The Innovation Tapes: Explained

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

In The Innovation Tapes: Explained, we clear the fog around the word ‘innovation’ by diving into the stories of people who drive the innovation culture in various organisations. Who are these people, what does driving innovation mean and what are their factors of success and struggles when it comes to innovating within large organisations? Through this podcast series, we break through the innovation jargon and explore how to innovate in a systemic, repeatable and scalable manner.

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Frank Berkers (Senior Scientist binnen TNO) en Sjoerd Mentink (Program Manager Public-Private Partnerships bij Philips) bespreken hoe Orchestrating Innovation bijdraagt aan effectieve samenwerkingen binnen onder meer het MedTech ecosysteem. Hoe werkt Orchestrating innovation binnen deze sector, waarom is ecosysteem samenwerking cruciaal en welke uitdagingen komen er voort uit het realiseren van Orchestrating Innovation?

Nov 23

33 min 45 sec

Hoe zorg je voor een effectieve samenwerking met verschillende partijen, zodat je innovatie projecten goed van de grond komen? 💡   In deze aflevering, gaat Linda Nieuwenhuizen, Senior Manager New Business & Diensten bij Centraal Beheer in gesprek met Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers over hoe je ervoor zorgt dat innovatieve ideeën binnen de organisatie draagvlak krijgen en hoe zij dat binnen Centraal Beheer heeft gedaan.

Jun 24

24 min 30 sec

Hoe analyseer je binnen een publieke organisatie op welke innovatieprojecten je moet focussen en hoe je de innovatiekracht van de organisatie kan versterken? 💡 In aflevering 5 van The Innovation Tapes: Explained, gaan we in gesprek met Gerben Bootsma, Senior Adviseur Innovatie & Mobiliteit binnen het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu. In deze aflevering, gaat Gerben samen met Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers in gesprek over de uitdagingen en kansen om innovatie binnen het Ministerie organisatie-breed aan te jagen.

May 11

22 min 55 sec

How does the corporate identity influence innovative behaviour within an organisation and what role does top/middle/lower management play in shaping and executing the vision and mission for such an identity? In our fifth episode of The Innovation Tapes: Explained, Dr. Prof. Justin Jansen, Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management, talks about the relationship between corporate identity and achieving innovation success and elaborates on the role for leadership to successfully shape an innovative identity. In his conversation with Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers, Justin shares his insights from his research and discusses real-life examples from Shell & CoolBlue, where the difference in corporate identity and leadership influenced the innovative culture.

Jan 4

18 min 44 sec

Frank Berkers, Senior Scientist binnen TNO, praat over het nieuwe innovatie vakgebied: Orchestrating Innovation. Wat is Orchestrating Innovation, waarom is ecosysteem samenwerking cruciaal en welke problemen komen het voor in het realiseren van Orchestrating Innovation? Het Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship en TNO lanceren daarom dan ook een innovatieprogramma, Orchestrating Innovation in Public-Private Ecosystems, waar deelnemers leren hoe een effectieve samenwerking binnen innovatie ecosystemen opgezet kan worden. 

Dec 2020

32 min 5 sec

Angelique Plugge, Former Innovation Driver at ING talks about the crucial role innovation drivers play when it comes to driving the innovative culture. Why do innovation drivers need to support (senior) management and what role should management in general play when it comes to driving innovation? How can leaders recognise descriptors in the culture that are either helpful or unhelpful for innovation? During this episode, Angelique reflects on her experience from ING, as well as being a coach in our programme.

Nov 2020

20 min 36 sec

Arjan Rensma, Former Innovation Driver at DSM talks about the importance of building a structured processes for innovation. Why do organisations need to develop innovation processes and why shouldn’t they let innovation roam free? What are the requirements for building such processes? During the first episode of The Innovation Tapes: Explained, Arjan Rensma reflects on his experience at DSM and how they created strong innovation processes which allowed DSM to build the innovative culture.

Oct 2020

25 min 31 sec