DiceDads: A Board Game Podcast

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Dice Dads focuses on the tabletop gaming hobby through the eyes of the 30 and 40 something crowd, those who find it a challenge to balance work and family with the hobby that we enjoy.

Join the Dads as they discuss events and topics surrounding tabletop gaming and look at boardgame and card game selections that fit well with groups that have casual players and kids involved.

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The Dads discuss what has gotten to their table lately and then discuss the benefits that tabletop gaming experience can add to a young person's formative years. The discussion is rounded out with a look at the Convention schedule for the rest of the year and a short look back at highlights of past Con excursions.

Jun 2019

57 min 48 sec

Josh reviews the difference between Euro and AmeriTrash games, talks about game categorization by player count, appropriate age, and play time, and looks at how game length and player count help you understand the kind of game experience you are likely to get.

Mar 2019

35 min

The Dads talk about their holiday exploits, gaming with family around the holidays, and cooperative vs competitive games.  Their friend and fellow gamer Shane joins the show and they discuss games like Imhotep, Deal or Duel, Keyforge, Azul 2 and take a look at Life with one of the kids.

Jan 2019

1 hr 18 min

The Dads rehash their recent experience at TokenCon 2018 in OKC and talk about what they thought was great about this brand new game con.  They also discuss their recent Halloween Super-Spooky Game Day and several games appropriate for the season, including Betrayal at House on the Hill, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and City of Horror.  Finally, they discuss the topic of the use of fear and horror in tabletop games and how that can be done well. Happy Halloween!!

Nov 2018

43 min 9 sec

In this episode, you get introduced to the Dads, hear how they got into gaming, and hear some discussion about some games that are fun to play with kids.  You also get an impression of what n00bs these guys are at audio podcasting, which will be very funny to look back on later!

Oct 2018

25 min 28 sec