Ad-Tech for Beginners

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This podcast course is intended for everyone who would like to learn about technology's impact on digital advertising. The course attempts to breakdown advertising concepts and jargon into the simplest terms. It starts from the very basics and progresses through multiple topics popular in the digital advertising industry as we know it today.

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 Satyam visits a third time to discuss how to set your programmatic campaign up, along with some best practices to follow, like which campaign settings to tweak while live and how often to tweak them.

May 2019

20 min 17 sec

Satyam is back again to shed light on the various metrics that can indicate a campaign's health and success. 

May 2019

14 min 31 sec

Guest speaker Satyam Divecha shares with Bhavya, his formula and best practices for an effective campaign strategy.

Apr 2019

17 min 53 sec

In this lesson, Bhavya covers what targeting is, why it is useful, and how it works. We're always open to your feedback, queries and suggestions for topics you'd like us to cover! Email us at or find us on Twitter @tweetingkritter. You can also check us out at!

Mar 2019

9 min 41 sec

Bhavya and guest speaker Manavi Singh talk about the major participants in the ad-tech space and how they interact with one another.

Feb 2019

8 min 57 sec

In the debut of Ad-tech for Beginners, Bhavya walks through the evolution of advertising and the purpose behind the existence of ad-tech.

Feb 2019

6 min 3 sec