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Anesthesia Success is a non-clinical exploration of the most interesting facets of pain management and anesthesiology, and includes career insights, unique stories, and groundbreaking endeavors. This interview-driven show brings expert perspectives from MD practitioners and administrators, consultants, financial planners, entrepreneurs and other

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Coming to you solo this week to encourage, and strengthen physicians who are unsure or unaware of strong financial strategies. Many physicians are their own hardest critics, and can be weighed down by the thought of be unequipped to handle a situation such as finances. In this episode, I want to help give guidance to anyone who is feeling inadequate. Learn more: Watch the video:

Sep 21

15 min

This week I am talking to you solo about a question that I was asked this week by a client. The headline of his email said "Should I be concerned?"... No one ever likes a question that starts with that. In this episode I will discuss a few different things that you should be aware of from a financial side as we quickly approach the end of this election year. Learn more: Watch the video:

Sep 14

21 min

This week I'm talking to Kyle Hadley at Locum  Kyle is connected to many health systems, hospitals, and private practices with regards to their employment needs, today we're doing a deep dive on some of the things impacting jobs for anesthesiologists.  Covid has been a huge factor, I've heard of a few docs that have had job offers rescinded, many who have been furloughed, and others who haven't been able to find jobs.  I think in the long run you should be optimistic about your employability, although we're certainly in some short term weirdness.  It's also not a bad idea to think about doing locums for a little bit while you're waiting, if you're willing to work some tough shifts you can make a whole year's worth of salary in just a few months.     Kyle's company:   limited residency positions: Learn more: Watch The Video:  

Sep 7

27 min

This week, I am joined by Jason Culotta. Jason and I discuss the importance of cyber security in today's business world. Jason will use real examples from clients to explain the dangers that you can be faced with when your information is hacked. We also discuss some easy tips to keep your information secure, as well as how Jason and his team at Encompass defend their clients. Learn more: Watch the Video:

Aug 31

39 min

This week I'm joined by Dr. Michael Fishman. Dr. Fishman has worked hard to develop into a key opinion leader in the interventional pain and neuromodulation space. He is also an entrepreneur building a platform in conjunction with some other physicians who were all running into the same problem of real-time feedback from patients.   Learn more:

Aug 24

47 min

This week, I am joined by Dr. Jessica Jameson to discuss her story from hospital work to opening her own practice. Dr. Jameson will discuss how she is trying to create the best environment for both her employees and her patients, and how her work as a flight surgeon helped prepare her for opening her own practice. Learn more:

Aug 17

58 min

This week, I'm talking to Dr. Krishnan Chakravarthy. Dr. Chakravarthy is brilliant at not only understanding and developing hyper specialized technologies, but doing so in a way that understands the business, finance and team building required to take his ideas from the drawing board to changing patient's lives. Learn more:

Aug 10

46 min

Many of you know, I am a financial planner and investment advisor. I have been in the industry for over a decade now. Recently, I have been reflecting back on many of the clients I've worked with over the years. In this episode, I'm going to talk about four money principles for physicians to become top quintile wealth builders. These are four principles that I've seen play out over time. Learn more:

Aug 3

24 min

This week I'm speaking with Dr. David Rosenblum about multiple different topics. Dr. Rosenblum has built a diverse career in pain management. He's involved in a private practice in New York with an academic affiliation, and he's also started several businesses on the side as ways to provide rich educational opportunities in the pain community, as well as anesthesia. Learn more:

Jul 27

24 min

Today's episode is the second in a two part series about starting your own pain practice. I'm very pleased to have with us, Dr. George Hanna. Dr. Hanna is a Harvard trained interventional pain physician anesthesiologist. He has experience as an academic faculty member working with a bigger private group, as well as an entrepreneur, launching a practice in Manhattan.   Learn more:

Jul 20

50 min

This week, I sit down with my friend, Dr. Shachi Patel to discuss how she started her own practice. Dr. Patel walked me through everything from getting a bank loan and finding the real estate, to finding the right team and creating a business plan. She will also discuss the hardships of starting your own practice, but also the joys that make this her passion, as well as what keeps her going. Learn more:

Jul 13

52 min

This week I am very excited to be joined by my friend, Dr. Stephen Freiberg. Dr. Freiberg trained at Duke and Johns Hopkins and is now a cardio thoracic anesthesiologist in the Orlando area. Dr. Freiberg is here to discuss 10 key points to optimize and make good decisions while you're transitioning clinically from residency to attendinghood.   Learn more: Learn more:

Jul 6

51 min

This week, I talk to Dr. Vanila Singh about her experience in organizational and policy leadership. We talk about what it takes to stay strong when you get involved in politics, and the ways that Dr. Singh's career in anesthesia has uniquely challenged her to be an incredible leader. We also discuss why we need more physicians involved in all sorts of institutional decision-making in both government and other health care organizations. Learn more:

Jun 29

43 min

In today's episode, I am joined by my good friend and business partner, Rickie Taylor. Rickie is an expert in the area of retirement plans and benefits for small to midsized businesses of all types. In today's episode, we will be focusing on physician practices. Rickie is here to discuss how retirement plans can be used to significantly reduce the tax burden of physicians and employees.   Learn more:

Jun 22

42 min

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Anita Gupta about how to build a professional brand in a way that augments professional credibility and allows your voice and content to "cut through the noise" and influence public policy and one's own specialty in today's content-saturated world. Learn more:

Jun 15

42 min

This week's episode is part 2/2 in our series talking about RVUs and income benchmarking to help pain physicians specifically understand what is the link between RV use and compensation. This is a very broad topic which we will continue to discuss in the coming weeks, so the purpose of this series is to provide some context to the topic. Learn more: Check out our Youtube channel:

Jun 1

33 min

Today's episode is a bit different. I am going to be doing a 2-part series helping pain management positions, especially this is also true in anesthesiology to a lesser degree, understand productivity compensation specifically as it relates to RVUs use. Today we're going to do a deep dive on what our views are, how they are determined, how it functions in the context of a practice. Learn more:

May 25

22 min

I am excited to be joined today by Dr. Nirmala Abraham. Dr. Abraham is here to discuss the pros and cons of small pain practices. She talks about her experience starting up and operating a pain practice herself, as well as how a physician should go about building a financial model to understand the viability of a prospective plan. Learn more:

May 18

62 min

In this episode, Dr. Karen Sibert joins me to discuss some of the anti-physician journalism that we are seeing during this current state of the world. Karen is an anesthesiologist in the UCLA department of anesthesiology and preoperative medicine. She is the past president of the California society of anesthesiologists, and she's an accomplished writer. She has a critical voice, not only among anesthesiologists, but among physicians in the healthcare ecosystem. In this episode, Dr. Karen Sibert joins me to discuss some of the anti-physician journalism that we are seeing during this current state of the world. Karen is an anesthesiologist in the UCLA department of anesthesiology and preoperative medicine. She is the past president of the California society of anesthesiologists, and she's an accomplished writer. She has a critical voice, not only among anesthesiologists, but among physicians in the healthcare ecosystem. Learn more: Learn more:

May 11

43 min

In this episode, I am talking to Dr. Jimmy Turner. Jimmy is a practicing anesthesiologist at Wake Forest, and also a financial genius. He has helped many med students, residents, and fellow anesthesiologists how to manage finances as a physician. In this episode, Jimmy is here to bring his knowledge to you all to discuss what physicians need to pay close attention to financially during this COVID crisis.   Learn more:

May 4

53 min

In today's episode, I'm talking with attorney, Anu Murthy about some of the challenges, as well as the opportunities afforded by new CMS regulations related to the coronavirus outbreak. We talk about new rules that impact both practice owners, as well as employee physicians. While we're discussed things in the context of anesthesiology and pain management, these concepts will have brought applicability since we're discussing legal concepts today. Learn more:

Apr 27

44 min

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Medge Owen. Medge is a professor of obstetric anesthesia at wake forest school of medicine in Winston Salem, she is the director of maternal and newborn global health programs at wake forest. She's also the founder of Kybele, which is an organization committed to creating global access to safe and support the childbirth for women all over the world. Learn more:

Apr 20

42 min

This week my guest is Dr. Gary Schwartz. Gary is an interventional pain physician and Director of acute pain management at Maimonides medical center in Brooklyn, NY. He is board certified in both Pain Management and Anesthesiology. We discuss a bit about the importance of the Practice Management for pain management, and how the Practice Management Committee helps to educate ASRA. Learn more:

Apr 13

28 min

On today's episode, I am joined by Dr. Matt Salter and friend of the show Aaron Lewis, to talk about how they are combating the coronavirus from their private practice in Detroit. Matt and Aaron dive into how COVID is changing the community there, and the ways that their practice has been specifically effected.   Learn more:

Apr 10

33 min

This week my guest is Ike Devji. Ike is a doctor of jurisprudence and is here to discuss asset protection. Ike has been doing wealth preservation strategies for the last 17 years and has protected over $5 billion in personal assets for thousands of position clients all over America. In this episode, Ike shares tips for how to protect yourself as young investing physicians. He will share details that many miss when it comes to topics like medical malpractice.   Learn more:

Apr 6

54 min

This week I'm joined again by Dr. Timothy Deer to discuss his practice's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We discuss how they quickly migrated to telemedicine with the help of his staff, how the clinical approach has changed, and the different responses other practices across the country have taken to try to cope with the current situation.   Learn more:

Apr 2

17 min

In this episode of Anesthesia Success, I am joined by finance oriented anesthesiologist, Dr. Aaron Lewis. We discuss "The Critical Financial Variable" of wealth accumulation which they describe as "the amount of money that you can save", also known as saving rate. Dr. Lewis will bring some tips that you can implement in order to have a better grasp on your personal journey in wealth accumulation. Learn more:

Mar 30

37 min

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Berend Mets, a professor and chair of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Penn State University College of Medicine. Dr. Mets is has a strong passion for globalizing quality anesthesia care and in particular to increase the quality of surgery and anesthesia in under resourced environments. We discuss global efforts which are currently taking place to undergo this work.   Learn more:

Mar 23

36 min

In this episode of Anesthesia Success I am joined by Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall, an associate professor of anesthesiology and critical care at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently taking on a leading role in Penn Anesthesia's departmental efforts to combat COVID-19 in Philadelphia. In what Dr. Lane-Fall defines "a generation defining time" for physicians, we discuss the need for advancements and creativity in medical care to combat the current pandemic. Learn more:

Mar 21

26 min

With the current COVID outbreak in full effect, I wanted to create a series of episodes highlighting some of the servicemen and women who are currently working around the clock to manage, control, and help people who are being effected by the coronavirus. In today's episode, I talked to DR. Shelly Farrell about the current situation in Germany, which is where he is currently located. Dr. Farrell is currently works on a military hospital helping to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Mar 19

51 min

In this episode, I sit down with Tom Ellis. Tom is the founder and a healthcare consultant with Ellis & Associates based in Texas. He is also the founder of which is a website designed to help residents understand the business dynamics of medical practice before they end up taking jobs. Make sure to listen to the end of this episode for a chance to win a free E-book from Tom! Learn more:

Mar 16

46 min

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Brian Schmutzler. Brian has a fascinating story about moving from academics as an MD-PhD, to private practice and eventually running his own anesthesia company and doing device consulting. Learn More:

Mar 9

50 min

In this episode, I want to answer the question "Should reports about pandemics in the media change how we invest financially?" The short answer, no! We should be focusing our attention on resources that will positively impact our financial future. You will hear some of my favorite people to learn from, as well as my 3 top tips for the most reliable way to create wealth as a physician. Learn more:

Mar 2

19 min

In today’s episode, I talk with my friend Dr. Aaron Lewis. Aaron is an attending anesthesiologist in the Detroit area. He's in private practice there after many interesting experiences in his career. He is also a CFPⓇ Candidate and is helping others get on track with their financial planning. Learn more:

Feb 24

43 min

In this episode, Justin sits down with Dr. Josh Suderman. Josh is an anesthesiology & pain boarded physician at the Javery Pain Institute in grand rapids Michigan. In this episode, you will hear about his experience in treating pain in the context of a small pain group. They also tackle the topic of prior authorizations, what they are, why they happen, and his work to make prior authorizations less of a problem for both patients and doctors. Learn more:

Feb 17

43 min

In this week's episode, Justin talks to his friend Dr. Bonnie Koo, to explore the topic of building autonomy into the life of a physician through business and entrepreneurship. The more we are able to build in mechanisms to have multiple external sources of income, the better off we are going to be.   Learn more:

Feb 10

48 min

In this episode, Justin sits down with Dr. Jesse Lopez to talk about how to prepare yourself to avoid many of the strains and stresses that come in the latter years of a physician's career. They also discuss how to make money work for YOU as a physician.   Learn more: Article mentioned "Why Doctors Need a Retirement Plan...":

Feb 4

50 min

In this episode, Justin talks to Dr. Zwade Marshall about the importance of referrals, and the easy steps that you can take to strengthen your relationships with business owners, peers, and clients. Learn more:

Jan 27

50 min

In this episode, Justin sits down with Dr. John Hsu to talk about the opioid crisis in America, and the contributing factors that have grown it to the size that it is today. They also discuss how the crisis has affected Dr. Hsu's life personally. After 28 years of clinical practice in pain and anesthesia, John has been working a product to help fight against one of the root causes of the opioid problems, the diversion of prescribed drugs. Learn more:

Jan 20

49 min

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Angela Edwards about her career in academic medicine. We discuss her leadership in local and national societies, as well as some of the surprising career twists and turns that she has taken. We also talk about how she has intentionally invested in her marriage and her family when her work has been crazy. We also talk about some of the financial decisions that she has made to which she attributes her family's financial success.

Jan 13

60 min

In this episode, Dr. Ed Mariano and Justin discuss the process of pursuing ACGME accreditation for regional pain fellowships, the critical role for anesthesiologists in perioperative care, as well as Ed's thoughts on the future of the profession, and the changing healthcare and insurance landscape in which we currently find ourselves. Learn more about Dr. Mariano and his practice:

Jan 4

52 min

My 15min synopsis on my experience at Fall ASRA 2019, and why the practice management content track should be required attendance for every physician.

Nov 2019

19 min

This week I talk to Dr. Angela Edwards about her experiences at the national ASA conference, and how to get work submitted to get you on the big stage! The first deadline for getting a proposal in is November 15th so check out the details in the show notes at Also, Angie was kind enough to give us a full writeup of all the details relating to deadlines, content tracks, and everything else you would need to know before sending in your proposal — you can download that document here.

Nov 2019

28 min

This week I talk to Dr. Timothy Deer about his perspectives as one of the foremost leaders in the interventional pain community.  We discuss the evolution of the field over the last 25 years, unique challenges for today's pain practitioners, and his vision for the new organization he co-founded, the American Society of Pain & Neuroscience.

Oct 2019

47 min

In this weeks' episode I talk to Dr. Dawn Baker.  We discuss her nontraditional journey into medicine, her surprise medical diagnosis that extended her residency by six months, how she got the courage to ask for a 9 month sabbatical, and more.  Lots of great lifestyle and balance discussion in this episode.

Oct 2019

43 min

In this episode I discuss the strange phenomenon of anesthesiologists' jobs being at risk, in spite of the massive demand for anesthesiologists nationally.  We look at the reasons why your job is secure, and other "micro factors" that can be indicators of a less stable employment situation.  This should help you evaluate the stability of a current or prospective job situation. Show notes available at

Oct 2019

30 min

In this episode I've enlisted the help of a close friend to discuss ***spoiler alert!!*** one of the most common planning mistakes we see with early career physicians.  We tackle why whole life insurance and other more complex insurance products are common but not always advisable.   Show notes available at

Sep 2019

31 min

In this Philosophy & Finance discussion, I talk with Dr. Jimmy Turner about the power of friends (good and bad!) and why intentionally cultivating friendships with people that you want to be like can be a powerful force in the journey toward financial independence. Also, hear about the tesla-driving resident (it's a real thing). Show notes at

Aug 2019

45 min

I discuss some of my thoughts on how to take advantage of employment transitions to make significant progress toward financial independence.  We cover home purchases, contract negotiations, student loans, celebrating sustainably, and geographic arbitrage.  Check out the full show notes at

Aug 2019

31 min

This week I'm talking to Michael Zervas about the business of anesthesia.  We look at things through the eyes of a practice consulting company and identify important metrics to evaluate the health, profitability, and efficiency of anesthesia in different practice models.  We also talk about some common pain points for medical directors overseeing practices, and how getting good data is critical to making organizational improvements.  Also you won't want to miss Michael's thoughts at the end about things to look for if you're thinking about joining a practice, to make sure that it's a healthy business.

Jul 2019

46 min

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