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Is wedding planning really this difficult? If you have ever asked yourself that question, we invite you to pour yourself a cup of tea or fill your glass with a mimosa and join us each week for a new episode of The Wedding Tea podcast. In each 30-45 minute episode, dive into wedding planning topics from budgets and catering to flowers, photography, and more with Philadelphia based host, florist, and designer Eilena Mericer-Ehmann. You will feel like you’re listening to a friend as Eilena and her group of go-to wedding professionals and past brides provide actionable and attainable wedding planning steps that make the process of creating your multi-cultural, modern, luxury soiree – dare we say – fun. As long as you have your drink of choice, let’s get into some wedding tea!

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Imagine you’re a bride minutes away from walking down the aisle. Suddenly, you realize that you’ve forgotten to bring your wedding veil to the venue and have to scramble to come up with a solution. A meticulous wedding planner like my guest today knows how to prevent these nerve-wracking mishaps from spoiling the party. Andrea Green, of Andrea Green Events & Design, is a planner with 16 years of experience. After years of planning direct-to-consumer and family and friend events, she transformed those abilities into planning weddings. She assists couples around the U.S. with navigating budgets, vendors, and so much more.Whether planning a complete wedding or tying up the last details, Andrea has an eye for attention to detail and takes great care to provide a stress-free experience for her clients. Her work as a planner has been featured online in Here Comes the Guide.In this episode, Andrea and I discuss all those questions and more. You’ll hear about how she got into wedding planning, prepping couples, how she remains organized to help her keep the details straight, and what she typically goes through on the wedding day itself. Along the way, she also tells the tales of the barefoot bride and the slow-walked wedding ceremony she oversaw before wrapping up with some advice for couples getting married.In This Episode:[02:14] - What made Andrea develop a love for weddings? [05:45] - Andrea discusses the details that couples tend to overlook as they’re planning their wedding.[07:51] - Before clients reach out to or meet with vendors, Andrea likes to prep them on a few things to keep in mind.[08:51] - Eilena asks how Andrea keeps the couples she works with organized.[10:53] - Why does Andrea prefer clients who request full instead of partial planning?[12:32] - Having a wedding planner is like having a tour guide when you visit a foreign city. [13:39] - Andrea reveals the surprising detail most brides miss on the day of the wedding itself.[16:12] - At a wedding in Baltimore, Andrea had to improvise after a singer at the wedding party got delayed in traffic.[18:19] - Andrea allows for additional time when doing the timeline for the wedding day.[21:20] - What is the day of the wedding like for Andrea? [24:57] - Andrea calls her timeline her bible and uses it to check off items on her checklist.[26:27] - Eilena asks for Andrea’s advice for helping couples to remember the details.Relevant Links:Andrea Green EventsWebsite | Instagram The Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Mar 18

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On your wedding day, you look forward to getting decked out in style from head to toe. Taking care of what’s underneath the veil starts at the top with the hairstyle. My guest knows how to ensure nothing there goes astray and you suffer no hairdo flyaways to mar your look or your photos.Alicia Igess Jones is a hairstylist who’s the owner of Urban Tangles, a hair and makeup studio in the Atlanta area focused on makeovers that she founded in 2005. Growing up in a hair salon from age 11, she watched her godmother, grandmother, and sister and knew she could duplicate what they did. As a young adult, she continued honing her craft and taking the lessons and passion instilled in her by her family, transforming them into a successful career. She’s collected over 20 years of experience becoming an accomplished, award-winning hairstylist who’s mastered bridal and special occasions through her commitment to the craft and cultivation of new techniques. Along with her team of freelance hairstylists and makeup artists, she’s had tremendous success in building up an exclusive, referral-only clientèle consisting of many of the well-known and well-connected in Atlanta. In this episode, I talk with her about her style, what brides should look for in a hairstylist, and how she helps brides figure out their wedding day hairstyle. She also describes the pandemic’s effect on her business and gives suggestions for finding the right stylist and hairstyle for you. In This Episode:[02:46] - Alicia originally went to law school before getting her hairstyling license.[06:43] - How would Alicia describe her style as a hairstylist? [07:49] - Alicia talks about what brides should look for in a hairstylist. [10:35] - Eilena tries to explain to couples looking for a photographer that they’ll only remember their special day in pictures.[11:49] - To help brides figure out the hairstyle for the wedding day, Alicia does an extensive consultation.[14:44] - Do Alicia’s clients find her trials beneficial? [17:41] - Has Alicia ever had a client who’s ever disliked their hairstyle for the wedding?[19:43] - On the wedding day, how much time should be set aside for hairstyling? [24:06] - Alicia suggests this type of hairstyle for the reception to make it easier to mingle.[25:43] - As the show wraps up, Alicia recommends these tips for figuring out the hairstyle and finding the right stylist for you.Relevant Links:Alicia Igess JonesWebsite | Instagram The Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Mar 11

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When it comes to weddings, people don’t want to do what everyone else has done. They want something different...something that will elevate the experience...something like my guest today has provided since 2019.J’nelle Lawrence and her husband are owners of Bubbles & Brews Philly, a vintage mobile bar all about providing happiness on tap. They were inspired to open their business after their own mobile bar experience during their destination wedding in Miami, Florida in 2017.Prior to Bubbles & Brews, J’nelle spent the last 15 years in corporate supplier diversity with roles at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and The Chemours Company. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Villanova University and a Masters in Business Administration from Drexel University.In 2014, the state of Delaware recognized J’nelle as a recipient of the Women in Business award. Two years later, she was recognized by DiversityPlus Magazine as a national recipient of their Top 25 Women in Power Impacting Diversity.What makes Bubbles & Brews Philly so special? How does J’nelle guide clients on choosing drinks at events? In this episode, she talks about how the business began and how she found business partners and started establishing relationships with other local businesses. You’ll hear about the variety of drinks they can provide, exactly how mobile this bar company can get, and what J’nelle recommends to have the best experience with her company.In This Episode:[03:21] - How did Bubbles & Brews Philly come about? [05:21] - After finally taking the plunge to start the business, how did J’nelle find business partners?[08:56] - Bubbles & Brews Philly don’t just focus on weddings. [11:12] - What’s special about what J’nelle and her husband offer? [12:38] - J’nelle discusses how they provide guidance on beverages for clients. [14:31] - Seven taps allow for seven different drink options to come from a vintage Italian milk truck re-made into a mobile bar.[16:12] - Bubbles & Brews Philly also provides non-alcoholic drinks called mocktails for kid’s birthday parties.[18:02] - What is the typical cost to rent one of Bubbles & Brews Philly mobile bars for an event?[19:49] - J’nelle discusses how her company incorporates branding and customization for events like weddings.[25:12] - For wedding guests, J’nelle provides this tip to get the most out of the Bubbles & Brews mobile cart experience.Relevant Links:Get Cozy Bars/Bubbles & Brews PhillyWebsite | Instagram | FacebookThomas + MainWebsiteThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Mar 4

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With momentous events like weddings, everything has the potential to serve as a keepsake including the invitation. My guest today, Christiana Turner strives to make her stationery a piece of personal history her clients won’t ever forget. She’s the owner and creative designer of Isabella Invitations located in Houston, TX and has some amazing designs for menus, save-the-date invitations, and more.In 2007, she started her company out of her love of arts, crafts, and scrapbooking, and it has grown into a fulfilling passion. Her work has been featured in many local and national magazines like The Knot, Weddings In Houston, Munaluchi Bride, Modern Luxury Weddings, and much more. Her clients extend beyond Houston and even the U.S. with clients located in the U.K., as well as different countries in Africa and South America.Her business specializes in unique, luxurious invitations and stationery from save-the-date cards to thank you cards, wedding programs, and invitations for all other special occasions. Christiana showcases a variety of invitation styles such as laser-cut, die-cut, and unique box and offers several print methods like digital offset, foil, letterpress, raised print, embossed, and engraved. In addition, she uses different materials and textures like acrylic, leatherette, and velvet in a variety of colors.In this episode, Christiana and I discuss her use of mood boards as part of her creative process for clients, where she draws her inspiration from, the timeline for sending out invitations, and ways to simplify RSVPing for wedding guests. She also talks about how to address couples and non-couples by name on invitations and seating assignments, suggestions for properly postponing your wedding, and tips for keeping your stationery organized.In This Episode:[02:13] - What was it specifically that directed Christiana to weddings?[06:15] - Christiana describes her style, how it differs from others, and why she wants to create designs that clients will enjoy looking at many years later.[08:55] - When designing an invitation suite for a couple, how does Christiana stay inspired?[11:01] - Eilena asks what timeline Christiana recommends for sending out your save-the-date invitations.[14:42] - For RSVPs that need to be mailed back, put stamps on those RSVP envelopes too. [16:16] - What about addressing invitations? Christiana discusses proper naming etiquette, including for same-sex couples.[19:38] - Which is better: alphabetical or table seating charts? [21:12] - Given the current environment, Christiana discusses the proper way to postpone your wedding.[23:24] - Eilena asks for a couple of tips for helping couples stay organized with their stationery. [25:37] - In single households with a few generations, do you send out one or multiple invitations?[27:39] - Before you buy any stamps for your invitations, you need to do this at the post office first.Relevant Links:Isabella InvitationsWebsite | InstagramThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Feb 4

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Next to food and drink, you’ll spend the most money for flowers at your wedding. How do you florally design your special day in style and not break your budget? Today, I’m speaking with Abby Ayeh of Pretty Posh Events, a wife and mom of three with amazing floral and design work who specializes in producing exquisite events of all kinds for the stylish couple. Her company is a New Jersey-based event planning, floral, and event design company that services the Tri-state area and several destinations around the world.Abby’s previous background involved investment managing. She never considered exploring her creative side until she started planning her own wedding. With her passion for fashion and all things related to design, she naturally decided to turn that passion for style and all things pretty and floral into a full-time business with its launch in 2013. Since then, her work has been featured on wedding blogs and magazines like Munaluchi Bride, Black Bride, Wedding Chicks, Winery Weddings, and so many more.Abby started off planning and designing kids parties then progressed to weddings and other events. Although her own aesthetic is clean and modern, she loves using color and texture to explore a different array of styles, from rustic to vintage glam and everything in-between. The combination of her incorporation of these elements with transforming space in unexpected ways amaze, overwhelm, and completely blow away her clients. In this episode, she and I discuss what fascinates her about floral and style, the influence of social media like Pinterest on wedding style and design, wearing hats as both a planner and designer, wedding budget honesty and awareness on the client’s end, and tips for choosing a floral designer.In This Episode:[02:45] - Abby took a leap of faith and implemented an idea with no previous training.[03:26] - What does Abby love about floral and styling weddings?[05:37] - Abby describes what she feels sets her apart from others as a designer.[09:39] - Abby discusses with clients using social media only for inspiration, not confusing it with actual weddings.[12:28] - When clients bring up the topic of getting their wedding published, Abby educates them on what it really takes.[15:05] - What are some of the benefits Abby sees in working with a planner, especially when an intricate design is involved?[17:50] - In Abby’s experience, nine out of ten who planned their wedding instead of hiring a planner end up regretting it.[19:38] - Eilena asks if Abby is ever tempted to throw her designer hat into the ring when she’s been hired for florals only.[22:18] - Couples need to communicate the needed amount of set-up time to the wedding venue in order to help planners and designers.[24:50] - Eilena talks about a time other people weren’t courteous of her clients and didn’t clear the space beforehand.[26:20] - How does Abby recommend choosing a floral designer? [28:39] - Eilena emphasizes the need for upfront honesty about your wedding budget. Relevant Links:Abby AyehWebsite | InstagramThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Jan 28

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Your wedding memories fade as time passes on, but videographers can preserve those magical moments in motion pictures. Today, I’m thrilled to be speaking with half of the dynamic duo from Yamean Studios, Benjamin Davis.Benjamin’s award-winning studio works with brands and businesses on strategy and media consultancy. Along with his wife Natasha, he helps them develop meaningful content and engage people with actual brand experiences that spark a human connection. Yamean turns stories into conversations, impressions into relationships, and campaigns into results.Through a passion for innovation and culturally-relevant work, Benjamin and Natasha have assisted in producing films, campaigns, and strategies for clients such as Macy’s, the NFL and Women’s Basketball Halls of Fame, the City of Pittsburgh, the Urban League, Brown University, and the United States Marine Corps just to name a few.They also possess a strong passion for capturing love stories. They’ve had the fortune of capturing NFL, MLB, and celebrity weddings and events around the globe. Their work has been featured in People Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Munaluchi Bride, Pittsburgh Magazine, Essence, and numerous other blogs and publications nationally and internationally. In this episode, Benjamin and I discuss his company’s process for creating wedding videos, how he got into videography, and how his and Natasha’s videos have changed from the beginning. You’ll also hear about how technology improvements have made a difference, how video plays to the emotions better than photography, and get tips on choosing a good videographer and one whose work will mesh well with your photographer.In This Episode:[05:18] - Benjamin and Natasha want couples to feel the same way they felt on their wedding day when watching their wedding videos.[07:28] - Their earlier videos were more like music videos. Then, things changed when Benjamin and Natasha started asking questions.[11:10] - Everyone has access to good cameras these days. So, what’s the magic that makes videographers stand out?[14:39] - You have to get good video in photography, because the wedding day goes by so quickly and you won’t remember it. [17:25] - Learning the couple’s non-verbal communication helps Benjamin and Natasha pick up on many things they can use on the wedding day.[21:22] - Couples need to understand the importance of carefully choosing the photographer and videographer so that everything meshes well.[26:12] - What does Benjamin do differently to grab the attention of the watcher in the first few minutes? [32:00] - This is how Benjamin and Natasha establish rapport with the brides and bridesmaids. [35:58] - After some thinking, Benjamin recalls one of his favorite weddings and why he loved it so much.[39:44] - What tips does Benjamin have to help you choose the style of videographer that matches your personality as a couple? Learn about the three different wedding video styles.Relevant Links:Yamean StudiosWebsite | Instagram | Facebook | TwitterThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | InstagramClubhouseWebsite

Jan 21

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Some wedding venues don’t need that much decor, because they’re already beautiful as is. You’ll still want a professional designer, though, because he or she is perfectly poised to come in and help you make the best use of that space. That’s where experts like my guest today, Candice Patterson, come in. Candice is a destination wedding planner, designer, and entrepreneur. After spending two years really learning the industry, networking with other planners and floral designers, and prioritizing professional development, she officially launched her company in 2017. Now, CM Events & Designs leads the event designer and planner industry in the Washington D.C. area.Candice started focusing on destination weddings as a military spouse, which allowed her flexibility to move while growing her business. She plans and designs events across the East Coast and beyond. She enjoys creating chic-modern, timeless designs for her clients and providing a less stressful planning experience. Candice’s work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, MunaLuchi Bride, Allure Bridals, Black Bride,The Perfect Palette, Destination Wedding Details, and so much more. When not planning weddings, you can find her at Nordstrom, on vacation somewhere warm practicing self-care, or serving the community with her sorority sisters.During our conversation, Candice provides plenty of tips for you and your planner to consider when selecting and designing around your chosen wedding venue. We also touch on considerations and differences to keep in mind about indoor vs. outdoor weddings, keeping your style and vision at the forefront, and some surprising decisions regarding destination weddings.In This Episode:[02:48] - Candice discusses how she started planning and designing for weddings.[06:46] - Here’s how early Candice recommends you book your venue. The sooner you book, the better.[08:31] - In addition to availability, Candice talks about the three main things she’d say to couples to help them select a venue.[10:10] - During walkthroughs of a venue, Candice and her clients look at its scenery and how it can match or complement the couple’s style and vision.[15:54] - How does the guest experience play into searching and designing for the venue for Candice?[21:14] - Has a couple ever come to Candice with a vision that just did not match the venue?[26:18] - Candice has more tips to help couples select the right venue for them concerning design and bringing it all together. [30:42] - Thanks to contracts, resorts for destination weddings require the use of their indoor vendors. Otherwise, you get charged a vendor fee.[33:51] - Noise ordinances, time limits, and accessibility are all extra considerations that you may not necessarily think about but your planner sure does. [39:24] - For a destination wedding, Candice mentions a particular consideration to keep in mind and uses her own wedding as an example.[41:17] - Eilena talks about her first country club wedding done recently. She’s seen some beautiful ones, but this one was bizarre.Relevant Links:Candice PattersonWebsite | Instagram The Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Jan 14

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The right cake artist creates a wedding showpiece that screams out the loving couple's personality and leaves taste buds tingling. Today, I’m thrilled to be speaking with one of the best in the business, Chef Dana Herbert of Desserts By Dana. Dana’s unique in that he’s trained in both the culinary and pastry arts. He’s the owner of the multi-award-winning bakery Desserts By Dana in Newark, Delaware. He also hosts Date Night with Chef Dana and Little Chefs. Highly sought after by many celebrities, actors, athletes, and political figures, Dana has worked with the likes of Oprah, President-Elect Joe Biden, Ice Cube, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Micheal Vick to name a few. He’s an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and spokesperson who’s racked up numerous honors and awards. Among his accolades include: being named as one of the Top Ten Cake Designers in America, many Best of Awards, participation in the James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour, serving as a member of the national Macy’s Culinary Council, and cooking at Beard House. Dana not only attracted massive attention for his big win on TLC’s hit show Cake Boss: Next Great Baker but was also the winner of Rachael Ray’s Celebrity Cake Off. Also, he’s been seen on other networks such as The Cooking Channel, Food Network, and many more. His cake artistry has been featured in Essence, Huffington Post, and countless other bridal publications, national magazines, and websites.Dana brings his unique perspective and experience to the show today as he and I discuss wedding cakes and tastings. Listen as we dive into designing cakes, helping clients decide on flavors, working with color schemes, choosing a reliable wedding cake artist, and more. In This Episode: [02:35] - Eilena welcomes Dana to the show. He tells us how he got started baking wedding cakes.[05:26] - What is Dana’s inspiration for designing his wedding cakes? He mentions trends, fashions, and the couple coming together.[07:25] - Eilena asks about the length and process of creating a wedding cake. From the consultation to delivery, the process takes time.[11:43] - What happens at a cake tasting? Well, Dana describes what should happen. He asks several questions first to get to know the clients.[12:42] - Dana delves into color and how he goes about getting a good picture of the clients’ preferred color scheme.[17:36] - How far in advance does Dana recommend clients do a cake tasting? Here’s what he sees on average and his recommendation for a September/October wedding.[19:08] - Eilena mentions taking on only so many weddings per year. Dana recalls the week where he and his team took on 17 weddings in a single week![22:35] - Hear the tale of the client who insisted on a Tiffany blue buttercream wedding cake.[24:43] - Eilena asks if Dana has cake designs ready for prospective clients who don’t know what they want.[29:47] - Dana leaves us with two or three tips to help select a good wedding cake artist. Beware of those with a perfect score!Relevant Links:Dana HerbertBakery Website | Chef Website | Instagram | Facebook | TwitterThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | Instagram

Jan 7

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The key to a smooth and efficient wedding day lies in finding the right wedding planner that meshes with your personality as a couple. I’ve known Tiffany Chalk for a few years now and have worked with her on several weddings. She’s a sought-after planner known throughout the wedding and event industry as a master space transformationist.Tiffany dedicates herself to her craft and likes to stay abreast of what she calls T3--the latest technology, techniques, and talent boosters which makes her the go-to person for forecasting industry trends in the PA Tri-State area. She amplifies the “wow factor” for clients’ expectations, regardless of limited budgets, and is an expert at transforming space. This has made her one of the most sought-after planners and speakers at industry conferences and retreats in recent years, both internationally and stateside.She sets herself apart from her contemporaries with her distinctive ability to go beyond her client’s expectations without compromising style and sophistication, even with the most modest budgets. Her charismatic demeanor and spontaneity to contextualize creative party and entertaining ideas has led to several guest appearances on Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia and WBOC-TV’s DelmarvaLife.In today’s episode, you’ll get plenty of advice alongside some humorous tidbits as I talk with Tiffany about wedding planning and discuss why it’s in your best interest to hire a wedding planner at all.In This Episode:[02:54] - Tiffany talks about her journey into wedding planning. What does she love about it, aside from transforming space?[07:02] - According to Tiffany, these are the three things a wedding planner can do for you and why you should hire one.[08:35] - Eilena and Tiffany point out how party planning isn’t on the same level as wedding planning.[10:10] - What’s the difference between a venue coordinator versus having your own planner? Tiffany emphasizes the priority of both.[14:46] - Switching gears, here’s how Tiffany helps her clients understand how to set a budget. [18:15] - Tiffany describes her process of breaking down wedding budgets into categories and percentages (based on preferences).[25:53] - How important is it to have the couple’s personality reflected throughout the wedding?[29:18] - Tiffany discusses the importance of using professional vendors, not family or anyone who won’t sign a contract. They can make or break your event.[33:23] - How do timelines help make the wedding day run more efficiently for the couple and the vendors? Tiffany demonstrates with some examples.[37:11] - Before wrapping up, Tiffany offers two tips to help couples choose the right planner for them.[39:23] - Communication is really integral to planning the wedding, so consider the response time between you and your planner.Relevant Links:Tiffany Chalk EventsWebsite | Instagram | FacebookThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | InstagramMunaluchi BrideWebsitePhiladelphia WeddingsWebsite

Dec 2020

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If you want to wear makeup and still look natural, getting the right makeup artist is essential! Here come professionals to the rescue, like today’s podcast guest.Sheena Bloomfield is a talented, self-taught makeup artist who specializes in makeup services for events and brides. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she displayed a passion for the design world, taking fashion classes at Moore College of Art and Design.While she had fun creating garments, she discovered that she enjoys enhancing the beautiful features of women most. Even though she only started her business, Sheena Marie Makeup Artistry, four years ago, her work already comes across like a seasoned veteran of the industry. She’s gained notice for her work with multicultural brides in features on and, in Philadelphia Magazine, and more.Currently, Sheena serves the Pennsylvania tri-state area and beyond. In the little spare time available to her, she dedicates herself to her makeup artistry passion by attending classes and seminars and keeping up with the latest trends. And all the while, she holds fast to her personal aesthetic of natural and timelessly classic glam makeup.Today, Sheena and I discuss her history and bridal makeup experience. We learn how she transitioned from fashion to makeup and hear her recount client stories, give tips and advice on choosing a wedding makeup artist, and reveal how she works with and supports brides on the day of their dreams.So, sit back, relax, and sip on that tea or mimosa. You’ll enjoy listening to this one!In This Episode:[00:52] - Eilena introduces Sheena with a little bit of background information.[02:29] - Surprisingly, Sheena wasn’t into makeup when she got married. She tells us how that changed and turned into a business.[05:11] - Hear about how Sheena got to work behind the scenes at the PA Conference for Women.[06:09] - What goes into making a bride look amazing but not unrecognizable? Sheena talks about her classic, natural style.[07:08] - Sheena prefers doing bridal makeup trials where she can test out different combinations and uncover any possible allergic reactions before the big day.[08:08] - Eilena asks how allergies play into the makeup products that Sheena uses and makes an apt comparison to the dating world.[10:55] - We take a walk through the wedding day for Sheena. She emphasizes the importance of being on time.[12:30] - What’s the largest bridal party Sheena’s ever done? What’s the hardest part about doing bridal parties?[13:54] - Sheena’s natural aesthetic helps make the process of wearing makeup more comfortable for those who never have.[14:50] - Does Sheena stay to touch up the makeup after the ceremony?[15:27] - What question does Sheena always ask her clients?[16:31] - Curious to know, Eilena asks Sheena how she handles a client who does want thick makeup instead.[17:46] - Sheena reveals a surprising determining factor in whether or not your wedding day goes well.[18:39] - Laughingly, Sheena recalls the client who hated her makeup (and why) and how she adjusted.[20:44] - Finally, Sheena recaps her final tips to help brides define their makeup style for the big day.Relevant Links:Sheena Marie Makeup ArtistryWebsite | InstagramThe Wedding TeaInstagramThe Event LoftWebsite | InstagramPA Conference for WomenWebsite 

Dec 2020

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SUMMARY:This week on The Wedding Tea Podcast we are joined by bridal Stylist, James R. Sanders. James has worked with names as big as the cast of Scandal to smaller intimate affairs. We discuss how important silhouette and proportions are when choosing a bridal gown in addition to walking us through why a dress for one is not a dress for another according to body type, all while adding emphasis on design. He also shares with us his current favorite trends along with some preferred designers. We wrap up with some tips you can use to help determine what wedding style best suits you and your partner. You do not want to miss this!  TIMESTAMPS:00:00 – Introduction00:51 – Backstory on James R. Sanders04:00 – A dress for one is not a dress for another06:15 – The best way to go about finding a dress 14:50 – What is involved when styling couples19:26 – What is the day of the wedding like23:41 – Three tips to help brides and couples determine wedding style26:51 – Styling bridal parties37:29 – Designs come in waves38:25 –Conclusion If you would like to be a guest on an upcoming episode or have questions, email us: thetea@eventloftpa.comRELEVANT LINKS:Connect with James R. SandersWebsite | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter The Wedding TeaInstagram Event LoftWebsite  | Instagram 

Dec 2020

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In this introduction episode of The Wedding Tea Podcast with Eilena Mercier-Ehmann, a floral and event designer, Eilena discusses what to expect from The Wedding Tea. Her company, Event Loft, based in the Philadelphia, PA area, creates luxe experiences through floral and decor for the modern couple.If you would like to be a guest on an upcoming episode or have questions, email us: thetea@eventloftpa.comThe Wedding TeaInstagramFor more about Event Loft:Website | Instagram

Dec 2020

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