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Mike Santaguida from the Goalie Hacks Blog reveals all of the elite goaltending hacks, tips, and strategies to help you shave your learning curve, and become an elite goaltender faster. Discover how to harness your strengths, stand out in a crowded world, and unlock the keys you’ve been missing to grow mentally and physically, both on and off the ice, to get you to the next level. Mike Santaguida has been playing hockey for over 20+ years, winning several championships, tons of accolades, and has played at the highest levels his entire career, including a few years bouncing around professional leagues now. Self proclaimed “crash test dummy of the goalie world”, you’ll learn about recruiting, on ice training, off ice training, routines, best practices, utilizing the power of your brain, proper preparation, supplements and nutrition, and how to become an elite goaltender as quickly as possible so you can have fun and avoid burning out.This channel is a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows from Mike you’re not going to want to miss. Press subscribe, and get ready to catapult your career.

  1. 1.
    GHP 072: Inside The USNTDP & First Impressions Of D1 W/ Drew Commesso From Boston University
  2. 2.
    GHP 071: How To Build Winning Details w/ Former College + Pro Standout Matt Zaba From MHH
  3. 3.
    GHP 070:How To Transform Into A Meta-Performer w/ Dan Leffelaar From Novus Global Sports
  4. 4.
    GHP 069: The Keys to Staying In The Moment w/ 2021 Mike Richter Award Winner Jack LaFontaine
  5. 5.
    GHP 068: How To Get Rid Of The Pink Elephant In Your Head w/ Dr. Cassidy Preston From Consistent Elite Performance
  6. 6.
    GHP 067: Developing Systems of Thoughts & Systems of Action w/ Pro Veteran Jean-Philippe Lamoreux
  7. 7.
    GHP 066: How To Manage The Chaos w/ UK Legend Nathan Craze
  8. 8.
    GHP 065: Crafting Your Own Identity w/ 2021 NCAA D1 Champion Filip Lindberg from Umass Amherst
  1. 9.
    GHP 064: First Impressions of Pro Hockey w/ OHL Stand-Out Cedrick Andree from the Belleville Senators
  2. 10.
    GHP 063: How To Simplify Your Game w/ NCAA D1 National Champ Kenny Reiter
  3. 11.
    GHP 062: How To Create An Edge In Your Game w/ Ontario Reign Goalie Coach Matt Millar
  4. 12.
    GHP 061: How Depth Control Can Transform Your Game w/ Kurtis Mucha From The Edmonton Oil Kings
  5. 13.
    GHP 060: How To Frame Your Net w/ Hunter Jones From The Minnesota Wild
  6. 14.
    GHP 059: Learning How To Smile w/ Beck Warm From The Carolina Hurricanes
  7. 15.
    GHP 058: Unraveling & Developing Your Process w/ Brian Eklund from the Binghamton Devils
  8. 16.
    GHP 057: How To Win The Day & Win In Your Career w/ +20 Yr Goalie Coaching Veteran Shane Clifford
  9. 17.
    GHP 056: How To Develop A System To Handle Net Front Traffic w/ 20+ Yr Pro Veteran & DEL Champion, Ian Gordon
  10. 18.
    GHP 055: Finding Your Next Level Duo Q&A w/ Matt Smith from Matt Smith Goaltending
  11. 19.
    GHP 054: BCHL Championships & RBC Runs w/ Matt Erhart from the Surrey Eagles & Semiahmoo Minor Hockey Association
  12. 20.
    GHP 053: Perimeter Holds & Eliminating Drift w/ Michael Lawrence the Director of Goaltending for HC Lugano
  13. 21.
    GHP 052: Developing Elite Compete Level w/ Ottawa Senator's Goalie Coach Pierre Groulx
  14. 22.
    GHP 051: Why Athleticism is Becoming A Lost Art w/ Dusan Sidor from 10D Goaltending
  15. 23.
    GHP 050: Why Compete is Non-Negotiable w/ Rob Liddell from MiCrease Goaltending
  16. 24.
    GHP 049: The Building Blocks of Goalie Mindset Training w/ Pete Fry The “Goalie Mindset Guy”
  17. 25.
    GHP 048: Navigating Recruiting Season in the Goalie Business w/ Import Sports Management Vice President Adrian Soun
  18. 26.
    GHP 047: How To Prepare Yourself For The NHL w/ NHL Veteran Eddie Lack
  19. 27.
    GHP 046: How Tweaking Your Hand Positioning Can Change Your Game w/ Sean Murray from Pro-Formance Goalie Schools
  20. 28.
    GHP 045: The True Meaning Of Opportunity w/ NCAA D1 National Champ Kevin Patrick from Culver Academy
  21. 29.
    GHP 044: What It Takes To Break Into The NHL w/ Peter Budaj
  22. 30.
    GHP 043: Goal Setting & Evaluating Your Performance w/ RBC Cup Champion Coach Matt Wong
  23. 31.
    GHP 042: Why Committing To Your Identity Is The Key Into The NHL w/ Kevin Boyle from the Detroit Red Wings
  24. 32.
    GHP 041: How To Become An NHL Goaltender w/ The Vegas Golden Knights Head Coach Peter DeBoer
  25. 33.
    GHP 040: The Keys To Overcoming Adversity w/ Peyton Jones from the Colorado Avalanche
  26. 34.
    GHP 039: The Fundamentals Of Goaltending w/ Kevin Delamarter From KD Goaltending
  27. 35.
    GHP 038: Having Patience With Your Development w/ Cam Johnson from the Nashville Predators
  28. 36.
    GHP 037: North American vs European Development w/ Jack Hartigan from Finn Goalie Training
  29. 37.
    GHP 036: How To Unlock The Answers Inside Yourself w/ Oscar Dansk from the Vegas Golden Knights
  30. 38.
    GHP 035: How To Preserve Your Body Like A Pro w/ Domenic Nicoletta from the Ottawa Senators
  31. 39.
    GHP 034: How To Transition From Junior > College > Pro w/ George Bosak
  32. 40.
    GHP 033: How To Be An Effective Leader & Why Your Obstacle is The Way / Q&A Segment
  33. 41.
    GHP 032: Why Prep School Is An Opportunity Of A Lifetime w/ Dave Chevrier
  34. 42.
    GHP 031: The Secrets Behind Visual & Cognitive Perception W/ Neurotracker Founder & Creator Dr. Jocelyn Faubert
  35. 43.
    GHP 030: How To Take Advantage Of Opportunity w/ Brad Thiessen
  36. 44.
    GHP 029: What Separates The Elite From The Great w/ Justin Cardinal from Evolution Goaltending
  37. 45.
    GHP 028: The Power of Calming Your Mind w/ Arthur Leibowitz from Hand Eye Coaches
  38. 46.
    GHP 027: Starting The Year Off Right & Off-Ice Routines w/ Zach Fucale
  39. 47.
    GHP 026: Going The Canadian College Route w/ Neil Conway from Easy Crease
  40. 48.
    GHP 025: The Power of Developing Resilience w/ Matt Caldaroni from Mind-Body Fusion
  41. 49.
    GHP 024: How To Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable w/ 20 Year Special Forces Veteran John Lindsey from VectorBall
  42. 50.
    GHP 023: The State of Goalie Gear In 2020 w/ The Goalie Gear Nerd

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