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What does it take to be a Great Communicator? How can you transform yourself into a public speaking presentation powerhouse? Kolarele Sonaike is a barrister, entrepreneur, and public speaking coach. With each episode of The Great Speech Podcast Kolarele examines all aspects of pitching, giving speeches and effective communication.Check out my website at

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LINKS IN THIS EPISODEMy Nail My Speech Online Public Speaking Programme - free Communication SuperSkills Workshop - with me on LinkedIn - in for a free strategy session with me here - Use promo code 'greatspeech' to get a 40% discount deal off the Meetfox  Pro Plan - MeetFox PRACTISING YOUR SPEECHThe surest way to give yourself the best chance of delivering a great speech is practice. It is the difference between excellence and mediocrity.In this episode, we will discuss how to practise effectively, including:why practice matterswhat you should focus on when you practisethe best practice schedule to followthe importance of spaced practice Reach out to me for help with your communication skills.

Nov 23

42 min 16 sec

To begin working on your speech, take my online programme - 'Nail My Speech' www.nailmyspeech.comTake my free communication skills workshop - thinking about how to give a great speech, it is important to work out how long you will speak for. The impact of your speech is inversely proportional to the length of your speech. The longer you speak, the less impact you have.In this episode, I outline how long you should aim to speak for and what to consider when working out the length of your speech.Remember to subscribe, and share.And leave a review for a shout out in the next episode.

Nov 2

19 min 39 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODE FREE Communication SuperSkills WorkshopMy Nail My Speech Programme:Sign up for Meetfox Meeting Software: This is a recording of a Live Session I delivered focused on the big topic of the fear of public speaking and presentation skills anxiety.In this episode, you will learnthe neuroscientific reason that you actually get nervous before public speakingwhy this makes you normalwhat you need to do to control your fear and use it to become a better speakerAs always, please share and subscribe, and leave your review here for a shout-out in the next episode. 

Oct 11

39 min 2 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODECommunication SuperSkills Workshop - My Speech Programme - are so many myths about public speaking that will hold you back if you subscribe to them. So in this episode, we will examine 10 of the biggest myths that people wrongly believe and why you must not fall for them.Subscribe and share this podcast with someone you know will benefit.I give shout outs for every review, so I'd love to give you a shout out. Leave your review here

Sep 29

50 min 36 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEMy Nail My Speech Programme - Free Communication SuperSkills Workshop - gave this Keynote Speech on 9th July 2021 at the Bloomsbury Institute on the topic of 'Interaction and Identity' - to he 'Dear England' letter from Gareth Southgate - week I do a short analysis of my own speech, looking at what was good and what was not so good about it.Listen to the full speech itself on the previous episode of this podcast here - subscribe and submit a review for me to read out in the next episode -

Aug 11

45 min 5 sec

I was invited by the Bloomsbury Institute to give a keynote speech at their annual conference for academics and professionals.The theme of the event was Interaction and Identity and so this week I thought I'd share the audio and see whether you guys think that I actually practise what I preach when it comes to public speaking.Hope you enjoyKolarelep.s. For help with your communication skills, take my FREE Workshop

Jul 27

47 min 14 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODENail My Speech online programme - Workshop - 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't) - this episode, we'll talk about how to structure your speech for maximum impact.How your speech or presentation is structured can have an outsized impact on your audience.If you thought that speech structure was little more than beginning, middle, and end, you should think again. We'll walk through:the 5 part structure you should be using to create a powerful impactwhy Dale Carnegie was wrong about how to structure your presentationa tip from Alfred Hitchcock you can use to strengthen your emotional impacthow to open and close your speechwhat makes your audience stay engaged during the middle of your speechStructuring your speech properly will help you create the impact you want, so it pays to get it right.As always, I'll give you a shout out for reviewing this podcast, so click here to do a review

Jul 6

48 min 11 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODE 'Nail My Speech' online public speaking programme - free workshop: 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't) - Bird that had Vertigo - Children's Picture BookCelebrity Speechmatch - Obama v Trump One of the greatest challenges with speechmaking is finding the right approach. How can you make people listen to and remember what you say in your speech?In this episode, I examine why and how to choose the right theme and tone for your speech?I work through how to identify the hook that will do the heavy lifting to give you the right narrative for your speech so that you leave the right impression with your audience. Remember to share, subscribe, and submit a review so I give you a shout-out in the next episode. Get in touch for a free strategy session if you are ready to start working on your communication skills - 

Jun 21

23 min 19 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEThe 'Nail My Speech' online public speaking programme - free workshop: 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't) - to analyse your audienceThis week is all about the crucial topic of knowing your audience. Put simply, if you don't know who you are speaking to, you won't know what to say.But how do you analyse your audience? What do you need to know about them?How can you use that information?In this episode, I work through the steps to take to understand the audience for your speech.Remember to share, subscribe, and submit a review so I give you a shout out in the next episode.

Jun 8

38 min 32 sec

Want to start working on public speaking? Enrol in my Nail My Speech programme - you are ready to work on your communication skills, you'll like my free workshop - 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't) - 6!In this new season, I'll be focusing on one simple topic: How to give a great speech. Through the season I will walk through each step you should go through in order to deliver outstanding speeches and presentations.In this first episode, we talk the first step towards great speech making, which is to properly identify your 'why'. Why are you giving this speech in the first place.Look out for more episodes in this series.Remember to subscribe and share and send me a review (I'll read it out in the next eipsode) -

May 31

29 min 6 sec

Introducing the new season focused on one simple topic:How to Give a Great SpeechRemember to subscribe and share.Take my free workshop: 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't) you missed my episode on Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast, here it is you soon!

May 17

6 min 23 sec Here is the link to my FREE WORKSHOP - 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't)Here's my earlier interview with Pat Flynn - this episode, I walk you through 5 of my favourite communication skills tips that I use every day.They work. They are simple. And it doesn't take much work to use them as part of your own communication skills strategy.Enjoy.Kolarele

Apr 13

30 min 26 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEMonique's website - www.clearcommunicationsolutions.comMonique's Book on International Motherhood -'s Book - The Ultimate Speaker's Guide -'s LinkedIn -'s Podcast - own Free Workshop - is emotional intelligence? Even that question alone shows how basic my own knowledge and grasp of this hugely important area is. So this week I interview communications expert, Monique Russell, who is hugely knowledgeable and experienced in this area.Monique is a communications expert working with leaders and teams how to have positive and productive relationships at home and work using effective communications tools and strategies.She is passionate about serving Black and Women Employee Resource Groups, organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, the Centers for Disease Control, Verizon, Intel, Equifax, and the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International, trust Monique to guide them in implementing communication strategies that foster connection, community, creativity, and courage. Monique has 20 years’ experience in the science of Communications and leads Clear Communication Solutions – an international training, coaching, and consulting firm that focuses on confidently communicating from the inside out. In this episode we cover:the 4 quadrants of emotional intelligenceher approach to relationship managementhow to approach your struggles with procrastinationwhere to start if you want to work on your emotional intelligenceexample scripts to usechallenges that women leaders facehow NOT to tackle your imposter syndromeIt is a great and value-packed interview on all things emotional intelligence and one that I learnt an incredible amount from personally.Enjoy.

Mar 31

1 hr 4 min

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEWatch the session on LinkedIn - free workshop - in for a free session with me - shorter session this week as I do an analysis of the listening skills displayed by Oprah in her interview with Harry & Meghan.A masterclass in the art of deep empathetic listening, which is why Oprah gets so much more information out of her guests that others do.Enjoy. Share & subscribe cos it really helps.

Mar 15

34 min 16 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEKingsley's website Networking Institute -'s LinkedIn profile - free workshop - 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't)Submit a Review for this episode - wants to build a great network but most people hate networking. Why is it that Networking, one of the most critical of skills, is so disliked and misapplied?In my interview with Kingsley Aikins we explore all things networking.Kingsley brings with him his extensive experience as a mega fundraiser, and his work helping countries reconnect with their Disapora. He has worked with the World Bank and UNICEF. Oh and was good friends with the Clintons and the late Nelson Mandela.In this conversation we discuss:the reason networking probably isn't taught in schoolswhy introverts make better networkers than extrovertshow diversity and networking interconnect and depend on each otherwhy you must audit your network regularlywhy soft skills are more valuable than hard skills because of AI and roboticsthe theory of marginal gainshow to use networks to raise a massive amount of fundsIt is one of the most value-packed sessions I've ever put out so I think you'll enjoy it.Subscribe. Share. Give me a review

Mar 1

59 min 9 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODESonal's podcast -'s Career Coaching Club -'s LinkedIn profile - Communication SuperSkills Coaching Programme - you have watched one of my LinkedIn Live shows, you can thank Sonal for them. Sonal is a wonderful career coach and founder of Supercharge, a career advisory firm, helping people land their dream jobs.In this episode, we discuss how to communicate to get hired and we cover things like:what employers are looking for when hiringhow to leverage LinkedIn to get a jobUsing your cold network to find opportunitieshow to craft a compelling CV to get an interviewthe HEPLASH process to acing your next interviewwhy we both disliked the movie Speed IIIt's a great episode packed full of value.Enjoy!Kolarele Sonaikep.s. whenever you are ready to start working on your communication skills, reach out to me here

Feb 8

1 hr 5 min

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEAmanda Gorman Performance Coaching Programme an incredible performance. Definitely the stand out moment of the Inauguration Ceremony of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris as US President and Vice President.This week I analyse the poem 'The Hill We Climb' delivered by Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate after being invited by Jill Biden to deliver the poem.She reportedly only completed it after watching the Trump rioters storm the US Capitol Building, and this helped her find the theme of hope and unity that is central to her message.I go through the poem line by line and passage by passage to give my verdict on an extraordinary moment from an extraordinary young woman.SUBSCRIBESHARESAY WHAT YOU THINK (in a review on Apple Podcast)

Jan 28

1 hr 4 min

LINKS FOR THIS EPISODEMy Communication SuperSkills Blueprint Programme - Post - Top Ten Speeches by Women - Tilbury Speech by Queen Elizabeth I is pound for pound one of the greatest speeches ever given. Short and to the point, it is an early example of an eve of battle motivational speech from a leader, who was powerful and confident enough to share her vulnerability with her troops.Many of you will know that I am unimpressed with many of our current leaders, so I kind of felt I had to reach back to the leaders of the past for some inspiration.In this week's episode, I analyse this great speech in 1588 by the Queen of England, looking at the context, strategy, and rhetoric she used to deliver a speech that has literally been remembered through the ages.No recorded footage of course so here is the full transcript:THE TILBURY SPEECH - TRANSCRIPT"My loving people,We have been persuaded by some that are careful of our safety, to take heed how we commit our selves to armed multitudes, for fear of treachery; but I assure you I do not desire to live to distrust my faithful and loving people. Let tyrants fear. I have always so behaved myself that, under God, I have placed my chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and good-will of my subjects; and therefore I am come amongst you, as you see, at this time, not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live and die amongst you all; to lay down for my God, and for my kingdom, and my people, my honour and my blood, even in the dust.I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too, and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain, or any prince of Europe, should dare to invade the borders of my realm: to which rather than any dishonour shall grow by me, I myself will take up arms, I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarder of every one of your virtues in the field. I know already, for your forwardness you have deserved rewards and crowns; and We do assure you in the word of a prince, they shall be duly paid you. In the meantime, my lieutenant-general shall be in my stead, than whom never prince commanded a more noble or worthy subject; not doubting but by your obedience to my general, by your concord in the camp, and your valour in the field, we shall shortly have a famous victory over those enemies of my God, of my kingdom, and of my people."

Jan 13

39 min 50 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEThe Smart Passive Income Pro (membership community)'s latest book: Superfans -'s course on how to podcast: Power-Up Podcasting Pat recommends - Samsung Q2U Smart Passive Income Blog featuring me Pat interviewed me - a complimentary coaching session with me - FREE workshop - Flynn is a God. Seriously! In the world of podcasting, there is almost no one bigger and more celebrated. His podcast has been downloaded over 65 million times, and his Smart Passive Income blog is the bible for all entrepreneurs looking to build a residual income through entrepreneurship.In this episode, we coverhow he started his podcastwhy it is a great time to get into podcasting right nowhow to start your new podcastwhat equipment you need to get goingA simple formula to identify your podcast USPWhy you don't need to worry about having 1 million subscribersIt's a great episode.

Dec 2020

1 hr

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEWatch Kamala Harris' acceptance speech - in for a coaching session with me here this episode, I assess the acceptance speech of Kamala Harris (7th November 2020) as she becomes the first woman to become Vice President of the United States.This was the first speech by Kamala Harris that I feel has begun to live up to the promise that she has. I don't think she is quite there yet, but she's heading in the right direction.I break the speech down section by section and give my take and what she did right and what she did wrong.Let me know if you agree or disagree in the reviews or by tweet ( remember to subscribe and share with others.

Nov 2020

52 min 44 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEDana's Speaking While Female website -'s website - on Twitter @SpeakingWFemaleMy website - Rubin runs the Speaking While Female Consultancy, helping women become recognised experts, brand ambassadors, and rainmakers, and helping companies attract, retain and promote gender-diverse leadership by showcasing the ideas and insights of their female talent.She is also compiling one of the most important databases in public speaking - a list of thousands of speeches by women given over the course of many centuries.In this episode, Dana and I discuss the challenges for female leaders and public speakers. She shares with mewhere she sees female leadership todaythe three speeches I should recommend to my daughterhow Sojourner Truth dealt with hecklers (hint - she didn't ignore them!)what inspires powerful women like Kamala Harris to get into politicswhy speeches  by women get less credit and how to change thatIt's a really good episode!

Oct 2020

58 min 39 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEI have a dream speech - a coaching session with me  - Lewis' speech - is the greatest speech ever given? Chances are if you asked people that question, they would say the 1963 'I have a dream' speech by Martin Luther King Jnr.But why was this speech so great? In this deep dive episode, I explore the great speech by Martin Luther King at the Washington March for Jobs and Freedom, which attracted over 250,000 people. Listen as I discuss:why the 'I have a dream' speech was not actually called the 'I have a dream' speechMartin Luther King's real namethe context, history, and background to the great speechwhat JFK thought of the speechhow a woman sitting 15 feet away from Dr King changed the course of that day's historyWhat John Lewis said in his own speech just before Dr King spokeEnjoy

Oct 2020

1 hr 7 min

Welcome back to The Great Speech Podcast.Returning to my roots with the theme for this season. This season is all about Great Speeches in History.I'm doing a deep analytical dive into some of the greatest speeches ever given to give you my take on its quality, cultural relevance, impact and more.Got a speech you'd like me to analyse? Send in your suggestions @greatspeechco've also bagged me a couple of super interviews so look out for those too.Kolarelep.s. when you are ready to start working on your own communication skills, give me a shout

Sep 2020

4 min 54 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODERegister to access the full Win at Work Summit - with Simon Gray - with Richard Mann - with me - this final episode of the season, I host an expert panel discussion on how to thrive in your career by making yourself indispensable between myself (Communication Skills), Simon Gray (Executive Job Search Expert) and Richard Mann (Performance under Pressure Coach).It's a pretty wide-ranging chat with some great value shared by all 3 of us on our different fields.Enjoy! 

Aug 2020

1 hr 41 min

LINKS FOR THIS EPISODEJohn Espirian on LinkedIn -'s website -'s book -'s LinkedIn guides - with me - SHOUT OUTS - thanks to Xeen17 and Qbthatsme for the great review on Apple podcast. IN THIS EPISODE...LinkedIn is my personal platform of choice, but my approach is pretty haphazard. So when I saw how consistently effective John Espirian's approach to LinkedIn was, I knew I had to get him on the podcast.John Espirian is a technical copywriter helping businesses create content for their clients. he is also the author of Content DNA showing businesses how to create great content that gets client traction. But this interview is primarily focused on his LinkedIn tips and techniques.So, we talk about things likehow to get your posts seen by more peoplehis 3 part formula for creating a compelling profile headlinewhy it's OK to like your own postswhy company pages don't get that much tractionthe secret words his uses on his own profile to build client connectionsA great listen so check it out.

Jul 2020

1 hr 1 min

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEPaul Brunson's website on Instagram on Twitter on LinkedIn's free book with Kolarele Brunson and I were originally scheduled to speak about how to build your personal brand (with a little bit about communicating on a date) and then George Floyd was murdered and everything changed.I have always admired Paul's work in support of black entrepreneurship. Since his early days as a matchmaker extraordinaire with Oprah Winfrey to his new podcast just launched this month, he has been a voice to be respected on the experience of the black man in today's world.So, it made sense for us to switch our discussion to a topic of great interest to me: Communicating while black.In this episode, we have a wide-ranging organic discussion during which we talk about whether this is a moment of change for black lives, and how black entrepreneurs should respond in this moment; what happened when he was invited to the White House; his view of why Oprah is so successful; and a great tip on how to use Instagram to find love. Loved this chat. Hope you do too.Remember to subscribe, review and share this podcast with someone that needs to hear it.

Jun 2020

1 hr 3 min

Here is a poem I wrote as a younger man. Still feels relevant today.DEFIANCETo you, old man, yes you, old manOn the bus with your bookAnd your cold contemptuous look.I’m younger than youI’m stronger than youI’m bigger than youI’m longer than you.I’m taller than youI’m broader than youI’m deeper than youI’m further than you.I’m sharper than youI’m harder than youI’m quicker than youI’m smarter than you.I’m wealthier than youI’m healthier than youI’m slicker than you, andI’m sexier than you.I’ve travelled more seasSaid more thank yous and pleasesI’ve opened more doors and suffered more warsI’ve seen more starvationFelt more indignationFrom Tutsi to Haitian I’ve fought more than you.My shadows are brighter than all of your dreamsMy whispers are louder than all of your screamsMy dances are richerMy history more bitterMy life so much grimmer for people like you.Yet I’m nicer than you; I’m kinder than youI’m sweeter than you, even riper than you.More audacious than you, more vivacious than youEnigmatic and more charismatic than you.Through hoses and dogs I’ve been tried more than youDiseases and drugs, I’ve survived more than you.With deeds and with words, I’ve inspired more than youCos I’m higher than you and I’m wider than you.Though I’ve faced inhumanity I’m humaner than youAnd debased by insanity still I’m saner than youI’m a child of your slavery yet I’m greater than youStill I pray more for you, cos I’ve faith still in you.I am louder and prouder and I’m fresher that’s true.I am swifter and bolder and I’m more well to do.I am jazzier and snazzier and I’m funnier and sunnierAnd I’m branier and tastier and sincerer than you.Above all I’m not what you think that you seeI do not smoke weed and I do not climb treesPut simply I’m more than you ever could beYet all I want is Equality.Kolarele SonaikeMeet me here

Jun 2020

10 min 17 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODECaroline Goyder's website - new book 'Find your voice' - other book that I love on Gravitas - Caroline on Twitter @carolinegoyderYou can book a free 1-2-1 Communication Skills strategy session with me here is a link to the late great Denise Graveline's index of great speeches by women do you develop a great sounding voice? What does it mean to treat your voice as an instrument?In this episode, I interview Caroline Goyder, a fantastic voice coach, who has trained executives and companies all around the world on the instrument of your voice and how to use it to speak with confidence and authority.She is the author of several books, including her new one 'Find your voice'.We really cover a lot during this episode including:why the sound of your voice is so important for your confidencehow to develop its soundthe definition of gravitas broken down into its fundamental elementswhy we often don't like the sound of our own voice (the mechanics behind why)how to find your diaphragm and use itsome exercises we can all do every day to improve the way we soundThe more the world heads towards a virtual connection, the more important our voices will be so great to have Caroline on to discuss this underestimated topic.

May 2020

1 hr 1 min

Grab your free 1-2-1 communication skills coaching session with me here this episode I want to talk about a very discreet topic, which is how to get people to listen to you when you speak. How do you make people pay attention to you rather than drifting off and daydreaming.The answer is simple (but that doesn't mean it's easy to achieve).My answer includes a reference to 'X Factor'  and the Oprah Winfrey show.Remember to SSS (subscribe; share; say what you think on Apple podcast reviews)

May 2020

21 min

LINKS IN THIS EPISODE - book a free 1 hour deep dive coaching session with me...if you dare!Welcome back to Season 4 of the Great Speech Podcast. Let's call it the lockdown season cos it looks like we could be shut off from each other for a while longer.I hope you are keeping safe and well.My promise to you for this season is to really go for it. What do I mean by that? It means I'm going to be more verbal and forthright in my opinions. I usually prioritise balance and reason (because of my background as a lawyer and philosophy student) but maybe because I'm getting older, I kind of think I should just let things out a bit more.So let's see how far that gets me.Make sure you click the subscribe button to find outShare this podcast with someone you knowTell me what you think in a review on Apple Podcast

Apr 2020

7 min 56 sec

LINKS IN THIS - Torie's website - - Torie's Book on Critical Mentoring@tweiston on Twitter - on Instagram - Weiston-Serdan on Facebook - a Free Communication Skills Coaching Call with me - you have children and you are on lockdown, you'll enjoy this episode with Dr Torie Weiston-Serdan.Torie is a passionate educator and mentor of youth of all backgrounds and in this interview, we delve deep into the subject of how to communicate with young people.Torie shares her thoughts on the 3 things that will empower young people; how to listen effectively and what you need to do beyond listening; what to do when you can see a young person is making a bad decision; why young people did not care about the election of Barack Obama.We laugh a lot during this interview even though it wasn't a humorous topic and I think this just reflects our friendship. A really enjoyable and valuable chat - well worth the listen.Be sure to subscribe and share this podcast with someone that needs to improve their communication skills.

Mar 2020

51 min 43 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEThe Successful Speaker Book -'s website - Booked and Paid to Speak Programme - with Grant on IG (@gbaldwin) and Twitter @grantbaldwin If you want communication skills coaching with me, head over to do you build a speaking career? How can you get booked and paid to speak on stage? What if you feel you have nothing, in particular, to speak about? What are the key steps you should take to monetise your knowledge from the stage?There is so much value in this episode with Grant Baldwin I don't know where to begin.Grant has delivered over 400 Keynote Presentations and spoken infront of thousands and thousands of people, all without having a groundbreaking backstory or being a celebrity. He built his speaking career from the ground up and now helps thousands of men and women become paid speakers.He just released his new book "The Successful Speaker - 5 Steps for booking gigs, getting paid, and building your platform.", which is already a Bestseller.

Mar 2020

56 min 21 sec

How does a leader communicate effectively? This is the question I explore with my guest this week, David McQueen.David has had an incredibly varied background. He's been an accountant, a counsellor, a stand up comic, a public speaker and an executive coach. He has delivered training for a wide range of companies, including the BBC, Bloomberg, Google, HSBC, Deliveroo, Sky, Uber and others.In this episode, David shares his thoughts on things like what he didn't like about Steve Jobs' leadership style, what a story bank is and why you need one, and why he plans to increase the number of people of colour who get to speak from the stage.Great interview. Enjoy!LINKS FOR THIS EPISODEFind David at's Instagram - me at with me on LinkedIn -

Feb 2020

50 min 53 sec

Trump or Obama? Blair or Thatcher? Boris or...well there's no one quite like Boris.In today's episode we are comparing UK Prime Ministers and US Presidents to decide who is the greatest communicator of all time...or more accurately of my own life-time.Do you agree with this order?You can read my list here too me know what you think.

Feb 2020

1 hr 2 min

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Great Speech Podcast.Happy New Year and Decade to you for 2020. Hope your resolutions are bringing you results you desire.Some great interviews coming up. I'll be doing a new 'vs' series where I compare two people or two approaches side by side to declare a winner. (Let's see how that one works out).Find me at - click the buttonShare - tell someone else about this podcastSay what you think - do a review

Jan 2020

5 min 58 sec

LINKS IN THIS EPISODEFind Yasmine at's TedX Talk you are ready to start working on your communication skills, you might like this FREE workshop: 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't - is 90% of success! Yasmine and I were in complete agreement on this point and her approach to how to prepare your presentation is really innovative and effective.Yasmine is an executive speech coach based in Egypt with a fantastic resume of delivering outstanding training and workshops throughout the Middle East & North Africa. She's already given a great Tedx Talk and teaches in the American University in Cairo.In this interview, we focus on how to prepare effectively before any public speaking duties so that you can deliver with confidence and impact, and we also cover a wide range of topics like:how to influence people when you speakdifferences between public speaking in Arabic vs Englishhow to deliver with passion even if your topic is dullwhy knowing your audience is NOT the first question to ask yourself when preparing

Dec 2019

47 min 21 sec

If you ever have or ever will look for a job, this is the episode for you. Simon Gray is the founder of Career Codex and the writer of the Super Secrets for Job Seekers Series and in this episode we explore not only how to find the job you want, but how to actually land the job you want in a hyper-competitive market (rather than missing out or just settling for what the recruiters tell you).Listen out for Simon's thoughts on why your CV doesn't need a personal statement, what to say when they ask what salary you want, why your skills and experience are not what matters to employers, how to take control of the interview so they see you in the jobEnjoy!LINKS IN THIS EPISODESimon's Career Codex Programme https://careercodex.comThe Super Secrets Book Series:Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search Super Secrets of Successful First Time Job Seeker Super Secrets of the Successful Job SeekerSimon's Career Codex Facebook Page website: The Great Speech Consultancy

Dec 2019

50 min 42 sec

LINKS FOR THIS EPISODERead about how to win your next argument here free webinar: How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer (and without getting overwhelmed by fear) to win arguments:Let's face it. Everyone argues. Unless you are a saint, you're gonna have beef! Of course, our desire should always be to work things out respectfully and give ground gracefully, but if you're anything like me, that ain't gonna happen 100% of the time.This week's episode is all about how to argue successfully. I'm covering 5 techniques to help you win your arguments,  and by win, I mean destroy! No more Mr Nice Guy (or Girl). No trying to find common ground. This is about the naked ambition to come out on top in your next argument.Enjoy

Nov 2019

31 min 4 sec

Links to check outLucille's award-winning blog -'s main website - Lucille on LinkedIn - check out my webinar: How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear - week's episodeI've always been intrigued by the difference between written communication and public speaking and this week's interview with Lucille Ossai explores that and more.Lucille is a communications coach based in the Lagos Business School in Nigeria and as well as her coaching business, she also writes the Rethinking Business Communications Blog, which is the only Africa-based blog to feature in the Top 30 blogs on Feedspot.In this episode, we talk about the 3 principles of business writing, who are the best communicators in Nigeria at the moment, and of course, Lucille takes my 10 Question Quick Fire Round with some interesting responses you'll want to hear.Enjoy!

Oct 2019

43 min 49 sec

You know I love my webinars. So what's better than getting the CEO of WebinarNinja on for an awesome interview, in which I pick his brains about all things webinar.Omar Zenhom is an understated guy and for me that enhances his credibility as a communicator and a leader. He has built WebinarNinja with his team without any outside funding, whilst at the same time hosting the $100MBA Podcast (which has been voted #1 on iTunes and has had over 90m downloads).In this episode, Omar explores why webinars work so well and what makes a great webinar. He gives us a frank assessment of why his first podcast failed and how he turned things around. Listen out also for other nuggets of wisdom like why you should watch TV shows like Breaking Bad and how to deliver outstanding customer service.All in all one of my favourite episodes to date.LINKSCheck out Webinar Ninja here - out the $100 MBA Podcast here - Omar on twitter @theomarzenhomOr learn more about Omar here - check out my webinar: How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear -

Oct 2019

44 min 28 sec

If you were a God able to impose your will on your people, how would you get them to communicate with each other?That was the premise I started with on this Season 2 opener and it led to what I call the 10 Commandments of Effective Communication.These are 10 principles of effective communication that I believe will transform your impact as a communicator. If you need to be able to connect and persuade (whether at work, in leadership, in politics etc) then you have to find a way to communicate in a way that they will understand and respect (which is my definition of effective communication).Enjoy the episode!Links to some of the points I reference:If you're looking to improve your presentation skills, you've got to check out my webinar: How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fearEpisode 11: Interview with Mark Bowden on body languageEpisode 2: The extraordinarily awesome power of storytelling to persuadeTweet me at @greatspeechcoFind me at my website 

Oct 2019

36 min 21 sec

Last show of Season 1 and I'm back with another interview, this time with the co-hosts of a great radio show 'Five in the Eye'. Follow them on twitter @5intheeye.Michael & Phil have done over 200 shows on Colourful Radio and they're still going strong. Catch them every Friday between 9am - 10am.Michael Ohajuru is a semi-retired former sales exec in the mobile communications industry, who now delivers incredible talks on the black African presence in Renaissance Europe.Phil Woodford runs training courses in marketing, lectures at the University of the Arts, has twice stood for Parliament, and has a black belt in aikido).Here's two guys with very different backgrounds but somehow they've developed this great chemistry that just works on their show.In this week's episode, I explore with Michael & Phil the essence of their chemistry, how the show started, where they want to take it to, and of course the QuickFire 10 Question Round.That's it for Season 1. Thanks to all for tuning in. I'm off for a much needed holiday so see you in Season 2.Got another webinar coming up too, which you might like 'How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without getting overwhelmed by fear'

Jul 2019

53 min 9 sec

Click to tweet me your score  and get a free e-copy of my book "How to Give a Great Speech" You should also check out my new webinar: How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer (and without being overwhelmed by fear) this episode...What do you know about communication? Try out my 10 Question Quiz (I'm told it's tougher than it sounds). The only rule is No Cheating! Just take the quiz and see how you do with the answers at the end. You can read the quiz online here here is my article on Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech and who shouted out ‘Tell ‘em about the dream, Martin’ sure to click the subscribe button to be first to hear the next episodes.As always, thanks to Jaz Kahina for contributing the intro-verse

Jul 2019

30 min 54 sec

Stop making these mistakes. That goes for me too! This episode is all about the seven deadly sins of public speaking. These are the public speaking mistakes that we all make with our speeches and presentations that hold us back from becoming speechmaking rockstars.We’ll go through those seven sins one by one, talking about what the mistake represents, its impact, and how to avoid it.As always you can read more on the subject on my blog post - you should register for my FREE LIVE WEBINAR: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear” as always to the uber-talented Jaz Kahina (and my Dad) who contributed the intro rap.

Jun 2019

30 min 56 sec

When you are ready to start working on your communication skills, you might like this FREE workshop: 5 Communication SuperSkills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don't -!My first podcast interview and how awesome to be joined by human behaviour and body language expert, Mark Bowden is human behaviour and body language expert. He is the founder of Truthplane, a communication training company and has been voted #1 body language expert in the world. His counterintuitive TED Talk on the 'Importance of Being Inauthentic' has well over 1 million YouTube views's the author of 4 brilliant bestselling books, Tame the Primitive Brain, Winning Body Language, Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals, and Truth & Lies (what people are really thinking). He has trained and coached pretty much everyone from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to leaders of G8 countries. Oh, and his favourite album is Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band. Good man!This interview was amazing because Mark drops knowledge bombs all the way through with great tips and techniques on using and understanding body language in the context of leadership, dating, work and other situations.Mark has got a superb Free Workshop which you should definitely check out at if you're ready to improve your own presentation skills, you should register for my FREE LIVE WEBINAR: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear” always, thanks to Jaz Kahina for contributing the intro rap.See you next time!

Jun 2019

40 min 31 sec

If you're anything like me, the speech part is fine, it's the questions at the end that's the tricky part.So, how do you handle questions? How do you deal with difficult questions? What approach should you take to hostile questioners and what do you do when you don't know the answer to the question?That's what we're covering in this week's episode.Read more on the topic here if you're ready to improve your own presentation skills, you should take a look at my FREE LIVE WEBINAR: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear”

May 2019

36 min 53 sec

Are you funny?Don't beat yourself up if you're not. Humour is definitely the hardest thing to get right.In this episode, we explore what it means to be funny and how effective humour can be for public speaking. We'll talk about the mechanics of a good joke and what mistakes to avoid when trying to be funny in a speech.I'll even reveal the world's funniest joke...apparently!Read up on the topic here and download my free checklist: 12 Dos & Don'ts of how to be funny in a speech. I’ve got a FREE LIVE WEBINAR coming up: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear”, as always, thanks to Jaz Kahina for the intro rapEnjoy!


May 2019

35 min 41 sec

What's going on in the world? Where did all the good leaders go? Is it just me or are we currently suffering through a period of desperately poor leadership?In this episode, we explore the question of what makes a bad leader. What are the fundamental flaws that bad leaders tend to display? How can we be sure to avoid them?Read the article that goes with it on bad leadership the Free Leadership Cheat Sheet should also watch the fantastic Simon Sinek TED Talk if you're ready to improve your own presentation skills, I’ve got a great FREE LIVE WEBINAR coming up: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear”, as always, thanks to Jaz Kahina for the intro rap

Apr 2019

33 min 16 sec

So, here's the link to the article I didn't want to give you in the last episode, to avoid the spoiler of what made it to my Top 3.What do you think of my list of great speeches by women? Do you agree or disagree? What have I missed?Best to go back and listen to Part 1 first, where I count down from #10 to #6 on my list.You can reach me on twitter @greatspeechco Next week's episode: The Four Fundamental Flaws of Leaders that FailAnd if you're ready to improve your own presentation skills, I’ve got a great FREE LIVE WEBINAR coming up: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear”!

Apr 2019

36 min 50 sec

Google great speeches and chances are you'll mostly find speeches given by men. Great speeches by women in history tend to get far less attention than they deserve. So, here is Part 1 of my personal top ten of remarkable speeches by women.Part 2 will follow next week.You probably have your own thoughts, so why not message me on twitter @greatspeechco with your own choice.This episode is also a tribute to Denise Graveline of The Eloquent Woman Blog, who sadly passed away in 2018. She still has one of the best resource blogs on speeches by women. ( if you're ready to improve your own presentation skills, I’ve got a great FREE LIVE WEBINAR coming up: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear”

Apr 2019

37 min 53 sec