The Kill Shot podcast by Johnny Battle

By Ben Jenkins: Founder at @Warstic

The Kill Shot is an episodic podcast hosted by @warstic founder, designer and former professional baseball player Ben Jenkins (aka Johnny Battle). The Kill Shot explores masters of mindset: top performers in sports, arts, business, and life who embody warrior spirit of grit and resilience in their battle to make themselves into extraordinary performers and humans. The Kill Shot is not about the naturals. It’s about people who possess a true growth mindset. People who knew their talent alone was not enough but believed in themselves. Always learning, always growing, always doing work that makes the difference. We peel back the layers of these inspiring people’s psyche to discover the singular mindset that made them who they are. Featuring original Music by Warstic Co-owner Jack White. The Kill Shot is sponsored by Warstic Sports Inc., a USA based baseball & softball goods company focused on the art of hitting.

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