Sing-A-Song with Angie Who

By Kinderling Kids Radio

**IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Hey Grown up. Kinderling Kids Radio here with a very important announcement for all the fans of Sing-A-Song.  Sing-A-Song is moving to subscription. All the new episodes of Sing-A-Song are now all exclusively available via the Kinderling Kids Radio App - now available in YOUR country . When you download the Kinderling App – and start your 30 day free trial – you’ll not only have access to all the episodes you know and love – advertising free – you will also unlock lots of new episodes of Sing-A-Song that you may not have heard before! And – if you are new to Kinderling – then you’ll love discovering ALL our other award winning shows designed for kids - like Busy Bodies, The Fact Detectives, Bedtime Explorers, Fun Fables and so many more.

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