Rappers Over Thirty

By Steven Laws

The Rappers Over Thirty (R.O.T) podcast is a supportive, motivational rap podcast for hip hop underground artists over thirty. It features music interviews, hip hop album reviews, healthy hip hop living, fanbase building, rap music business networking, and an underground hip hop radio station that plays new rap songs. "Rap is a young man’s game" is a conspiracy that falls in line with the "Willie Lynch Letters" - Imp The Great Rap is a multitude of things that fall under the edutainment category. A younger rapper may be able to dance and perhaps look better, but the older rapper will be able to deliver messages the younger rapper can't because of lack of experience and certain wisdoms. (R.O.T.) is open for healthy discussions with those who agree or disagree with the "Rap is a young man’s game" philosophy. Imp The Great hosts the rap podcast (R.O.T). He's an older rapper that refused to stop rapping. This YouTube channel hosts (R.O.T) videos as well as Imp's artistic endeavors.

  1. 1.
    ROT 024 Creative Energy with MC Producer and ILL Philosophy Records Jizzm High Definition
  2. 2.
    ROT 023 Thinking Outside the Box with C.V.E's NgaFsh
  3. 3.
    ROT 022 History Community & Politics with the first West Coast female DJ Silky D
  4. 4.
    ROT 021 Stuck at a Green Light with Fa'Ever The Realist
  5. 5.
    ROT 020 The Chef, Emcee and Ghostwriter music and interview with DisMost
  6. 6.
    ROT 019 Confidence and Delivery Music and Interview with MAS1
  7. 7.
    ROT 018 The Underground Nation Hip Hop Cable TV Host Duke of Earl
  8. 8.
    ROT 017 A Changed Man with the "Hope Pusha" Nino Light

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