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Helping our clients optimize their software and cloud estate to avoid unnecessary cost and risk, whilst driving value from their investments throughout their lifecycle

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Livingstone Group Blog Post written by Chris Gough, Chief Strategy Officer - Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures: Why it pays to keep ITAM in mind

Dec 1

6 min 59 sec

Livingstone Group blog - Microsoft end of year review. Head of Marketing, Chris Lewis, speaks to Director Microsoft & Cloud Consulting Gareth Redshaw

Dec 1

10 min 55 sec

A Livingstone Group blog written by Chris Lewis, Head of Marketing exploring Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures activity and the impact on ITAM

Dec 1

2 min 51 sec

Livingstone Group blog post for Microsoft briefings. Episode 2 PowerBI & PowerApps

Dec 1

4 min 54 sec

Livingstone Group Industry Highlights - a monthly compilation of SAM news & articles that may impact your business, compiled by our specialists

Nov 26

1 min 58 sec

Livingstone Group blog post for Microsoft briefings. Episode 2 Microsoft Price Rises

Nov 18

5 min 44 sec

Livingstone Group blog post Introducing the Microsoft briefings Series

Nov 18

4 min 21 sec

Livingstone Group blog post - The perils of Oracle Java and planning for Oracle renewals, written by Razvan Tarnovschi, Oracle Practice Lead

Oct 22

4 min 50 sec

Livingstone Group blog post by David Gemuenden, Vice President, Global Operations - Software Asset Management Service Value Add - why Livingstone?

Oct 22

3 min 25 sec

Livingstone Group blog post - Women in IT Q&A session - Kate Hawgood speaks with Lisa Maines, Customer Success and Charlotte Hathaway, People Partner

Oct 21

6 min 13 sec

Livingstone Group blog by Chris Gough, CRO, Planning for 2022 software contract renewals budget planning

Oct 18

4 min 30 sec

Livingstone Group Blog post - The importance of Trustworthy Data to managing compliance, renewals & consumption successfully

Sep 20

5 min 33 sec

Global Life Sciences Organization Mitigates IBM Audit Risk with Livingstone Group to remain compliant and Optimized

Sep 17

4 min 4 sec

Leading North American healthcare organization optimizes its multi-vendor estate with Livingstone’s managed services

Sep 16

5 min 43 sec

Livingstone Group Blog Post - How Public Sector Organizations can meet their Carbon Footprint targets written by Justin Venables, Head of Group Operational Effectiveness

Aug 17

5 min 19 sec

Livingstone Group Blog post about Independent ITAM and SAM Managed Services written by Ian Camino, Chief Revenue Officer

Aug 11

5 min 48 sec

Livingstone Group Blog - 3 Key IBM considerations to keep in mind written by Niall Eddery – Senior Consultant, IBM Practice Lead

Jul 30

6 min 57 sec

Livingstone Group Blog Five ways to ready your organization for vendor audits. Software Asset Management managed services to ensure compliance

Jul 27

8 min 6 sec

In our previous blog, Understanding and eradicating your technical debt, we looked at the concept of ‘technical debt’ in software...

Jul 5

8 min 9 sec

This client is a long-standing Salesforce customer and was looking to effectively renegotiate contract terms and achieve significant cost savings for...

Jun 28

4 min 59 sec