

Amy Breitmann and TH Meyer (Tammy) are authors, entrepreneurs, wives, and mothers, helping you (and each other) to live a more fulfilled, intentional, and encouraged life. They also co-authored the book, A God of All Seasons. Amy and Tammy understand how our worlds can be full of things that discourage us. How distractions can keep us from fully being ourselves, fully present, content, or happy. They understand how hard seasons of the soul can leave us empty. Or how we might be on a journey to new and exciting adventures with God. They’ve also known the search for their our own unique calling. Join them to explore God’s design for your life. Listen in and discover ways to fully live the life you were created for. Their weekly radio show, PurposeFULL Living, originally airs on graceandtruthradio.world every Thursday at 12:30pm CST.

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