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From reluctantly going through the motions to relentlessly pursuing your dreams. Bringing you on a thrilling ride with inspiring thought-leaders, elite minds, and their mind-blowing journeys that demonstrate that success is more than your bank account. Join the journey of making an impact.

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Maury Page is a creator at heart. His creative outlet began in photography when he was first introduced to iPhones & Instagram. Little did he know this hobby of his would end up turning into his business. After shooting images for years he has since expanded into website development and runs his own web design company; MEVO. We dive into the importance of creativity. One of the things I love most about this episode is how Maury describes photography as a tool to be present and find beauty in your surroundings, no matter where you are.Connet with Maury & check out his awesome work here:MEVO Creative StudiosMEVO InstagramMaury Page's Instagram

Jul 26

55 min 29 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Beate Chelette and discussed the big ideas. Throughout Beate's experience as an immigrant, businesswoman, & entrepreneur she has collected many experiences and faced many challenges. These events have turned into wisdom based upon one question she would ask herself; what are you going to do about it?This episode discusses how to go from owner to leader,  why entrepreneurship is self improvement in disguise, shooting your shot, and having the audacity to never give up.

Jul 23

11 min 40 sec

Beate is a strong-spirited entrepreneur. Her story is her legacy and although it is capitalized with business success, she is no stranger to adversity. Beate does a great job articulating her challenges and how they shaped her as a businesswoman & individual. One of the things I enjoy most about her is that she writes her own story. No matter what has happened, good or bad, she takes responsibility for where she goes from here.In this conversation, we discuss how she lost her first business, which led her to be 135k in debt, writing a letter to the President of the United States, and selling her company to Bill Gates.

Jul 19

50 min 16 sec

In this clarity cast, Dallen dives into his conversation with Sean Swarner & highlights the big topics discussed. As a cancer survivor and adventurist, Sean brings a wide array of wisdom and inspiration to the table.  In this episode, Dallen discusses how Sean's unexpected life shifts became his best luck imaginable ("bad good luck"), the power of visualization when it comes to preparing for the unpreparable, how slow actually is fast, putting your ego aside and conquering yourself first, how misery is a form of training, and the motivation that comes through accomplishing one big goal.

Jul 14

13 min 27 sec

Sean Swarner is the only person to ever conquer Everest, 7-Summits, HI Ironman, & the North & South Poles. And he did so following two terminal cancer diagnoses that left him with only one working lung. Sean speaks about how his battles with cancer shaped his perspective on life at a young age and ultimately prepared him for the misery of the mountains. In this episode, Sean speaks about the peace and transformation that comes with climbing to these peaks, and ultimately, the challenge isn't the mountain, it's yourself. A few things that Sean says that really stick out to me are:1 - "I'm cured of cancer but I'm not done fighting it."2 - "Bad luck has been my best luck ever." - In fact, we speak about how "bad luck" found his cancer & also helped him reach the peak of Everest.Sean's LinksInstagramGet Your Name on the HOPE FlagWatch Sean's Amazon Film "True North"

Jul 12

52 min 48 sec

In this Clarity Cast, Dallen dives into his conversation with Jacob Craig and pulls out the big ideas that were discussed. Some of which are, morning routines, self-experimentation, taking advantage of the adjacent possible, and a 2 pronged approach to goal settings.

Jul 7

11 min 50 sec

Jacob is the author of Inspiring Leaders in Health & Fitness, Vol. 1: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Better You. His journey to becoming an author began with his own health and fitness journey. He discovered his own passion in researching the industry experts and identifying their philosophies. In doing so, he decided to create a book that covers in-depth research from all the experts in a condensed manner. He's done the work for you and this book is a valuable tool to begin your self-experimentation process to becoming a happier and healthier you.In this episode, Jacob discusses many things to help you along your journey, such as valuable takeaways from his book, how to get started, putting in the REPs, goal-setting strategies, what the adjacent possible means, and much more.I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I'm sure you will too!Enjoy!

Jul 5

41 min 41 sec

In this Clarity Cast, Dallen pulls out the big ideas with his conversation with Kevin McShan. In their conversation Kevin discussed wise words he received at a young age; "Your ability to succeed in life is dependant on your level of imagination." Dallen dives into this topic on how to become more creative and imaginative. Along with this, Dallen discusses inclusion, building a legacy and doing the work when no one is watching, Kevin's three P's for discovering your passion, and much more. 

Jun 30

12 min 4 sec

Kevin McShan is an inspiration to many. Kevin has Cerebral Palsy but doesn't let this stand in his way. He was once told that his level of success depends on his level of imagination, and he continues to use the cards he was dealt to his strength. Kevin is a huge advocate for inclusion, specifically for those with disabilities; advocating for them in the workplace. He is a networker, a creator, a motivational speaker, and an example to all those around him. Kevin consistently portrays joy which is one of the things I admire most about him, and you will too!

Jun 28

44 min 40 sec

In this Clarity Cast, Dallen dives into his conversation with Eliot Marshall. Dallen discusses key topics such as what we can learn from Eliot's experience with massive anxiety, what it means to "go into the beast", the importance of identifying who you are so ultimately you can love yourself at a deeper level, establishing core values, and accepting your role as a teacher; no matter your profession.

Jun 23

12 min 15 sec

Eliot is a former UFC fighter, but that's not the only fight he's fighting. In his personal journey he has discovered that, although fighting did a lot for him growing up, his reasoning wasn't in line with who he is. In fact, he had to discover "who is Eliot". He suffered from severe onsets of anxiety that cost him up to 5 nights without sleep. This only encouraged him to "go deeper", and in doing so, he has gained a true understanding of who he is and nothing can change that. His mission now is to empower others through his teaching and his messages - and he does an INCREDIBLE job doing so. I can't say enough about Eliot and the value he brings to this episode. Check it out!Connect with Eliot:

Jun 21

46 min 48 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Aaron Golub. Some of the big topics discussed are treating time as a currency, time-blocking for enhanced focus, disregarding the opinions of others, always do 1 more, the thrill of hard work makes the victory taste sweeter, and defining what an incredible life looks like to you.

Jun 16

13 min 7 sec

Aaron Golub was the first-ever legally blind D1 football player. In this episode, we discuss the unique challenges he was faced with as a kid, in high school, and while playing collegiate football. Ultimately, no matter how "impossible" the task, Aaron teaches us that your determination, will, and perseverance can make it possible. Now, Aaron dedicates his time to public speaking and desires to be one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. He is a 5x Ted Talk speaker with many more on the horizon. I can't say enough about this episode and the lessons that Aaron provides.Enjoy!

Jun 14

36 min 31 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Jesse Cramer. He discusses important topics, such as, leaning into curiosities and passions, identifying what money means to you, "where life happens' & how you can sail the sea of simple pleasures, zooming out, and more!

Jun 9

12 min 52 sec

About Jesse Cramer:Jesse is a personal finance expert, but even more than that, he's a genuine human being. In this conversation, we not only cover personal finance, bitcoin, and NFT's but rather, "what money really means" as well as the importance of understanding "where life happens". Jesse is an incredible storyteller and does a fabulous job painting visuals for the listeners so these complex topics are far more understandable.Jesse found himself 50k in debt and began pursuing personal knowledge of how to make money work for him. In this pursuit, he began sharing this information with coworkers, of which, encouraged him to create a platform to share with the world. Because of this, he was able to create the "Best Interest Blog", which now hosts 30k+ monthly readers.Jesse is not only a skilled personal finance expert but an incredible storyteller and writer. This conversation is sure to be one that you thoroughly enjoy!Access His Free Information: Jesse on Twitter:

Jun 7

48 min 26 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Brian Tellor and pulls out some of the big topics discussed. This Clarity Cast dives into improving the dialogue around mental health and overcoming the stigma around it, identifying what your life would look like without fear, giving yourself permission to be vulnerable and raw with yourself, connecting the dots looking backwards, and the importance of reframing your thoughts.Ultimately, everyone has a story, and being open with yourself about yours is going to help others do the same.Listen to this episode to gain clarity on using your story for good!

Jun 2

11 min 32 sec

About Brian:Brian Tellor is a father, author, speaker, coach, podcaster, but most importantly; a depression survivor. Brian does an incredible job laying it all out. He details his childhood abuse and how that lead him to leaving home as a teenager. From there he got involved in disruptive gang crowds that lead him to being arrested. In his journey to changing his life around depression settled in strongly and suicidal thoughts invaded his mind. Realizing this, he checked himself into therapy and sought professional help. His story has lead him to coach others and speak about his story in hopes to help those who need to hear it.I'm honored to have him on my show and to dive into his story. You don't want to miss it!

May 31

36 min 45 sec

In this Clarity Cast, Dallen dives into his conversation with Jeff Lopes and pulls out the big topics they discussed. These topics include creating your own personal mission statement, understanding that through challenges comes growth, and the importance of raising your vibration.Within each topic Dallen dives into not only its importance and how it will impact your day-to-day growth but how you can implement and live each, beginning today. Listen to gain actionable advice to positively impact your life and become who you have always envisioned yourself becoming. Much love!

May 26

10 min 39 sec

About Jeff Lopes:Jeff is a serial entrepreneur, author, but most importantly, a loving father. In this episode Jeff discusses what he learned when he almost lost his wife and son at birth and how this transitioned his life and gave him a deeper meaning. Since then, Jeff has taken entrepreneurship to another level with a specific emphasis on fatherhood and making sure that he doesn't let work stand in the way. He has also created a dynamic community of "Dadpreneurs" where he personally guides them to professional success as well and success at home. Personally, I love Jeff's approach to work and life and this was one of the most enjoyable and actionable conversations I've ever had and it reminds me of the whole reason I began this show; to define success beyond dollars. Jeff is an inspiration to me and someone I continue to learn from on a daily basis.You don't want to miss this episode.

May 24

43 min 37 sec

In this Clarity Cast, Dallen dives into his conversation with Terry. Specifically, 7 Levels of Energy so you can gain a better understanding of where you lie on the spectrum and what changes you might need to make to improve your energy levels. Within each energy level, Dallen discusses their thoughts, emotions, action, advantages & disadvantages.The 7 Levels Include:1 - The Victim2 - The Fighter3 - The Rationalizer4 - The Caregiver5 - The Opportunist6 - The Visionary7 - The Optimist

May 19

19 min 43 sec

Terry McDougall is an Executive Coach & the Author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness & Success on Your Own Terms. Terry brings years of experience that she captures through the art of storytelling. Some of the topics discussed in this episode are tapping into your inner wisdom,  what it takes to make a career pivot, external trappings of success, mindset traps, and much much more!You can learn more about Terry here:

May 17

43 min 51 sec

In this Clarity Cast, Dallen dives into one of the most important pieces of his conversation with Rick Heyland; Purpose Statements. Dallen takes you through the initial steps of Rick's "Triple 7 Process" of creating your personal purpose statement in hopes to kickstart your journey to getting detailed with it. In doing so, you'll experience more clarity, direction, & inspiration. Check it out!

May 12

11 min 10 sec

Rick Heyland is the owner of CI4Life (Continuous Improvement For Life) and has a remarkable story. As a retired professional he recaps his story of how finding purpose led him to land his dream job out of his Master's degree. Not only that but reevaluating his mission statement and purpose on a regular basis allowed him to grow within this company that he would eventually retire from! Now, as a retired professional he is leading others to do what so desperately needs to be done; find purpose. And not only that, live by it on a daily basis.He has authored the book, Live Your Purpose, which brings a unique approach to help the readers put in the actionable advice with practices embedded within the book.This is a conversation you're sure to love!

May 10

48 min 9 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Dan Koe and pulls out some of the important topics discussed. These topics include mindful activities, taking time to reflect, slowing down and becoming present, being progress-oriented, and modern mastery.

May 5

8 min 47 sec

About Dan Koe:Dan Koe is a high-performing freelancer and business owner. In this episode we discuss how Dan went from being 20-30k in debt to learning web design skills that ultimately lead him out of extreme debt. Now Dan puts his focus around being as present as he possible can. We discuss his daily routines to help him cultivate mindfulness and to be present. We also discuss the importance of understanding your thoughts; being aware of where they come from and what you can learn from them. Dan is an extremely skilled and grounded individual and I'm certain you'll love this episode.

May 3

48 min 26 sec

About John Lee Dumas:John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. With over 100 million listens of his 3000+ episodes, JLD has turned Entrepreneurs On Fire into a media empire that generates over a million listens every month and 7-figures of NET annual revenue 8-years in a row. His first traditionally published book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success is the modern day version of Think and Grow Rich with a revolutionary 17-step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment. Learn more at episode dives into why he moved to Puerto Rico, details regarding his book, and even  a rapid fire question round to close things off!There's no doubt you'll love this episode!

Apr 30

19 min 42 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Danny Miranda and pulls out the big ideas. Some of the key topics discussed are: Understanding that the journey is the reward, from nothing arises the most profound thoughts (and how to activate this), the journey of 75 hard and meditations, making your environment work for you, getting over your excuses, & identifying your daily pillars.

Apr 28

12 min 10 sec

About Danny Miranda:Danny Miranda is the host of the Danny Miranda Podcast, a top 1.5% podcast in the world.  In this episode we dive into Danny's approach to life and how he really discovered that the celebration isn't in the accomplishment, it's in the journey. We also discuss how he landed Gary Vaynerchuck on his podcast and how Gary actually called Danny's mom when he was a teenager. Danny is a thought-leader who understands the importance of "knowing yourself" and talks about his practices to cultivate presence and why that's so important.  What You'll Learn:  ✅ Benefits of finding calmness ✅ Danny's history with meditation ✅ Value of being with your thoughts ✅ Danny's experience with "75 Hard" ✅ How Danny became more curious ✅ Why Danny shaved his head ✅ Who inspires Danny ✅ Danny's daily non-negotiables 

Apr 26

56 min 26 sec

In this Clarity Cast Dallen dives into a few stories from Kobe Bryant. These stories highlight Kobes willingness and drive to perfect the basics by showing up at 3:30am for a 4am workout to do nothing more than the fundamentals. Dallen also dives into an interview that Kobe had where he was asked how he views failure. Kobe responded with "Failure doesn't exist.... the story continues", and even references Cinderella as an example. Listen to learn more!

Apr 22

9 min 55 sec

About Jon Egan:Jon Egan is the host of the podcast "Studying Failure". Throughout life, experiences have taught him that failure contains the keys to opening the door to success. And now through his podcast, he strives to help others create a better relationship with failure and treat it more like a friend than an enemy. Jon lost 2 jobs in 8 months and the second one came 2 weeks before his second kid was born. "Change your lens, change your life."What You'll Learn:✅ Where Jon's passion for failure began✅ Mamba Mentality - What Kobe means to Jon✅ Creating a relationship with failure✅ Importance of being with failure and feeling it✅ Seeing failure as a friend versus an enemy.

Apr 21

53 min 36 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into his conversation with Clarence Bethea and pulls out the big ideas from it. Dallen talks about learning and accepting past experiences to help shape you to who you are today. Clarence is a great example of this; learning from his childhood hardships instead of avoiding them. Dallen also dives into the value of "doing more" and staying true to your vision.

Apr 20

8 min 26 sec

About Clarence Bethea:From the streets & lack of discipline to running his own company. Clarence is a perfect example of making the most of each situation. In this episode, Clarence states that "You'll never be successful by doing what you are asked, you need to do more". And he embodies this mentality perfectly which led him to meeting the COO of Best Buy and being brought in by him to eventually branching off to begin his own company. His story is nothing short of inspirational and you're sure to love getting to know him.What You'll Learn:✅ Clarence's childhood hardships✅ His journey from worst basketball player to collegiate player✅ Breaking into YMCA✅ How Clarence is "fueled differently"✅ Going above and beyond✅ Stayed true to vision of Upsie

Apr 19

51 min 26 sec

In this episode, you'll first learn about Dallen's limiting belief and why it took him YEARS to start this podcast. This clarity cast also touches on the importance of communicating effectively and treating it is a skill that can be developed as opposed to living behind the label of being an "introvert" or simply not a good communicator. Ultimately, any door of opportunity can be opened by way of effective communicating.

Apr 15

7 min 43 sec

About Stu Massengill:Being the best communicator doesn't mean you are the best at communicating.  Stu came to the realization that no one is born a great communicator. Just like anything, it's a skill and can be learned. He quickly went from introvert to excellent communicator and networker. Through his communicating skills he has opened numerous doors, including one that landed him a job with Tony Robbins. He runs his own podcast called "Finding Direction" where he helps others discover what ignites them, learns proper networking skills, and take action on their dreams.What You'll Learn:✅ Attached to introvert identity✅ "What am I supposed to do with my life"✅ Power of People Skills✅ How to open doors of opportunity through effective communicating✅ How to start a conversation✅ Fulfillment; Growth & Contribution

Apr 14

55 min 8 sec

In this episode, Dallen dives into "Big Ideas" from his conversation with Ryan Casey Waller. Gaining a better understanding of complex & sensitive topics such as addiction and mental health is something we should all strive to accomplish. In this episode Dallen shares some critical aspects so you can 1) Find help if you need it & 2) Be better at showing love to those around you.Specific topics that are covered are;✅ Surround yourself with people who you love and trust✅ 3 valuable lessons learned from rehab and how you can apply them to your life✅ Telehealth options✅ How to "show love" and "be better"Disclaimer: Dallen is not a addiction or mental health professional. If you need professional advice please reach out to a professional.Telehealth ServicesTelehealth for AddictionTelehealth for Mental Health

Apr 13

11 min 43 sec

About Ryan Casey Waller:Ryan Casey Waller is a lawyer, pastor, therapist, but most importantly; a "co-sufferer". After enduring his own battles with mental illness he authored the book, "Depression, Anxiety, And Other Things We Don't Want To Talk About". In this book he highlights his own experience of showing up to church drunk, going to rehab, and his ongoing battle with maintaining his mental health. The greatest thing about the book is the awareness it brings to these topics. If you are someone who has battled mental illness or addiction yourself, I urge you to seek professional help."The best people I know go to rehab"What You'll Learn:✅ Ryan's story about showing up to church drunk✅ How Ryan came to the conclusion that rehab was for him✅ The power of supportive loved ones✅ Awareness around depression, anxiety, & addiction✅ How to help those around you✅ How to confront these topics and struggles with love✅ Telehealth; is it helpful?

Apr 12

42 min 14 sec

In a world where people define themselves based on their profession (that they most likely hate), it's important to understand that your business/job is not your identity. You are much more than that. Establishing other avenues of life can help provide the clarity and fulfillment you are looking for.I also dive into the story of "The Fisherman and the Businessman" and what we can take away from it and apply to ourselves today.  Be mindful of what you are giving up today to get what you want 20 years from now.You have the ability to decide who you are and who you want to be, might as well begin today.

Apr 7

13 min 8 sec

About Cam Martinez:You get to choose who you are and who you want to be.Cam Martinez describes himself as an adventurist who seeks solitude. He works as a consultant that takes a peek under the hood of companies to give CEO's their time back. But most importantly, Cam is a genuine guy whose curiosity coupled with humility has allowed him to create relationships, learn from mentors, and establish partnerships. All of which have attributed to him finding success at a young age.What You'll Learn:✅ Why he sold everything to go to Costa Rica✅ How to avoid being defined by your business✅ Relationships and mentorships that played a role in his success✅ The value of the mind✅ Cam's experience starting a successful subscription platform and eventually exiting✅ How Holacracy applies to business✅ You choose who you want to be.Send Cam a message

Apr 5

50 min 26 sec

What You'll Learn:✅ My story of how I got Richie Norton on my podcast✅ Importance of taking on opportunities even when you're not ready✅ Curating your content✅ TIme-management versus prioritizing attention✅ The value of adding constraints✅ Challenges - A tunnel, not a cave

Mar 31

13 min 22 sec

About Richie Norton:"Stupid is the new smart."LinkedIn Bio: Richie Norton is the award-winning, bestselling author of the book The Power of Starting Something Stupid (in 10+ languages) and Résumés Are Dead & What to Do About It. In 2019, Richie was named one of the world's top 100 business coaches by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He is an international speaker (including TEDx & Google Startup Grind) & serial entrepreneur.Richie is the founder of Global Consulting Circle, creating/scaling business models for venture-backed startups. He is the Co-Founder of Prouduct—helping entrepreneurs go from idea to market full service w/ global sourcing & end to end supply chain. Norton founded Edit.Today—a multinational video editing service for vloggers. Millions of entrepreneurial-minded people study Norton's work & blended learning, modular educational programs (self-directed learning courses, masterminds, podcasts, articles, keynotes, interviews, books, mentoring, university lectures). Executives & celebrities alike seek out Richie to create new value-based products/experiences for their audiences.Richie is featured in Forbes, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, HuffPo, Inc., etc. The 2013 San Francisco Book Festival awarded The Power of Starting Something Stupid first in business & grand prize winner overall. At age 29, Pacific Business News recognized Richie as one of the Top Forty Under 40 “best & brightest young businessmen” in Hawaii.Richie founded a mentor capital org to help end poverty & establish the Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship—where he serves on the Mentor Venture Capital Board at BYU Hawaii. Richie is published in the Journal of Microfinance & is a ChangeAid Award winner for "outstanding accomplishment in international development, international relations, humanitarian aid and academic achievement."Richie received his MBA from the world's #1 ranked international business school, Thunderbird School of Global Management. Richie is happily married, has four boys and lives on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. What You'll Learn:✅ New Book Coming Out?!✅ Business on the phone or nothing!✅ Metaphor: Bread & bread crumbs versus the table✅ Challenge of working from your cellphone✅ Myth of Time-Management✅ Prioritizing Attention✅ Lifestyle first, career second.✅ Career/Success reframing✅ Don't build the mote before the castle✅ Gavin's Law / Live to Start, Start to Live / Learning from grief✅ The Power of Starting Something Stupid✅ What is a stupid idea?✅ If you don't know how to make it happen, find somebody who does!✅ Entrepreneurship post

Mar 29

1 hr 3 min

What You'll Learn:✅ Benefits of hobby-based skills✅ Relationships are currency✅ What makes up the difference between large companies & small ones?✅ "Whatever you do, create a system"✅ Give, give, give, & never take✅ Making money with internal drive

Mar 24

12 min 13 sec

About Ty Frankel:Ty Frankel is Founder & CEO of Shut Down Media, an award-winning LA-based media company that only works with the industry's elite. Ty has executive produced music for Mercedes-Benz, The Ellen Show, Fortnite, NBA 2K, Red Bull, NBA, NFL, & countless others.Ty began his journey to entrepreneurship at a very young age with his interest in underground hip-hop. He began producing at the age of 14 and rolled his freelancing project into a producing agency.   Learn how he created Shutdown Emails and what systems and operations do for his agency!What You'll Learn:✅ Life as a Music Producer✅ In's & Out's of the Music Industry✅ Transitioning to the Agency Industry✅ Importance of Systems & Operations✅ Creating Shutdown Emails Agency✅ Ty's Approach to Twitter & Giving ValueLinks:


Mar 22

41 min 20 sec

What You'll Learn:✅ 5 Ways to Make Any Bad Situation Better✅ "What's the best thing that could happen?"✅ "Where focus goes energy flows"✅ Who You Surround Yourself With Matters (Including Social Media)✅ Quit Overthinking It✅ Finding Internal Drive Through Focusing on the "Why"

Mar 17

12 min 48 sec

About The Art of Purpose (AoP): AoP went from a net worth of ZERO to 1 million in less than 7 years, and the way he went about accomplishing this is nothing extraordinary. In fact, if you apply the simple steps he mentions in this episode you could very well be on your way.   AoP is a full-time public school teacher, and he has taken his educational skills and combined them with his overall experience to absolutely take Twitter by storm.  He has created a course for content creators (link below) where he teaches you all the tips and tricks to grow quickly, establish a quality brand, and monetize your social platforms. The most admirable thing about AoP is his internal drive. He is committed to making an impact by making sure he uses his wealth to give back to the communities that have helped him get to where he is today. What You'll Learn: ✅ How Twitter Impacted AoP Financially & Physically ✅ AoP's First Side-Hustle Venture ✅ Cash Flow Perspectives ✅ AoP's Investing Strategy ✅ Why & How AoP is "Paying It Back" ✅ Why He Has Chosen to be Anonymous ✅ How to Go From "Content Consumer" to "Content Creator" ✅ Create 24/7 ✅ "What is the point of making this money"?! ✅ Future Courses From AoP? Links: Create 24/7 [Affiliate Link]:

Mar 15

47 min 3 sec

What You'll Learn:✅ Perspective > Experience [Twins Metaphor]✅ Origin of Keystone Habits & Why it Matters✅ Breaking Habits Down Into Smaller Chunks✅ Celebrating Small Victories✅ Shifting Your Mindset From "Goal" to "Lifestyle"

Mar 10

10 min 8 sec

About AndresEntrepreneur and Dietician. Owner of Planos Nutrition, Andres brings years of experience to the table, and what I enjoy about him is his ability to lead as a coach and create buy-in with his clients, not only in nutrition but in personal growth as well. He has been on an incredible journey to get to where he is now, i.e. Overcoming a DUI at a young age, coming to the US alone to pursue education, moving multiple times to pursue new opportunities, and ultimately taking the leap to begin his own journey.  You'll love Andres's energy throughout this podcast!What You'll Learn✅ Challenge of Coming to the US From Venezuela✅ How a DUI Shifted His Perspective✅ "Uncomfortable Places Are Where Growth Happens"✅ How Andres Embraced Opportunity✅ The Challenge of Comfort✅ "Keystone Habits"✅ Behavior Change > Tactical Practices✅ Resistance to Change - Unlearning✅ Understanding Habits & Triggers✅ Andres's Advice For a Healthy Approach to 2021✅ How to Expand Your TeamLinksAndres on Instagramplanos_nutrition on InstagramNutrition Blueprint Podcast on iTunesNutrition Blueprint Podcast on

Mar 8

54 min 35 sec

When it comes to accomplishing your dream life, typically it is fear that stands in the way. Foundationally, fear is the result of judgement; how you judge others + how you judge yourself. This episode dives into the DUAL technique and how you can begin to judge LESS in hopes to create the courage to pursue your highest version and create the life you desire.D - Don't JudgeU - UnderstandA - AcceptL - LoveEnjoy!

Mar 3

9 min 38 sec

About NickNick felt as though entrepreneurship could never be for him. After realizing the 9-5 life until the age of 65 wasn't the path for him, Nick branched out and began seeking entrepreneurial opportunities, such as starting a subscription service, blogging, SEO, & podcasting. He is the owner of "Nine-Five Free" and sets out to relate to those who felt similarly to him; entrepreneurship not being their reality. And hopes to bring them along the ride. He does so by sharing his story, what he's learning and hopes to connect with others through relating to them. He now hosts his own Podcast, Nine-Five Podcast, where he interviews incredible entrepreneurs and breaks down their stories. I highly recommend it!Nick is a genuine dude who is always willing to help. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to him, he would be happy to chat!What You'll Learn✅ Learning Through Being Relatable✅ Books as Mentorship✅ Owning Your Digital Real-Estate✅ Why Skillsets Aren't The Driving Factor to Get Started ✅ "It's Already Been Done" Is Not a Valid Excuse ✅ An Exercise For Anyone Looking to Get Started in Entrepreneurship ✅ The Benefit of Bringing Your "True Self" to the Table ✅ Battling Insecurities ✅ How to Place Less Judgement on Yourself ✅ Credibility Through Podcasting✅ Building Your Ecosystem ✅ Introduction to Clubhouse  Links Beginners Guide to PodcastingTwitterApple - Nine-Five PodcastSpotify - Nine-Five Podcast

Mar 1

56 min 4 sec

What You'll Learn:✅ Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help✅ How to Quit Doing What You Hate✅ 2 Phase Process of Creating Change✅ Diving Into Imagination Activation & Corporate Soul Retrieval

Feb 24

12 min 53 sec

About MandyAuthor of "F*ck the Glass Ceiling", Mandy brings a unique essence of raw authenticity. She brings vast experience in entrepreneurship and creating successful teams. In this episode, we discuss how to maximize the qualities of both feminine and masculine leaders within a team.What You'll Learn✅ You're Not Always Right✅ Discovering What "Lights You Up"✅ Checking Boxes vs. Purpose✅ Imagination Activation✅ Corporate Soul Retrieval✅ Rebooting the Spirit of the Company✅ How "Fuck the Glass Ceiling" Came About✅ Qualities of Feminine & Masculine Leaders✅ What Feministic & Masculine Qualities Leaders Need to Express✅ Handling High-Pressure Situations✅ Teamwork & EnergyLinksFuck The Glass Ceiling - Amazon what it takes to build a team and maximize the qualities of all its members.Enjoy!

Feb 22

45 min 1 sec