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Isaac Wright

Isaac discusses different aspects of financial planning.

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How did Mercy Mall of Virginia get its start? What services and resources does Mercy Mall provide to individuals and families? How can members of the community become involved with Mercy Mall?    

Nov 15

13 min 4 sec

What is going on with ACA plans for 2022?  The pros and cons. Should I change healthcare plans during open enrollment? What options make sense for Medicare solutions…and much more!

Nov 1

18 min 7 sec

How can people afford the cost of a home today? How interest and savings rates are driving factors with home and real estate buyers Where does supply factor into the real estate market…and much more!    

Oct 15

17 min 49 sec

How to be careful not to fall into the “cash” trap. I’ll get serious about saving…next year mindset pitfall. Never getting around to reducing risk when prompted… and much more!  

Oct 1

12 min 5 sec

Learn more about: Why jumping on any investment without a game plan is the wrong approach. Do you really understand the different risks you are taking with your investment dollar? How to minimize the “emotional roller coaster” to help stabilize thoughts related to your investments…and much more!

Sep 15

13 min 59 sec

Should you leave money with a former employer’s plan instead of rolling it over into an IRA? How often should I review my plan investments? Incorrect assumptions around your retirement plan setup, fees and much more!

Sep 1

14 min 59 sec

What keeps people engaged and how that translates into success? How to keep things fresh when it comes to your routines. Why staying grateful and recognizing small wins can lead to breakthroughs…and much more!

Aug 15

19 min 15 sec

What exactly is a bond? Why you should consider bonds in your portfolio. How bonds could be in trouble in today’s economy…and much more!

Aug 1

16 min 25 sec

When you should consider collecting your pension and social security. The value add of having a household view of assets and lifestyle goals. Taking the time to coordinate your financial affairs. Managing risk that’s consistent amongst both spouses and much more!  

Jul 15

12 min 53 sec

Where is the cost of goods headed and why? What to consider with your investment dollar when it comes to inflation. Why interest rates are not rising at the bank… and much more!

Jul 1

19 min 51 sec

How time management needs to be an important consideration with your finances. What to consider when you are a “do it yourself” investor that many people miss. How to establish a healthy relationship with a financial advisor…and much more!

Jun 15

14 min 52 sec

Why use a travel agent for setting the right agenda for your trip. Should traveling outside the U.S. be on your bucket list right now? Where to travel locally if you are not ready to fly…and more!

Jun 1

16 min 8 sec

Important steps if you are laid off or are offered a severance package. Retirement buyouts and need to know checkpoints. Death of a spouse and how to reduce financial stress…and much more!

May 15

15 min 42 sec

Why you should consider life insurance as an “asset class” in your financial plan. Learn the mindset of leveraging life insurance around our uncertain tax code. How to use a life insurance policy for health care costs…and much more

May 1

18 min 30 sec

What to be aware of with the recent changes regarding your “Required Minimum Distributions” A key change to know if you are charitably inclined to minimize taxes using your IRA accounts Why inheriting IRA’s and qualified plans will look very different for your beneficiaries and loved ones…and much more!    

Apr 15

19 min 3 sec

Learn some basic ideas about starting small if you are considering a fitness regimen. What to look for when considering a gym or personal trainer (not just jumping on the bench press or taking a class). The beauty of accountability and why sharing your fitness journey matters!

Mar 29

16 min 35 sec

The renewed importance of actually completing your legal documents!  Why a review of your Power of Attorney & Medical Directives matters with a life changing event. Government rules that could affect the viability of your estate plan…and more!  

Mar 15

13 min 40 sec

Why a family first approach can help drive clear decisions with your money. Portfolio considerations when setting up your finances around “who you are”. Why enjoyment matters when building out your financial plan.

Mar 1

10 min 48 sec

Timing the market – Does this strategy work? Do you know what is in your portfolio now? Help defining risk to determine your goals!

Feb 15

12 min 45 sec

Learn more about: When to consider refinancing your home How to approach the closing table with a loan or refinance Fixed rate vs. variable rate discussion

Feb 1

11 min 27 sec

Tax Strategies for your portfolio Mutual Funds – Unexpected Tax Issues Tax Harvesting

Jan 15

13 min 42 sec

Learn more about: Tax Plan vs. Tax Prep Asset Location Highly Appreciated Stock

Dec 2020

13 min 51 sec